Tuning The Partner 350 Carburetor

Partner chainsaws. Features

Many sources claim that it was this Swedish company that produced the first serial household chainsaws in Europe. And it happened in 1949.

Tuning The Partner 350 Carburetor

It is generally accepted that these are good Chinese saws, and this is partly true. Most of the Partner chainsaws sold in our market are assembled in China, which is honestly written on their nameplates. But besides China, the saws of this brand are also produced in America, Italy, Norway and England, and you can also purchase them.

For more than 10 years, this brand has been owned by the Husqvarna concern, one of the leading manufacturers in this segment, which affects not only the design features of the saw, but also the widest network of service centers that can quickly and efficiently service it.

Few people know, but for the first time the chainsaw chain brake and the handle heating system were applied precisely on Partner chainsaws, so they should not be underestimated.

There are about 30 modifications of this brand’s chainsaws. From the smallest Partner 340S saw on the market today with 1.44 kW at 13,500 rpm to the most powerful Partner 842 with 1.6 kW at 12,000 rpm.

But, perhaps, the 350th model remains the most bought.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw

This is the most frequently performed self-service maintenance procedure for your chainsaw and is worth learning. It is similar to adjusting the carburetors of most chainsaws and is described in sufficient detail in the proposed:

It is important to complete it by adjusting the idle screw to keep the chain stationary when operating in this mode. If the chain does not stop at the lowest steady speed, this indicates the need for repair of the clutch and it is unsafe to use such a saw.

Chainsaw Partner 350 S. Features, troubleshooting, operating instructions

One of the most popular household chainsaws is the 350th model from Partner. This can be explained by a number of advantages of this model.

The most important qualities of such saws, which characterize them on the positive side:

  • Compactness and light weight with sufficient power;
  • Relatively affordable price;
  • Durability;
  • Excellent repair facilities.

Chainsaw Partner 350: malfunctions and their elimination

One of the main features of this saw, its users note the durability of operation with a minimum number of failures. And yet they do happen. To determine why the saw stopped working, you need to make an elementary diagnosis.

If the saw does not start, then:

  • There is no spark on the candle;
  • No fuel is supplied;
  • No air coming in.

First, check for the presence of a spark: by unscrewing the spark plug, connecting it to the high-voltage wire and placing it on the cylinder, pull the starter. If there is a spark, clean and adjust the spark plug gap (0.5. 0.65 mm). If it is not there, then you need to change: either the flywheel or the coil (magneto). In addition, the candle itself may fail or the high-voltage wire may break.

The next step is to check the fuel supply. To do this, disconnect the supply hose from the carburetor and check for its presence. Absence may mean that the fuel filter or supply system is clogged. And the carburetor itself may become clogged.

If you do not have experience in repairing and cleaning it, entrust this work to specialists.

If the air supply deteriorates, the saw should start, but it will not work well. Remove and wash the air filter. Put it back in place only after it is completely dry.

If the saw starts well, runs at idle speed and stalls when gas is supplied. The muffler is most likely clogged. Take off, disassemble, wash, put back and work on.

Easily do it yourself, you can also change the bar and chain, carburetor, starter, oil pump, ignition and clutch.

Here is a complete disassembly of this saw:

And you will be quite capable of replacing the torn starter cable after watching this:

We recommend that you entrust more complex chainsaw repairs related to replacing the cylinder-piston group or crankshaft with specialists, although if you are familiar with two-stroke engines, then this work will not be difficult for you, and spare parts for Partner chainsaws are not in short supply.

To enlarge a picture, click on its thumbnail.

We advise you to regularly monitor the health of the safety group: the brake and the chain catcher. Remember that the saw must be thoroughly cleaned of small chips. It can not only clog the technological holes in the oil pump and other places, but also prevent the brake from working.

Operating Instructions for Partnerđ░ 350

IN this instruction you will find not only a detailed description of the saw, but also the basic techniques of working with the tool. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this chainsaw can operate on AI95 or AI92 gasoline with the addition of oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 1:50.

Saw Partner 350 overview

We will consider it in more detail.


  • Power 1.52 kW;
  • Working volume 36 cm3;
  • Idle speed 3000 rpm;
  • Maximum recommended speed 13000 rpm;
  • Saw bar length 40 cm;
  • Chain pitch 3/8 “.

The use of saw bars with a length of 45 cm is allowed, but for this length the saw is still rather weak.

The saw is equipped with a hand chain brake, an easy start system, a primer for pumping fuel, a carburetor air damper regulator, chrome-plated cylinder walls and a cyclotron air preparation system. It is assembled quite qualitatively and, yielding in class to more eminent classmates from Husqvarna and Shtil, surpasses in its consumer characteristics almost all other chainsaws of the household segment.

Disadvantages of the saw

On the Russian market, you can find not very high-quality counterfeits of the Partner 350 chainsaw, which is not only additional evidence of its popularity, but also harms the brand as a whole. And other models of this brand are also popular with summer residents and farmers.

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If you are ready to consider Partner 350 as your home tool for sawing thin trees, pruning branches and other not very bulky work, then you should also know the disadvantages, most often called by their owners:

1. Not a very high-quality vibration damping system, as a result of which the hands get tired quite quickly. But, given that this is a household tool that requires 15 to 20 minutes of rest every 20 to 25 minutes of work, you can put up with this drawback.

2. Oil leakage from the chain lubrication system, which, however, suffers from most chainsaws equipped with it, including the more eminent relative of Partner chainsaws. Husqvarna. (Link)

3. Lack of visual control of the oil level, which is not very convenient in work, and operating the saw without lubrication will lead to rapid stretching, overheating and wear of the chain.

Of course, you can use this saw to cut down wood up to 30. 35 centimeters thick, but its main purpose is to work on the site. Therefore, in conclusion, we offer you the most objective review of this model:

Dear readers, if you have any questions, ask them using the form below. We will be glad to communicate with you;)

Crankshaft bearing diagnostics

An important factor in the correct operation of the engine is played by bearings and oil seals of the crankshaft.

Partner 350 crankshaft with bearings

To diagnose their wear, it is necessary to stagger the flywheel mounted on the shaft in the vertical and horizontal plane. If there is a clear play, the rolling bearings must be replaced. If there are oily traces on the crankcase, then the oil seals will also need to be replaced. It will not be superfluous to check the play of the Partner 350 crankshaft, for which we remove the cylinder and piston. With the help of our hands, we swing it to the left and right, thereby imitating the natural movement.

Chainsaw fuel system 350

An important influence on the correct operation of the saw is played by the fuel system, which consists of a gas tank, pipes and a carburetor.

Disassembled Partner 350 carburetor

If the mixture does not flow from the tank, it is required to inspect the built-in filter and breather (hole in the lid). If the fuel filter becomes clogged, it will need to be replaced. To clean the breather, you can use an ordinary sharp needle, carefully removing the remnants of dirt and sawdust from the valve. If the carburetor becomes clogged, it will need to be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.

Chainsaw Partner 350. Frequent breakdowns, carburetor adjustment

Among the huge selection of models on the modern construction market, the Partner 350 chainsaw stands out, which is produced by a subsidiary of Husqvarna.

General view of the Partner 350 chainsaw

Simple and easy to use, reliable and unpretentious, this saw has gained wide popularity among summer residents and owners of country houses. Sawing firewood, pruning trees and branches. This is not the whole list of jobs that this model can handle without problems. Despite the well-thought-out design and layout of the units, over time the power unit, transmission elements and fuel system wear out.

How the carburetor works

The carburetor is used to mix the fuel mixture (oil and gasoline) with air. Its work begins with the jerk of the saw starter, which forces the membrane to pump fuel. After that, a diaphragm-controlled needle valve supplies gasoline to the main chamber, through which it enters the cylinder. The throttle valve can be used to “enrich” or “lean” the fuel mixture with air. When it is closed, less air will enter the cylinder at the same fuel level. In this case, consumption will increase, coupled with a decrease in engine power. Therefore, the adjustment of the Partner 350 chainsaw plays an important role in creating an optimal balance of moderate fuel consumption with high tool performance.

Diagnostics and adjustment of ignition Partner 350

The absence of a bright blue spark in the plug may indicate the need to inspect the ignition module and adjust the gap. For these purposes, remove the plastic protective cover from the saw and check the condition of the coil. The wires leading to it must be firmly fixed with screws; they must not dangle at the connection point. Moisture must not be present on the flywheel of the drive shaft as it interferes with the generation of an electromagnetic field.

Flywheel and ignition module for Partner 350 chainsaw

In the absence of such inconsistencies, you must make sure that the clearance between the module and the flywheel is correct. Its value should be no more and no less than 0.2 mm, and therefore, if it does not coincide with the recommended distance, you need to independently adjust the ignition of the Partner 350 chainsaw.

After checking the ignition, proceed to the diagnosis of the fuel supply system.

Chainsaw troubleshooting

Experienced fellers know that a competent and accurate determination of the nature of a breakdown is half of the repair work done. Based on many years of experience in repairing the Partner 350 chainsaw, specialists have developed a special method for diagnosing problems.

The main breakdowns of the Partner 350 chainsaw

This allows you to significantly save time and avoid unnecessary operations. Troubleshooting is recommended in the following order:

  1. Chainsaw spark check;
  2. Ignition coil;
  3. Diagnostics of the fuel supply system;
  4. Inspection of the crankshaft bearings.

HOW TO SET UP a carburetor on a Stihl chainsaw. How to properly adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a technically complex tool that needs to be serviced from time to time. Cleaning, replacing filters and, of course, adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw will help to serve its entire life. In this article, we will consider the issue of tuning the carburetor. How and why it is carried out.

HOW TO SET UP a chainsaw carburetor. Chainsaw carburetor device

To independently adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw, you do not need to be a professional motor technician. However, you still have to memorize some aspects of the carburetor’s operation regarding the process of preparing the fuel mixture.

The vast majority of chainsaws are equipped with Chinese-made Walbro carburetors. In their structure, they are simple, if not primitive. There is a monoblock body of the straight-through type with a through hole. A diffuser is located inside the hole. A narrowing of the passage with the fuel injection channel. There are dampers on both sides: the smaller one is the throttle one, it regulates the amount of the fuel mixture to be supplied to the cylinder. Larger damper. Air, serves to restrict air flow during a cold start.

Walbro carburetor device: 1. Fuel inlet connection; 2. Pulse channel of the membrane pump; 3. Inlet valve; 4. Membrane of the fuel pump; 5. Exhaust valve; 6. Filter mesh; 7. Air damper; 8. Throttle valve; 9. Fuel channel; 10. Idle speed adjustment screw; 11. Needle; 12. Idle nozzles; 13. Control membrane; 14. Fuel chamber; 15. Main jet; 16. Diffuser; 17. The main adjusting screw

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All the magic of fuel preparation takes place in the covert channels and the diaphragm pump chamber. When the throttle valve is turned, the cross-section of the channel through which fuel is injected into the mixing chamber increases slightly and the fuel enters in a larger volume. In this case, the carburetor has two kind of valves: for feeding at low and high speeds. When changing the position of the throttle valve, the fuel flow changes proportionally between the two valves.

The need for such a device is that at idle and under load, the quality of the mixture should be different. At the same time, the channel through which the fuel is supplied to the mixer at idle speed does not completely overlap when the engine accelerates, and vice versa. The maximum speed channel is slightly undercut at idle speed.

How to adjust the chainsaw carburetor. Service

How the carburetor is adjusted

The chainsaw setting algorithm is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. Adjusting the engine for smooth operation at low rpm.
  2. Setting the carburetor for the correct supply of the fuel mixture at maximum speed.
  3. Fine adjustment of the carburetor for idling.
  4. Chainsaw check in all modes.

Carburetor adjustment must be done after the engine has run a little and heats up.

Now let’s look at how the correct adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor goes in more detail. Almost all carburetor models have three adjusting screws. The screw (T) is responsible for fine tuning in idle mode. Screw (H) setting for maximum speed. The screw (L) controls the mixture formation at low rpm. By tightening the screws (L) and (H), the fuel supply and the mixture becomes leaner, respectively, the speed increases.

Process description

If the carburetor of the chainsaw is not adjusted and it is not possible to start the chainsaw, then the adjustment begins by setting the screws (L) and (H) to the standard setting. This is 1/5 turn of the screws until they are completely tightened. After that, you need to start the engine, let it run a little and warm up. The next step is to adjust the low speed mode. Optimum low engine performance can be achieved by adjusting the screw (L) and idle (T). To do this, first the screw (L) is tightened until the maximum engine speed is obtained, then it is released by 1/4, and the idle speed is normalized with the screw (T).

After adjusting the work on the “bottom”, the thrust and maximum engine speed are adjusted. To do this, slowly tighten the screw (H) and check the speed according to the readings of the electronic tachometer.

It is unacceptable to exceed the maximum engine speed declared by the manufacturer.

An important step is to check the saw in all operating modes after adjusting it, for this you need to let the chainsaw cool down, and then start it according to the cold tool start algorithm. If the saw starts up normally and runs smoothly at idle speed, you need to check how it cuts. If in the process of checking deficiencies in the power of the chainsaw are found, then it is necessary to repeat the adjustment of the screw (H) by unscrewing it and checking the thrust in operation.

Loss of thrust at maximum rpm recommended by the manufacturer is an indicator of CPG wear or poor fuel quality.

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  1. HOW TO ADJUST the carburetor on a Husqvarna 135 chainsaw correctly.
  2. HOW TO SET UP a chainsaw carburetor. Chainsaw carburetor device
  3. HOW TO SET UP the carburetor on the Partner-350 chainsaw. Description and specifications
  4. HOW TO SET UP a carburetor on a Stihl chainsaw. How to properly adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw
    • Situations in which adjustment is necessary
    • Instruments
    • How the carburetor is adjusted
    • Process description
    • Adjusting the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw
    • How to adjust the chainsaw carburetor. Service
    • HOW TO SET UP THE CARBURETOR ON A CHAMPION CHAINSAW. Husqvarna Saw Carburetor Adjustment.

    DIY Partner saw setup and adjustment instructions

    Before starting the saw, it is imperative to check how the cutting attachment is adjusted, namely the bar, chain, sprockets, etc. This is necessary for good grip.

    Remember, that first you need to check the saw at low load, cutting off small twigs and branches. After running out of one tank of fuel, it is worth stopping the saw and turning it off. In this mode, you need to check the tension of the chain, since an oversight in this aspect threatens injury! If the chainsaw does not start, the causes and remedies can be found here.

    Poor machine maintenance can cause damage or injury. Be sure to check the sharpening of the chain and the level of its tension. It is advisable to purchase a machine for sharpening chainsaw chains how to choose can be found here.

    Poorly sharpened chain. Load on the chainsaw engine, poorly tensioned chain. The possibility of injury to the operator due to its fall

    Briefly about the manufacturer

    The Partner trade mark began its history more than 50 years ago. In 1950, the first development saw the light. A special Swedish saw “Be-Bo”. During the entire period of the 50s, this chain-type saw firmly withstood the competition and even managed to become one of the most popular in all of Europe. Be-Bo helped to improve the logging process in Scandinavia.

    A few years later, the products were re-released under the name Partner C6, and after this debut release, all products of this company were released under the brand marked with the Partner badge. Peel was predicted to be a special success. This novelty simply rocked the entire world market! Immediately after the first models, the release of counterparts such as Partner R11 and X21 followed.

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    Soon TM received a new name, known to this day all over the world. This is AB Partner.

    In the 60s, the company developed rapidly and increased its production. Export volumes grew by leaps and bounds, and the popularity of chainsaws reached unprecedented heights.

    Since 1961, this organization began the production of engines for petrol cutters and go-karts.. A decade later, in 1971, a new factory came into operation, which contributed to the expansion of the product range.

    Starting in 1990, Partner began production of a range of gasoline-type garden equipment, among the products there were new chain-type saws, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.

    In 2006, when Electrolux, which has owned Partner production since 1979, began overproduction at Husqvarna AB.

    Description and technical characteristics of the device

    The Partner 350 chainsaw is an example of an excellent saw workshop, suitable for various types of work in the garden, harvesting firewood, etc. Compared to the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw or Patriot chainsaw, the Partner 350 is very necessary when it comes to occasional use. At low load levels.

    It is important to note that the unit has a chrome-plated inner surface of the working cylinder, which makes it possible to significantly extend the operational life of the device. This chainsaw has a good air purification system, CCS mark. In other words, it will be said that the unit uses an air cleaning system, which is based on the principle of a conventional centrifuge.

    After cleaning, the air prepared for operation will enter the carburetor through special filters. If you are interested in setting up the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, then we inform you that you can easily disassemble and clean it on your own. To adjust the carburetor just add air to the system and let it run for a minute. Then check it several times in a row, but slowly. You can see how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw here.

    If there are “dips” in dynamic work, then it will be necessary to unscrew the L-screw L by ┬╝ of its turn and re-check everything. As you can see, adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands is possible and is not particularly difficult.

    The device of the Partner 350 chainsaw is quite simple to understand. If you are a beginner, and do not know how to saw trees with a chainsaw, go here. To finally understand the operation of this unit, we suggest that you read the user manual in detail.

    Chainsaw Partner 350 features:

    • Household saw;
    • Equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine;
    • The specific power of the system is 1.8 hp. (1.3 kW);
    • Cubic volume of the engine. 36 cm;
    • Start type. Manual;
    • Fuel volume. 400ml;
    • Oil volume. 200 ml;
    • Cooling system type. Air;
    • Maximum idle speed up to 4000 rpm is characteristic;
    • The working length of the bus is 0.4 m;
    • Chain step. 3/8;
    • The type of fuel used for work. Oil gasoline;
    • Nominal weight about 4.7 kg.

    Saw Partner-350 (Partner). Characteristics and operating instructions, carburetor adjustment and tuning, device diagram

    Modern chainsaws differ in order from their predecessors. New models from leading manufacturers are already equipped with more reliable and powerful motors that allow work to move faster, excellent anti-vibration systems that do not give hands fatigue and do not get tired after the first hour of work. It is easy to work with such units, they are easy to care for and repair. But the price, respectively, is an order of magnitude higher.

    Good chainsaws can’t be too cheap, and that’s a fact. But it is not always necessary to overpay big money for the supposedly distinctive advantages of the model, if such are not so critically necessary. Today there is a huge selection of such equipment, among the names of which there are both time-tested brands and new models that have not yet had time to loudly declare themselves (see the article which chainsaw to choose). If you look at the chainsaw russia, the price of these chainsaws is an order of magnitude lower.

    The best option among the many available (see the rating of chainsaws) is the Partner chainsaw. Its price ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 rubles. This option is as convenient and useful as possible, does not require additional equipment and is an excellent solution to many economic problems.

    Partner chainsaw instruction manual

    To use the chainsaw correctly and at the same time not harm your health, you must read the instructions for use and water in operation.

    Chainsaw Partner 350 user manual is quite simple.

    First you need to remove the fuse and tire cover. Then put on the chain and saws, turning the tension bolt until the weakest chain links touch the very bottom of the bar. Tighten the tire bolts firmly. It is also important what kind of oil to fill to lubricate the chainsaw chain you will use.

    To check the correct installation, you need to manually pull the chain. It should move smoothly along the guides. Next, you need to fill the chain oil in the hole specially designated for this and check the saw stroke. Then you can carry out a test run of the device.

    Remember, that its further operation largely depends on the correct commissioning of the unit. Unlike the goodluck chainsaw, Partner 350 requires a special approach to ignition control, since the power of a two-stroke engine, whose nominal value is 1.3 kW, often does not give a smooth start but “shoots” with early ignition, which is not only inconvenient, but also contraindicated for a crane. Saw operation.

    For an example of work, see:


    Summing up, I would like to note that excellent technical characteristics, together with an acceptable price range, make the Partner chainsaw an excellent option for working on a personal plot. The device has a good anti-vibration system, it is characterized by easy access to the air filter and automatic supply of chain lubrication.There are also various attachments and attachments for the chainsaw of this manufacturer.

    Thanks to the mechanical brake the safety of the chainsaw is at the proper level. There is also a quick start device that allows you to easily start the saw in different climates.

    If you do not know what to do if the Partner 350 chainsaw starts up and stalls when you press the gas, then this article is for you.

    The equipment of the device is standard: it includes the Partner 350 chainsaw itself, one bar and a chain, an accessible user manual, a specific set consisting of all the necessary keys, a watering can and a container for mixing fuel with oil.