The Mower Drive Stopped Working

The VIKING 6-Series ROTARY LAWN MOWER BODY is made not of plastic, but of die-cast aluminum. The shape of the body is such that between it and the engine is large enough space for a hand to creep into it. This greatly facilitates the maintenance of the tool. Cleaning scraps of grass used to cost quite a lot of effort.

Another design feature of the VIKING 6 Series Rotary Lawn Mowers is the engine is suspended from rubber PILLOW-SHOCK ABSORBERS. They reduce the level of vibration transmitted from the engine to the body, as a result of which it lasts longer.

Like the previous series, the VIKING 6-Series ROTARY LAWN MOWERS have: a wheel drive. One or three gears, as well as a VARIATOR, ELECTRIC STARTER and KNIFE BRAKE.


The Mower Drive Stopped Working

Type: Professional.Appointment: Processing of lawns with an area up to 2500 sq. MMANUFACTURER: Austria.Engine: Petrol, 4-stroke BS 675 Series. 190 ccENGINE MANUFACTURER: BRIGGSSTRATTONSTARTING THE ENGINE: Manual starter.Power: 4.2 kW (6 hp).Movement TYPE: Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive.Mowing WIDTH: 48 cm.Cutting HEIGHT: 25-80 mm.Adjusting THE CUTTING HEIGHT: Central.Case: Aluminum.Catch: Hard.Screen VOLUME: 75 l.Mulching: OptionWEIGHT: 43 kg.Bearings ON WHEELS: Yes

Powerful engine with ReadyStart function. Starting automation provides reliable start-up at any temperature, errors in service are excluded. Durable die-cast aluminum housing with interchangeable pads, front bumper for shock protection and carry handle. Centralized cutting height adjustment at 7 levels with spring-loaded, easily accessible, with indicator of cutting height. Height-adjustable handle and foldable for transport and cleaning. Ergonomic cockpit design, easy operation and comfortable levers. Knife brake / clutch (BBC) for connecting and disengaging the knife while the engine is running. Allows you to connect and turn off the knife with the engine running. For example, to transport the tool to a place of work or to empty the grass catcher. Large wheels with traction profile and a 3-speed wheel drive ensure quick progress. The ability to smoothly control the speed of the wheel drive through the control lever on the handle. Thus, for example, when mulching, you can always choose the ideal speed: slow. With tall and dense grass, fast. With rare and low vegetation Grass catcher of the latest type. 75 liter capacity, 100% full thanks to optimized shape and air intake. Air slots point down so grass and dust cannot flow up. The two-part grass catcher design makes it easy to open and empty.The 7th series includes VIKING ROTARY LAWN MOWERS also designed for processing areas up to 2500 sq. M. M., but they are intended for PROFESSIONAL use.

Consists of two models. Both with 6 hp KAWASAKI engines Their main difference is in the mowing width (48 and 53 cm) and in the presence of KNIFE BRAKES in a more “adult” MOWER LAWNER.Both VIKING 7-Series ROTARY LAWN MOWERS also have a 3-speed mechanical wheel drive and self-propelled.

The special feature of the VIKING 7-Series ROTARY LAWN MOWER is the control panel. In addition to the usual height adjustment, it is able to deviate to the sides. This option is provided so that it is more convenient for the user to treat the lawn close to walls or to hedges, moving slightly away from the rut.

It also provides the ability to handle the edges of the lawn located just above the tracks. Right or left wheels are lowered (2 steps of adjustment). Versatile wheels go at different levels, while the Lawnmower itself maintains a horizontal position.


Type: Professional.Appointment: Processing of lawns with an area up to 2500 sq. MMANUFACTURER: Austria.Engine: Petrol, 4-stroke KAWASAKI FJ180V OHV. 180 ccENGINE MANUFACTURER: KAWASAKI.Starting THE ENGINE: Manual starter.Power: 4.2 kW (6 hp).Movement TYPE: Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive.Mowing WIDTH: 53 cm.Cutting HEIGHT: 25-80 mm.Adjusting THE CUTTING HEIGHT: Central.Case: Aluminum.Catch: Soft.Screen VOLUME: 80 l.Movement SPEED ADJUSTMENT: CVT.Mulching: OptionWEIGHT: 62 kg.Bearings ON WHEELS: Yes

The crankshaft support protects the crankshaft from damage if the knife touches a solid object during operation. A massive sheet metal disc protects the aluminum casing from wear, stone bumps or contact with obstacles. Replaceable, lateral polymer linings prevent premature wear on the surface of the body when in contact with obstacles such as walls or fences. The same protection is provided by the bumper. The sturdy undercarriage is best suited for continuous operation, equipped with 16 mm thick axles, stable ‘fingers’ for axle attachment and large wheels with die cast aluminum rims. All this guarantees high reliability in operation, as well as a long service life. Centralized cutting height adjustment. In one step, a choice is made between 7 levels of cutting height, the selected level can be seen in the viewing window. Thus, the MOWER LAWNER can be easily and quickly adapted to existing operating conditions. Individual adjustment of the cutting height. Additionally, on the right, you can lower the wheels to two levels with the help of a tool so that the edges of the lawns are trimmed exactly. Less vibration due to damping elements. The damping elements between the engine and the housing suppress the transmission of engine vibrations to the housing and the drive handle, and ensure continuous operation without fatigue. Side cockpit. The cockpit with all control functions quickly deviates to the left or right if necessary. This facilitates mowing along walls and fences. Thanks to this, the hands are also protected. Knife brake / clutch (BBC). To connect and turn off the knife with the engine running. Speed ​​2.4 / 3.5 / 4.6 km / h.

Viking MB755KS PROFESSIONAL ROTARY GASOLINE MOWER for lawn care in municipal services, parks, pools and leisure centers, on playgrounds or for mowing sections along roads.Robust construction, high power, high functionality and ergonomics are outstanding qualities applied wherever they are needed. The KOKPIT design guarantees an ergonomic working position in all situations.The height of the MAIN HANDLE can be easily reset to fit the user’s height. Damping elements between the engine and the HOUSING ensure comfortable operation.The tool compartment is located under the COCKPIT. Extremely durable and lightweight die-cast aluminum housing reinforced with sheet steel DISK. Spray painted surfaces resistant to corrosion and fuel. Wheel rims made of die-cast aluminum are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant.comfortable speed control using three forward gears. Wheel drive allows you to easily work on slopes up to 25 degrees. Rubber tires provide good traction, including in damp areas or in difficult terrain.Kawasaki’s powerful 4-stroke gasoline engine with superior starting performance and high torque ensures flawless grass pruning. High power output, quiet engine running and low fuel consumption due to overhead valve design (OHV). Choke manual fuel feed and fuel control for easy starting with a cold engine and setting the desired engine speed.80 L grass catcher for processing large areas in one pass. Ergonomic handles for easy suspension and removal of the CATCH, as well as a large outlet for good emptying. The indicator of filling the grass catcher from textiles simultaneously performs a dustproof role.The choice of processing and collecting grass in the grass catcher or mowing and ejecting grass from the rear using an integrated metal reflector, especially for tall grass.Using the mulching kits (accessories), the VIKING LAWNMOWER can be converted to MULTIFUNCTIONAL. To collect grass, mulch and throw the grass back. Fast and convenient transportation with wheel drive when the knife mechanism is off (BRAKE / KNIFE CLUTCH).

Lawn MOWERS OF ROTARY LAWN MOWERS VIKING is represented by one model. Mv858.The main advantage of this model is the TOP LOCATION of engine VALVES.The MV858 embodies all the technical features of the previous series: aluminum HOUSING with BUMPERS and side covers, a convenient CONTROL PANEL with many adjustments, CENTRAL ADJUSTMENT of the cutting height, ONE-SIDED wheel adjustment for accurate edge processing, mechanical drive and reverse.


Type: Professional.Appointment: Processing of lawns with an area from 2500 sq. MMANUFACTURER: Austria.Engine: Petrol, 4-stroke BS I / C OHV. 344 ccENGINE MANUFACTURER: BRIGGSSTRATTONSTARTING THE ENGINE: Manual starter.Power: 11 liters with.Movement TYPE: Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive.Mowing WIDTH: 56 cm.Cutting HEIGHT: 35-90 mm.Adjusting THE CUTTING HEIGHT: Central.Case: Aluminum.Catch: Soft.Screen VOLUME: 90 l.Movement SPEED ADJUSTMENT: CVT.Mulching: Yes.Weight: 109 kg.Bearings ON WHEELS: Yes

Precise speed control provides a 3-speed gear shift mechanism. An additional reverse gear and a gearbox mounted on the rear axle facilitate maneuvering and turning the MOWER. The differential is located above the drive axle, is remote from the soil and transmits rotation to the axle using a chain drive. The gearbox is well protected against stone bumps, etc. The robust undercarriage is best suited to work in areas with a wide variety of terrain, it is equipped with 16 mm thick axles, stable “fingers” for axle attachment and aluminum die-casting wheels. Thanks to the rubber tires, the VIKING MV858 ROTARY PETROL LAWN MOWER has good traction in difficult terrain as well.For convenient removal of the grass catcher during emptying, the handle can be lifted up and brought completely upright. When the handle returns to its original position, the drive handle is automatically locked.

Thanks to the volumetric grass catcher with a capacity of 90 l, you can mow large areas in one pass. A dust collector integrated on top of the SUMMER collector protects against contamination and, in addition, acts as a fill indicator, signaling the need to empty.It is possible to use the MV858 as a LAWN MOWER with unloading at the rear. Without a grass catcher. In this case, the discharge flap functions as a reflector for the cut grass.The control panel and handles allow the user to always occupy the correct position during operation.The controls and handles are located directly in the control area and therefore they can be actuated quickly, without any difficulties.The drive of movement is switched on optionally with the left or right hand.Advantage: One hand is constantly free for other shifts (for example, to turn on the KNIFE).Powerful 11.5 hp engine OHV from BRIGGSSTRATTON has a large TORQUE and allows also in difficult conditions to achieve high cutting performance.In addition, the overhead valve design (OHV) provides a quiet engine run, excellent power output and low fuel consumption.A capacious, external gas tank (5.5 l) allows the engine to work without refueling for about 4 hours, which is very convenient when processing large areas.For a particularly durable aluminum die-cast housing with a wall thickness of up to 6 mm, a long service life is guaranteed.Replaceable metal strips protect the housing from the side when mowing along walls and fences.A rubber bumper is used to protect the body and wheels from impacts when hitting obstacles such as stones, curbs or trees.For perfect cutting and optimal collection of grass is a KNIFE, 56 cm long.,made of hardened forged steel, it has a special durability.By means of the KNIFE CLUTCH, the knife is disconnected from the engine and, thus, the CATCH can be emptied without stopping the engine.Using the motion drive, the VIKING MV858 LAWN MOWER can also be transported with the KNIFE stopped.This is especially important when traveling along sloping terrain or along gravel-lined paths.