What can be made of a brushcutter. Snowblower

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Self-made from the garden trimmer for grass

Garden trimmer for grass is a tool with which the owners of summer homes, cottages and country houses take care of the grassy lawn. But often, handymen look for other uses for a hand-held mower because of the impossibility of using it for its intended purpose. This can be a situation where a garden tool is out of order, or if it is much cheaper to buy it and remake it into another device than to buy a factory-made product. About what and how can be made of the trimmer for grass, and we will talk in our material.

Mowers based on electric motors or gasoline internal combustion engines can be very efficient at cutting soft grass, hard weeds, small bushes and tree limbs lying on the ground. For this purpose, manufacturers equip them with a set of various devices, which along with the string trimmer head can include:

  • Metal or plastic blades with which you can mow grass and weeds;
  • saw blades for cutting branches, bushes, and young trees.

However, the capabilities of trimmer motors are not fully used. After all, having, as a rule, a high specific power and having the ability to work in any position, they allow you to significantly expand the scope of this type of garden tool. High operational reliability of trimmers also contributes to this.


Here you start by reinforcing the engine from the brushcutter on the bike rack. Three strips of metal, two long ones for side mounting, and one short one slightly longer than the grass trimmer motor will help. It is better to fasten the whole system with bolts.

Then mount the motor rotation transmission to the rear wheel of the bicycle. To do this, a large pulley circle is attached to the wheel sprocket and a small one to the motor spindle. The transmission belt should be chosen without sagging, but there should be no excessive tension. The design resembles the mover of a foot sewing machine.

Preparing to assemble a scooter from a brushcutter

In its basic design, a scooter with a power unit from a domestic grass trimmer closely resembles a motorcycle. The difference between the two lies in the weight and dimensions of the self-made scooter. the scooter is much lighter and more compact than a moped, so the builder can use engines, up to 3-4 liters of power to make it. с.

In addition to the power unit from the grass trimmer, to assemble the scooter maker will need:

  • metal frame from an ordinary scooter;
  • Accessories, which should be removed from the old bike in advance. These include wheel hubs, sprockets, rope, and a drive chain with a roller, which should have a gear ratio of at least 4;;
  • zero resistance filter;
  • chain reducer with a ratio of 1:3;
  • disc brakes assembled from an old bicycle;
  • Tubes and plate made of metal;
  • screws, nuts and other fasteners.

Simple Adjustments To Make Your Snowblower Blow Snow Like New Again!

All assembled elements, especially the frame of the used scooter, it is necessary to check for rust and defects. There should be no traces of corrosion on them, otherwise the self-made grass trimmer will quickly fall into disrepair.

How to make a trimmer for grass from the angle grinder with his own hands

The first thing to do is to make a bracket to enclose the body of the angle grinder. To do this, we take a steel plate and bend both sides of the body. I took the plate already bent on one side originally. Now I only have to bend the second edge.

Applying the angle grinder to the body. I use a marker to mark the place of the bend.

Then I clamp in a vise and bend by hammering. Saw off any excess with the same angle grinder.

The body of the tool has threaded holes on both sides. Into these holes is screwed the handle, to saw from the left side and from the right, the handle is made as a flip-flop. That’s just for these holes and will be fixed trimmer clamp for grass. On the sides of the bracket it is necessary to drill holes, so they coincide with the holes on the sides of the tool. Mark it with a marker.

Next, in the bracket to attach the guide line on the length of the body angle grinder or shorter.

Let’s weld it on. We knock down the scale and clean it with a metal brush.

Now for the rod-handle. It will be made of steel pipe. On the end of the pipe we will make a bevel, so that the handle is fastened at an angle. Mark out with a marker a fishing line for the trimmer of the cut.

We weld it on. Also knock down the scale with a hammer, clean up with a metal brush.

Now it’s time to install the angle grinder itself in the seat. To do this, unscrew the protective ring.

To ensure that the grass trimmer does not touch the ground and is at a certain distance, wheels will be attached to it. You can take them from an old and unnecessary baby carriage or any other cart. In a pinch, you can make it yourself out of wooden circles. I had the wheels with the brackets.

We put the wheel with the bracket and fix it all with the bolt. Tighten well with a wrench. We do the same procedure on the opposite side.

The finished grass trimmer is almost ready to cut the grass.

It remains to make the cutting part. For this we take a piece of steel cable or a specialized kapron wire for trimmers. Thread it crosswise through the clamping nut, through the holes for the wrench.

Screw the nut with cutting ropes onto the angle grinder.

You need a long extension arm and you are ready to mow.

Before I finish, I would like to say that the angle grinder is not designed for this kind of work. And if you want to repeat this homemade, you take full responsibility and use everything at your own risk. When mowing the grass be very careful, rotating at high speed steel wire is very dangerous. All manipulations with mounting or dismounting of the cutting part should be done only when the plug is pulled out of the socket. A as the device is useful and may well be useful to you to mow the lawn in front of the house.

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Lawnmower from angle grinder

reliability, and safety, has a lawn mower from the angle grinder. This grass mowing tool is very stable and comfortable to use, you do not have to carry it in your hands all the time. There are countless homemade mower designs and diagrams on the Internet. However they all boil down to the same thing.

The base. for its manufacture can adapt the old unnecessary wheelbarrow kravchuchku or make their own hands from a piece of thick plywood, sheet steel and other materials. An angle grinder is securely mounted on top of the base, with the shaft running through a hole, down.

On the shaft of the angle grinder securely fixed adapter for installing sharp knives, which can be made from thin steel sheet. By the way, the design of such a lawnmower has already been described earlier, in the last issue of the construction magazine, the article about DIYs from a washing machine.

From above, it is better to immediately cover the angle grinder with an airtight housing, to avoid getting into the engine and gearbox, grass with debris. To control homemade lawnmower from the angle grinder, also need to provide an on and off button on the handle, in a convenient location, or a socket for connecting an extension cord.

Motorcycle and scooter from a grass trimmer

To make from an engine from a grass trimmer these means of transportation, the makers will need sturdy frames, which need to be welded from metal pipes, steel plates and ties. They will make the construction more reliable and stable.

The engine on a grass trimmer snowmobile should be mounted behind the rear wheel where the carrier is located. For a scooter, the engine needs to be mounted in front of the rear wheel. This makes the machine more balanced and stable.

You should mount the gas pedal, throttle and shift button on the handlebars of your scooter or scooter for ease of use. Levers must be connected to the working mechanisms with cables.

Ready-made homemade machines will be able to carry 1-2 adults, reaching a speed of about 20-30 km/h.

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

Snowmobile or snowcat

On the basis of a motor the grass trimmer can be converted into a self-propelled vehicle for driving on snow-covered flat terrain or a simple snowcat (motorized sledge) for a steep descent from the mountain.

Self-propelled. frame construction, including:

The frame is made of welded spars, on which the posts are welded from angles 30×30 cm and cross bars. As a drive shaft takes a steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm. The skis are support and steering. The snowmobile is propelled by a screw or chain drive.

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What else can be made of the grass trimmer

Homemade scooter. a vehicle for moving short distances on the sidewalks and park paths. The mechanism has a speed up to 40 km / h, because of the small wheel size is low-stability, for large loads and transportation of goods is not intended.

To assemble the product is suitable old scooter, which is mechanized:

  • The frame is made of welded longitudinal members on which posts with 30×30 cm angles and crossbars are welded;
  • select stable and wide wheels, for example from a garden cart;
  • make a gearbox to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel by chain transmission;
  • install brake handles, gas handles and cables.

A motorized scooter is a good technique, but it should be remembered that such a “toy” should not be given to children.

What can be made of the trimmer for grass on their own, to facilitate everyday work or for fun? This question arises if there is an old unnecessary device, or you need to work technique, which in the factory is much more expensive than gasoline or electric grass trimmer. In practice, folk craftsmen have implemented many options. The main ones are motorcycle, snowthrower, ice axe, devices for cultivating the land and mowing lawns, a saw, snowmobile equipment. To bring the idea to life, in each case you will need to apply a certain set of tools and additional materials.

made, brushcutter

Checking in operation

Winding up the motor. Adjusting the idle speed set the output voltage at the output of the generator in the area of 220 V.

Connecting various loads. Voltage drop is not significant.

On the power of the installation itself I can not say, but I think 200-300 watts to take her quite possible.

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How to make a rover from a power tiller with your own hands at home

Many people today use a power tiller. The difference of this equipment is in the possibility of improving and remaking it into a karakat.

Lawnmower. a multifunctional device, which is powered by a 2 or 4-stroke internal combustion engine. The direct purpose of the device. mowing grassy and shrubby vegetation. limits its scope of application. But craftsmen have long bypassed this unpleasant nuance by creating all kinds of homemade products, which can be made of it with their own hands.

made, brushcutter

Homemade Snowblower (Sno-ver Kill)

Engineering literacy and creativity embodied in a decent list of homemade lawnmowers, where there are not only auxiliary or hand tools, but also fully automated self-propelled devices.

In order not to puzzle over what you can make from a brushcutter, consider a brief list of the most popular design solutions.

The most popular homemade from a brushcutter are: a boat motor from a gasoline mower. a simple and safe design of propulsion equipment will be the best solution for a small boat. Instructions for its assembly are presented at the link;

Drill (ice-, moto-) from a brushcutter. outwardly does not differ much from electric or factory counterparts. Consists of an auger, to which the rotation is transmitted by the gasoline motor through the drive part. About what kinds of ice drills there are and how to make them at home, read here;

grass trimmer-based snowthrower. distinguished by its frame construction and complex control mechanisms. There are several options for the design of both the undercarriage itself, and the entire vehicle, to learn more about which you can click on the link;

Motorcycle and scooter from a grass trimmer. the basis of self-made is a serviceable bicycle or scooter, which are supplemented with a gasoline tank, exhaust pipe, sprocket, brakes to create gasoline traction. The nuances and sequence of assembly are outlined on our website.