Wheel on wheels Wheel trimmer for grass with your own hands.

Two in one grass cutter.

Trimmer for grass on wheels with your own hands

The lawn mower is not of the first necessity on the farm. Its need is especially affected by the summer cottage, in the productive period and for the recreation season.

Each normal owner wants to have a beautiful well.groomed lawn on his site. Here you have to work hard with a scythe, purchase a high.quality lawn mower or assemble this device yourself. In the latter case, its composition will be as follows:

The engine will need power, so here you will need a very long cord with a fork, and also a switch. You can facilitate the work if you attach the wheels to the lower part of this technique. The whole thing should somehow be held. This function will be performed by the frame.

Process of creation

The initial stage of the independent creation of a lawn mower is to select details. The most important thing is the presence of an engine. It can be taken from already unexplained household appliances, you can remove from some power tool:

The minimum required engine parameter is 500 V. Better 1000 centuries. So it will be possible to work at minor speeds. And the sharpening of the knives will be the responsibility of the more rare. The diameter of the knife and the total dimensions of this technique affect the selection of the engine. The larger the working area for it, the higher the power of the engine should be.

Assembly of the lawn mower

To assemble the lawn mower, we need a hacksaw for metal not an apparatus.

The first thing to do is create a frame for the engine. For this purpose, it is necessary to take a metal sheet with a thickness of the two three millimeters. The size of the frame is selected for reasons of the knife length, however, the maximum width of the lawn mower rarely exceeds sixty centimeters. Thus, it is necessary to cut a square of metal with a side of 50 or 60 centimeters. In the center of the area, you need to make a hole for the engine. The flange engine is attached to the frame with a shaft down. If the engine is with ears, then you need to cook additional fasteners to the frame.

Other options

There are many other units from which you can make a trimmer for grass for grass. As a basis, a vacuum cleaner, drill or chainsaw is used as the basis.

From the vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of a homemade trimmer for grass from the vacuum cleaner engine, the latter is mounted on the bar. The knives are installed on the engine shaft and covered with a protective casing. Instead of knives, you can use a metal disk with a fishing line. The engine is also covered with a casing, it will protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made from a disk with curved blades (fan) and mounted under the puck through which a fishing line for a trimmer for grass passes. The air enters from above through the hose and cools the engine.

From a drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for grass, then the drill will help in this. To do this, make a knife from a metal plate and pull it. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and fixed with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill cartridge and neatly clamp.

It is made of a plastic pipe and put on the tool case.

From a chainsaw

Since the chainsaw engine is heavy, it is impossible to make a trimmer for grass with a lower drive, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. Production process:

  • First, a cart is made from a 25 × 25 mm corner. Its dimensions are 500 × 600 mm.
  • Wheels are installed in the corners of the structure.
  • The gas cable and the fuel hose are lengthened.
  • The tire and the helm are unscrewed. A handle on which the helm is mounted is made from the water pipe.
  • When installing the engine on the frame, the shaft should be located at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the gearbox is located with a turn of 90 ° C.
  • Then a cutting knot is mounted on the tool shaft.

The tool is ready. To make it easier to work with it, you can purchase a shoulder or a parameter for a trimmer for grass in a shoulder store.

Homemade nozzle for a trimmer for grass. Lawn mower.

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Basic materials

As can be seen from the given photo, you should prepare: for working on the chopper:

  • a metal container or plastic volume of at least 50 liters;
  • several metal tubes with a diameter of at least 1/2 inch;
  • about 1 sq. m strong steel mesh with small cells;
  • a piece of a board of sufficient width. Instead of it, moisture-resistant plywood or wood-based slab, followed by moisture-proof processing, will suit it.
  • Prepare durable clamps for attaching the structure to the base;
  • several scraps of wooden bars, screws;
  • Trammer for grass of any manufacturer with interchangeable working nozzles.
  • Electric with a file for metal;
  • electric screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • a locksmith hammer with a boy from 0.5 kg;
  • small anvil or correct plate.

DIY lawn mower: step.by.step instructions

A homemade mower consists of an engine, knives and a comfortable handle. Since the engine is powered from the mains, you will also need the longest possible cord with a fork and a switch. For ease of work to the bottom of the lawn mower, it is worth attaching the wheels. And in order to keep all this together, you need a frame.

Selection of details

The most important question is where to get the engine to assemble the lawn mower. In fact, any working engine from old household appliances or power tools is suitable: drills, vacuum cleaner, corner grinding, chainsaws, even a washing machine. A engine with a capacity of five hundred watts is suitable, although a power of 1 kilowatts or more would be an ideal option. this will allow you to work at smaller engine speeds and less often tighten the knives. In any case, the selection of the engine is interconnected with the diameter of the knife and the total size of the lawn mower. Briefly. the greater the area should capture a home.made lawn mower at a time. the more powerful the engine should be.

The next important part is a knife. This is almost the main working detail of the mechanism, and it depends on the quality of the knife how long your lawn mower will work and whether it will please the results. Therefore, to make a knife, you need high.quality solid steel. In shape, a knife can be one continuous part up to 50 centimeters long, with a hole for a screw in the center, and sharpened on both sides, possibly slightly curved, following the example of branded lawn mowers. Another option is an integral knife, when two small metal seats are attached to the strip or welding to the strip or welding. Also, a strip of steel, from which a knife is made, can be curly, usually in the form of a trapezoid. this protects the knife from winding grass. And finally, the most unusual knife is an integral round sharpened disk.

The craftsmen advise this form for security reasons. a knife from a strip of steel can break and injure when it hits a stone or stick, and almost nothing threatens the whole metal disk. A handle for a lawn mower can be any. The practice of using the chassis from old strollers is widespread. this solves three problems at once. the wheels, and the frame, and the handle. In the absence of an old stroller, a pen can be welded from a metal pipe or even made from a cuttings from a shovel.

The power cord can be taken from any household appliance that failed. In principle, with a small length of the cord, you can reach it to the network through extension cords. The wheels can be adapted from a baby stroller or large machine, or cut it independently from a thick wooden board, or use the wheels of an old vacuum cleaner. For the frame you will need a piece of metal or thick plywood. It is also worth making a protective casing so that the repair of the lawn mower with your own hands is required as little as possible. Good material for the casing. metal.

Assembly of the lawn mower

To assemble the lawn mower we need a hacksaw for metal and a welding machine.

First of all, you need to make a frame for the engine. To do this, take a metal sheet with a thickness of at least three millimeters. The size of the frame is selected based on the length of the knife, but the maximum width of the lawn mower rarely exceeds sixty centimeters. Thus, you need to cut a square of metal with a side of 50 or 60 centimeters. In the center of the square you need to make a hole under the engine. The flange engine is attached to the frame with a shaft down. If the engine is with ears, then you need to weld additional mounts to the frame.

Such a frame can be made from boards or plywood, but the metal is still preferable, since it is less susceptible to deformations. The casing is designed to protect the engine shaft from garbage and scraps of grass. The simplest casing can be made of a metal canbank. complex options will have to tinker. If the finished casing is high, it will protect the electrical mechanism of the lawn mower. If not, then to protect connections with a wire, you need to make another casing.

The casing is put on the engine shaft. Next, the sharpened knife is put on and the entire mechanism is fixed with a bolt. Next, the wheel is attached to the frame. To do this, corners with holes drilled in them should be launched on the frame. The diameter of the wheels is selected so that the knife passes at a height of five to seven centimeters above the ground. If the knife drops below, it is likely that it will get stuck in the ground. The grass is crushed at a larger height, not cut.

Regardless of what the handle is made of, it needs to be straightened up by the growth of the one who will most often use the lawnical mower. Usually the optimal handle length is about 90 centimeters. The final stage of operation. the connection of the power cord. Do.it.yourself electric lawn mower is ready, you can test it in your own summer cottage. In order to protect against cut grass, a mesh is attached over the lawn mower.

The second option is to make a frame of a special curved shape. This technique described the assembly of the lawn mower to the standard form. Options. a lawn mower made of a drill, on which a wide knife is fixed instead of a drill. At the same time, the drill itself must be attached to the frame with the handle. the advantages of such a home.made lawn mower are that you do not have to fool the head with the connection of the cord. the drill mechanism is used. Secondly, such lawnmands can be used to cut grass under the trees and off the borders.

In a similar way, you can make a gas mower from a chainsaw. For him, you need to prepare a special frame frame, for example, cook it from pieces of pipe. Next, move the chainsaw engine to it. There are both drawings on the network and a video on fastening knives to such a lawn mower. Due to the engine power, the gas mower from the chainsaw copes even with a small shrub.

Some craftsmen categorically do not advise taking the engine from a vacuum cleaner, because it quickly overheats, and in this case they advise the engine from a chainsaw or corner grinder. The correct casing with holes or from a frequent metal mesh helps to fight the engine overheating. The disadvantage of homemade braids is the impossibility of regulating the height of the knife. Although, if desired and skill, this drawback can be celebrated.

Trimmer for grass with your own hands: from a drill, corner grinder, vacuum cleaner, chainsaw, washing machine

Owners of private houses and cottages in the warm season are faced with the need to bring their lawn to a decent form. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is to use a trimmer for grass for grass.

It can be bought in a store, the benefit of a lack of choice is not now, but many come to the decision to make a trimmer for the grass with their own hands.

This is not too difficult and, if at hand there are the necessary spare parts, much cheaper than buying a new.

To make a trimmer for grass at home, you should first understand the principle of its operation and the design. In general, all manual mowers are classified into gasoline and electric. The first option is more convenient, because the user is not attached to the outlet, but electric engines from household appliances or tools are more often taken to manufacture a home.made device.

The design of both types of manual travo.shirts includes:

  • engine (electric or gasoline). is suitable from household instruments (electric screwdriver, drill, corner grinder), from the washing machine, as well as the chainsaw;
  • tank. for a gasoline engine;
  • Starter. it is best used to use a simple button with a repayable mechanism;
  • The bar is whole of wood or a metal pipe (an aluminum pipe is perfect, since it is easier), you can also make a sectional structure that will allow the holder to be adjusted to the growth of different people;
  • The handle for the convenience of work, on which the button is placed. it must have a convenient grip and is made of nonsense;
  • A knife or fishing line for a trimmer. it is better to use knives, since a fishing line for a trimmer is torn faster;
  • Protective casing. powerfully boiled from thin metal, cut out of a plastic bottle of large volume or use an old pan.

Advice! It is better to make a knife from instrumental steel, an old disk from a circular saw or a hacksaw. It can be whole or with a replaceable blade. The second option is more convenient, since with damage it will be enough just to change the edge.

However, it should be understood that factory structures are more difficult than homemade devices. And getting a complete analogue of a store trimmer for grass will not work. Below are recommendations for the assembly of a functional hand mowing from different equipment.

Self.manufacture of a trimmer for grass from a drill

One of the easiest ways to make a trimmer for grass is to use an old drill or battery electric screwdriver. The second option is slightly worse, since the battery will significantly limit the working hours.

But you can increase autonomy by installing a 12 volt car battery in the design.

However, given the large size of this nutrition element, you will either have to take care of long wires, or make the whole device wheeled.

So, in order to make a trimmer for grass from a drill, a strong holder, directly power tools and a home.made knife will be required. The process includes several stages.

  • Production of the holder. It can be wooden or metal, but many recommend finding an aluminum pipe with light and weight and at the same time high reliability. In addition, it can be easily drilled if the trimmer for the grass in the future will not understand, and the drill will be fixed tightly.
  • Fastening to the drill holder (or electric screwdriver). This is carried out through metal brackets or clamps. Some home craftsmen claim that you can fix the tool with ordinary tape, but there are several nuances here. Firstly, it’s not safe. Secondly, it is impossible to give tape between the holder and the working mechanism, which means that it will be extremely inconvenient to use such an assembly.
  • Fastening to the cable holder. This is done with tape so that the wire does not hang and does not interfere during operation.
  • Another important point in the design is a knife. It can be made of steel. For ease of use, it should be thin. And if the assembly of a trimmer for the grass is made of an electric screwdriver on the battery, then the material should be selected light. this will allow to “squeeze” the maximum operating time from the battery. Further, the selected metal strip, sharpened on both sides, is drilled in the middle and tightly fixed from both edges on the bolt, which in turn will be fixed in the drill cartridge.
  • For safety, when working, you should take care of a protective casing, which can be made of plastic. A great option is to use the upper part from a plastic bottle with a volume of 19 liters.

trimmer for grass from corner grinder

Another simple and convenient option is to make an electric garden trimmer for grass from a corner grinder. In general, the assembly scheme is similar to the previous method, but with the difference that it is even easier to fix the power tool for the holder.

If you remove the protective casing available in the configuration from the corner grinder, then in this thread you can fasten the P-shaped fastener, welded independently. You can fix it on the holder by means of bolts or welding, if in the future it is not planned to disassemble a home.made trimmer for grass.

Some craftsmen immediately weld the protective casing to the fasteners.

On a note! The convenience of using a corner grinder as a basis for a trimmer for grass is that the knife to it is attached very easily on an existing mechanism. The cutting element itself can be made of an old disk knife from a circular saw. In the absence of one, you can use fishing line or wire.

Production of a hand mowing from a vacuum cleaner

It is quite possible to make a trimmer for grass from an old vacuum cleaner. In this case, the engine will have to be removed from the case and in this form to be attached to the holder in one of two possible ways. The first option is described in the previous paragraph. fasteners are welded from the metal by the size of the motor. The protective casing can again be made from a plastic bottle.

But there is a second method of mounting the motor. Due to the fact that the engine is larger and harder, it is convenient to place it on a design with wheels, for example, from an old stroller.

As practice shows, to keep a trimmer for grass, made of a vacuum cleaner, is extremely tiring and uncomfortable. Homemade head for attaching a knife in this case will not be needed.

TRIMER on wheels with your own hands

The wife of my old friend with great pleasure arranges small flowerbeds of various shapes in her country area, plants a decorative shrub. Caring for all this farm takes a lot of effort and time, especially when weeds need to be littered and grass. And a small electric trimmer for grass with power from the battery is simply an indispensable assistant when mowing grass under the bushes or near decorative fences from stones around flower beds.

But hands get tired

Batteries make it possible to move freely in a decorative bush, since there is no long cable that stretches for you from an electric outlet throughout the site, striving to get confused or spoil the plants in its path. With such a trimmer you can mow grass in the most inaccessible places, but it is hard to hold the tool with one hand during work. your hands get tired and you have to rest often. Then friends turned to me with a request to make it easier to work as a tool.

On the Internet, I once saw a photo that depicted a gasoline trimmer for grass with supporting wheels from a children’s bicycle installed on its bar. I decided to repeat the design. I did not remember the details of that device, but the principle was clear.

The reactive thrust came in handy

I picked up a metal pipe. such that its inner diameter is approximately equal to the outer diameter of the trimmer bar for grass. The reactive thrust of the rear axle of the Lada car was perfectly approached by a piece of 80 mm long from it, welded two long nuts with M8 threads one opposite the other, after which he cut the pipe along.It turned out a clamp consisting of two halves of a pipe with welded nuts.

On one of the halves of the clamp, the holes in the welded nuts to a diameter of 8.5 mm, to the second half, welded a 20 x 20 mm profile pipe at an angle, which will serve as a persistent wheel. In the lower part of the rack, a hole of 0 8.5 mm drilled for fastening supporting wheels from a children’s bicycle.

The design turned out to be simple and easy. Moving along the rod rack with wheels, you can choose the optimal position of the trimmer for grass in height so that it is convenient to work.

With such a simple improvement in the form of two wheels on the rack, to mow grass under the bushes, it became easy and convenient: you can hold a trimmer for grass with one hand, without particularly straining, and at the same time reach the most inaccessible places.

Do.it.yourself trimmer nozzle

For many summer residents, the trimmer for the grass has long become the technique of familiar and almost indispensable. But it is not always possible to purchase a model that allows you to satisfy all needs. It happens that with a fresh young vegetation, a trimmer for grass can easily cope, but there is a desire to clear the place behind the fence or along the access road, and the high ripe grass turns out to be “not on the teeth” technique.

We offer an option of independent manufacture of a nozzle for a trimmer for grass from simple (almost improvised) means.


Quite often, the owners of small country houses need motorized devices that can facilitate very time.consuming snow cleaning work from the adjacent territory. Factory snowmers are relative to the road, and not every homeowner can afford their acquisition. However, he, possessing certain skills in the implementation of locksmith and electrical work, may well make a small rotary snowman independently using a gasoline trimmer for grass with a direct barbell.

Important! From electric cos or lawn mowers with a curved rod, the snowman will not work due to insufficient motor power.

The most of all for the manufacture of the snowman is suitable for a powerful lawn mower, in which torque is transmitted to the braid head (knife) through a hard shaft and gearbox, for example, the Echo SRM-35ES device or its analogues.

Materials and tools

For the manufacture of such a snowman you will need:

  • welding machine;
  • corner grinder;
  • drill;
  • a segment of a steel pipe with a length of about 300 mm;
  • steel sheet 1.5 mm thick;
  • tooth disk (included in the supply of motorcycles);
  • Small barrel (for example, beer).

The algorithm of work

The details are made and the snowman is assembled in the following order:

  • The barrel is cut in a circle, retreating from the bottom about 150 mm;
  • In the lower part of the barrel, a hole is cut out for the protruding part of the gearbox;
  • Holes are drilled from the same side, coinciding with location with holes on the gearbox shield;
  • A square hole of 100×100 mm is cut to the side, which will serve to throw snow;
  • The resulting workpiece on top is covered with a 1/3 steel sheet.

The deflector is made from the remains of the barrel. To do this, cut a metal strip with dimensions about 150×300 mm, and then the resulting blank is bent and welded to it by sidewalls with a height of not more than 100 mm high. Next, the resulting deflector is welded to the body.

WheelWhacker String Trimmer Wheel Attachment

Then the shoulder blade is made, for which a blank of 300×400 mm is cut out of the steel sheet, the edges of which are bending, forming an side with a height of about 20 mm high. The finished shoulder blade is attached to the bottom of the case. The manufacture of the snowman’s casing ends on this. It is attached to the gearbox of a trimmer for grass through the opening in the lower part.

Now you need to make the rotor blades, for which, first of all, 4 blanks of 250×100 mm are cut out of the steel sheet. The shape of the shovel is given to each obtained part, and one of the corners is cut, thus receiving the finished blades. Then they are welded to the toothed disk, which is then screwed to the gear shaft instead of the trimmer knives for grass. Everything. the snowman is assembled and ready for operation. In more detail, the process of manufacturing such a home.made, collected on the basis of a gasoline trimmer for grass, can be seen on

On a note! Of course, with large territories filled with snow, a home.made snowman cannot cope, but it will be quite suitable for clearing tracks in the house territory.

Making electric cos from a washing machine with your own hands

You can also make an electric car on the basis of an engine from a washing machine. It is asynchronous and turns on by means of the button. The wagon can be made from a return button, for example, from measuring devices. Completely compact size of the motor allows you not to make a large cart, as in the previous version.

wheel, wheels, trimmer, grass, your

On a note! The convenience of using such an engine is that it already has a pulley, and the replacement of the piston with more convenient is not needed here. The belt and the second pulley are located right there. in the washing room.

Knives are made by analogy with descriptions above. But there is one important point. so that the engine from the washing machine is prepared for work as a trimmer for grass, you should not forget to make a protective casing for it. He will protect the drive from the grass. But at the same time, it is necessary to take care of the protection against overheating, that is, the casing should be larger in size and have holes for ventilation. For this purpose, an old bucket or plastic bottle of large capacity is suitable. Do not forget to take breaks. such a motor is not calculated for long.term work.


Chainsaw is a tool that is beloved among the people. For her, a huge number of removable units were created. from the nozzle cultivator to the drill. There are other options for its use. One of them can be a trimmer for grass, or rather, a lawn mower on wheels, since the great weight will not allow you to hold such an assembly in your hands.


Based on the size of the tool, the cart is made. It may look in the form of a metal frame with wheels in the corners and handle for moving. The most convenient number of wheels, according to experts, is 4. This improves maneuverability. The chainsaw is attached inside with the filled ass and tire so that the shaft is looking down. The helm is attached to the handle of the future trimmer for grass and lengthen the cable for the opportunity to start the device without leaning.

The mowing mechanism

The greatest difficulty in the manufacture of a herbal rospe of a chainsaw is the mowing mechanism. To make it, you will need to cook a special nozzle. To do this, take two metal pipes 40 cm long and with a diameter of 50 and 58 mm. A smaller diameter tube is welded to the engine sprocket. After that, it is inserted into the larger pipe diameter and attached with countrogikes bolts. This is done so that there is an opportunity to adjust the height of the knives. If this option is not required, you can do with one pipe.

The knife is welded to the second part of the pipe. Due to the high performance of the engine, you can make a cutting disk of metal with a thickness of 4 mm and with a diameter of up to 180 mm. Knives 120 mm long and 30 mm wide are attached to the disk. An excellent material for their manufacture will be an old two.handed hacksaw. Such a cutting block is suitable for high and thick grass. the engine power is enough to cope with it, and the knives will not quickly stupor and become unusable.

Enhanced design with two knives

To increase the width of the processed area in one pass, you can make a design with two knives. In this case, a pulley or asterisk is attached to the crankshaft. Using a rain belt or a bicycle chain, torque is transmitted to the shaft of a knife. In this case, the cutting parts are carried in front on the sides. And the frame in this case is executed so that the cutting elements do not reach the front wheels. They are attached with bearings and also have a pulley or asterisk.

Asterisk and pulley are selected so that the rotation of the knives is carried out at a speed of 500 revolutions per minute. this provides an even slice. The angle of sharpening of the knife is optimal to do 60 degrees, otherwise it will need to often bend anew. The length of the knives is selected based on the width of the supporting structure, so that during the rotation between them there remains a minimum gap. The opposite tip is bent at a slight angle, which makes it a kind of blade. This gives a blow. the grass will not stick. The knife should not be fixed tightly so that when the stones gets out, he changes his position, since it is easier to return it to its place than to repair the engine or shaft.

Materials and tools

The device is assembled from these components:

  • Electric motor. The unit is required more powerful, so it is advisable to get the old Soviet.made vacuum cleaner. For example, the brands “Buran” or “rocket” equipped with electric motors with a capacity of 300 W or more.
  • Textile. The plate of this material is used as a supporting base for installing a motor with a knife and wheel. Size. approximately 260×180 mm, thickness. 10 mm. The choice in favor of textolite is explained by its dielectric properties. its use reduces the likelihood of electricity lesion. For lack of textolite, a steel sheet is used with a thickness of 3. 4 mm, and even better. a large pan, a bowl or a bottom from a pan or luggage. Such a base has a bottom below, not allowing cut grass to fly in all directions.
  • Wheels. Wheels are used from car, warehouse cart or baby stroller. If the stroller is assembled, you can borrow the chassis entirely. then it remains only to fix the bearing base with the engine on it.
  • P-shaped pen. The chassis from the stroller with a handle is already equipped, in other cases it can be made from a plastic pipe, a metal thin.walled tube or wooden rails. On a metal handle in the place where the user is taken for it, you need to fix the rubber lining, for example, from a watering hose, which, due to dielectric properties, will reduce the likelihood of electricity lesion.
  • Power button. It is recommended to use a self.return button, that is, one that, in the absence of an effort from the user’s side, automatically switches to the “off” position. With it, the lawn mower will turn out as safe as possible: if the user, having stumbled, falls or in some other freelance situation, the device will immediately turn off and the knife stops.
  • Plastic bottle or tin sheet 1 mm thick. These materials will be needed for the manufacture of casings that protect the engine and electronics elements from dust and pieces of grass.
  • Steel corner. When using a metal bearing base, a frame for the engine is made from the corner.
wheel, wheels, trimmer, grass, your

You will need a wire with a fork. This is what is required of him:

Wheels or chassis are selected taking into account two factors:

  • Diameter: the larger it is, the less effort is required to move the lawn mower. But at the same time, you need to design the device so that the knife is located 5-6 cm from the ground. With this height, the cut is made evenly and the lawn looks neatly.
  • The number of wheels.
  • Two wheels: with this performance, a mowing is easy to maneuver, so narrow and impassable areas become available. But it is difficult to constantly keep the knife in a horizontal position.
  • Three wheels: not so maneuverable, but stable: the knife is constantly located horizontally. The third wheel is installed from behind. Convenient if it turns around the vertical axis.
wheel, wheels, trimmer, grass, your

A 4-wheeled finished chassis is also suitable, but it is irrational to install on the bearing base 4, since in comparison with 3-wheels this option does not have any advantages.

In the absence of finished wheels, they are cut out with an electrician of plastic or wood.

  • welding inverter with electrodes;
  • corner grinder with disks for cutting metal;
  • Drill with a set of drill for metal;
  • electrician (if there are no finished wheels);
  • soldering iron;
  • screwdrivers and wrench;
  • pliers;
  • a hammer;
  • Kern, devil;
  • roulette, ruler;

Mel or marker is useful for marking work.

Battery trimmers for grass haircuts

Battery trimmers for haircuts for cutting the Kärcher lawn-a truly universal tool for working in the garden. With their help, you can not only cut the lawn on the faces of the lawn, but also get to the corners and “narrow places”. The ergonomic handle is designed to provide comfort when working, especially if there are problems with the back.


Automatic adjustment of the length of the trimmer fishing line for grass.

A spiral fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass provides an accurate cut.

The optimal use of trimmer blades for grass when imposing increased requirements.

Always an even cut along the edges of the lawn thanks to the rotating head of a trimmer for grass.

Real Time technology: The battery shows the remaining time of work, charging time and capacity.

Ergonomic solution for mowing and trimming even under low objects such as garden benches.

The plant for plant protection prevents plant damage during operation.

Individual height adjustment for the correct and comfortable working position.

The safety casing protects the user from flying grass when mowing.

Device and principle of operation

A trimmer for grass with a battery is an electric manual braid for grass, which comes complete with an autonomous power source. In terms of design, it differs little from those models that work from the network. However, the technique of this kind is more compact and mobile, great for working in a limited territory, providing comfortable access to complex areas. A trimmer for grass for grass, working from a battery, is well suited for the lawn, carefully cutting off the stems of soft grass. It is important to understand that not all varieties of these models can cope with hard stems, shrubs and weeds. The battery trimmer for grass can be used as auxiliary equipment. The principle of operation of such a device is very simple and is practically no different from the standard. The electric motor transfers an effort to a rotating cutting element. The motor is usually located in the bottom of the bar.


To buy a battery trimmer for grass, you need to take into account a number of technical characteristics that provide high quality haircuts of lawns.

The mass of the device. Light models can have a weight of about 2 kg. Powerful variants of garden batteries weigh up to 7 kg. The catalog presents the Kerher models of different categories, this will choose the optimal mass of the device. Be sure to pay attention to this parameter if you plan to use a trimmer on a regular basis.

The width of the mowing strip. It depends on the diameter of the disk and can vary in the range of 230–400 mm.

Battery type and battery capacity. The productivity of the device depends on this, as well as its working life without additional recharging. Hand trimmers for Kerher’s grass are equipped with a lithium battery, which, depending on the battery, can provide up to 70 minutes of uninterrupted operation of the device.

Power. To ensure high quality processing of lawns, it is recommended to choose more powerful models. Such a device provides comfortable work and can mow thick herbal stems without loss of processing quality.

The duration of charging. Trimmers for Kerher’s grass can be charged for 48 (80 %) or 78 (100 %) minutes thanks to a special device.


This battery trimmer for grass makes a great impression. Facilitates the process of removing grass, weeds and undesirable vegetation even in hard.to.reach places. Thanks to the LTR 36-33 battery, processing areas around trees, hedges and passages are now easier than before. Pay attention to the range of trimmers for giving. This is a convenient and practical technique that provides high quality processing of lawns. In the catalog you can choose the right devices options at a favorable price. All models have excellent technical characteristics and are ideal for private use.

Subtleties of operation

Battery trimmers for grass do not depend on the length of the wire: you can mow grass at any distance from the house. However, it is important to consider several nuances that will provide you with the maximum comfort of interaction with the technique. Before starting work, it is recommended to check the territory for dangerous garbage that can damage the device blade: large stones and snags. In addition, we recommend that we make sure that there are no electric wires or cables under voltage in the grass. It is also advisable to temporarily isolate pets, and people should not approach the working operator closer than 10 m. Be sure to check the strength of fastening the nozzle before each use of the technique. Remember that compliance with the instructions provides the maximum life of the device and reduces the risk of possible trauma during operation.

Possible variations of a home.made trimmer for grass

In the factory trimmer, 1.5 mm fishing line for a trimmer is used as a cutting element. Is it possible to apply it in a home.made device? Yes, only for its installation you will need an additional mount. In addition, it is worth taking into account that the fishing line for the trimmer will constantly need to be lengthened or changed.

The saw disc. the circular, in turn, is perfectly attached to the standard shaft and does not need to be replaced. There will be no need to even sharpen its need. When it hits the stone, a very sharp sound is immediately heard. If the disk is immediately assigned to the side, then nothing will happen.

Option two. replace the disk with a metal wire. Alas, and she will not justify herself. Corner grinder gives about 11 thousand revolutions per minute. When dressing the wire, strong vibration immediately begins, the handle of the trap simply jumps out of the hands. In addition, this whole process is accompanied by a terrible noise.

The benefits of such a trimmer for grass are obvious. However, for the doubters, another argument: the corner grinder remains absolutely functional, and at any time it can be removed and used for its intended purpose. Two in one, as they say.