The bar is spinning on the trimmer what to do. Re: SS. Should the front card is spinning. electrimmer repair: detailed instructions for a novice master with pictures, schemes and photos

For some reason, often the need to carry out the repair of an electrimmer with your own hands arises at the most inopportune moment when it is necessary to urgently mow grass, and the breakdown does not allow this to do this.

Most of the defects that occur is not difficult and can be eliminated literally on the spot with a simple improvised tool. But for this you need to have basic knowledge of the design of your mowing.

I share my own experience acquired for five seasons of exploitation of my ECO GT-800L, as well as help friends and neighbors in this matter in this matter. I myself try to pay attention to preventive maintenance, timely conduct technical inspections and verification.

What you need to know about the device of the electrimmer before the start of its repair: 2 types of structures

Trammers for herbs for mowing herbs with power supply from electricity are made with a capacity of 300 watts to 2 kW with two modifications. They are distinguished by the location of the engine:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, working characteristics. The first types of models are light and used to process the complex relief of garden paths under the bushes, near the flower beds.

Products with the upper engine arrangement allow you to process large areas, they are noted with high performance.

Both types of mowers can work from a household network 220 volts. However, elite products are created with food from the portable battery. Most often they are used on light models, as shown in the photo above.

An example of a product with an upper engine and its layout show it in the photo of my Eco GT-800L below. The fastening of the belt allows you to hang a mower on the shoulder, and the handle provides convenient control of the cutting head during kosbe.

The working body is a spitter head with a fishing line. It can be supplemented with a cutting knife made of metal or plastic on powerful models. The torque of high revolutions for it is created by an electric motor, and it is transmitted by a kinematic scheme located inside an integral bar.

In more detail, the insides device show a photograph of the engine with the upper lid of the case on its trimmer. It is not equipped with a gearbox. This, by the way, is such a simple execution completely suits me.

The engine is turned on by a small final switch with a convenient plastic lid placed in the lower handle.

Features of the device of the electrical circuit: Briefly

The basic part is a typical collector engine in which the rotor of the stator windings gives the rotor to the bearing of the bearing.

The electric current that performs the main work flows through the closed circuit of all windings through the brush-collection mechanism.

The vast majority of engines as a protection against overheating of the insulation of windings use thermorelene. During the repair, we consider it as ordinary power contact in a closed state.

With a critical heating of the varnish of wires, it will simply open and interrupt the action of electric current.

All elements of the electric circuit are connected by wires and terminals to each other into the sequential site. A short cable with a fork is displayed out to connect to an extension cord.

How the torque from the engine is transmitted to the mowing head: 3 components of the kinematic scheme

It is used to lower the revolutions and, accordingly, increase the power on the output shaft.

On some designs, it is located immediately after the engine, built into its design.

spinning, trimmer, front, card

In other models, it can be located from below the national bar: immediately under a mowing head and a protective cover.

Any of these gearboxes consists of two gears conveying rotation. In the upper photo, they have a cylindrical shape with a slanting tooth, and on the lower. conical, because they change rotation at an oblique angle.

The transmission of the torque from the engine is performed by a docking knot consisting of a cylindrical sleeve with a rectangular hole. The tip of the spring shaft of the corresponding form located inside the aluminum tube is inserted into it.

The rod of a trimmer for grass consists of two halves connected in series. Each part is made up of three details inserted into each other:

Тест кофеварок: Hyundai, Vitek, Kitfort, Redmond и Polaris розыгрыш кофеварки (2022)

The joint of the bar is made in the middle of its length using an adapter with a screw connection, allowing to add the entire structure for convenient transportation on transport.

Below is a spiked head with a protective casing. To trim the excess fishing line, a knife is stationarily installed on it, reducing its length to the optimal value.

The main malfunctions of gasoline and electric trimmers

In the lawn mower and an electric trimmer for grass, if you do not consider breakdowns associated with the bar and the mowing head, the malfunctions mainly happen in the engine area.

Damage of gasoline trimmers

Typical breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass, which are most often faced with the owners of this unit, are as follows:

  • engine breakdown;
  • problems with the carburetor;
  • problems with the supply of fuel;
  • muffler malfunction;
  • gearal breakdown;
  • The starter broke;
  • Air filter problems;
  • Broken a buckshot on a gas tank.

Malfunctions of electric trimmers

Since the device of an electric coser is much easier than a motirmer, then there are few reasons for its failure.

It should be noted that the elimination of some of them is best entrusted to the specialist.

Basically, the trimmer for the grass ceases to work normally in the following cases:

  • Electric cable malfunction;
  • The control button is faulty;
  • burned engine winding;
  • Contact joints break on the engine.

Possible malfunctions of a trimmer gearbox for grass, a gas mowing gearbox, and gearbox Motokos

Knowing the internal device of the lawn mower and the principle of its operation, you can easily eliminate the malfunctions with your own hands. Some breakdowns are most often found and they are distinguished as the main.

  • The engine malfunctions should be sought if the lawn mower does not work or does not even start. It is also worth paying attention to this part of the braids for grass, if during operation unusual noises are heard or strong vibration is felt. Clotting of the air filter can also lead to problems with the engine.
  • If the fuel does not enter the combustion chamber, then you should look for the cause in the suction of the fuel filter. It is also worth looking at it if the tool does not work at low speeds.
  • The starter’s grille was clogged. the reason for the engine overheating and its termination. The starter can also fail when the cord tears when it is too sharp.

Malfunction. the knife does not rotate, the coil.

The reason is the wear of transmission elements.

The data transmission of the gasoline consists of a lower gearbox, shaft and upper gearbox (cup). Consider them in more detail.

The gearbox consists of a housing and a gear pair that are susceptible to wear.

This is due to the lack of lubrication in the gearbox.

Do not neglect this procedure during the operation of the lawn mower.

Lubrication control will extend the life of the gearbox.

There are sets of gears for these reducers on sale, but their cost exceeds 60-70% of the cost of the gearbox, moreover, the process of their replacement is laborious, a simple solution will be-replacing the gearbox with a new.

The transfer of traction from the engine to the gearbox is provided by a hard shaft, at the end of which there are slots. Due to the lack of lubrication in the gearbox, slots can be worn out. In this situation, only replacing the shaft with a new. Please note that there are 3 types of shafts (7 slits, 9 slits and “square”). The length of the shaft, as a rule, on such models 152mm. The replacement is very simple. we dismantle the old shaft. install the new.

Fuel overspending. Where does he come from in Motokos?

Probably, the users of the braids noticed that after a certain period after the start of the device, he begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, the anti.vibration system is installed in the appearance of shock absorbers, seized between the engine and bar. However, sometimes even she does not help from strong vibration. A prerequisite that a powerful vibration occurs in the trimmer, and perhaps a small amount is also called the complete absence of lubrication on the hard, as it is also called a flexible shaft, which is snot of the rod of the apparatus.

A change in the lubrication of a hard shaft occurs as follows:

  • unscrew the gearbox located at the bottom of the bar;
  • After removing the gearbox, the end of the shaft is visible, for which it is necessary to pull the part;
  • after extracting the shaft, it must be abundantly lubricated with a special lubricant “Shrus-4” or ordinary-“Litol-24”;
  • Apply a small amount of grease on the shaft and moderately spread it over the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the table (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, stick the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in your former place.

Lubrication of the flexible shaft is carried out in this way:

  • unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • remove the bar from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • remove a flexible cable from the bar;
  • Lubricate the cable with grease over the entire length.

This is done like this: at first you need to lubricate the end of the cable, and then stick it into the bar, after that, during the progress of it inside the pipe, you should apply a lubricant to the part and moderately distribute it over the surface. Then stick the bar with a flexible shaft into the electronic engine and fix it.

If the passage, when the lubricant did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

The trimmer for grass is overheated for many reasons:

  • Gasoline has not the same octane number indicated in the annotation to the aggregate;
  • The proportions of gasoline and oil are not observed at the time of the manufacture of fuel consistency;
  • A mixture of fuel with butter has long been prepared (the mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks);
  • The trimmer for the grass works above the time due to the annotation;
  • A low.power trimmer for grass on a thick and hard grass is used, the device works with overload and heats up rapidly;
  • shifted towards the bar as it is also called the cassette cover.

The latter occurs if you install a mowing head inappropriate for this unit, in other words, when the axis moves inside the bar. These configurations make it difficult to rotate, the load on the engine increases, and its overheating occurs.

Common malfunctions of electric trimmers

Electric trimmers for grass differ from gasoline devices with a more simplified design. Conditionally electric braid is divided into mechanical and electric part. Accordingly, the same groups of malfunctions are distinguished, arising to these equipment.

Most of the breakdowns can not be visually identified. For this you will need to use various devices. You can visually determine the following:

  • the integrity of the power cable is violated (insulation is broken from it, or it is clearly interrupted);
  • sustaining or jamming of the trigger button;
  • mechanical external damage to motorcycles;
  • problems with the cutting part;
  • stopping braids for grass when clogging with grass;
  • Damage to the fork.

To find out which part has broken in other cases, you will need to disassemble the electric shock and sequentially check the most likely options. At the same time, they pay attention to the external manifestations of deviations from the normal operation of the device. They contribute to the establishment of the cause.

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass will require the presence of the following devices and tools:

Electric braids for grass often do not work due to causes that are not directly related to them, but caused by a decrease in the supply voltage in the network or the ineffective state of the used outlet used.

How to independently disassemble and repair an electric braid

Before disassemble and repair an electric braid, you should check the condition of the outlet and the voltage in the network. If its value deviates from the norms specified in the instruction manual, then you should not even try to work as a device without a stabilizer designed for appropriate power. Otherwise, the electric motor may fail. Only after determining the fact that the cause of the trimmer refusal is directly connected with it, we can begin to analyze the mechanism with the repair goal.

Dismantling and repair of the electric part

Dismantling of electric cosmos for the repair of its electric part is carried out in such a sequence.

  • Put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface (for example, a table) that does not contain extra objects.
  • Spin the screws of the lids located on one side.
  • Remove the unscrewed half of the case, getting access to the start button, electric motor, brush unit, bearings, electrical connections (these elements are shown in the photo below).

Brush and bearing nodes are presented in the photo below.

The braid for the grass will work without a thermorele, you will only need to constantly check the temperature of the electric motor, periodically let it cool down. You can also install a new similar sensor.

The button for starting the electric motor can be checked by the jumper by the jumper of its contacts. If the trimmer for the grass works, then the problem is clear. But this option is unsafe. Everything should be done carefully so as not to get an electric shock. To change the button, you should use the screwdriver to extract it from the seat and attach the wiring from the old to the new. After replacement, you need to assemble an electric shout, and then check its performance.

Replacing brushes is required if they are destroyed. At the same time, it is enough to pull out the old ones from the grooves, and set the new ones in their place.

The connecting terminals on different models of trimmers are practically identical, so the connection-reference of the wires is equally performed.

Replacing the bearing is a rather complicated operation, because it can boast and not be removed from the engine shaft. Tighten or hit it carefully so as not to damage the rotor or seat.

When a trimmer electric motor for the grass fails, and it must be replaced with a new one, you should carefully remove the fan and bearings, and then install them in the same place. In terms of expenses, replacement is almost comparable to the acquisition of a new mechanism. Its implementation in the absence of experience with electric motors is best entrusted to specialists.

Assembly Electrics

Instructions for assembling the electric part of the motorcycles are as follows:

  • install the engine, tightening the fasteners;
  • connect an electric circuit;
  • The wires are placed neatly between the individual compartments into existing recesses;
  • close the top cover, snapping the locks and screwing it with screws.

After assembly, check the performance of the device.

There are a lot of possible breakdowns in gasoline and electric trimmers. So that the device is working for a long time, it should be kept clean, in a dry place. An important point is regular preventive measures (for example, reducer lubrication) and compliance with operation rules set forth in the instructions for the device. Buying equipment is better than high quality from well.known manufacturers.

Disassembled the mechanism, it is recommended to take pictures of the process in stages so as not to forget anything, and when assembling, not to miss a single part. When replacing parts, you should pay attention to the choice of suitable components: it is better to use original spare parts.

In some models, the rod consists of two parts. a coupling is used to connect them. Such devices are convenient during transportation.

Traimmer repair for grass: how to restore thread in the cylinder candle hole

The trimmer malfunction for the grass: the spark plug is twisted with great difficulty.

The cause of the malfunction: the thread in the cylinder candle is damaged due to the fact that the candle did not go along the thread when twisting it into the cylinder, or the sand fell into the threaded part of the candle, or the thread is torn with a great effort on the vein.

Do-it-yourself trimmer repairs for the grass if the candle is not screwed deep along the thread, then you can drive the thread in the cylinder with a tap of the corresponding size, then tighten a new candle and tighten with a force of 32-33 nm. If the candle did not spell, then everything is fine, but with subsequent turning out the candle, you must be especially careful. If the candle was spent, you have to install a footer (repair sleeve). To do this, it is better to contact the workshop for the repair of chainsaws and gasoline trimmers. There is a necessary tool and qualified personnel to choose and purchase (or make) the spark plug suitable for your candle, then correctly disassemble the engine, drill the candle hole of the precisely required diameter, cut the corresponding thread in the cylinder. Then rinse everything and blow it off the chips, screw the candle into the sleeve, apply a threaded sealant or cold welding to the threads, screw the candle with the sleeve into the prepared hole, dry everything, bring everything in. As an option. the replacement of the engine cylinder. renovation of a trimmer for the grass is repaired with your own hands.

Tip: the main thing when installing the spark plug. first you need to wrap the candle by hand at a few revolutions, and then take the key. If the candle is easily went by hand, then it is installed correctly and it can be wrapped with a tool (with a candle key with the gate). If the candle does not want to twist it by hand, do not spin it with force with the key, since the candle did not go on the thread and inevitably damage the thread in the cylinder candle and you will need expensive trammer engine repair for grass.

REPAIR OF LARING MOLE: How to cut and change the gasket under the carburetor

The trimmer malfunction for grass: a cold engine for grass with a carburetor closed air damper is almost normal, it works at high.high speeds, when heated by the engine, unstable operation is observed, after which the trimmer engine is sharply stalling for the grass. A lawn mowing malfunction is the same as a trimmer for grass.

The reason for the malfunction: air leaks under laying the carburetor of the trimmer for grass due to weakening the mounting of the carburetor or frequent removal/installation of the carburetor. trimmer repair repair: make a new trimmer carburetor gasket for grass from thin paronite (up to 0.8 mm thick) or dense cardboard. How to make a carburetor gasket: cut a piece of thin steering from a thin paronite or dense cardboard a little larger than the future finished gasket, spread the seat on the cylinder or carburetor with butter or solidol, carefully attach the prepared piece for the gasket so that it remains a clear mark from the solidol (the outline of the future gasket ). Then cut the middle of the middle with a small sharp narrow chisel on a heavy metal lining (for example, an anvil), cut the holes with a special head from a set of suitable diameter, and cut the outer part with scissors. As an option. to attach a parony or cardboard to the seating of the cylinder, just do not move, the edges are stuck with a mallet, and knock the holes with a ball from the bearing, but there is a risk of damaging the edges. The first option how to make a carburetor laying better. Everything, the gasket of the carburetor trimmer for the grass is ready. repair of the lawn mower in this case is similar to the repair of a trimmer for grass.

The drive is spinning in the idle

The problem is that a coil or disk is spinning on hot or cold at idle (depending on what is installed on the braid) in the general shaft at idle!

This happens on a new trimmer after the engine shakes properly, the turnover at idle can grow! Some manufacturers even write in the passport after 5 tanks to come to the service and adjust the carburetor! Few people do this. You yourself can adjust the carburetor starting by decreasing the idle, this is done only on a hot trimmer for the grass!

We twist the screw a little bit, with pusions! As soon as the revolutions stabilized by the muffle engine, we are waiting for it until it cools down and start the engine if this problem is not, I congratulate the given moment is resolved! If at full gas a trimmer for grass is buried or stalls, then we twist the screw a little with extensions until the speed on full gas is not normalized. The main thing with the speed of full gas cannot be overdoed, otherwise you can burn the piston!

If the trimmer for the grass is not new, with a carburetor this moment was tried and it works normally for the grass for the grass, but it is very difficult for a cold, as if some fasting is most likely a problem in the adhesion or rather in the clutch spring, or the bushings that are damaged that are damaged He is being held!

Here I can advise replacing the clutch assembly if the pads have already been wiped on it for 2 \ 3! (As a rule, replacing the clutch solves this problem) If only the case is not in the carburetor!

Mitsubishi car all.wheel drive systems

One of the simplest species of 4WD (on some models is called Easyselect)-with a connected front bridge, without a center differential-is used on initial-drive-drive models.

The scheme provides direct management of the handout with a lever. Initially, the connection of the front drive shafts with the wheels was carried out by mechanical couplings of a free stroke (“hubs”) with a manual or automatic drive. On more fresh models, an Add system is used to facilitate the process of connecting the front bridge, which using a pneumatic drive disconnects one of the front pennies.

Pluses. relative simplicity of the design, the presence of a lowering gear.

Cons. the 4WD mode can only be used on slippery coating (ice, snow, wet road) and for a limited time. otherwise the noise, fuel consumption increases, the controllability worsens, the rubber itself wears out and the transmission elements themselves wear out. “Manual” hubs are reliable, but not too convenient to operate, and automatic vitality is far from the ideal. Pajero III modification model (V64W/V74W) 1999.06-. (OPC rear Hybrid LSD / Difflock) Challenger / Pajerosport / Montero Sport (K9XW) 1996.05-. (OPC rear Hybrid LSD) L200 / Strada (K7XT) 1996.12-. (OPC rear Friction LSD/Difflock) Delica Space Gear (PDXW/PEXW/PFXW) 1994.03-. (OPC rear Friction LSD / Hybrid LSD) Pajero II (V2XW / V4XW) 1990.10-1999.11 (ops rear Friction LSD / Hybrid LSD / Difflock) L200 / Strada (K3XT) 1991.03-1997.05 (ops rear Friction LSD) Delica Star Wagon/L300 1987.09-1999.06 (P2XW/P3XW/P4XW) (OPC rear Friction LSD) Pajero mini (H56A/H58A) 1996.06-. Pajero Junior (H57A) 1995.10-1998.04 Town Box (U62W/U62V/U62T/U64W) 1998.eleven-. (OPC rear Friction LSD) Town Box Wide (U66W) 1999.04-2001.06 (opsrear Friction LSD) Note: Friction LSD-Partial blocking of differential using friction disks operating among a special LSD MASLE. Hybrid LSD. partial blocking of the differential “closed” viscousoft. Difflock. forced hard differential blocking by means of pneumatic drive.

This simplified circuit of a constant all.wheel drive was installed on the “Small Pajero”. There is an interdose differential blocking with a closed.type viscous. There is no lowering gear, the distribution of the moment between the front and rear wheels is uniform.

Pluses. constant use of all.wheel drive, there is no need to manage.

Cons. Viskift does not provide complete lock, no lowering transmission. Modification model Pajero-I/Pinin (H6xw/H7XW) 1998-.

The MMC first of the Japanese used on jeeps the scheme of the “disconnected” all.wheel drive with an interdosseous differential (then partly repeated Toyota in the form of multimode), combining the opportunity and constantly traveling on all.wheel drive, and temporarily disconnect it to save fuel and reduce losses in the transmission.

In “2h” mode, the drive is carried out only on the rear wheels. In “4H” mode, an all.wheel drive is connected in the distribution and the penis of the front bridge is closed (in the same time, “soft” automatic blocking with viscousyft also operates in the center differential). When moving the lever in the “4HLC”, the center differential is strictly blocked. In the “4LC” position, in addition to the hard lock of the differential, the reducing transmission in the handout is also turned on.

Two main options for controlling the distribution box were used. directly by lever and electric drive through the control unit (the driver actually operates not with the lever, but by the joystick). It is worth noting that the Superselect MMC used the “normally included” 4WD scheme, so that with problems with control or pneumatics, all-wheel drive will not disappear.

As an option, Superselecta is sometimes attached to the rear self.locking differential of the Torsen (Pajero IO) type, self.locking “friction” or differential with a compulsory blocking of pneumatic drive (Pajero).

Pros. a constant all.wheel drive in combination with a “particularly economical regime”, “soft” and rigid blocking of an interdose differential, reducing transmission.

Part of the Pajero III received as the MATC (Mitsubishi Active Traction Control) option, the dynamic traction control system, which operates as an anti.wings system on road roads, and imitates the front and rear inter.sea differential locks, simply branding the slinging wheel. Cons is less effective compared to Difflock, uneven wear of the pads is possible, when ABS transition to emergency mode, the blocking disappears. Pajero II modification model (V2XW/V4XW) 1990.10-1999.11 (ops rear Friction LSD / Hybrid LSD / Difflock) Pajero III (V6XW / V7XW) 1999.06-. (OPC rear Hybrid LSD / Difflock / Matc) Delica Space Gear (PDXW / PEXW / PFXW) 1994-. Pajero Io/Pinin (H6XW/H7XW) 1998.05-.

I threw it off somewhere here on the forum. There is still somewhere about all-wheel drive. I have a friend (by the way, many people have met who think so) on the non.driving I generally thought that if 4×4 then it is necessary to twist 4 wheels

Why is the gasoline trimmer not starting for the grass

The reasons why the gasoline trimmer for the grass stopped starting is different, therefore, a phased diagnosis of the apparatus is required.

Fuel tank (fuel quality)

Remember that always before starting the unit, a check of the presence and quality of fuel is required. In this case, you should not be greedy and save, as well as “clever” about the amount of oil added. Everything must be done according to the management attached to the apparatus, since when the piston group fails, its replacement will cost about 70% of the total cost of the trimmer for the grass. Pour fuel due to the fact that you will fully conside it when performing work. After a while, the gasoline remaining in the tank loses its properties and can harm the engine. Therefore, do not prepare the mixture for the future and in large quantities. If the lawn mower starts poorly, try to drain the “old” fuel from the tank, and season it with a freshly prepared mixture.

Important! To refuel the device with fuel, the origin of which is unknown, fraught with negative consequences. Gasoline should be of high quality, bought at a gas station, and its brand should be not lower than AI-95.

Candle and candle channel

So, you changed the fuel, but nothing has changed, and the trimmer for the grass still does not start. In this case, it is worth checking the candle channel: whether it throws it with a combustible mixture. Often users transfer the air damper to the “OFF” position when starting, and when the engine started, they do not transfer it to the “ON” position, after which it stalls. Further, an attempt to start the internal combustion engine to again leads to the fact that it floods the candle with gasoline, and the start becomes impossible. To diagnose and eliminate the possible problem in this node, do the following.

  • It is necessary to unscrew the spark plug, wipe it well and dry it. When installing a candle in the ICE cylinder, it should be dry.
  • Draw from the combustion chamber the fuel accumulated there. This is done through the hole from which you twisted the candle.
  • In the presence of soot on the electrodes of the candle, it must be removed either with a thin file or a nail file.
  • Do not forget to put the gap between its electrodes before installing the parts in place. The gap on the candle should be 1 mm. As a probe to check the gap, you can use a coin.
  • Next, collect the block, read the start instructions and try to start the engine again.

If the engine does not start, then you will need to check the spark. For this:

  • unscrew the candle;
  • put on it a cap of a high.voltage wire;
  • Touch its metal part to the cylinder body (to provide contact, you can insert a tubular key) as shown in the figure below;
  • pull the launch cord so that several engine speeds occur.

Normally, with each piston roll between the electrodes, the candle should slip a spark. If there is a spark, then the reason that the internal combustion engine is not launched should be sought in other nodes of the device.

For a better understanding of the process, how to test the candle for the presence of a spark, you can use this video where the check is shown by the example of the Lawn Mushiel “Soyuz”.

If there is no spark, then in the beginning check the cable connecting the candle to the coil. perhaps the reason is in it. You can call it with a tester. In case of detection of the rupture of the chain, a high.voltage wire will require a replacement.

Also the reason that the spark has disappeared is a malfunction of the ignition coil (magneto). The figure below shows what the coil (magneto) looks like from the gasoline trimmer for Patriot grass (Patriot).

To exclude the malfunction, it will be necessary to use a tester to check the Magneto trimmer for the grass, namely, its primary and secondary winding. On the primary winding, the resistance should be in the range from 0.4 to 2.0 Ohms. If the device shows 0. this means that there is a short circuit in the winding, and if infinity is a clear sign of a chain break. The resistance on the secondary winding should be in the range from 6 to 8 kOhm.

On some coils, it can reach the value of 15 kOhm.

Air filter

If your lawn mower does not start well or stalls immediately after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, since it can be clogged, as a result of which the air does not enter the combustion chamber, and fuel ignition does not occur. To check if the filter is the case, remove it and try to start the engine. If he earned, then the reason was found. The filter needs to be replaced or rinse well and dry before installation. In the case when you find the oil in an air filter, it must be washed with gasoline, squeezed well and dry at least 2 hours before installing in place.

If the unit does not start with an air filter, it is still recommended to check the fuel filter.

Fuel filter

This filter cleans fuel of possible pollution. If it is scored, then gasoline does not enter the cylinder, and, accordingly, the unit does not work or stalls after starting. The fuel filter is located at the end of the fence hose, which is located inside the fuel tank. To get to the filter, it is necessary to extract a cork with tubes emerging from it.

When extracting traffic jams, a fence hose can disconnect and stay in a tank. It is extracted with a tweezer.

Next, remove the old fuel filter from the hose and put on it a new, pre.acquired. You can also clean the fuel filter if you do not have new. The filter must be fixed on the hose using a spring latch.

Install the fence tube on the cork and insert the last into the tank.

Electric trimmer for grass vibrates

Many mowing users noticed that some time after the start of the apparatus, it begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, an anti.vibration system was installed in the form of shock absorbers seized between the engine and the bar. But in some cases, even she does not save from strong vibration. The reason that strong vibration appears in the trimmer, there may be a small amount or complete absence of lubrication on a hard or flexible shaft located inside the rod of the apparatus.

Replacing the lubrication of the hard shaft is as follows:

  • Apply a small amount of lubrication to the shaft and evenly smear it along the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the rod (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, insert the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in the same place.

The lubrication of the flexible shaft is as follows:

  • unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • remove the bar from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • Pull out a flexible cable from the bar;
  • Lubricate the cable with grease along the entire length.

This is done like this: first you need to lubricate the end of the cable, and then insert it into the bar, after which, as it moves into the pipe, you should apply grease to the part and evenly distribute it on the surface. Then insert a bar with a flexible shaft into an electric engine and fix it.

In the event that the lubricant did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

The main malfunctions of the gearbox and ways to eliminate them

With a gearbox of an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass, various breakdowns occur. The most frequent of them are presented in the table further. There you can also find the reasons for their occurrence and methods of elimination.

Reducer malfunction Possible causes of breakdown The method of elimination
The gear node is heavily warmed up the use of unsuitable (low.quality) lubrication or its absence you need to replace or add lubricants
The gears are new and did not get sick It should be worked for a short time for a time without strong loads with regular stops so that the mechanism manages to cool
shaking of the shaft during rotation, the appearance of backlash and knocking destruction or significant wear of any of the bearings replace the failed bearing with a new
The transmission mechanism flies from the rod of motorcycles or stagger Damage to its body It is necessary to replace the part
In some cases, with minor damage, a clamp made of metal, a place with a fault is carried out
not fixed on the pipe wear of the docking area you can make a winding from the insulating tape at the mounting site or change the bar
The output shaft with a knife does not rotate or stops in case of an increase in the load wear of the teeth on the gears or one of them It is required to replace the interacting pair of worn details

Bearings are destroyed due to the use of inappropriate lubrication or due to its absence. Their damage is also caused by severe operating conditions of motorcycles and the ingress of extraneous particles of the material (for example, broken metal teeth of mechanical transmissions) due to the fact that the integrity of the anthers is violated.

To remove the bearing, you need to disassemble the gearbox and use a special puller. If it is not, then you can try to do it with a hammer with a mentor. In this case, work should be carefully so as not to damage the seat. Using the pre.heating method to shoot the bearing is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the metal may lose the required operational characteristics.

If the knife ceases to rotate under load or stands still, then this is accompanied by an uncharacteristic sound.

Most gearboxes can easily be eliminated with your own hands. Replaced details are recommended to purchase “relatives” designed for the used motorcosa.

Gear lubrication of a trimmer for grass

Lubrication of gears must be carried out regularly in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the operational instructions of the model used. You need to do this also if:

In addition to the gearbox, it is also necessary to regularly lubricate the shaft of a trimmer for grass. This is the norm of proper care of the device.

With the constant use of a trimmer for grass, its gear mechanism experiences a load from grass, dirt sticking on knives, or due to a change in torque. Lubricants must be selected high.quality to extend the service life of the gearbox.

Used types of lubrication

When choosing lubrication, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

Famous manufacturers, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna and others, in addition to trimmers, produce lubrication for them. Such products not only reduces wear, but also protects the metal of gears from corrosion. Therefore, for motorcycle from these brands, it is better to use their lubricants.

If the composition used for lubrication has good adhesion, then it is practically not squeezed out of the gearbox through the gaps.

For different models, lubrication is consumed in different ways. This is determined largely by the intensity of the use of motorcycles and heating the transmission mechanism. It is believed that the lubricant is enough if the temperature of the gearbox during operation does not exceed 40 ° C.

By consistency, lubricants for a trimmer for grass can be:

In terms of composition, the following types of lubricants are in demand:

  • graphite, significantly reducing friction, as a result of which the rotation of the gear improves;
  • lithium, which are also an excellent anti.corrosion composition, saturated with increasing the wear resistance of metal with additives without harmful substances;
  • universal, containing mineral oils and improving operational characteristics components.

An example of suitable lubricants are: Champion EP-0, Gear Grease Oregon, Oleo-Mas, Azmol 158, Litol.24. You should also pay attention to the advice of manufacturers on this issue and use the materials they offer. You can buy them at specialized retail outlets.

A lubricant Champion EP-0 Universal 120 gr

The algorithm for self.lubrication of the gearbox

To make lubrication of the gear ratio, its preliminary disassembly is not needed. A special hole for these purposes has already been laid in the device (it is shown in the photo below). In addition to gears, when lubrication, you need to pay attention to such elements of the mechanism:

Pour oil or apply solid grease through a tavniper closed by a screw. At the same time, they perform actions in the following sequence:

  • The gearbox body is cleaned of dirt and adhering grass, especially thoroughly the plot around the plug so that the garbage does not get inside the mechanism;
  • Using the appropriate tool (often it comes with a trimmer), the cork is unscrewed;
  • The selected lubricant is introduced from the tube into the open technological hole, or using the syringe, as shown in the photo further;
  • screw the cork in place.

When making lubrication, you need to rotate the knife so that it is evenly distributed through the teeth of moving gears.

If for any reason the gearbox needs to be disassembled, then the old lubricant must be completely removed from the entire surface of the gears and housing, shaft, and only then use the new. The disassembled mechanism is conveniently lubricated with solid compositions.

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The entire reducer lubrication process is demonstrated in the video:

Lubricating the gear node is required at least once during the year, but it is recommended to do this every 20 hours of intensive use of motorcycles. If the first signs of malfunctions with the mechanism appear, then you need to make lubricants as quickly as possible.

DIY repair trimmer rod

Details: a trimmer bar for the grass with your own hands from a real master for

Trimmer repair is needed when the device does not cut or it works incorrectly. All owners of personal houses and suburban areas are familiar with an unnecessary vegetation, which is sometimes difficult to get rid of. As clear, progress does not stand in one place and new developments and useful inventions arise in all areas. It hurts agriculture. You no longer need to mow the grass with old ill.wing devices, modern benzo.cosers came to the rescue, which are able to get rid of vegetation in the most inaccessible places.

A gasoline trimmer can be mowed grass even during cloudy weather. It is easy to care for a personal plot using this unit painfully, and to cope with this occupation will be able to at least some adult man.

Despite its multifunctionality, as it doesn’t matter what kind of technique, trimmers for grass tend to break and fail.

Not every person will be able to repair the lawn mower with your own hands, because for this we need the ability to repair electronic devices, but now we will try to figure out how to start a trimmer for grass without a starter and how in general you can debug his work with your own hands. trimmer repairs of a grass implies the elimination of all malfunctions, which interferes with the normal functioning of the unit. Among the most common, the following can be noted:

  • CPG breakdown (cylinder-piston group) of the engine;
  • The trimmer for the grass fails when trying to increase the speed of work;
  • ignition coil breakdown;
  • There is no connection between the engine and the gearbox;
  • There are extraneous sounds during work;
  • the engine cannot develop the desired speed.

The breakdown of the engine CPG can occur due to the low quality of the fuel or wear of the motor parts. As you know, the lubrication of the piston group is carried out due to the clock, which is added to gasoline. In the old oil, the lubricant falls in the form of a sediment, which makes the oil unsuitable. If you continue attempts to launch a trimmer for the grass, you can ruin the motor in a matter of seconds, and this will entail additional costs of repairing a trimmer for grass. This breakdown is considered the most expensive. To eliminate it, it is necessary to replace the piston group assembly, to be more precise, it may be necessary to replace the cylinder, rings, pistons and seals. In such cases, it is unlikely that you can do without additional help, unless you yourself are a master and know how to handle a similar technique.

The video considers the most common breakdown of the benzos and how to fight it works 100% verified

Please forgive me for the quality of the video. There was a problem with a video editor. But I hope. What will happen to you lawnies can be repaired with your own hands if it starts and works at idle, but then it bursts when you try to increase the speed of work. To eliminate this breakdown, the carburetor repair or cleaning the muffler or gasophilter is required. At first glance, everything is quite simply solved, but if, after you clean the clogging details of the trimmer for the grass, it has not earned, then additional diagnosis may be required.

The main sign that the ignition coil failed and the repair of the trimmers is required is the lack of sparks on the candles. It is very important in this breakdown not to rush with the replacement of the coil, in most cases the cause of the breakdown is the absence of contacts, in the switch button, which may have broken down, or if the problem is in the candle itself. It is required to check it, perhaps somewhere breaks the current or there are gaps or soot.

If the trimmer engine for grass cannot develop the desired speed, it is likely that an air filter has closed or garbage in the engine itself is present. The solution to the problem is clear at once. to clean the engine and filter, in some cases it may be necessary to replace the filter.

In the process of work, most users of trimmers are faced with constant noise. If you hear a characteristic knock, as if on metal, it is likely that the engine in the trimmer has overheated or does not pass fuel. To eliminate this sound, you need to pour gasoline or turn off the mower for a short time.

Do not exhaust the unit: if it constantly works for wear, then its service life is dreamed of several times. If the knock is felt in the engine itself, then the reason lies in the malfunction of the piston, piston ring, in a worn cylinder or crankshaft bearing. In order for the knock to disappear, you need to replace the failed part in the trimmer.

Sometimes it happens that the engine in the trimmer works fine, but at the same time the output shaft rotates very weakly or does not rotate at all. This is displayed that when a trimmer for grass touches the grass, it completely stops working and turns off.

To resume the normal operation of the mower, it is required to check the 3 main components, namely:

The gearbox is a very important component, therefore, the repair of the trimmer for grass in this case should be carried out by an experienced master, and so that in the future there is no such breakdowns, the gearbox needs to be provided with appropriate maintenance.

In addition to the above breakdowns, other malfunctions occur, for example, the power button is sunk or the limiter disappears from the mowing head. You can replace the power button using a soldering iron, and the limiter can be wrapped with copper wire. You noticed that the fishing line for the trimmer was torn or ended? It is enough to buy a new skein of the same fishing line diameter and, having dismantled the drum, wind it on a bobbin.