What power are trimmers for grass for grass. Patriot et 1200

TOP-20 rating of the best trimmers for grass 2022: an overview of the best gasoline, electric and battery models

The best trimmers for grass for grass are a review and rating of models. Varieties, key features, pros and cons of. What to look for when choosing a gasoline, electrical or battery trimmer for grass.

A trimmer for grass will help to quickly remove grass, trim the lawn, remove weeds.

Garden equipment of this type is an indispensable assistant in a personal plot.

What modifications of trimmers exist on the market, what to pay attention to when choosing which models are the best today, we will consider in this review.

TOP-20 rating of the best trimmers for grass

Locomodel price TOP-5 of the best trimmers for grass in terms of price and quality ratioTOP-5 of the best gasoline trimmers for grassTOP-5 of the best electric trimmers for grassTOP-5 best battery trimmers for grass

According to the method of movement, trimmers for grass are divided into wheeled and portable.

The former are a modification of the lawn mower, but unlike it, they allow you to process areas with stones and bumps.

An important advantage of such equipment is the lack of physical activity on the operator’s body, the disadvantage is the cut functionality.

Portable devices make it possible to mow vegetation in hard.to.reach places, but have less power.

note! They are often equipped with a shoulder belt and telescopic barbell for more convenience.

In turn, the varieties discussed above are divided into three classes.


Work from the network 220 V. The basis of such a device is an electric motor rotating the shaft and starting the cutting device.

Attachment to the outlet partially reduces the maneuverability of the tool.

For this reason, the trimmer is elastic for grass is more convenient in areas with a small area.

The pluses of an electric trimmer for the grass:

The disadvantages of the electrimmer:

Gasoline models

Rotation of the cutting element in such devices is provided by an internal combustion engine.

This type of equipment is equipped with a fuel tank.

A tool with a gasoline engine allows you to move around the territory, work away from energy sources.

Pros of gasoline trimmer for grass:

Disadvantages of a trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine:

power, trimmers, grass

Battery trimmers for grass

They are structurally similar to electrimmers, but with power from a powerful battery.

This type of equipment works almost silently, but is not highlighted in high power.

Autonomous power increases the mobility of the device, which, like all battery devices, requires periodic recharge.

Estimate the power

Regardless of the type of engine, trimmers for grass are produced with a capacity of 300 to 3,000 watts. When choosing, you should focus on the estimated volume of work, the type of vegetation and the size of the site. Insufficient power will result in weak performance and will not allow you to dig thick thickets, and excessive will lead to an excess of fuel, not to mention the high cost of the tool itself.

Low.power trimmers for grass up to 600 watts are suitable for mowing small lawns, processing the edges of the garden paths and restoring order in hard.to.reach places after cutting the grass with a lawn mower. As a rule, these are electrical models that use as a tool only a fishing line for a trimmer.

The golden middle is a capacity of 650 to 1,200 watts. They will cope with both spellless grass and weeds with coarse stems. In this category, you can find more expensive electrical versions of trimmers and basic gasoline options. Both are usually equipped with either the coils with a fishing line or knives.

For truly large sections and dense thickets, there are trimmers for grass with a capacity of 1,500 watts and above. Such tools have a fishing line for a trimmer in their arsenal, knives of various configurations and will easily dig high or dry grass, as well as shrubs and even small branches of trees. So productive devices are usually always gasoline.

Understand in cutting systems

Only a fishing line for a trimmer

Simple braids cut grass due to a special fishing line, which is also called the cord, or string. It can be of various shapes: round, square, triangular, star.shaped. The fishing line for the trimmer is tucked into the coil installed on the shaft of the trimmer for the grass in such a way that only its ends stick out outside. During operation, they spin at high speed and literally interrupt the stems of grass and small weeds.

An important parameter of the cord. thickness. The larger it is, the higher the performance of the tool. With a thin string of 1.5 mm, you can mow only sparse grass or lawn, and with a thickness of 2.7 or 3.3 mm. already large weeds.

A trimmer fishing line is a consumable, it needs to be changed, since it is erased during operation. However, each trimmer for grass has a thickness limit, and you cannot install any string. Technically, you can refuel a thick cord into a low.power mower, but this will entail an increase in the load on the engine and increased fuel consumption, and ultimately the quality of the mowing will not improve.

trimmer fishing line and knife

In trimmers designed for heavy loads, in addition to fishing line there are metal knives with two, three and four blades, as well as disks with teeth, like circular saws. With such equipment, you can easily mow high grass and large weeds, cut shrubs, overgrown trees and small branches.

Additional accessories

Some models are optionally equipped with various nozzles that expand the capabilities of the tool. There are accessories that allow you to turn a trimmer for grass into a bureau to trim the hedge, a altitude for trimming trees without a stepladder or a cultivator for shallow loosening of the soil.

The main parameters of the electrocos

The main parameters are directly related to the device of this tool, which we talked about here (how the electric trimmer for grass works).

These include:

  • electric motor power;
  • engine location;
  • type and shape of the bar;
  • configuration;
  • mass;
  • the shape of the handles;
  • brand and reputation of its owner;
  • The cost of the electrimmer.

It is they who determine how much the electric coser corresponds to the situation on the site and your capabilities, so when choosing the model you have to focus on these parameters.

The power of the electric motor

This parameter is important in two cases, that is, when required:

If you have to work at a big distance from the outlet (over fifty meters), then do not choose an apparatus with a capacity of more than 500 watts, otherwise it will inefficiently mow grass due to the voltage drop in the voltage. This is especially true where the network voltage is not stable, so it often drops significantly below the face value.

When you have to cut thick or high vegetation, but the voltage drop in the cable due to the small length is small, then choose the most powerful model.

After all, the higher this parameter, the easier it is to cope with the thick rigid stems of plants, which means it does not have to work in the overload mode and it will last noticeably longer.

Therefore, what power to choose a trimmer for grass depends on the balance between the ability to cut off a thick high vegetation and work at a large distance from the outlet.

The location of the electric motor

The engine is placed on the electric ships from above or below, and each option has advantages and disadvantages. If the motor is installed at the bottom, then thanks to more convenient hanging with an electrimmer it is easier to work, but the power of such an engine rarely exceeds 500 watts, so the device is not suitable for cutting thick or high vegetation.

The power of the power unit installed on top often reaches 2.5 kW, due to which the electrocos is approaching the gasoline trimmer in its capabilities.

Therefore, choose the location of the electric motor based on the tasks standing in front of the trimmer. to trim the neat lawn, the device with the lower engine is best suited, but only the model that is on top of the top can be universal.

Type and shape of the bar

Two types of rods are installed on the electric ships:

The advantage of collapsible is that for storage and transportation they require less space, but a little more expensive and before using them you need to collect together.

Как разобрать триммер Patriot Et 1200 и провести ТО

Inexperienced are ready for work without any preparation, and also do a little cheaper, but you need more space for storage and transportation.

Claxes of various shapes are installed on electrimmers, that is:

Directors are well conveyed by a large torque, so they are better suited for powerful devices designed to work with knives or saw disks. Curled shafts provide more comfortable mowing of grass as close as possible to the legs, therefore effective where the necessary high accuracy, even to the detriment of the ability to cut thick tall grass or thin shoots of shrubs.

To choose the right type and shape of the bar, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages, then determine what is more important in your situation, and what can be sacrificed.

If you need an electric kos only for haircuts of well.groomed areas, then choose models with a curved shaft, because they are more convenient to work, and also allow you to more clearly regulate the position of the fishing line relative to the ground, which means that the surface of the grass will turn out to be more even.

However, for cutting high thick vegetation, even if this happens infrequently, models with a straight raven are better suited.

When choosing between collapsible and non.vegetable devices, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type, then determine what is more important for you. low cost and instant readiness or less space when storing or transported.


The equipment is most important for devices whose power exceeds 1 kW, which allows them not only to trim well.groomed vegetation, but also to cope with high or thick wild grass. Therefore, low.power devices are equipped only with trimmer heads of various types, which we talked about here.

There are two or three.lobed knives, as well as saw discs, with the help of which an electric clock can cut even a thick high vegetation in the kit of more powerful models.

To decide which device is better to choose for mowing grass at the house, in the country, in the garden, evaluate the spectrum of work for which you need a trimmer ethletric for grass, and select a model with an appropriate cutting tool. Remember, it is sometimes more profitable to take a trimmer for grass and a knife or disk separately, the main thing is that the electric costs support the installation of such a tool.


This parameter is important in two cases when:

  • You have to cut a large territory, spending a lot of time on it;
  • The physical capabilities of the operator limit the possibility of the efficient use of devices, the mass of which exceeds a certain value.

The weight of electric trimmers with the rear engine and increased power often exceeds 5 kg.

However, if you use them together with a good suspension system, then a physically prepared person will not get tired soon. If the operator has low endurance or weak physical training, then even using the suspension it will be difficult for him to work with heavy devices. Therefore, choosing a specific model, focus on the physical capabilities of the one who will mow grass with this trimmer.

The shape of the handles

Electrics are equipped with two types of handles:

How to choose an e.it.retaining trimmer for grass for mowing grass?

If you plan to purchase an electric cost for trimming the Luja near the house, but do not plan the fight against thickets of weeds, then give preference to low.power models with the lower location of the motor.

To perform such work, you do not need powerful models equipped with a disk or knife, so take the device in minimal configuration.

If finances allow, give preference to well.known brands, their products will cost more, but below the risk that it will quickly fail.

TOP-7 light trimmers with a lower engine

In this section you will find the 7 best models of light trimmers with the lower engine location. Such devices are designed to trim well.groomed grass on small lawns or lawns.

Their main advantage is the minimum weight (less than two kilograms), due to which people of any physical strength will be able to effectively manage them.

To determine the popularity of the model, we focused on estimates set by customers and users on Yandex Market (YAM) and in the store all tools of RU (VI). Assess trimmers for grass in points, maximum rating 5, minimum 0.

BlackDecker GL360SB

This model was first due to a high rating of pits 4.5 and VI 4.8.

Despite the low price (2.5 thousand) and the primitive design, with coherent operation, the trimmer for the grass serves 10 years or more, which confirms the reviews of those who owns them.

Power 350 W is enough to mow even burdocks, but for this you need to put a slightly thicker figured fishing line for a trimmer.

There is no power cord on this electric cost, because the fork is built into the housing, such a solution eliminates the troubles associated with the dangling wire. Due to the unregulated bar and a rigidly fixed handle, the tool is not very convenient in operation, but this is compensated by low price and low weight (1.6 kg), so the trimmer for grass is in demand.

Daewoo Datr 450E

The second place was taken by an apparatus with a power of 450 W and a telescopic bar, which can be adjusted to the average or lower than average height operator, for higher people, such a trimmer for the grass will not be too comfortable due to insufficient length.

The handle is the same as on the previous rating model, so using the device is not too convenient. Nevertheless, on Yandex Market Elektokos scored 4.2 points, and on all tools of Ru 4.7.

In the reviews, users note the high productivity of the tool, because even with a regular fishing line, she copes with the burdock, but if you install a thicker fishing line for a trimmer of a curly profile, then even young shoots of willow cuts down an electric cobber.

Some owners are unhappy with strong vibration, which the ethletric trimmer creates for the grass during operation, as well as an uncomfortable button without a latch, so it has to be kept constantly with your fingers, which greatly tires.

Dissatisfaction also causes an unsuccessful location of the power cord, because it prevents it from mowing the grass normally. However, none of the owners observing the rules for using such technology have no complaints about the quality of assembly and reliability. Despite the low), the device has been working without breakdowns for many years. The weight of this model is 1.5 kg.

Ryobi RLT2925

The third place was taken by this model, one of the most difficult (1.9 kg) in its class, which received 4.5 points on the pits, and on VI 4.7 points, although they buy it less often than the rest. Despite the low power of the electric motor (290 W), the trimmer for the grass is standardly equipped with a semiautomatic head (spool) under a fishing line for a trim with a diameter of 1.6 mm.

In addition, the engine can be turned on the bar, which turns the usual ethletric trimmer for grass into a tool suitable for ending the edges. The adjustment of the collapsible aluminum rod is not provided for the length, the handle is the same as on previous models, the power cord is located conveniently and does not interfere with work.

In the reviews, the owners note the high reliability of the tool with proper operation, which includes frequent cleaning of ventilation holes. In addition, those who understand that the tool with a motor of such power is intended only to trim the grass, are satisfied with its performance and efficiency.

Dissatisfaction causes insufficient length of the bar, so people with a growth of 175 or more to work with an electric shock is inconvenient, have to bend strongly, so the tool is ideal for those whose height is 155–170 cm. Such a device costs 2.4 thousand.

Denzel TE-350

The fourth place was taken by a trimmer for grass with a collapsible unregulated bar and a rigidly fixed engine with a capacity of 350 W.

This model turned out to be quite contradictory, 4.3 on the pits, and the vast majority of reviews are positive, and on Vi they assessed 2.4 and negative reviews more than positive.

Perhaps this is due to the initially overstated expectations, as well as occasionally encountered by factory marriage, but defective devices quickly break and can be changed according to warranty.

The device is equipped with a T-shaped handle, which is part of the housing, but due to the fact that it is located a little further than the engine turning butt but on other models, this trimmer for grass is ideal for people below the average, that is, 150–165 cm.

The advantage of the electric ships is the successful location of the power cord, which is bred behind the handle, so it does not interfere with the operator during operation. Weighs the tool 1.9 kg, and the average

Huter Get 400

Fifth place is occupied by this apparatus, which, despite its simplicity (collapsible unregulated bar and a part of the handle body) showed good sales at various sites and received an estimate of 4.3 on pits and vi.

Perhaps this is due to it), because in case of breakdown, buying a new trimmer for grass will cost cheaper than repairing the old one, and with its work the trimmer ethletric for the grass copes thanks to a motor with a capacity of 350 watts.

The power cord is located not too convenient, so when working you will have to get used to it, and the total length of the tool makes it convenient for middle.aged people and below the middle age.

Most of the reviews about the model are positive, but, given the cost of the product, it makes no sense to expect from it the ability to cut storms and last for hours to dig grass without a break.

Subject to the rules of operation, such a trimmer for grass without complaints has been working for several years, and defective samples quickly burn out and can be changed according to the guarantee for new. The weight of such an electric shit is 1.8 kg.

TOP-5 lungs Electros with the upper location of the motor

This rating included only those models with the upper location of the motor, whose weight did not exceed 4.66 kg, and power 1 kW. The main purpose of such trimmers is the haircut of grass in well.groomed natural or landscaped territories.

Their advantage is compared to the lower devices in:

  • higher reliability, because ventilation holes are not clogged with crushed grass;
  • increased comfort, because you do not have to bend so much, and thanks to the shoulder belt, the higher mass of the trimmer for the grass does not increase the speed of accumulation of the operator’s fatigue;
  • the ability to mow even a little damp (poorly dried from dew) grass;
  • increased performance, because the device has a greater width of mowing, and thanks to a long bar, the lateral movement gains increased amplitude.

BlackDecker GL8033

This electric trimmer for the grass took first place thanks to the minimum weight (3.2 kg) and good estimates (4.6 for all tools and 4.5 on Yandex Market).

The device is equipped with a curved rod with a flexible three-tassel shaft and a capacity of 0.8 kW, which is well suited for haircuts of well-groomed grass, as well as ineffective and low multi-grass.

This design increases the comfort of the work, because the operator mows grass near itself and better sees the place of work, but the cable is not intended to transmit a large torque, which means it is impossible to install a saw disk or a perennial knife.

A serious disadvantage of the model is the lack of mounting for the shoulder belt, which is why the operator has to perceive the weight of the device on his hands, and this is not always convenient. A video is installed near the coil that protects the fishing line for a trimmer from damage when haircuts close to trees or borders, but if the bar is 180 degrees, the video will go down and turn the trimmer for grass into cross.

In their reviews, the owners of this electrocos note insufficient total length, which is why it is well suited only for people of short stature (150–165 cm), while almost everyone is satisfied with the quality of manufacture and reliability.

Working with a saw disk or knife is not provided, because the electric motor does not have a power necessary for this, and the flexible shaft does not transmit a large torque well. The D-shaped handle is fixed on the hinge, so the operator can conveniently place the hand in any situation. Average

Oleo-Mac TR92E

The second place of the rating was taken by this paradoxical electrocos. at a fairly high price (11 thousand) and a good configuration (the engine power is 900 watts, together with the trimmer is supplied by the shoulder belt) buyers and owners put only 3.9 on the holes and v.

Their claims are diverse-from fragile plastic, which is why the loop is broken off, to which the shoulder belt is attached to the frequent operation of thermal protection, which turns off the engine.

It is highly likely that the cause of the negativity was the improper use of the electrimmer, because the vast majority of the reviews are positive, and the owners note the performance and effectiveness of the device.

A trimmer for grass is equipped with a curved non-vegetable bar with a flexible tissue shaft, so work is provided only with a spool.

The loop handle fixes the screw-bar, due to which it can be moved to any position and adjusted to the growth of the operator, but the change in its inclination is not provided. The power cord is located comfortably and does not interfere with work. Weighs such a tool 3.5 kg.

EFCO 8061 E

The third place is occupied by an analogue of the previous model, different from it:

They buy the device infrequently, despite the low), so there are few reviews about it, however, it received quite high marks (4.5 on VI and 4.3 on holes).

Most of the reviews are positive, and the authors of negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев themselves admit that they expected more noticeably more from the apparatus, comparing it with analogues several times more powerful.

Champion ET1005A

The fourth place is occupied by a trimmer for grass with a collapsible curved bar and an electric motor with a capacity of 1 kW. Buyers and users note a high percentage of marriage.

However, if the device is working and is used correctly, that is, they do not overload and observe the operating/cooling mode, then it works without breakdowns for 3-5 years even with intense use, which is not bad for electric shoes

The spool is charged with a fishing line 2 mm thick, so that the trimmer ethletric for the grass cuts not only well.groomed or relatively high grass, but even burdocks and a sparse storm. A loop-shaped handle fixes a bolt bar of a convenient shape, and on the case there is an eye to install a belt. Weighs the device 3.6 kg.

Worx WG111E

Fifth place is occupied by an electric cos with a direct collapsible shaft and an inverted U-shaped handle. Such a configuration, coupled with a power of 1 kW engine and a three.lobed disk that is included in the delivery set, allows even a young growth of trees or shrubs with a thickness of 2-5 mm.

A semi.automatic coil is also supplied in the kit, and it is charged with a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm, so even in such a configuration a trimmer for grass successfully mowing relatively thick grass and weeds.

The handle is recorded by two bolts, so it is impossible to move it quickly, you will have to use a full.time tool. This model received the maximum assessment, but the number of sales, and therefore reviews, is small. On holes she does not have an assessment and reviews at all.

In their few Комментарии и мнения владельцев, users note the high efficiency of the trimmer for the grass, as well as its exactingness for maintenance and lack of overload, including too long work without interruptions. The device weighs 4 kg, and its average

Summary table

Model Power. kW Weight, kg Technical features Equipment Price thousand.
BlackDecker GL8033 0.8 3.2 A curved indispensable bar with the possibility of turning 180 degrees (edge-cutting function), restraint video, D-shaped handle on a hinge Trimmer head 6
Oleo-Mac TR92E 0.9 3.5 Curved indispensable bar, loop-shaped handle with fixation screw-bar Trimmer head, belt eleven
EFCO 8061 E 0.6 3.7 A curved indispensable rod, a loop-shaped handle with a fixation of a bar, no mount for a belt Trimmer head 7
Champion ET1005A one 3.6 A curved collapsed bar with fixation of a rifle rifle, a handle with a fixation screw-bar Trimmer head, belt 6
Worx WG111E one four Direct collapsible shaft with a fixation screw, an inverted U-shaped handle on two screws Trimmer head, belt, three.lobed knife eight

Main characteristics

This unit is suitable for those who want to get a quality thing for their money: grass mows like butter. In addition, ecologists will also be appreciated by Makita. this device has a reduced emission of exhaust gases. A trimmer for grass is used to remove weeds and grass in personal plots.

To work with Makita EBH341U, you do not need to prepare the fuel mixture: just fill the gasoline into the tank and the oil into the crankcase. The grass trimmer is designed so that you can adjust its handles without an additional tool. this makes the work more comfortable.

To ensure greater safety during operation, the trimmer body for grass is made of dense plastic. Unpretentious in operation and reliable.

Main characteristics

High.quality gasoline trimmer for grass with good basic configuration: the set includes a fishing line for a trimmer for mowing grass and a knife for removing a more “serious” overgrown from the site.

The device is equipped with a powerful 730 watts engine, which allows you to easily remove weeds and weeds that are easy to clean on the site. In this device, the fuel tank is made transparent. it is more convenient to track how much gasoline is left, so the surprises associated with the fact that the fuel will suddenly end and you cannot complete the work that has begun will not occur.

A trimmer for grass has a convenient shoulder belt, which will additionally reduce the load on the back and arms, although it is this device in itself that weighs a little. only 4.5 kg. In addition, the device is equipped with a special system of reducing vibration, so not only a strong man, but also a woman can control it with it.


Trimmer for grass with a good ratio of “price-quality”. It is powerful, it can even cope with the launched lawn. The electric trimmer for the grass is easy to maintain, does not require additional skills during operation, does not emit harmful gases.

Supplied with a fishing line and a metal knife. A fishing line for a trimmer can be replaced with reinforced and then the quality of the mowing will improve. Nevertheless, the device is quite weighty, so we recommend that you purchase a ranger belt for distribution of load with it with it.


Another gasoline model in our ranking. This is a powerful trimmer for grass, which is able to cope with grass of any thickness. We recommend using it especially in remote areas, where there is no access to electricity and a prolonged mowing is required. This model is not attached to the network and does not require charging the battery, which simplifies the work. It will be best to additionally purchase headphones when working with this trimmer, since it is quite noisy. It is large, so it is inconvenient to transport it and it will not suit pensioners or people who cannot carry heavy things for a long time.


The trimmer for grass from the German company Bosch has worthy characteristics. The advantage of this model is the design that minimizes the load, which makes the use of the device comfortable. The plus is a relatively small weight of the model 5.2 kg. The engine power is 950 watts (1.3. l.With.), providing 6000 about./min. The set has not only a fishing line for a trimmer, but a knife. This model perfectly combines convenience and efficiency, as well as users, a high level of assembly is noted.


The engine power of this model is 1400 watts, the number of revolutions reaches 8,000 per minute, and the width of the mowing is 42 mm. Design: straight rod with a D-shaped folding handle, the height of the handle is regulated. This allows you to easily and quickly cope with any type of grass, even in hard.to.reach places.

TOP-12 rating of the best electric trimmers for grass

Locomodel price The best electric trimmers for grass for grass in terms of price and quality ratioThe best inexpensive electric trimmers for grass for grassThe best advanced electric trimmers for grass for grass

Important! Modern models of electrimmers have a number of features that should be paid to first of all:

  • Cutting element.This is a head with a coil, on which a fishing line for a trimmer is wound with a thickness of 1.2 to 2.5 mm. The last the last thicker, the more problematic vegetation it will be possible to process. Not all models are equipped with a knife. This element, in addition to grass, allows you to cut small shrubs and thin shoots of trees.
  • The layout of the engine.The motor in the electrimmer (depending on the model) can be located in the upper or lower part of the device. The lower location of the engine makes the device more balanced and convenient, but this option excludes work with raw grass. The upper layout of the engine has a positive effect on performance, the power of these devices can reach 1.4 kW. Such an unit allows you to mow thick, high vegetation and even small shrubs.
  • The mass of the device.The higher the power of the trimmer for the grass, the greater its weight. The most heavy devices have the upper location of the engine and they are more productive. Small and lighter devices are usually low.powerful, but even miniature women will cope with them without any problems.
  • The power of the motor.The engine power is reflected in the performance of the electrimmer. To care for a large area and mowing high grass, devices from 1 to 1.5 kW are recommended. Equipment at 500-800 watts will cope with small territories and maintaining the lawn in a well-groomed state.
  • Rush and handle.Direct and indispensable rods are used in powerful electrimmers, engine rotation is transmitted to the gearbox by means of a steel shaft. Devices with a curved bar are less reliable, they have less mass and performance. The collapsible component is convenient when storing and carrying. Most electiticalmers have a D-shaped handle that makes the unit more maneuverable and comfortable.
  • Carrying belt.This accessory allows you to have equipment with relative convenience during operation on the operator’s shoulders. A number of trimmers models are not equipped with such a device, but has an appropriate optional possibility.

The devices considered below with a relatively affordable price tag are equipped with modern technologies and manufacturing engines. This is the best choice at the moment.

TOP-4 best models of trimmers for grass in terms of price and quality ratio.


Eletric trimmer for STIHL FSE 71 grass with a two.stringed Auto Cut head head. this is an ideal solution for the care of lawn grass in areas of small and medium area.

The tool will perfectly cope with the trim of vegetation next to the flower beds, paths, fences, garden decorations.

The equipment is equipped with a system for adjusting the fishing line by touching the head on the surface, a high.power engine with an upper installation, a convenient handle with an anti.vibration coating.

A device for unloading a network cable, an additional D-shaped pen, low weight and a rounded handle increase the convenience of using the tool.


  • execution. with the upper location of the engine;
  • rotation speed. 7400 about./min;
  • noise level. 96 dB;
  • maximum power. 540 watts;
  • structure-handle with adjustable height, curved bar, a D-shaped handle;
  • Additionally. a safety coupling, a fishing line for a trimmer and protective glasses in the kit;
  • mass. 4 kg.

Makita UR3502

A model equipped with a straight bar and a D-shaped pen is the best suited for careful care for the landscaped areas of medium area, mowing grass on lawns and lawns near fences, pillars and borders.

Equipment Makita UR3502 uses a 2-mm fishing line for a trimmer.

The power of the electric motor is 1 kW, the speed of rotation of the shaft approaches 6.5 thousand revolutions per minute.

The width of the capture when mowing in this model is 35 cm.

With a relatively small weight, the device provides high.quality and light mowing of vegetation.

The trimmer for grass is equipped with a reliable protective casing that prevents the entrance of the Earth and cut grass into the operator.


  • execution. with the upper location of the engine;
  • rotation speed. 6500 about./min;
  • noise level. 95 dB;
  • maximum power. 1000 watts;
  • The design is a handle with an adjustable height, the bar is straight, the handle is D-shaped;
  • Additionally. a fishing line for a trimmer and shoulder belt in the kit;
  • mass. 4.9 kg.

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.000)

Electric trimmer for Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.000) with the possibility of working with both fishing line and knife, will cope with any type of lawn haircut and trimming hard and long vegetation.

The equipment can boast of the ability to quickly and easy replacement of the coil with a fishing line with a knife.

The high power of the tool electric motor guarantees the achievement of an excellent result when mowing.

Adjustable shoulder belt and convenient execution of the handle provide optimal balancing for an operator of any complexion.

For greater convenience of use, a system for storing cutting fishing line in the device handle is provided.


  • execution. with the upper location of the engine;
  • rotation speed. 9000 about./min;
  • noise level. 85.5 dB;
  • maximum power. 950 watts;
  • design-straight bar, D-shaped handle;
  • Additionally. a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife, shoulder belt in the kit;
  • mass. 5.7 kg.

Makita UR3000

Electric trimmer for Makita UR3000 grass with an adjustable D-shaped handle and a handle easily customizable under the growth of the user, allows you to turn the herbs on the site into a pleasant and fast procedure.

The presented model is equipped with a powerful 450-watt engine with a lower location, a 30-centimeter cable with a fork, a trimmer head developing 9 thousand revolutions per minute.

As a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 1.65 mm is used here.

The kit contains a shoulder belt that provides convenience and safety during operation.

The acoustic value of the noise of this device is 96 dB, the weight reaches 2.6 kg.


  • execution. with the lower location of the engine;
  • rotation speed. 9000 about./min;
  • noise level. 96 dB;
  • maximum power. 450 watts;
  • The design is a folding handle with an adjustable height, a curved rod, a D-shaped handle;
  • Additionally. a fishing line for a trimmer and shoulder belt in the kit;
  • mass. 2.6 kg.

The most powerful benzotrimers

In this section, we will talk about the most powerful devices, trying to give the most detailed review of each model, taking into account:

Procraft T4350

This model ranks first due to the highest declared capacity (5.9 liters. With.) with the volume of a two.stroke motor 58 cm 3.

To doubt the indicated power force 3 facts:

  • It is not known who and where this trimmer produces for grass;
  • There is no manufacturer’s site, there is only a slurred page in one of the online stores;
  • Small engine volume.

Some owners in their reviews note the low quality of the manufacture of a benzotrimer, which is why it has to be finished independently, for example, to more firmly fix the handle.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of owners of the apparatus positively speak about its high power, because according to them there are enough of it to perform any work.

The description on the model page indicates that “the number of revolutions is 9000 rpm, but it is not clear what is about, about the speed of rotation of the motor shaft or shaft of the gearbox, which increases the torque at the cost of reducing the number of revolutions per minute.

Триммер Patriot ET1255. обзор, обслуживание, впечатления после 2 сезонов работы

Motokosovs includes a semi.automatic coil for fishing line and 3 types of knives, that is:

Such a complete set is called universal, because it is suitable for performing any tasks. In addition, together with a benzocosa, a regular, that is, a very inconvenient, shoulder belt, which is desirable to immediately change to the suspension system. The mass of the apparatus is 6 kg, and the average

Union BTS-9256

Another Chinese benzotrimmer from an unknown manufacturer, however, at least the supplier is known. the company “Sturm”, which is a packager, that is, under its brands sells products of third.party factories.

The model page is more informative, and there are almost no negative reviews about the quality of manufacture, but all the owners note that the motor motorcycles can easily cope with any tasks.

The volume of the motor is not too large (56 cm 3), because the manufacturer sacrifices reliability for the sake of a higher torque.

The Packer’s website indicates a power of 5.4 liters. With., Given the reputation of the company as a supplier of Chinese equipment with medium reliability, it can be assumed that these data are close to the real value.

The equipment is noticeably poorer than the previous model, in addition to the semi.automatic trimmer head, there is only a three.lobed knife suitable for cutting thick grass and weeds. Instead of a suspension system, along with a benzocosa, an ordinary shoulder belt is going on. The device weighs 8.5 kg, and it

Energomash BT-56

This is another Chinese benzotrimer of increased power from the STURM supplier.

The engine in technical characteristics is completely similar to the installed on the previous model (power 5.4 liters. With., volume 56 cm 3).

Slightly smaller) and expanded equipment (a saw disk and a comfortable shoulder unloading) suggest that the quality of manufacture and survivability of motorcycles will also be below.

Nevertheless, most reviews about the device are positive, users note the power and effectiveness of the trimmer for the grass, but not everyone is happy with its reliability. Such a trimmer weighs for grass-carboresis of 7.5 kg.

Sturm BT8972D

This is another benzotrimmer from an unknown manufacturer, which is supplied to the market by Sturm. A distinctive feature of the device is a higher quality manufacturing, and the power ratio (4.8 liters. With.) and volume (56 cm 3) speaks of a large resource of the power unit.

In addition to the semi.automatic trimmer head, together with the device, you will receive:

Most of the reviews are positive, users note that the lawn mower easily copes with any work, up to drilling trees, and the engine works without overload, that is, there is still a power supply.

Convenient shoulder unloading slows down the accumulation of fatigue, because evenly distributes the load on both shoulders of the operator. This apparatus weighs 8.7 kg, and it

Edon GT-520/3000

This motorcycle is supplied to the wages and manufacturer of electrical engineering, the company “EDON”, and the apparatus is manufactured in Chinese factories. The model page is quite informative, and the power ratio (4.1 liters. With.) and volume (52 cm 3) speaks of a large motor resource.

The device is delivered in a minimum configuration, that is, in addition to the cheap semi-automatic trimmer head, you will receive a three-blade knife, which is why the device is suitable only for mowing grass and weeds.

To carry out other work, buy the necessary cutting tool, we also recommend immediately changing the standard shoulder belt for unloading or suspension system.

Most reviews about this device are positive, but users note many small defects, such as:

It is easy to eliminate all these defects on their own. But there are no complaints about power and ability to perform any work, all owners note high efficiency of motorcycles, as well as the reliability of its motor. Such an apparatus weighs 6.5 kg, and it

Huter GGT-2900T

It is not known who is the owner of the brand and supplies products under it to the market, so this lawn mower is completely Chinese, because it is made at the PRC factories. Not too high power (3.9 liters. With.) combines with an impressive volume (52 cm 3), which indicates a high resource of power unit.

Together with the trimmer you will receive:

  • an automatic coil that can be tucked by fishing line without removing the upper cover;
  • a saw disk with carbide attacks (40 teeth);
  • Convenient shoulder unloading.

Choosing a motorcycle to perform heavy, energy.intensive work, it is necessary to focus first on the power of the motor, because the higher this parameter, the better the device will cope with its work.

In addition, the power of the motor, coupled with the volume of the power unit, determines the engine resource, and therefore its service life.

Therefore, when working under a serious load, a powerful but inexpensive Chinese apparatus can be more tenacious than 10 times more expensive, but noticeably less powerful lawn mower from the USA or Europe.

Hello, Pavel. On the one hand, you are right, the volume of the combustion chamber and the working volume are not the same. When the piston reaches the upper dead point, there is still a free space over it, formed by the cavity in the head of the cylinder block, which is included in the volume of the combustion chamber and recesses in the piston. And usually the ratio of volumes is called the degree of compression. But! In two.stroke engines, the degree of compression is about 10, in theory it should mean that the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder block is 10 times smaller than the volume of the cylinder, however, in fact, this is not so. And the ratio is much less. For example, the still popular VAZ 21083 automobile engine, the declared volume of which is 1499 cm3, the degree of compression of 9.8, but the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head, including the space under the laying and distance from the upper dead point of the piston for the edges of the cylinder block. as well as excavations in the pistons under the valves is 164 cm3, that is, the total volume of 1663 cm3, but in any instruction or in any description of this figure it is not indicated, because it does not reflect the real capabilities of the engine.

As use to two.stroke engines that are equipped with powerful trimmers for the grass, the situation is the same, because their compression degree of 9–11, depending on who makes and how. However, the main problem is that an ordinary buyer does not understand the difference between a common and working volume, but he knows how to compare the numbers of different models among themselves. For example, one trimmer for grass has an engine of 30 cubes, the other has 50, so the second is more powerful. And the worker is a volume or a complete buyer, no difference, moreover, 27 and 33 cm3 are still very different from 45 and 55 cm3, so no matter how indicate the volume, and the total information will not change from this.

Therefore, on the one hand, you are right, but on the other hand, it has historically so happened that only the working volume indicates with regard to internal combustion engines and, if important, the degree of compression. This is applicable to any motorized technique, from trimmers to ocean ships, which is why we did not confuse readers with information that would not help them in assessing the capabilities of a particular trimmer for grass. But, since you paid attention to this, we decided to clarify the situation, suddenly, for someone, the size of not working volume, but a combustion chamber, will really turn out to be important?

Before learning others, deal with the concepts of a combustion chamber and working volume. You have these concepts confused.