Which Grass Catcher To Choose For A Lawn Mower

The fact that the lawn in front of the house should be ennobled and regularly mowed is beyond doubt. But the question of what is best to do, often causes difficulties for the owners of the cottages and private homes. A small lawn can be trimmed with scissors. It is also convenient to use an electric trimmer with fishing line. It is light and practical, and in larger areas they often use a lawn mower, since it is not tied to a power outlet. Having such a device, you can mow and fishing line, and many types of serrated knives or disc.

However, all such mowers are leveled before using a special device. Lawn mowers. This unit is designed specifically to give a neat appearance to lawns, which, in fact, follows from its name. It is made in the form of a cart on wheels, has a convenient handle with controls, a large deck and a rotating knife under it. In such machines, the maximum number of adjustments and systems for comfortable operation is implemented.

Why lawn mowers are better than lawn mowers and trimmers

The main question for the buyer “Why is a lawn mower better than lawn mowers and trimmers, because it is more expensive, heavier and cannot mow all types of vegetation on a site?”. And the fact that only due to its constructive form. This is the location of the knife between the wheel axles, you will achieve a perfectly smooth lawn in your area, as the mowing occurs at the height that you initially set. Another advantage. Mowed grass is collected in a grass catcher, and not lying all over the site, although mulch is needed to support the lawn and only a lawn mower can also produce it (for the most part with a gasoline drive).

Having such a mowing tool, the mowing process becomes convenient and enjoyable, and if you stick to the mowing schedule, your lawn will have the best look.

Hyundai has developed several types of lawn mowers. The task of each of them is to present an even green lawn to the owner of the cottage. Hyundai lawn mowers are much different from each other. Among the presented models, you can choose the one that has the optimal characteristics in terms of power, working width, cutting height. The Korean manufacturer took care of the availability of functions that make mowing pleasant and comfortable (mulching, adjusting the cutting height, washing the deck, adjusting the handle in height). Undoubtedly, these factors influence the choice of model. But the main thing you need to decide first is the size of your lawn. For it is worth starting from this parameter when choosing an engine.

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Among the Hyundai mowers, there are two types of installed engine:

Which drive is relevant for which area of ​​the lawn, you will find out below by reading with the characteristics of these devices.

Comparison Chart:

What lawn size is acceptable for electric models?

Electric lawn mowers are very popular among summer cottage owners. Judge for yourself. This device, which requires a minimum of attention, does not bring any additional trouble. Everything is simple and clear. Plug the plug into the outlet, and follow the device on the lawn, cutting the ends of the grass. No gas exhaust, no loud noise, no need to refuel, change oil, etc. Hyundai brand synchronous electric motors work like a watch, they are well protected from voltage surges in the network, there is thermal protection against overload. Everything is reliable, clean and environmentally friendly. A steel two-blade knife gently cuts the grass at the right height.

However, such devices have their limitations. The main thing. This is the size of your lawn. The second one. This is a power cable, which is also not dimensionless. Therefore, electric mowers are designed for small lawns.

If you disassemble by model, then:

  • Hyundai LE 3200. With a 32 cm passage at a time and a 1.3 kW drive. For the smallest lawns, an area of ​​0.5-3 acres;
  • Hyundai LE 4200. A more powerful model, the engine is 1.8 kW, the passage is wider. 42 cm. But the recommended area is up to 5 acres.

These two models are non-self-propelled. That is, you need to push the cart in front of you. Although electric mowers are very lightweight, and it will not be difficult even with a loaded grass catcher.

But Hyundai took care of its users’ Forte, and created another model with an electric motor. The powerful Hyundai LE 4600S. Installed engine 1.8 kW, mowing width. 46 cm, and the capacity of the grass catcher is 60 liters, and it moves independently, so the mowing process becomes more comfortable. It has a strong steel case and the function of grinding grass (mulching). In general, in all respects. The most advanced in a number of electric lawnmowers manufacturer Hyundai. The area for mowing is allowed up to 10 hundred parts, you just need to choose a reliable carry with the desired cross-section of the electric wire.

Gasoline units. For large areas

Hyundai gasoline mowers are more expensive than electric ones. But they have an undeniable advantage. Power and battery life.

According to the recommended areas:

  1. Models L 4310 and L 4300 with a 3.5 hp engine, without wheel drive. For lawns up to 5-10 hundred parts;
  2. Mowers L 5100M, L 4300S, L 5100S self-propelled. For larger lawns, from 10 to 15 hundred parts;
  3. Models L 5100S and L 5500S can perfectly mow grass in areas from 15 to 20 acres, and the lawn mower L 5500S can be used in areas of a larger area. It is used in stadiums, large sports fields with grass cover.
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The gasoline models from Hyundai have branded hardy engines of the professional Hyundai IC series, with proper operation, the resource of its work is about 1200 hours. Thanks to such a power unit, you can work quietly for several hours a day, stopping only to refuel and empty the container. And the top models have grass catchers with a capacity of 70 liters.

In addition to large areas, gas mowers also have other advantages:

  • Self-propelled gun makes the mowing process easier, makes it easy and not burdensome;
  • The width of the knife can reach 55 cm, this is important in a large area;
  • Gasoline units boast excellent mobility on all forms of sites, unlike electric ones;
  • The wheels of the lawn mowers are equipped with ball bearings, which makes the mower smooth and durable.

What other parameters should you pay attention to when choosing

  • Mowing width;

As we explained above, this indicator is important for speed on large lawns. If the mower runs 55 centimeters at a time, then you can handle it faster than the one with a 42 cm pass. But on small areas, the size of the width is not so important. Often, on the contrary, you need to go to a bottleneck, to caress the benches, between bushes and flower beds. Then it is better to choose narrow models, with a passage of 32 cm (electric), 42 cm. Gasoline.

  • Haircut height and how to adjust it;

Electric models are sheared in the range of 20-60 cm. The desired position is set on each wheel separately. It’s a little tiring, much better central adjustment with a single spring lever. Just the LE 4600S mower has this function. She has 6 steps of adjustment, and a mowing height of 30 to 60 cm.

Gasoline. The adjustment range is wider. On average, from 25 to 75 cm. 6-7 positions are available to the user. And the most convenient thing is that they change with one lever located above the rear wheel. This is very handy when the grass grows on an uneven area.

Which Grass Catcher To Choose For A Lawn Mower
  • Grass ejection and mulching;

In most models, cut grass is generally folded into a grass catcher, but some mowers have a side ejection function. It is good when you need to make mulch. Then the container is disconnected and the grass ejection hole is blocked.

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Most Hyundai mowers have a mulching function. Electric models LE3200 and LE4200 do not have it, while gasoline models do not have them in L4300, L4310, L4300S.

A bit about mulching:

Mulch performs the function of not only protecting and enriching the soil with various useful elements, but also a number of other, equally important, functions. Weed control; in hot weather, plant protection from death. For its production, the kit has a special mulching plug.

  • Grass catcher volume;

The larger the container for mowed grass, the less often you need to stop and clean it.

Hyundai mowers:

  • Electric have 30, 45 liters. Self-propelled Hyundai LE 4600S. 50 liters;
  • Gasoline. From 60-65 to 70 liters.

There are containers made of pure plastic with a well-thought-out ventilation system. There are also combined ones. The lower part and the ribs are made of plastic to keep the shape, and the upper part is made of synthetic fabric. The combined grass catcher is lightweight and roomy. Powerful Hyundai petrol models have it. It allows you to throw grass 30% less than a regular plastic container. The grass catcher can also be removed, and work without it. This option is acceptable for quick mowing with scattering grass on the lawn.

It is very convenient when there is a special fitting, you can connect a water hose, turn on the motor and wash the deck, without applying special effort. Hyundai L 5500S, L 5100S and L 4300S mowers are equipped with such a system.

To summarize

  1. For a small, even lawn near the house, a Hyundai electric mower is best. It is lightweight and comfortable.
  2. For a slightly larger lawn (from 5 to 10 acres), you can take an electric Hyundai LE 4600S. It is self-propelled, with a large grass catcher and a mulching system. If there are problems with the electrical network (weak, with voltage drops), then for such a lawn low-power gasoline cars are suitable: L 4310 and L 4300.
  3. For lawns 10-15 hundredths definitely need to take a gasoline model. At the same time, look at the terrain. If the site is not even, it is better to choose a mower with a drive on wheels. We would recommend you consider the L5100S.
  4. 20-25 acres. It’s a big lawn. The best choice. The most advanced, powerful and functional lawn mower Hyundai L 5500S. This is a great machine, durable, with a combined grass catcher, central height adjustment from 25 to 75 cm, with a passage 55 cm wide, with an adjustable handle and several ejection modes. Side, back, bag and mulching.