What mitre saw to choose. Top 4 Best Professional Trimmer Saws

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Correct determination when buying a tool simplifies work operations, ensures a high level of safety, and helps to successfully solve other practical problems. The current ranking of the best crosscut saw models helps to find the right option based on actual needs. The information below will be useful for a correct comparative analysis of the thematic offers of the market. In order to choose a quality crosscut saw, you should check not only the basic technical characteristics. Please note the features of the individual models and the standard equipment. For intensive use, professional level saws are purchased.

Bosch GCM 8 SDE

  • Good blade included
  • Quality of materials
  • Soft start and variable speed control
  • Clean cut
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Moderately heavy

Overall a very positive experience and satisfaction with the product. Had to adjust the zero angle on the table at first. Was a bit knocked down. And after that, surprisingly, all other angles fell into place. I was very pleased with it.

  • Diameter of the blade: 216 mm
  • Cutting depth 90°/45°: 70/48 mm
  • Cutting width 90°/45°: 312/214 mm
  • Cutting depth on top table 45°: 214 mm
  • Features: continuously variable speed, soft start
  • Design features: laser marker, spindle lock, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner
  • Speed of rotation: 5000 rpm
  • Diameter of the mounting hole: 30 mm
  • Tilt angle: 60°
  • Swivel angle: 47°
  • Weight: 18.5 kg



  • Build quality
  • Precise adjustment
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Sawing position clearly visible
  • Solid and robust frame

Very good quality cut. Saws wood perfectly, making very little noise. Saw a lot of laminate, the cut is also very good (although there were sometimes small chips, but very rare). The backlight (shade) is clearly visible, not clogged with dust. Very satisfied with it so far. Very high quality mitre saw. Recommended at.

  • Circle diameter: 216 mm
  • Cutting depth 90°/45°: 60/48 mm
  • Cutting width 90°/45°: 250/250 mm
  • Cutting depth on top table 45°: 250 mm
  • Functions: depth of cut adjustment
  • Design features: backlight
  • Turning speed: 4500 rpm
  • Diameter in the fitting hole: 30 mm
  • Tilt angle: 48°
  • Slewing angle: 48°
  • Weight: 12 kg

Varieties and choice of motor for crosscutting

The cut-off saw motor is most often located to the right of the circular saw blade. However, some units have it shifted backward to maximize the view of the working surface (regardless of which hand the operator works) and not to create obstacles when cutting at an angle. such saws, as a rule, have a tilt of the working head in both directions.

Two types of electric motors are installed on crosscut saws. asynchronous and collector.

Induction motor

Asynchronous motor is considered more economical, reliable and noiseless. It has no contacts of any kind, which means there is nothing to make noise, overheat and fail under the influence of external factors. dust, humidity, vibration. Besides bearings there is nothing to wear out and therefore such devices can serve for tens of years without troubles.

However, not all power tool manufacturers tend to equip their products with such seemingly ideal motors, because asynchronous motors have their main disadvantage. low power at quite high weight.

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A 2 kW motor of this type, for example, weighs over 20 kilograms. You must admit that it’s hard to move the cutting assembly by hand with this much extra oil. In addition, when powered by industrial frequency current, an induction motor is not in principle capable of speeds greater than 2850 rpm./min. Of course, the use of modern materials and power supply motor current of high frequency to some extent level these problems, but do not remove them completely.

A collector motor

Collector motors look much more attractive in terms of size to power ratio. Collector motor has several times the torque of an asynchronous motor for comparable weight. It is capable of producing up to 5,000 to 10,000 MW of rated current. about./min., and the organization of control system and speed stabilization is much simpler.

It is not surprising that the majority of crosscut saws are equipped with them, despite the disadvantages of commutator motors (high noise level, necessity of regular maintenance consisting in replacement of commutator brushes).

Collectorless motor

However, there is another option, based on modern semiconductor technology. the golden mean between asynchronous and collector types of motors. It is a question about the valve or commutatorless motors (marked with the letters BL from the English brushless). In the brush-collector motors the electronic block replaces the brush-collector assembly, which is characterized by negligibly small resistance and huge speed of switching of electronic power valves.

Motors of this type combine all the advantages of asynchronous and collector motors: high torque and efficiency, quiet operation, no need for external factors, long service life, no need for regular maintenance. The valve motors are being installed more and more often in modern high-quality mitre saws, because their only disadvantage. the high price. is more than compensated by so many advantages.


So that everyone can positively decide for himself, which characteristics should have a wood end saw. which is the best for his specific purposes and tasks, it is necessary to consider the rating of the most in-demand models for today:

  • Makita LF1000. Japanese-made machine with lightweight combination motor. For use as a sawing and trimming machine. Equipped with aluminum table with legs. Disc 260 mm, depth 68 mm, 1,6 kW motor, cutting angle left and right 45 deg. Equipped with the system of protection against accidental start-up and automatic shutdown in case of jamming. Lightweight, easy to transport, store and use.
  • Metabo KGS 315 Plus. The product is made in Germany with a powerful motor. 2.2 kW and the speed of 4.1 thousand. per minute. Characterized by high quality overall assembly, high power, the lowest operating noise. Designed not only for wood, but also plastic and metal. Equipped with a laser gauge, dust collector, speed adjustment. Table extension possible.
  • Evolution RAGE3-S. The model of the British manufacturer falls into the ranking of crosscut saws with a broach, as one of the most modern in a series of innovative developments of the company. Designed for professional wood, plastic and aluminum work with one and the same multi-function blade. The product is characterized by high-quality assembly, reliability, ease of use, durability.
  • DeWALT DW713. Trimmer from American manufacturer. Characterized by high power, durability and universality of use. Suitable for small workshop. According to reviews, the model is characterized by a convenient base, low cost, compactness, light weight and high-quality assembly. The only disadvantage is the lack of soft start.
  • Bosch PCM 8. German machine, power 1,2 kW, weight about 8 kg, disk about 200 mm. Recommended primarily for home use. Precise enough to cut the workpiece, rigid clamping system, precise guides, comfortable table. Equipped with optional laser gauge and dust collection system.
  • Hammer STL1400/210. Inexpensive 1.4 kW, 5 K. RPM and 210 mm circular cutter. Rotating work surface provides comfort and a wide range of applications. Aluminum housing weighing 6.3 kg, capacious dust bag, three cutting depths, high-quality equipment are the main advantages of the product.
  • DeWALT DWS774. One of the best solutions to the question of what should be a crosscut saw with a broach. which one to choose for a home workshop, and that it was not very expensive, but of high quality. The model is so precise that all new cuts are identical to those previously started when resetting workpieces. Equipped with a conveniently adjustable rotary scale. at the desired angle.
  • DeWALT DHS780N. Brushless trimmer model with the possibility of independent work. due to the built-in battery module. Allows for sawing products with a cross section of more than 10×30 cm. The device is equipped with a system of light and precise leveling. Electronic speed selection function adapts the operation of the machine to different conditions and material types.
  • Zubr ZPT-210-1400 L. Fairly inexpensive machine of domestic production. The 1.3-kW motor easily saws the workpieces with a 210-mm circular saw. The model is equipped with a laser measuring tool, it is compact and lightweight, has a high quality of assembly. The disadvantages are the lack of spare parts for repair, dusting of the laser during operation. Also, no workpiece clamps on the machine.

Cutting crosscut saw. what it is and how it works

End saw with a broach is relevant when working with linings and skirting boards and baguettes, as well as in the carving of not wide boards, slats, bars.

The base includes knobs with a switch and a working wheel with an electric motor attached to the base.

A function module is mounted on the parallel guide rail and allows the saw blade to move freely whilst working.

Thanks to the pulling mechanism, even the widest boards can be worked on in one go, without wasting time.

Top 4 best crosscut saws for the home by price/quality for 2021-2022

Metabo KGS 216 M

A popular model from a Japanese manufacturer that stands out from its competitors with thoughtful design for maximum tool comfort.

High-quality materials, a robust aluminium alloy body and the optimum power of 1500 W with the sturdy motor ensure a long service life.

Molded sole and additional clamps provide a secure hold, and to cut accurately and evenly, you can use a laser marker and a bright LED light.

Easy to operate, featuring an ergonomically designed handle with rubber grips that prevents the saw from slipping in the hand.

Because of its many settings and functions, it is also suitable for professional use, making it easy to work with wood, plastic, tile and aluminum profiles/sheets.

  • Saw power is 1.5 kW.
  • Speed of disk rotation. 5000 rpm.
  • Diameter of disc. 216 mm.
  • Can work with metal. yes.
  • Weight. 13,5 kg.
mitre, choose, best, professional, trimmer

Metabo KGS 254 M

This model from a well-known manufacturer belongs to the semi-professional models and is equipped with a 1.8 kW motor.

Often used in workshops, bought for trips to construction sites. The blade rotates at 4,500 rpm, doesn’t make much noise or dust. There is a special vacuum cleaner, connects to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

The manufacturer has taken care of the laser marker and LED backlight for comfortable operation.

The tool is supplemented with a wide range of equipment, the body is equipped with additional supports, so it was possible to work with long and wide workpieces.

Powerful enough not only for plastic and hardwood, but also for non-ferrous metals. Die cast aluminum body and soleplate ensure a long tool life.

Best Miter Saws 2022 [RANKED] | Miter Saw Reviews

  • Saw power is 1.8 kW.
  • Speed of disc. 4500 rpm.
  • Diameter of disc. 254 mm.
  • Works with metal. yes.
  • Weight. 16,3 kg.

Makita LS1040

This model can handle the sawing of wood, plastic and aluminum profiles, will be a good helper for beginners carpenters who prefer to engage in the manufacture and repair of furniture.

Often used when installing doors or perfectly cutting baseboards. Saws can be swiveled 52 degrees and tilted up to 45 degrees.

It is a mains-powered, 1650-watt power tool.

If the saw blade gets caught in the workpiece, the motor slows down and stops on its own.

The case under steady load does not heat up, the motor is stable and runs smoothly.

For comfortable sawing of long workpieces, additional supports are available, and the saw blade is made of cast aluminum, has a convenient blade pattern, and will last a long time.

Disc is replaceable, rotates at 4,600 rpm.

  • Saw power. 1.65 kW.
  • Engine speed.4600 rpm.
  • disc diameter 260 mm.
  • Does it work with metal. yes.
  • Weight. 11 kg.
  • Transparent protective cover;
  • High-quality brand-name blade;
  • locks against accidental start-up;
  • The motor brakes smoothly;
  • Quality dust and sawdust collection.

Makita LH1040F

An excellent cutter that needs no calibration and is able to deliver high output and excellent cut quality right out of the box.

Robust assembly, powerful 1650 W motor and double protective insulation make this crosscut saw one of the most popular models in 2021-2022.

The model is suitable for use in a small workshop, and for repair work in homes and apartments.

Can easily handle hardwood, aluminum, plastic, laminate.

The motor spins the blade at 260 mm at 4,800 rpm. Smooth start-up with gradual increase in power.

The work surface is illuminated by a fluorescent lamp, which is inferior in brightness to LED illumination, but it is quite sufficient for viewing.

Can be connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner, all debris is collected in the special dust bag.

  • Saw power. 1.65 kW.
  • Speed of the disc. 4800 rpm.
  • Diameter of the disc. 260 mm.
  • Works on metal. yes.
  • Weight. 13.7.

Top 8 best Makita crosscut saws 2021-2022 ranking

Location Name Price
Top 8 best Makita crosscut saws by price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022
1 Makita LS1040 Check price
2 Makita LH1040F See price
3 Makita LH1040 Ask a price
4 Makita LH1201FL Find out the price
5 Makita LS0714 Find out how much it costs
6 Makita LF1000 Ask price
7 Makita DLS600Z Find out the price
8 Makita DLS714Z Learn the price

A crosscut saw is a professional tool and there are several important criteria to consider when choosing one:

  • Type of material to be machined. Most models cut only wood, but there are devices that can also cut plastic workpieces.
  • Cutting width and depth. The type of material that can be cut depends on this characteristic. Cutting width depends on the disc diameter installed in the tool.
  • Additional functions. Most Makita mitre saws are designed to cut workpieces at right angles, but there are models that can be used for angled and slanted cutting.

The most modern broaching models are additionally equipped with a chip extractor which allows for the quick removal of sawdust from the working area.

High cutting precision with laser marking and high-quality saw blade Source dasinstrument.com.ua

All saws for trimming lumber, regardless of the model, are divided not only into manual (portable) and stationary, but also standard and multi-functional. For example, in the top photo you see a German model Bosch PCM 8, which has a laser marking that allows you to cut lumber at a very precise angle, which is only possible for this modification of the tool. Multifunctional truncation saws are much more expensive than standard models, and if you want a well-known brand, you will have to shell out. But it is not a waste of money to work with a good-quality mitre saw. such investments result in cost savings.

Functional features

Work on a stationary type trimmer saw will always be more accurate, because the cut trimmer line is mainly (in newer models) guided by a laser, and the saw blade’s pendulum type feed will not deviate by a millimeter. Of course, an experienced specialist will cut the workpiece at any angle, but a beginner simply cannot do it physically (you need to “learn” your hand). But, nevertheless, it is necessary to understand what kind of cut can make a crosscut saw.

Possibilities of working with the end saw:

  • Both stationary and mobile versions of the power tool have the ability to make a cut on the horizontal plane with a change in the angle of the end cut. In manual models this turning is not limited, and in stationary saws the deviation of the stand and/or table is set by the manufacturer and specified in the accompanying documentation.
  • A trimmer also makes it possible to change the cutting angle relative to the horizontal plane. In different models (manual and stationary) it looks different. That is, the support cover or table can be tilted to the left or right by 45°, and in some cases up to 60°.

But all these functions depend on the manufacturer: that is, what the factory has put in this or that project, you can do with this power tool. In fairness it should be noted that the saw blade can not only cut a board or bar at a certain angle, but also cut them along the fiber. For example, a wide and long board can be dissected into slats of desired width, and if this is a hand-held power tool, then the length of the board is of no importance at all.

The stiffer the workpiece stands, the more accurate the trimmer line will be and the desired cutting angle Source usamodelkina.ru

Consequently, the capabilities of crosscut saws are enough. it is changing cutting angles not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical plane. To get the right angles the workpiece should be securely clamped on the base of the work table or workbench. On modern multifunction saws there are usually tools for fixation in the form of clamps, but for the hand circular saw you can and should use mobile clamps. As a last resort, the workpiece can be screwed to a wooden workbench with self-tapping screws.