Ways to cut a tree without a chainsaw. How the forest is felled

How to cut a tree correctly and fill it in the right direction

Landscaping of the site and caring for the garden cannot do without a rally of old trees. Without the correct organization of work, there is a risk of damage to buildings or serious injuries. Today we will tell you in detail how to cut a tree correctly and fill it in the right direction.

Safety precautions, tools and devices

We hope not to explain why the roll of trees requires a special approach to ensuring the safety of work. You must have a clear and sober idea of ​​what threats to life, property and surrounding objects are an uncontrolled fall of cut branches and wood itself. In the same way, the danger associated with work at the height should be aware of.

We will give some recommendations for safety precautions in the course of describing the failure technology, but the main part of them is of general importance, which means that these requirements should be observed even before you pick up the chainsaw.

First of all, resolve the issue of insurance. If there is no special insurance, tie it yourself:

  • Rope (from 1 ton to rupture) about 2.5 m folding twice.
  • Skip it between the legs with a loop back.
  • Tie a knot-wound in front of the belt.
  • Wrap the free ends around the torso, passing each into the loop from the back.
  • Tighten the ends and tie them in front of the eight.

Scheme of the Node “Eight”

The diagram of the “Eight” node for strapping a carbine or cable

ways, tree, chainsaw, forest

The front loop is designed to engage the carbine, which is attached to the safety sling, twice wrapped around the trunk of a tree. At the ends of the slings, the “eight” nodes or the loop of Prushik should be tied. You can throw it anywhere, but it is better if a massive bitches or branch are located just below. Keep in mind that wrapping a loop around the belt is not the best idea, when falling there is a great risk of trauma of the ribs and spine.

Another binding option is presented at

When cutting the crown and rolling, it is necessary to clear the ways for departure in advance. Of course, the fall of each cut branch should control the assistant using a tied rope, but no one is safe from the fact that the branch will suddenly change the trajectory.

In no case do not work from the ladder. To fix yourself at a height, wrap the second sling twice around the trunk and put your feet into the loops at its ends. It is allowed to work only in closed clothes, glasses and gloves. The head should be protected by a helmet or at least a dense cap. In addition to the chainsaws, we also stock up about a hundred meters of a strong rope for delays and hold at hand a light trunk in case the branches clash tightly.

Work clothes. 2. Helmet. 3. Protective glasses. four. CHAGOR. 5. Rope. 6. Cline gross. 7. Chainsaw. eight. I drank manual

How to cut a chainsaw tree

After the saw saw the barrel, the hand or pole is performed, with emphasis at an altitude of 300-400 cm. To prevent cracking of logs, business wood is cleaned as soon as possible from branches, after which cutting and storage is carried out.

To tie the barrel manually, certain rules must be followed:

  • The longer the cutting canvas of the hand saw, the more it spring, which can significantly complicate the process of drinking hard wood, including ash, maple and oak;
  • It is necessary to determine the length of the hacksaw canvas in accordance with the rule, which states that the saw length should a couple of times higher than the diameter of the barrel;
  • The teeth of too short hacks are seized inside the wood, and uncomfortable work will cause quick fatigue.

As a rule, the manual method is used to cut down young and not too high trees.

How to blame the trees with a chainsaw: technology and safety measures

Cut a tree with a chainsaw much faster and more convenient. In this way, you can effectively blame a large and high tree. The rolling diagram must be developed and the working condition and serviceability of the chainsaw should be developed. Assessment of all working factors is also carried out:

  • the location of the barrel;
  • determine which way you need to fill up the tree;
  • clearing the working space;
  • Removing root influxes, branches and branches located below than the level of the shoulder of the roller.

You need to cut the barrel in the correctly selected direction, so you need to approach this parameter as close as possible.

Valka or cutting relate to measures of increased danger, so it is very important to minimize any risks:

  • It is required to take care of special clothes, protective shoes, gloves and helmets in advance;
  • It is necessary to check the serviceability of the entire tool used and the convenience of its use at all stages of the work carried out;
  • especially if this is not a single operation, but a long and large.scale.
  • must be taken into account such an important factor as the wind, the direction of which can change the trajectory of the fall of the trunk

Before performing the work, it is required to remove and carefully clean the space by removing excess shoots and ensuring unhindered advance around the barrel. During the roll, you can not be distracted and look away from the dumped plant. With a strong impedenture wind, it is better not to work in a roll work in a roll.

Rolling of trees in the right direction

The technology of rolling large and young trees has some differences, but there are general rules that must be taken into account in the process of work:

  • make an incision half of the diameter of the chainsaw from the side side or from the side into which the sawed plant should fall;
  • make an incision of the opposite side and blame a tree;
  • With a roll of large trees, an inclined upper cut is performed at an angle of sixty degrees with respect to the base of the side of the fall. The stem part is carried out by 20-25 % of the diameter;
  • At the next stage, a horizontal lower cut is made, converging with the upper car, which will allow you to get a side log house;
  • Then the next horizontal drank above the first is performed and necessarily from the opposite side;
  • A wedge is inserted into the second tile and after the final of the tree, the tree must be dumped with a shoulder blade.

It is better to perform work in the period from November to mid.December, when the snow mass is not too much, but the earth has already freezed enough. The chainsaw in the process must be held only with both hands.

How to cut a tree correctly: sawing branches

Cro.pruning the crown is required to the sequence, performing work in the direction from the bottom up, which will allow circumcised branches to freely fall to the ground without confusing in the not yet cut lower branches.

The rope with which the fall is controlled should be attached one and a half meters from the barrel. The branches must be cut so that the remaining branches have a length of 30–40 cm, which will allow you to throw a safety sling if necessary or use them as a foot support.

Sick a fallen tree

The fallen plant must be correctly cut. After the roll, the branches are cut. Cutting starts with distant branches. Small branches are drunk from above, and large stubborn branches require fags from above, after which trimming is performed from below, which will not allow you to squeeze the saw.

The fork must be cut across, so that with the help of one cut, cut off all diverging parts. Depending on the further use of wood, the barrel can be cut into absolutely arbitrary parts.

To whom they will give permission to cut down/saw

Regardless of which trees can be sawed without permission near the house, there is a question of the right to carry out such a sanitary operation. Objects located on a private allotment, house, garage or garden are considered equivalent (in relation to the law) real estate.

In article 209.1 of the Civil Code states that only the owner has the right to dispose of the land and its components. Therefore, only he has the opportunity to request permission to thin out herbal stands. But even the owner of the allotment may limit himself. This is due to the following circumstances:

  • Features of trees: breed, age, condition.
  • Earth category (for example, the site belongs to the forest fund). Plantations are assigned a certain status that affects the use.

It is impossible to get a document for saw or cabin if the problem tree is located on a neighboring site (even if it is real problems, for example, strong shading). An exception may be a dangerous, emergency tree, which, when falling, can harm people, buildings, transport, infrastructure objects (for example, wires of the mains).

The state of plants in the private territory is controlled by the owner, which is logical: if the tree collapses, he will have to compensate for the damage to third parties. The representative of the local government has the right to initiate a problem of problem plants, but even then he will be forced to take into account the opinion of the landowner.

Before cutting down a tree on his site, the owner must examine the trees. A stranger (not the owner) can turn to permission only if he has a power of attorney from the owner. Therefore, you cannot request permission to cut down a tree located behind a neighboring fence, even if it brings great inconvenience.

What authorities will help solve the issue

Adjusting issues related to deforestation of wood and shrubby forms (including dead and damaged plants), is carried out based on the laws, orders and decrees of the federal and local levels. At the local level (in cities, towns), rules may concern landscaping or prescribe the order of cutting (cutting).

The registration of permission (often a list of organizations providing such services is attached to it) are engaged in the following authorities:

  • Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection.
  • In some cases-the Department of Housing and Communal Services.
  • Department of Nature Protection (Environmental Safety) under the City Administration.
  • The Single Window service will simplify the design; to save time and nerves; It is only necessary to collect the necessary documents.

The method of cutting logs

The chainsaw is installed so that one section of the frame rests on a horizontally located board. This will become a support.

The main surface of the frame will be emphasized in a vertically placed plot of the device.

  • A chainsaw is started, a cut of the log is performed along with the exposed thickening of the cut.
  • The main task of the employee is not to overload the tools with press pressure.
  • The saw chain itself will be cut, it needs to be a little to give.

According to the cutting of the horseman, the wood device is removed, the log is turning 90 degrees, the supporting plane is installed, the entire cut procedure occurs again.

Drive from wood is used only to cut off the humps.

Working with chainsaws: Felling cut straight from behind

Form sawing

When the log takes the shape of the beam, it will turn it on the boards without using the wood device.

The beam is a sawn material in the form of a rectangle, it has 4 external aligned planes, it is possible to rest on the chainsaw frame on them.

Simplest Way To Cut Down A Tree With a Chainsaw

  • To do this, you will need to crush the frame to the cut surface and promote the tools for the workpiece.
  • There is a stubborn part on the frame, which is orthogonally with the entire structure, moving across the cut.
  • At the expense of it, a thickening of the cut board is established.

How to “cut” a tree without a tool?

To “cut” a large tree, put two or three trunks crosswise and divorce a fire at the intersection of a bonfire. They will burn out quite quickly (especially if you scrape coal). When they burn out, you can already make a famous nya of them (which is more later).

In the case of more thin trunks, everything is easier. You need to find two or three close woods. We will use such close trees as a clamp (vise). The closer. the better. Because thin trees are elastic, spring, and can break in an inappropriate place (or even inspire an unlucky “survival” in the face). Because of the same, the tree should be inserted into the “clamp” with the top, and the comlet to yourself. Thanks to such properties, trees are used as simulators. but this must be devoted to a separate book.

Insert the tree between the trunks and pull it on yourself until it breaks. If the tree has not broken down evenly, but as if split into two halves. excellent, here is the logs. Turn the barrel 180 degrees and continue further so that the crack continues to go along the barrel, giving the same “logs” at the exit.

How to dump a tree with a knife

Let’s say you have a knife. it’s good. He will be an “ax”. The “cue ball” will act as “axes”. a log slightly longer than the elbow (40 cm). Best of the heavy and elastic birch. A fairly light and fragile pine is not suitable. In general, a decent tree is better. It is better to remove the bark from her.

First you need to clean the layer of the bark in the place where we will “chop” the tree. Approximately at chest level (so that it is convenient to beat on top and hold). This method is suitable for trees with a diameter of about 20-30 centimeters. You can, of course, “cut down” a thicker tree, but it is unlikely that the sheepskin will cost dresses. The bark must be cleaned throughout the diameter. The bark can be cleaned with a “bracket”. stick a knife at an angle in a cue ball and work, holding the handle of a knife and log with both hands.

Now we put the knife to the cleaned trunk at an angle of about 45 degrees and begin to beat the butt with a bit to choose the chips. Having made such diagonal notes throughout the circle, put a knife at an angle of 90 degrees and completely select the chips. Now we do the same slightly higher. As a result, the barrel is thinner and the tree can be easily dumped, pushing your hand.

Safety precautions

During the roll of trees, workers are waiting for danger. Usually they can be avoided if the following safety violations are not allowed:

  • a careless search for dangerous trees and their untimely elimination;
  • violation of the technology of cutting down and being in a dangerous zone during the roll of forest;
  • Errors during the implementation of approved tricks of trees.

If the forest roll is carried out not by the machine method, it is required to prepare the site in advance. This usually happens with selective sanitary cutting.

ways, tree, chainsaw, forest

For this, there is a dangerous zone with a radius of 50 m using special tablets and ribbons prohibiting the passage of people and the passage of technology, as well as an individual place to fall for each tree is prepared. If other trees are in its way, they are also subject to cutting down.

The file and his partner must be used by personal protective equipment prescribed by labor protection instructions, including helmets.

At a wind speed of more than 11 m/s or its sharp gusts, it is forbidden to carry out work.

How to cut branches and trunk

After the roll, it is profitable to divide the barrel into small components for transportation. Branches are removed to the root.

Start from the bottom of the barrel. This ensures the gradual cleansing of the barrel of unsuitable material.

Tip: it is impossible to allow the fabric of the chainsaws of the ground, since it may be damaged or the chain can be shown.

In some cases, hazardous garbage elements are thrown into the body or eyes, which must be protected by dense working clothes, hard gloves and glasses.

Safety precautions during work

In the process of rolling wood, various dangerous situations are possible. But you can protect yourself from everything if you avoid some dangerous moments and adhere to safety precautions.

  • Pour too dangerous trees. For example, if it grows on a steep slope, in the area of ​​the swamp. If there is no self.confidence in your abilities to look for another tree;
  • Violation of Valka technology is prohibited. You cannot be located in the area of ​​the danger zone to avoid injury;
  • It is necessary to focus on the performance of work so that there are no critical mistakes that cannot be corrected in time. Therefore, the patient with temperature is not allowed to work, weakened, tired or not sober.

In the case of sanitary deforestation, a platform is prepared in advance. For this, the dangerous zone is released by signs and ribbons.

This is necessary in order to prevent the appearance of people and technology in the place of the alleged fall of the tree.

  • All who are engaged in a roll of wood put on protective equipment.
  • They are clearly registered in state labor protection instructions. Without helmet, you can’t.
  • Therefore, hot heads are better to cool before starting work and think that it is better to tolerate burdensome protection?. Or thoughts about that. “there would be no cone from a large branch if I put on a helmet”.

If the wind speed exceeds 11 m/s and theres, more powerful gusts of any type of tree is prohibited.

We figured out the methods of rolling trees. Examined complex moments and simple equipment for independent use.

We got acquainted with safety precautions. Now, armed with information, you can start work to remove excess wood from a summer cottage.

Rules for sawing the barrel and branches

Branches must be disconnected from the bottom of the array, which is already lying on the surface of the earth. It is necessary to finish the ranks of the branches alternately, getting to the center, in order to completely clean the barrel over time. All components must be removed separately, it is best to transfer the sawn parts to the fedium allotted for this during work.

For sawing, you need to do the following actions:

  • On top of the cut of the trunk is approximately half.
  • Then the saw is turned off, but continues to stay in the tree. At this time, a wedge is installed in the hole obtained at the first stage, which must be well tamped with an ax. This must be done so that the saw is not damaged under the weight of two trunks, but is between them in an absolutely free position.

In some cases, the tire continues to remain in the barrel, especially this applies not only to large, but also to stiff types of trees. In this case, pulling part of the tree is pointless. It is necessary to quickly turn off the working motor, and then make the effect on the two sides of the barrel from the cut from the bottom, trying to pull out the chainsaw at the same time. For such an action, you need to ask for the help of your partner.

Compliance with safety precautions

When performing the procedure for rolling green arrays, you need to provide yourself with a full safety precautions, also protect the rest of the people around. You can not produce an independent roll of trees. In this case, a partner must be present. During work, it is forbidden to make open fire, and if it is, then it must be stewed without fail, at every time to turn on the device. It is also forbidden to smoke. It is necessary to take care of the security of the face in advance and put on special protection against sawdust, as they always fly away during a sawing of a tree.

Before the process of sawing a tree, you need to make sure that when falling, it will definitely not affect people around, animals, will not damage the cables or wires along which the current passes. It is forbidden to carry out work in strong winds. It is best to determine in advance the possible drop in the barrel up to the exact circuit, at which all the rods and other parts are cleared, so as not to damage the tree, not to create its inertial coup.

When working with large and thick pillars, the device must be held without two hands, while the tension is constantly felt.

It is not necessary to carry out work when involving only the extreme part of the saw, as this can lead to a strong return and automatic subsidence of the chainsaw, this can be spoiled by the whole process of work. When sawing the pillars or massive branches, you need to raise the saw to the shoulder level.

Factors that must be taken into account when sawing:

    If the trees are dry, then not only sparks from the chainsaw, but also smoke cannot be allowed, since the addition of gasoline to a dry trunk can develop a fire. This not only slows down the work, but also causes great harm to the world around.

  • Before turning on the device, you need to carefully look around. There should not be children nearby, as well as animals.
  • Always hold the chainsaw. Even in case of malfunctions during operation and its automatic shutdown, you need to behave very carefully, since the fall of the chainsaws down by the sharp part can lead to deplorable consequences.
  • The employee must be prepared in advance for a roll of forests. To begin with, dense clothes and a mask are put on the face to close the whole body from the hit of sawdust, dirt and dust. To get rid of the loud sound of a working device, you need to use soundproofing headphones, otherwise there may be headaches due to regular and long work.
  • The tree trunk for an employee should be a certain shield, therefore, for its sawing, the opposite side of the barrel is noted in advance.

From the very beginning, the technological features of such a process should be determined, only then plan all the stages of work, which will give you protection against the exposure to the weight of the falling array. Even with many years of work in this area, you need to constantly protect yourself and pay attention to safety, since the largest number of injuries are obtained by workers who are in such a sphere for a long time and are used to a constantly stressful atmosphere.

To quickly dump the desired tree, prepare in advance to work, protect yourself by developing safety precautions, only after start work. It is enough to independently use the positions that are included in the circuit for rolling trees so that the success of the process is guaranteed.

attention is paid precisely by safety precautions. To correctly perform it, you need to be prepared in advance, and also be attentive to the whole work of interaction with wood.

In the forest, arrays have a great height, and very often, when buying a certain site, it is necessary to cut part of the trees, so the forest is thinned out, and only lonely breeds remain in it. The wind load increases several times, as well as the possibility of falling wood.

The past hurricanes indicate that it is precisely such trees that fall the very first, although they do not have any defects. During the construction of the house, you need to pay attention to the place of its location relative to large trees, as well as trace the usual direction of the wind. As practice has shown, the trees fall precisely in the direction of the wind movement, even if their slope is directed in the other direction.