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Many owners of private houses and summer cottages carefully look after their personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, there is a need for a special technique. The modern market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric trimmers. The latter compare favorably with an affordable price, so there is a steady demand for them. Electric trimmers are especially effective in small areas where the extension cord is easy to stretch. But difficulties also arise at the purchase stage. The range of power tools is very diverse, so a few tips from the experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should you pay the closest attention to??

  1. First of all, you need to decide on performance. It depends on the power and speed of the motor. For well-groomed areas where the growing grass will have to be cut, a power of up to 1,000 watts will be enough. There is another reason not to pursue high performance. The stronger the engine, the more the trimmer mass.
  2. The location of the engine affects the price and usability. Cheap low-power models have a bottom-mounted electric motor. But this design has serious disadvantages, for example, grass clogging and poor cooling.
  3. For overhead models, shoulder straps will be required. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers with these accessories.
  4. Electric braids and handle shape differ. Lightweight machines are equipped with D-shaped holders, which give the trimmer maneuverability. And more powerful units are controlled by a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar.

Our review includes the best electric trimmers. When compiling the rating, the following criteria were taken into account:

Hammer ETR900

Trimmer Selection

An excellent garden trimmer is the Hammer ETR900. The affordable price of the Chinese device is perfectly combined with the high power (950 W). The electric scythe is very convenient to use due to its compactness. With a bevel width of 35 cm, it is possible to mow the grass in the narrowest places in the garden or between the garden beds. The overhead position of the motor prevents moisture from entering the electrical part of the unit. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a bicycle-type handle, which makes the work comfortable and less tiring. By moving the handle along the bar, you can adjust the mount to your height.

The manufacturer also took care of the operator’s safety. There is protection against accidental start in the form of a two-button switch. The cover is precisely positioned in the work area, so grass does not get on the worker’s clothes and shoes. The set also includes a knife for mowing weeds and small bushes.

Best inexpensive electric trimmers

If you want to mechanize your work, but are on a budget, electric trimmers from this category are what you need. All of them do an excellent job with the task, but at the same time they have their own characteristics. Let’s look at three popular budget models and decide which one is the best.

Monferme 21327M

The convenient and stylish Monferme 21327M trimmer is designed for comfortable lawn mowing. French engineers made the device not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. The model has a bottom-mounted engine with a power of 500 watts. A distinctive feature of the trimmer is the 4-position cutting angle adjustment. The manufacturer also provided for the possibility of using the device for people of different heights. The length of the bar is easily adjustable for the most comfortable grip of the D-shaped handle.

Huter GET-600

Electric trimmers GET-600 are assembled in China under license from the German company Huter. The tool impresses with its low cost in comparison with famous brands. But won’t you have to pay twice, as the saying goes? Let’s figure it out.

The bottom motor pivots 180 degrees on the boom. But unlike the previous model, the GET-600 is equipped with a wheel that makes vertical mowing more convenient.

D-shaped telescopic handle allows you to increase the trimmer length from 100 to 120 cm. Height adjustable and additional handle.

Attention! We want to warn you, in the first models, the design of the cutting head was unsuccessful and often failed. Manufacturers have taken this into account, but such models are still on sale. So be careful. In new models, the head device has been simplified, now to remove it, you just need to unscrew 1 bolt. In the old version, it was mounted on a shaft, and so that an attempt to remove it led to final destruction.

User recommendation:

  • Excellent performance for its power, mows almost everything, a good choice for a summer residence;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • There is a wheel for vertical mowing;
  • Height adjustable;
  • Good value for money.
  • A large percentage of defects in the first trimmer models;
  • Low-quality native fishing line.

How to wind the line around the spool of a single-barbed trimmer

Most often, a thread up to five meters long is used. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Bend the cord with a loop and insert into the groove of the head.
  2. Wind the thread in the direction opposite to the marks on the body. They indicate the direction of movement of the head.
  3. Leave the end of the thread up to fifteen centimeters free to increase centrifugal force.
  4. Thread the free end through the spool outlet.
  5. Assemble the trimmer head.

What are the trimmers and features of their use

The trimmer is useful for mowing small or difficult areas, such as near hedges, between flower beds and along paths. Today manufacturers produce a wide variety of gasoline, electric and battery models, which can be selected for any owner’s request.

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A fishing line is used as a cutting element of the trimmer. In the process of work, sooner or later its length will end, and then the owner will have a question of how to properly replace and fix the thread tucked into a removable coil.

By quality

Before putting on the line on the trimmer, you need to pay attention to the section of the cord:

  • Round thread is the most common option. They cut the grass perfectly even in difficult areas;
  • Coiled line is suitable for thin grass. It is not very durable and is not suitable for old thickets;
  • A cord with notches and sharp edges is chosen for mowing weeds;
  • Fishing line with a variety of geometric sections will help to mow the lawn more evenly, but the strength of the consumable is low.

The owner of the lawn mower should know that it is absolutely forbidden to use metal wire, fishing thread and various strings.

How to wind the line around the reel of the double barb trimmer

You can look before work, and also take into account the following recommendations.

  1. If there is only one track, both threads are wound parallel.
  2. If there are two tracks, each piece is wound in a separate groove.
  3. Wind the threads in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head.
  4. The length of the free ends should not exceed fifteen centimeters.
  5. Thread the ends into the outlet holes.
  6. Assemble the head and check the trimmer performance.

Things to consider when choosing a line

It is important to select the right material before inserting and locking the line into the detachable trimmer spool.

Rating of the best models of gasoline trimmer. A review of manufacturers and models, as well as useful tips from experts reviewed in this review, will help in a difficult choice among many device models.

How to wind the line correctly: replacement features depending on the type of removable trimmer coil

To figure out how to tuck the line into the removable trimmer head, the following recommendations and instructions will help.

First start

Before the first start-up, the operator assembles the mower, the procedure is described in the instructions that come with the product.

If the trimmer is gasoline, it must be checked before use. The fuel tank is filled up to the neck.

The engine must run in to fuel, so when first started it must run for a few minutes without load. Then start mowing the grass.

Wet Weather Operation

Electric mowers must not be used in the rain, there may be a short circuit. When the precipitation stops, you need to wait for the grass to dry.

Not all gasoline mowers are protected from moisture, so some manufacturers prohibit the operation of mowers in the rain.

Principle of operation

If we consider the principle of the trimmer, then it is similar to a hand scythe. The difference is that it is equipped with a motor, with its help the cutting element is rotated.

Manufacturing companies produce the following mower models:

  1. On which a gasoline engine is installed. These garden tools have a fuel tank, this is their distinctive feature.
  2. Devices with an electric motor. These tools are lighter because they don’t have a fuel tank. But when choosing such models, you need to take into account that a power source is needed for their operation.

All electric streamers can be divided into those that run on batteries and models that are connected to the mains. Each type has its own characteristics, but they affect the power supply unit. If you do not take it into account, then the rest of the design is similar in different devices.

If you take any trimmer model, then it consists of elements such as:

  • Motor;
  • Fuel tank (electric lawn mowers do not have one);
  • Levers with which the mower is controlled;
  • A knife for cutting grass;
  • Barbell;
  • Spool with wound fishing line, which is used for cutting grass;
  • Protective cover;
  • Bevel gear.

The motor is placed near the mowing head and can be mounted from below or from above. The gearbox is only available for models with a straight bar. If it is bent, then the main bearing becomes the connecting element. It consists of 2 bushings.

The choice of the cutting element depends on how hard the grass must be mowed. Most often, a fishing line is used in the work, it is called a cord. There are products of various shapes on sale, among buyers in demand are spiral and round.

The fishing line is wound on a spool, it is inserted into the spool, while the 2 ends of the wire remain free. When the mower engine starts to work, the bobbin rotates, the grass is cut with the free ends of the line.

We mow under hay

It is better to mow hay not with a fishing line, but with a metal disc. The grass is cut at the root, keeping its length as much as possible.

How to refuel the benzotrimmer

Petrol-powered lawn mowers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The first option is much more common. What are the differences between them:

  • Trimmers with a 2-stroke motor have a faster response to pressing the engaging lever (for this reason, lawn mowers are mainly equipped with this type of engine);
  • A tool with a two-stroke engine will be much lighter and also easier to maintain;
  • Fuel consumption of a two-stroke engine is higher than that of a 4-stroke engine with the same power by about 30%;
  • A 4-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly, since the fuel in it burns completely and is not emitted into the atmosphere, and its noise level is much lower;
  • And the most important distinguishing feature is the refueling: the 2-stroke engine is equipped with one common tank, where gasoline mixed with oil is poured; 4-stroke has a separate gas tank and a tank for engine oil.

For refueling, you must use fresh AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline and high-quality motor oil for gardening equipment (manufacturers produce different oils for 2- and 4-stroke engines). The oil can be mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for trimmers with 2-stroke engine can be found in the instruction manual for the particular model. Usually it is 50: 1, in some cases a ratio of 25: 1 or 40: 1 is recommended. It is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in a separate container with exact proportions. Never pour liquids by eye directly into the tank without first mixing them. Detailed instructions for mixing gasoline oil, with and a description, can be found on our website here.

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Mowing tall grass

If you need to cut tall grass, this is done in several passes. The lawn is processed 2-3 times. The rotating part is lowered from top to bottom, in this case the grass does not wind up on the reel.

The operator should be aware that grass wrapped around the reel will overheat the motor. If this happens, the mower is turned off and the coil is cleaned.

It is most effective to cut the grass with the ends of the line rather than the entire length. In the second case, the tool works worse, the motor may be overloaded. If you need to cut grass over a large area, tilt the trimmer towards the mowing side to increase efficiency.

How to choose a lawn mower according to technical characteristics

If we consider the main characteristics of a lawn mower, then when choosing a tool, special attention should be paid to the following parameters:

  • Type and power parameters of the motor;
  • Type of cutting element;
  • Total weight of the unit;
  • Lawn mowers price.

Equipment power is the main parameter on which its maximum productivity and time of continuous operation depend. In the process of choosing a quality trimmer, it is very important to pay attention to this particular characteristic.

A tool with a power of up to 1 kW is suitable for mowing soft grass on a small lawn. If the lawn mower will be used to remove weeds, it is better to choose a device with a power of more than 1.5 kW. Equipment whose power exceeds 1.8 kW is already classified as professional, which accordingly increases its price.

Rating of the best lawn mowers choosing a quality trimmer

Every year more and more summer residents and owners of personal plots use a trimmer or lawn mower to restore order on the lawn. Such a device allows you to cut the grass efficiently, even in places where it is not easy to do it manually.

With lawn mowers, you can easily get rid of weeds under trees, trim the grass on the lawn, or do hay making. Every year, more and more new models of trimmers appear on the market of garden equipment, and therefore the choice of a quality device that meets all the requirements of a summer resident is very difficult.

Rating of popular lawn mower models

The high popularity of garden equipment, including trimmers, has led to the fact that manufacturers are constantly expanding their assortment line. All models may differ not only in price and functionality, but design and material, used in the manufacture.

These features make the choice of suitable equipment difficult and therefore the consumer must before buying a lawn mower see the most popular products, presented on the domestic market.

Powerful benzotrimmer KRÜGER (Germany) equipped with a two-stroke engine. The power of the tool is increased: it is 3 kW or 4 hp. From. The KRUGER petrol trimmer can be used for a long time: thanks to the air cooling, it will not overheat. In operation, the KRUGER trimmer delivers 9000 rpm. It is suitable for processing large areas of up to 10 acres. The set includes spools with fishing line, which cut the grass on the lawn, as well as saw knives: with their help, branches of young trees and bushes are removed.

The functionality of the Kruger petrol trimmer is impeccable. It has everything for operator comfort and safety. The comfortable shoulder strap significantly increases the duration of the tool use, as it transfers the load from the arms to the shoulders. An important advantage of the Kruger trimmer is affordable price.

Husqvarna 128R petrol trimmer one of the most popular brands, designed for use in everyday life by owners of their own backyard plots. Equipment with a full tank of fuel weighs no more than 5 kg, which allows it to be used for a sufficiently long period of time without overloading the back and arms.

This brand’s lawnmower features a built-in Smart Start function that makes starting the tool much easier. The power unit can be easily started in all weather conditions thanks to the unique Air Purge fuel pumping system.

Gasoline lawn mowing unit Stihl FS-55 a small device with a small lightweight motor. The total weight with a filled fuel tank does not exceed 5 kg. At the same time, the ergonomic parameters of the tool are thought out to the smallest detail, which makes it easy to maneuver the lawn mower.

The hand pump makes starting the motor much easier. Two types of knives act as cutting elements disc and double-sided. The circular cutter is ideal for decorative lawn mowing thanks to the ability to control the height, cut grass.

Main parameters and features of choice

A powerful lawn mower requires a large fuel tank, which together affects the weight of the device. But even considering these not entirely pleasant circumstances, a liquid fuel tool more practical and convenient for use in the country or in a private household.

The absence of the need to connect to a stationary power source using cables makes the lawn mower as mobile as possible, and the relatively small size of the unit allows it to be transported in the luggage compartment of the car.

When choosing a quality lawn mower, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The performance of a lawn mower depends on its working equipment. The main difference between a petrol scythe and an electric trimmer is the use of steel blades rather than fishing line or plastic knives. Due to this, the cut of grass is smoother and of better quality, thanks to which plants of great height and even young shrubs are better removed.
  2. Depending on the equipment used on the lawnmower, the working width parameters of the main working area change. Small diameter blades sharpened on both sides are perfect for mowing grass on uneven terrain. For large areas, it is better to give preference to tools with cutting discs or triangular blades.
  3. The comfort of using the tool is influenced by its ergonomics. On all models of lawn mowers, the handle is different in shape, which determines the load on the hands and the principle of equipment control. Powerful models with heavy weight, additionally equipped with a comfortable strap that is worn over the shoulder.

Expert advice on how to choose a quality lawn mower

Choosing a high-quality petrol trimmer, as has already been mentioned many times, you need to decide on its power, on which the productivity depends and, accordingly, the volume and intensity of the work carried out.

If the tool is purchased for use several times a week on a small backyard or lawn, then the equipment is sufficient. Low power, which will do well in removing weeds and soft grass.

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Naturally, if you use low-power equipment for a long period at high loads, then it will not last long. Although its price is quite affordable and with the correct operation of the tool, it will be quite enough for cleaning the suburban area or lawn near the house.

If the equipment is planned to be used for a long time without interruption, then it is advisable to purchase powerful lawn mower models. It is also important that the tool comes from a reputable brand name. And despite that, the price of such units is quite high, it is fully justified by the duration and safety of the gasoline trimmer.

In addition to power, when choosing a petrol trimmer, you need to take into account the fact who will work with the tool. If this is a fragile woman, then when using a heavy trimmer, she will quickly get tired.

In turn, a man can use equipment with a large tank, so as not to be distracted by refueling. It will also be useful if the lawn mower is equipped with a shoulder strap.

Another important parameter of the quality and reliability of the unit is used bar. If it has a curved shape, then a metal cable is used to rotate the cutting blades, which cannot withstand heavy loads for a long time. If it is a tool with a metal shaft, then it is suitable for long-term continuous use.

The type of cutting mechanism determines the possibility of using the tool in various conditions. The fishing line is convenient for mowing soft grass and small weeds, and if installed steel knife, young shrubs can be cut.

Popular brands of lawn mowers

  • EFCO is Japanese-made equipment that operates with minimal noise and vibration thanks to the motor located at the top of the boom. Both fishing line and steel knives are used as cutting tools. The total weight of the equipment does not exceed 2 kg.
  • AL-KO is a German lawn mower company. High quality, long service life and safety in use are the main criteria of the German manufacturer. The lightweight, easy-to-use tool handles both lawn mowing and weed removal.
  • CRAFTSMAN is an American company that can rightfully be proud of the quality of its products. The models of the trimmers produced by the company are very light and practical, moreover, they have a fairly reasonable price.
  • CHAMPION is a Sino-American joint venture that has been well-known in both domestic and overseas consumer garden equipment market for many years. Models equipped with steel knives easily cope not only with mowing lawns, but also removing young bushes.
  • MAKITA is a popular Japanese brand in most countries, famous for the highest quality and an extensive range of lawn mowers. The tool is user-friendly, ergonomic and manoeuvrable.

Cordless trimmers

Rechargeable trimmers work thanks to the built-in battery, which requires regular recharging every 20-30 minutes.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Virtually silent.
  • Agile.
  • Mobile.
  • No fuel required.
  • Can be used in hard-to-reach places.
  • Have a low cost.


  • Requires constant charging.
  • Have little power.
  • Suitable for small and short grass.
  • Suitable as an additional tool.
  • Small selection.

What is a trimmer and how to choose it

Today, almost every suburban or suburban area has a lawn or lawn with grass. It can be either small or large. The lawn is a great place to relax, and can also serve as a sports playground, soccer field, etc. But it takes a lot of effort and time to keep it in order. Nowadays, there is a fairly large selection of all kinds of garden tools that help maintain the site in proper form. These can be common lawn mowers, they are used in large areas, and many other tools.

Electric trimmer

Electric the trimmer has a cable, it must be connected to the mains. There are electric trim tabs in which the motor can be located both at the top and bottom. The upper position of the motor makes the tool more practical and convenient, you can work in almost any weather conditions. The lower location of the motor does not allow work in the presence of moisture, although many consider such a tool to be more maneuverable.


  • Compactness and convenience.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Low tool weight.
  • Virtually no noise and vibration.
  • Service-friendly.


  • Low power, does not allow cutting thick roots and branches.
  • Connected cable restricts movement.
  • Suitable almost exclusively for home use.

What is a trimmer

Not so long ago, manufacturers began to offer a tool such as trimmer. We can say that this tool belongs to a type of lawn mower and is a version of the modern mechanized scythe, very often the trimmer is called an electric scythe. This design was invented in 1972. Due to its practicality and ease of use, it quickly gained popularity among many owners of country houses and summer cottages.

The trimmer consists of a long barbells, to which the engine is mounted; the haircut takes place at the expense of the working head. The trimmer cuts thanks to the special line. With strong rotation, the line forms a string and at high speed cuts the grass very quickly and efficiently. In an area planted with a lot of shrubs and trees, a lawn mower can do little to help, and the trimmer does an excellent job of hard-to-reach places thanks to its compactness, maneuverability and lightness. It is practical and functional garden tools, which is indispensable to maintain proper order on green lawns.

Petrol trimmers

Gasoline the trimmers are equipped with powerful air-cooled engines. Their operation requires a special fuel, which consists of gasoline and engine oil; it is mixed in certain proportions. Correctly respected proportions will ensure high-quality performance and durability of the tool motor. The petrol trimmer is considered a professional tool and is designed for large volumes of work.


  • Mobility the trimmer can move in any direction without restrictions, which makes the work convenient and uncomplicated.
  • High performance. Large areas can be dealt with in a short time.
  • Power.
  • Convenience and practicality.


  • Exhaust gas.
  • Tall noise level and vibration.
  • difficult to maintain than other types.
  • Enough high price.
  • Enough heavy weight.

Types of trimmers, their advantages and disadvantages

Trimmers are divided into several species: electric, petrol and battery.