What kind of grinder to polish the walls for painting. Ribbon models

Choosing a grinding machine for walls and ceilings

The main working element of any grinding machine is a horizontal plane with abrasive paper fixed on it. It can be fixed in two main ways.

  • With the help of a clamp. This is the most common option, which is used mainly on household machines. The clamp visually resembles a latch with a spring. For such models, a grinding sheet must be prepared independently from sandpaper, which allows you to achieve significant savings on consumables.
  • With Velcro. Such products are a little more expensive, they do not require additional abrasive cutting. Each tool provides for the removal of dust. as a rule, a vacuumber or vacuum cleaner is used for this, some modifications are equipped with both of them. Connection of a vacuum cleaner is considered a very useful option, since it allows you to work without a break to clean the tank, which in general significantly increases the speed of work.

Ribbon machines

The tool got its name due to the working element. an abrasive tape, the opposite ends of which are glued together, forming a ring. Such a grinder for walls and ceilings allows you to remove a layer of several millimeters. Also, the tool can easily be rounded, remove the old varnish, spots, remaining from the contact of moisture with iron.

Such a grinder for walls works with polymers, wood, metal and even mineral building materials. However, she has one advantage that easily turns into a lack. high speed. Due to this feature, scratches can be covered on the surface to be treated. Only another grinding machine for walls and ceilings can fix the situation.

Ribbon grinding machines

Above, we carelessly called the tape grinder with heavy artillery, in fact it would be more appropriate to say “tank”. The working element of this well.recognized tool is an abrasive tape glued in the form of an endless ring, which moves along two end rollers and clearly resembles a track of a caterpillar machine. Such units are relatively powerful, they have a relatively simple reliable structure (corner gearbox plus cuneiform transmission), low center of gravity, solid speed of abrasive material. Using a tape grinding machine, you can easily remove a layer of material a few millimeters, make an edge or rounding on the workpiece, remove the old paintwork or rust. They are subject to: wood, metal, polymers, mineral building materials Clean the floors of the floors. yes, adjust the strict beam. please align with marriage a putty wall. without problems. without problems. However, it should be understood that high performance is not the best friend of the quality, there will certainly be scratches and shells. For finishing grinding, it will be necessary to use an orbital or flat.grinding machine.

It is no secret that the power of the electric tool is directly proportional to the power consumption of its motor. the higher it is, the more we can squeeze out of a particular unit. In the case of LSM, the consumer has the opportunity to choose from models with an engine from 0.5 to 1.2 kW (Skil Masters 7660ma. 1200 W).

Skil Masters 7660ma

Please note that the instrument of Chinese brands is often declared with high engine power indicators, or if there are really voiced watts, they are not balanced with the rest of the characteristics of the apparatus. Those manufacturers who have nothing more to show, except perhaps the large weight and bulkiness of the “unique” product are praised.

The next important characteristic for the tape grinding machine is speed. Obviously, it also needs to be taken into account to determine the possibilities of the tool. A fast machine will make more, but it will not be possible to crush it if the outstanding speed is not supported by additional power. The notorious torque, which says that the more speed the tool has, the less he will have the strength. The responsible manufacturer carefully balances these characteristics, makes them mutually changed, for which smart electronics sometimes are responsible. The speed of the tape in these grinder can be between 150-550 meters per minute (Fiolent MSL1–100. 550 m/min.).

The question may arise, but why at all to release nimble, but relatively slightly.melted lnm? Just a super.performance (fast and at the same time strong) machine is more difficult to control, it is heavier, larger, more expensive. With it, with excessive pressing, it is easy to ruin the workpiece. In turn, with maneuverable high.speed lightweights, it is convenient in a short time, often “in place”, to treat the surface of a large area. If you still do not know what loads are expected by a grinder. choose a slower model on which you can press a little, so it will be more universal. Even more multifaceted are LSM with the possibility of pre.installation of the speed mode (Sparky MBS 976, Dewalt DW433). Among them there are options with smooth or stepped adjustments.

Dewalt DW433

kind, grinder, polish, walls, painting, ribbon

It’s time to say about electronic systems that help with tape grinder in the work. These machines are not rich in electronic filling, compared with other types of electrical tools. Everything is usually limited to regulation of the speed of the tape. The switch responsible for this function is performed in the form of a slider or wheeled with divisions. There are models with overheating (Metabo Bae 75). With a certain stretch here we include the function of fixing the start button in the on position.

The situation is much more interesting with the mechanical “bells flashes”. The kit may be included in a stand or special clamps designed for stationary mounting of the tool (very convenient for processing small parts). The grinding frame serves as a kind of limiter that helps to avoid damage to the workpiece. Parallel or angular emphasis is useful to obtain an accurate bevel or flat parallel surface. The thin front video in some lshm (BlackDecker KA88) has a small diameter, which allows you to minimize the dead zone in the inner corners. Automatic centering of the tape (a cunning barrel.shaped shape of one of the rollers) does not allow the latter to treasure the latter at the most inopportune moment. An additional handle with a variable inclination or removable will significantly increase the functionality of the machine in “clamped” places. sometimes significantly.

BlackDecker KA88

Special attention should be paid to the size of the working plane. the sole, respectively, the length and width of the tape. Wide soles (100 mm) are characteristic of powerful professional models, due to which they become more stable and productive. Class “Hobbies” is usually limited to 75 millimeters. The long and wide sole of expensive lsm has a complex structure consisting of a substrate and an elastic plate, which allows you to have constant uniform contact with a part, such a tool “holds a plane” well ”. It is necessary to mention the “ribbons” with a narrow equipment. these are the so.called “electric beacons”, which do not differ in great power and versatility, but specialists value them for unprecedented compactness (for example, Makita 9032 with a tape of only 9 mm wide).

Makita 9032

The dust system is in all tape devices, but not all it works equally efficiently. The fight against dust is carried out either using a vacuum cleaner connected through the pipe, or by collecting it into a bag, a built.in filter. Of course, the vacuum cleaner is preferable, especially when grinding mineral grounds. In super.dressed models, the impeller, which is responsible for absorption of air, does not cope with its function, the channels are quickly clogged, there are many harmful “flour” in the air.

Planning grinding (vibration) machines

If we take into account the cleanliness of the processing of parts, then the flat.grinding devices occupy an intermediate position between the strip and orbital. With their help, finish grinding of flat surfaces made of a wide variety of materials is carried out. plastic, wood, stone, metal Due to the relatively large working plane, PSM is suitable for working with a serious square. The secret of the popularity of vibrational grinder lies in their moderate value, the availability of equipment elements, as well as in the absence of dead processing zones (flat sole easily processes angles).

The main working body of a flat-grinding machine is a plate that with a small amplitude makes frequent reciprocating movements. The motor in such machines is located vertically, which makes it possible to translate the rotational movements of the shaft with the help of the “eccentric-converting” in the progressive movements of the platform.

Most vibrational grinders can traditionally boast of a power with a capacity of 150-300 watts, they are quite maneuverable, moderately easy and compact. A similar level of power plant is almost always enough. However, such a unanimity of manufacturers would be at least strange. there are models with a capacity of up to 600 W (Makita 9046). They, of course, are heavier and larger, but they can work at low speeds without overheating for a long time.

Makita 9046

The most important indicator of PSHM is the amplitude of the sole stroke. In different models it may vary, although it is invariably relatively low. On average, the platform makes movements 1-3 mm in class, in more mobile models, 5-6 mm numbers (Festool RS 100) can appear. A large amplitude helps to polish the surface faster, but such processing will be more rough at the same time.

Another nuance is the frequency of the walking of the sole. At high speed, the machine quickly removes a relatively thicker layer, and at a lower frequency it is easier to achieve accurate finish grinding. Some manufacturers make the frequency of traffic of a variable platform, exceeding the mark of 20,000 moves per minute (Bosch GSS 280 AE L-BOXX), which allows you to adapt to the processing of various types of materials, to the features of specific surfaces.

Bosch GSS 280 Ave

When choosing a vibration grinder, individual attention must be paid to the platform. With its dimensions, everything is quite simple, there are two options: a kind of “standard” and “mini” models. a stove area about 100 mm 2 (Makita BO4557, Sparky MP 250). Kids are well suited for narrow, clamped places. Obviously, the sole should be of high quality, perfectly flat, with clumsy geometric shapes. Budget machines are equipped with a platform of steel or high.strength plastic, and more expensive analogues are equipped with alloy sites of alloys with aluminum or magnesium (Festool RS 100). A good sole has an accurate balancing, which is easily determined by a small degree of vibration when working without load (idle). It is important what the overlay is made of, the most suitable option is a porous polymer, it is better than rubber, “holds” the plane.

Makita BO4557

kind, grinder, polish, walls, painting, ribbon

Vibration grinding devices with a deltoid platform are distinguished in a separate class, the people call them “iron” (Hitachi SV12SH, Makita BO4565). Due to miniature sizes and good “cross-country” they are used to process objects with small details and complex surfaces, such as furniture, carpentry, elements of stairs, car body. Their triangular platforms are rotary. you can continue to work unevenly “eaten” with a petal petal (Festool Deltex DX 93E) or removable (with a quick installation of another type of site. for concave/convex surfaces, for structuring, polishing, grunts).

Festool Deltex DX 93E

The emery can be attached to the site in different ways. It is more convenient when the paper is fixed on Velcro, but a special equipment is relatively expensive. The option with spring.loaded clamps is somewhat more complicated, but you can use inexpensive grinding paper, chopped with your own hand (it is worth only in the right places to make holes for dust remote).

The fight against fine dust, which is inevitably formed during the work of a grinder, sets many tasks before the developers. They have to work hard to protect all mechanisms. In this case, special sealing of the motor, protected bearings and switches, an impenetrable housing, a system of channels with forced dust and dustyness are used. So that the dust is removed from the working area and does not saturate the air, it is directed into a bag or filter bag, in most cases a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the pipe-this is the most effective protection method.

The main types of grinding machines

The equipment used to give the products a flat surface is presented on the market in large quantities. They differ in shape, characteristics, sizes and other. Thanks to special forms with some, it is convenient to work in corners, inaccessible places, while others help to work comfortably with horizontal or vertical surfaces.

You can highlight the types of cars for their purpose:

  • Professional, which differ in their high cost, and allow you to work without a break for a long time, can process large surfaces. It is impractical to make the purchase of such devices for household needs, the money spent will not pay off;
  • household, they are created just to carry out a small amount of work, are many times cheaper. But you need to work with them, taking breaks so that the device does not fail too quickly;
  • semi.professional, have some qualities of professional devices. In this case, it is better to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a particular model, because each can combine various functions.

Now the types of machines by type of structure will be considered.

The equipment used to give the products a flat surface is presented on the market in large quantities.


This type of device is selected to carry out a rough finish of the material. They cope well with the alignment of the surface, removing the recesses. The shape of the grinding element in this equipment is rectangular, a special tape is spinning along it, which is grinding.

In addition to processing wood, they can be processed with metal, for example, by car. On sale you can find tape models specializing in car grinding.

When working with them, you need to be adopted, because prolonged processing of one place, an awkward press with a change in force, as well as conducting equipment across wood fibers can lead to new dents on the surface.

Also, a negative moment is not the ability to process such a device angular parts.

They cope well with the alignment of the surface, removing the recesses.


The orbital plastering machines are equipped with a round sole, on it, discs are fixed with the help of existing Velcro. A feature of the presence of a special place to collect dust, where you can fix the bag, many models allow you to fix special vacuum cleaners to them.

The convenience of the work lies in the lightness of the equipment, so they just grind products with different shapes. But convenient when grinding large surfaces, the speed is small, less than that of the previous type, but the surface can be treated to an average level of evenness.

Not applicable to the corner parts of the surface.

The convenience of the work lies in the lightness of the equipment, so they just grind products with different shapes.


This type has the ability to install different nozzles. Rectangular and triangular. The second, unlike the previous two types, you can treat the corner surfaces.

Such a device does not have a strong speed, therefore it is used for finishing, copes with the “smoothing” of the surface well. Discs move in the reciprocal direction with a scale of 5-11 millimeters. It is convenient for them to work, it is better to use rectangular nozzles in straight areas, in areas with corners it is better to use triangular.

The minus should be noted that falling under the nozzle of even the slightest element leads to the formation of scratches on the surface.

Such a device does not have a strong speed, therefore it is used for finishing, copes with the “smoothing” of the surface well.


In the eccentric type, unlike the orbital, the orbit is fixed to a separate bearing. Therefore, torsion is jerking. When choosing, accordingly, it is worth paying attention to the characterization of the displacement of the “centrik”, in the orbital type, this characteristic slightly affects the work, in this type this affects how the notches will be distributed on the surface.

Due to the presence of Velcro in order to fix different discs, you can use grinding materials of different abrasiveness for work, this allows one machine to receive different levels of evenness (from rude to clean).


There are also on sale special giraffes grillation grinder for grinding walls, designed to process areas, which cannot be reached with a hand. For this they are equipped with a length with a handle.

Due to the presence of Velcro in order to fix different discs, you can use grinding materials of different abrasiveness for work.

Safety precautions when working with a grinding machine

In order not to injure during work, you need to follow the safety rules:

  • You can only work with serviceable equipment;
  • The wires must be suspended so as not to damage them during work;
  • special clothes, glasses, respirator are put on, the ears should be protected from noise;
  • The work area must be lit;
  • work in a zone where there is no water nearby;
  • The workplace should be cleaned of extra items;
  • People should not be nearby, they must stay at a distance from the working area;
  • monitor the direction of sparks during work, it is impossible to allow them to hit the wires, sockets, etc.P.

Grinding machine for walls is equipment that requires compliance with safety precautions during operation. By choosing a machine with the necessary properties, you can achieve a smooth and even surface.

Varieties of grinder

Grinding the ceiling and wall surfaces using a special tool can be carried out by both a professional builder and a home master. Of the whole variety of tools, each one that best meets the tasks and volume of work.

Experienced craftsmen who specialize in grinding have all the listed grinder in the arsenal of their tools. However, for homework, most of them are not needed.

Useful information: “Preparing the ceiling for painting

The main differences of the presented methods

For those who want to know how to skin the walls after putty without dust, it is the method of wet grinding that is ideal. The main feature is that wet putting their putty requires that a well.dried plastered surface be moistened with high quality. Dry the processed wall for a day, then soak again? At first glance. illogical. But, it is re-wetting that will increase the adhesive properties of the material-stucusing material, as well as carefully remove the irregularities. And most importantly. it is possible to reduce the amount of dust.

With wet grinding, much less dust is formed

After this method of surface processing, it is enough to perform wet floor cleaning.

Putting putting their putty in a dry way does not imply re.wetting the wall. Here, work is performed precisely on the dried area of ​​the wall or ceiling. The disadvantage of this method is the abundant appearance of dust, which is in the air and settles on everything not only within the room. To clean the room from clusters of dust and the layers of plaster removed from the wall, it will not be enough to just wash the floor. High.quality ventilation, irrigation of air from a spray gun, and dusting in the entire apartment are needed here.

kind, grinder, polish, walls, painting, ribbon

The downside of dry grinding is the strong appearance of dust

How to skip walls correctly?

Properly smoothing the walls or ceiling after putty. it means to perform all operations in strict order. And the first operation is the choice of a tool for adjusting the outer surface of the walls. The specifics of the work is determined by the type of canvas, which will be skinned, and the requirements for the quality of the final result.

Depending on the necessary degree of smoothing (alignment of the surface for gluing wallpaper or achieving perfect smoothness under the finish painting of the walls). the approach to the task will be different.

Before you start grinding walls, decide on the tool

The rules of grinding the ceiling

How to skin the ceiling after putty correctly what tools and methods should be used for this? Grind the ceiling almost using the same technology as the walls. To perform work should prepare sandpaper. An abrasive grid may also come in handy.

Wet grinding in this case suits the best. But in this case, the procedure proceeds much longer, since after each session time should wait until the surface dries.

They usually rub the ceiling with the help of a tool like a grinding machine. Sometimes the procedure is manually carried out. How to skip the ceiling correctly:

  • Elevaling paper for putting the ceiling is the same as for putting walls. First with grain 60, and as a polishing tool, sandpaper. 120. If you use the surface under the wallpaper, then the grinding is carried out carefully and fully.
  • It is necessary to illuminate, which will highlight all defects, regarding which the skin will be made. The grater is carried out in a dedicated strip from one angle to another.
  • Secondary putty should be disposed of in the same way. The choice of the tool is the same as for the first layer of a putty surface.
  • After that, priming and processing with anti.inflacal ceiling products is carried out. It doesn’t matter whether the ceiling will be painted in the future or glued with wallpaper.
  • To process the corners between the walls and the ceiling, such a tool as a round grinding bar is used. We use this technology to rub out protrusions and figured objects.

In any case, sandpaper or grater in the form of a grinding grid should serve as a grouting base. If necessary, painting the ceiling, it is necessary to carry out processing with moments of putty.

In places where the recesses are manifested, it is necessary to carry out secondary processing with putty.

Additional devices

Work before applying decorative materials provides for the purchase of additional equipment, which will be needed for high.quality repair. Experts advise preparing the following tools:

  • sandpaper of varying degrees of granularity;
  • staircase or table;
  • interchangeable clothes for work;
  • protective agents from small dust entering the body. mask, glasses;
  • vacuumber or vacuum cleaner;
  • paper filters. if the equipment is equipped.

Important! A convenient option is a model with a plastic filter that is processed with water.

A solution for a putty station

At the present stage, when performing large volumes of construction work, it is required to knead and apply a significant number of different mixtures. Therefore, for these purposes, manufacturers offer a special device. a putty station. This equipment is universal and created to facilitate the work of the master. The main task of the equipment is to make putty for machine application from dry matter and fast feed to the application point. Some systems are equipped with mixers with continuous action.

After the mass falls asleep into the reservoir through a short period of time, the finished suspension enters through the pump. Correct proportions are provided by the electronic system of the device. The putty apparatus produces the following mixtures:

  • gypsum;
  • cement and cement-sand;
  • lime-gypsum;
  • lime-cement;
  • for masonry;
  • plaster solution.

For applying the building to the facade of sand and cement are used, a plaster putty is suitable inside the room.

Using the device, you can perform such types of finishes.

  • Creation of bulk floors.
  • Putty and applying plaster.
  • Providing high.quality cement screeds.
  • Distribution of adhesive mixtures.
  • Waterproofing using special mixtures.

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanization

Before purchasing devices, you need to familiarize yourself with its positive aspects and restrictions when using. The advantages of construction equipment include:

  • additional financial costs for the acquisition of the device;
  • restriction of the use of some options for grinding machines;
  • The irrationality of the station to knead the solution during repair in small rooms.

Equipment features

Poppy grinding machine is a more convenient way to work. Using the mechanism, you can quickly and efficiently clean the surface for applying other finishing materials. For nutrition, equipment are divided into:

During operation, pneumatic models are more comfortable, due to low weight, small sizes and affordable price. The principle of operation is based on participation in the compressor process. The device creates a stream of compressed air, which under pressure triggers the mechanism. However, the compressor installation itself costs much more than the grinder itself. Therefore, if there is a processing of large areas, this option does not justify itself economically. Currently, they are more often used in automobile.

Electric cars are heavier. Their price is higher than pneumatic analogues. However, many masters prefer such mechanisms, given the availability of the mains in each house. The only disadvantages can be called large dimensions and large weight. But they are more convenient for repairing in a living room.

Putting putty with an eccentric: how to do it right?

For grinding, they purchased an eccentric grinder, but before they had never worked with it. How to polish the putty with an eccentric?

When working with an eccentric grinding machine, difficulties should not arise.

The difference between this grinding machine and the “brothers” is that two types of movements are performed at the same time.

This is a reciprocal (back and forth) and circular, thanks to this wonderful feature, high-quality grinding of even curved, curved surfaces is possible, this is a universal tool.

It all starts with the preparation of the tool.

The holes must match, this is the most important moment, the holes are needed to collect dust.

Next, make a decision along the way, if we grind not a large area, or a tree, then in principle you can do with a regular bag for collecting dust, the only thing I want to advise, follow the fustyness, that is, open the bag in time.

Planning grinding grinders (vibrational)

These cars have a mass of 1 to 3 kg, equipped with a rectangular sole with a clamping mechanism along the edges, which fixes grinding paper. There are models with the ability to fix the equipment to the sole with Velcro.

The sole makes reciprocating movements in the ring orbit, due to this, grinding or polishing is carried out. The power of the electric motor of this tool is from 150 to 600 watts. There are two types of soles: standard. 100 x 200 mm, and miniature options with a base of about 100 x 100 mm.

Wooden Polish. Ashwood Wall Panels

It is simple to make a choice here: mini.grinding machines are suitable for narrow places, they are easier and more maneuverable standard.

Designed for delicate processing of large flat surfaces. Occupy an intermediate place in the purity of processing parts between the strip and eccentric. With the help of a flat.grinding machine, the finish grinding of different surfaces is carried out: wood, plastic, stone.

Advantages: the ability to grinding and polishing internal angles, the availability of consumables and the moderate cost of the grinder itself.

Disadvantages: high noise relative to orbital.

Deltavoid vibration grinders

The peculiarity of this tool is a compact light case. the mass of the tool up to 1 kg; Delterine grinding sole, due to which these machines are called “iron”. Electric motor power up to 300 watts. Grinding in hard.to.reach places is carried out due to the fact that the triangular sole makes quick fluctuations with a small amplitude. Equipment (grinders) for this tool is not sold everywhere and it costs more expensive sketches on a paper basis or grinding circles.

With the help of deltavoid grinder, thin grinding of protrusions, deaf angles, edges, profiles, cleaning the adhesive, processing of objects with small details and complex surfaces are performed.

Deltavoid vibration grinds. especially good in carpentry, manufacturing furniture, stairs, in automobile bodywork, is used both the main tool and in addition to eccentric or vibration grinds.

We also suggest watching a video that will help you make a choice of high.quality grinding machine for walls and ceilings.