Which Miter Saw Is Better To Choose


  • High-quality assembly and dust extraction
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 31.000 R
  • Rating (2019): 4.8

A reliable tool that can withstand long-term use and harsh operating conditions. Like all BOSCH products, it has excellent assembly, high precision of operations. Great solution for both home and professional use.

Best inexpensive miter saws

Metabo KGS 216 M

  • High quality laser
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 16200 RUB
  • Rating (2019): 4.6

A powerful tool for medium loads. Perfectly trims hard woods such as Oak and Beech. Equipped with high quality laser, which improves the accuracy of work.

Metabo KGS 254 Plus

  • Best professional option price / quality
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 48.000 R
  • Rating (2019): 4.9

This saw features a powerful yet quiet induction motor. The latter is practically maintenance-free and has exceptional durability. High accuracy and productivity allows the product to be used for professional work. It can be said to be the best wood saw in its class.

HAMMER STL1400 / 210

  • Light weight and high power
  • Country: Germany
  • Price: 7400 R
  • Rating (2019): 4.7

Sufficiently lightweight, compact and at the same time powerful saw. Equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle. Allows you to get a high-quality smooth cut. Has convenient clamping fittings.

Top manufacturers

  • BOSCH. A well-known German company, the first products of which entered the market back in 1933. Since then, she has been revered by all professionals and just lovers of tinkering.
  • Hyundai. A well-known Korean company that produces relatively inexpensive miter saws, but at the same time they are not inferior in characteristics and equipment to analogues from world leaders.
  • Makita. A Japanese company with over 100 years of experience. Produces exceptionally high-quality and easy-to-use tools.
  • HAMMER. Czech manufacturer of electrical equipment with a rich history. The company monitors the quality of its products, so it always makes consumers happy.

Best mid-range miter saws

Makita LS1040F

  • Reliable and functional
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating (2019): 4.8

The miter saw has a compact size and low weight, while it has a fairly powerful motor. The disc diameter is 255 mm. Can be used for cutting soft metals. The rotation speed is 4600 rpm, which allows you to get a high-quality cut.

Makita LH1040F

  • Accurate and inexpensive
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating (2019): 4.7

Sufficiently lightweight, yet accurate saw with an excellent price / performance ratio. The model has no backlashes or any other defects, it is equipped with a smooth start, a high-quality laser. Saws qualitatively any kind of wood, plastic and some other materials.


  • Power: 1655 W;
  • Weight: 26.1 kg;
  • Cutting depth 45/90 °. 107/107 mm;
  • Cutting width 45/90 °. 255/363 mm.

Professional cross-cut saw used in many businesses. Convenient tilt and angle adjustment, as well as a wide kerf allow you to work with workpieces of different sizes. The LS1216 model has been thought out as much as possible and safety: smooth start, braking, transparent protective cover.

Additional features and security

Manufacturers are constantly striving to make the miter saw more convenient and versatile. Some models may have the following additional features:

  • Adjustment of the table width. Allows you to set up the machine for working with bulky workpiece materials.
  • Precise angle adjustment. Special fixing elements in the design, allowing you to quickly adjust the saw to work with the most common angles.
  • Speed ​​regulation. You can reduce or increase the speed.
  • Additional clamping devices.
  • Stands. Will help you to comfortably equip the workplace on the floor.

The miter saw safety system consists of the following elements and functions:

  • A casing that completely covers the disc when turned off;
  • Electrodynamic brake for smooth stopping of the motor when switched off;
  • Blocking of work when replacing the saw blade;
  • Breakdown protection;
  • Automatic machine stop in case of emergency.

Also, do not forget about safety and the master himself, who works with a miter saw. Safety goggles, gloves and heavy-duty clothing are required.

Purpose and principle of operation of the miter saw

This type of tool is essential when working with wood. The miter saw will help you make a perfectly smooth cut on the workpiece at different angles. It is with such a unit that an inclined cut is made.

The multi-tool is especially useful for fine finishing. With its help, you can prepare door leaf platbands and other elements that require an accurate cut. The unit is also used in the production of furniture.

A high-quality miter saw model can also replace a sawing machine. Its design consists of a circular saw, base plate, protective cover, control handle, stops. The feed is regulated by means of guides. When idle, the saw is covered by a casing body due to the spindle lock.

Budget models

If facing with a broach is needed for domestic use, then it is better to choose an inexpensive model that will help to cope with most simple tasks.

Rating of the best miter saw manufacturers

In addition to the basic performance characteristics, when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand. It is better to trust well-known companies that produce quality tools, even if it costs a little more.

  • Bosch, Germany. The best miter saws are made by this brand. The company is mainly focused on the premium segment. High-quality materials, wide functionality, compact dimensions. the main characteristics.
  • Makita, Japan. Will delight the buyer with a wide range. In the Makita catalog you can find both simple home use trimmers and quite professional models.
  • Metabo, Germany. Produce professional electric miter saws. High build quality and top notch durability. The range includes models with saw diameters from 21 to 31 cm.
  • Hammer Flex, Czech Republic / Germany. Trimmers from this company are notable for their compact size and at the same time high power. They are used not only for woodwork, but also for sawing soft metals, such as aluminum.
  • Dewalt, USA. Miter saws for perfectly clean work. Most models are equipped with a dust collection system. The build quality is high, the warranty service should be noted separately.
  • Caliber, Russia. The large dusty disc and the robustness of the structure allow the Caliber miter saws to work with materials of different hardness. The trimmer is equipped with a compact table that clamps firmly in place in the workplace.
  • Bison, Russia. Powerful powertrains and large discs make it possible to overcome any cutting challenge. Also, the tools of the Zubr company are distinguished by an affordable price.
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Hammer STL1400 / 210

  • Power: 1400 W;
  • Weight: 6.3 kg;
  • Sawing depth at an angle of 45/90 °. 30/55 mm;
  • Sawing width at an angle of 45/90 °. 83/120 mm.

A powerful enough option for its size. Suitable for working with wood and aluminum profiles. Convenient adjustment of cutting angles and stability of the machine thanks to the sturdy aluminum base. Has the ability to turn in both directions.

Design features that you need to pay attention to when choosing

There are several more characteristics, having studied which it will be easier to choose the right version of the miter saw:

  • RPM speed. Some models have the ability to adjust the engine speed. This allows you to optimally configure the machine for working with materials of different hardness.
  • Cutting depth. To make the cut deeper, you need a machine with a large saw blade. In household appliances, a disc with a diameter of 20 cm is usually installed, in professional. 25 cm.
  • Disc groove width. A groove is a special place where the disc goes. The quality of work depends on the width of the groove. If it is no more than 10 mm, then the cut will be of high quality, with a minimum amount of chips and sawdust.
  • Outsole quality. The stability of the miter saw depends on this structural element. Craftsmen advise you to pay attention to options with a cast sole, which is resistant and not damaged. It is also important that it is not too thin.
  • Broach width. The section that the saw can go through the workpiece material. Everything is simple here: the wider the broach, the wider the workpieces can be processed on the machine. You need to choose taking into account what materials will be processed: for skirting boards, a saw with a broach of up to 100 mm is enough, if the products are larger, then the machine will be required with a greater broach.
  • Swivel saw design. There are guides for the design of the miter saw that allow you to adjust the angle of inclination when cutting. For professional devices, the tilt angle is up to 57 °, for simpler options. 45 °.
  • Weight. The mobility of the unit largely depends on it. The less it weighs, the easier it is to take it to work on site.

Knowledge of the main characteristics will allow you to choose a miter saw with a broach according to your requirements.

Dewalt DW717XPS

  • Power: 1675 W;
  • Weight: 24 kg;
  • Cutting depth 45/90 °. 56/89 mm;
  • Maximum cutting width. 302 mm.

Quality option from an American manufacturer. In terms of characteristics, the unit is similar to the previous version from Makita. speak of the high quality of the engine, it runs smoothly, does not heat up even at maximum speed and lasts for a long time.

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

  • Power: 1100 W;
  • Weight: 9.4 kg;
  • Cutting depth 45/90 °. 45/60 mm;
  • Cutting width 45/90 °. 80/120 mm.

The classic saw for the home. Compact, medium weight and low power. A bit noisy, but the build quality is very high.

  • Kinds
  • Rating of the TOP 7 best miter saws
  • Metabo KGS 216 M
  • ZUBR ZPTK-255-1800
  • Metabo KGS 315 Plus
  • Makita LS1216
  • Comparative table of the presented models
  • Best lists
    • With a broach
    • Without broach
    • Rechargeable
    • What to look for when choosing
    • There are a large number of different models of miter saws, but they are all united by one parameter. the type. At the moment there are three types of saws:

      • Stationary. They are fixed on workbenches using special elements. In this case, the device is used as a spreader and board trimmer.
      • Manual. This type of device has a small area of ​​application. It is mainly used in the case of working with cuts at the desired angle and facing the ends of metals.
      • Hybrid. The most popular models, since they are used in works of great complexity. The saw has a saw blade and a special riving knife.
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      ZUBR ZPTK-255-1800

      The functional device is capable of simultaneously performing the functions of trimming and circular. The cuts are reinforced with a 250 mm disc. The handles are covered with rubber and ensure comfortable use throughout the entire working time.

      Disc diameter25 cm
      Weight14.5 kg
      Rotational speed4500 rpm
      • Has a sawing table;
      • High power motor. 1800 W;
      • Easy to use.

      With a broach

      Dewalt DW 717 XPS provides the user with a simple solution to solve the problem of slice accuracy: by symmetrically arranging light directed directly onto the disc. The warranty period of this device is more than five years, making it an excellent option for high-quality and unpretentious precision equipment.

      Power1675 Wt
      Cutting height88 mm
      The size541x442x718 mm


      Makita DLS714Z small-sized and easy-to-transport model has good parameters in operation. The blade is easily capable of cutting with a height of about 60 mm and a width of about 260 mm. Inside there are two batteries connected in series.

      Number of speeds1
      Battery voltage36 in
      Weight14 kg

      BOSCH PCM 8

      The model from a popular manufacturer does not have a good broach, so its cutting width is 120 mm. The device from the budget segment is lightweight, so there will be no problems during transportation. Users note that if you correctly approach the choice of discs, then the saw will perfectly cope with metal and aluminum.

      Number of speeds1
      Working with metalthere is
      Weight8 kg
      • Small weight. 8 kg;
      • Small dimensions. 65x35x40 cm;
      • Possesses high quality tilt mechanism.

      Metabo KGS 216 M

      This model has gained great popularity due to the price affordable to each buyer. Comfortable work is ensured by the presence of illumination over the entire working area and a camp-type cut indicator.

      Bore diameter30 mm
      Dimensions760x340x475 mm
      • Two pairs of retractable expanders;
      • The work area is highlighted;
      • Laser cut position indicator.
      • Poor laser location led to the collection of sawdust near it.

      Rating of the TOP 7 best miter saws

      Having analyzed a large number of different miter saws of different types on the Internet, we have compiled a rating of the best, which includes the following models:

      • JET JSMS-8L.
      • BOSCH PCM 8.
      • Metabo KGS 216 M.
      • ZUBR ZPTK-255-1800.
      • BOSCH GCM 12 GDL.
      • Metabo KGS 315 Plus.
      • Makita LS1216.

      Let’s proceed to a more complete description of all the advantages and characteristics of each presented model.

      Metabo KGS 315 Plus

      It gained its popularity due to the unique ability to regulate the speed when working with various materials. The manufacturer took care of the Forte combo during operation and equipped this model with a useful dust removal function.

      A typetrimming
      Support surface505х365 mm
      Rotational speed4100 rpm
      • Good engine power. 2200 W;
      • Cutting depth. 120 mm;
      • Possibility of self-regulation of speed.
      • Hard scales interfere with accurate work.

      JET JSMS-8L

      This model, despite the Chinese assembly, has a high quality of work and reliability. The one and a half kilowatt motor uses 216 mm wide discs and has a useful pull mode.

      Disc diameter216 mm
      Tilt angle45 degrees
      Power1500 watts
      • Rotation speed. 5000 rpm;
      • Reliable and high-quality assembly;
      • High cutting precision.
      • Poorly removes dust from the work surface.

      ZUBR ZPT-305-1800 PLR

      Tabletop miter saw with belt drive. It is a powerful tool for fast and accurate sawing of wood products, synthetic materials.

      The saw head rotates freely in both directions, which allows you to work at the desired angle.

      Thanks to the belt drive in the drive, the motor is protected from heavy loads.

      The protective hood closes automatically, so the operator is protected from injury and damage.

      The turntable is easily locked into position, and the convenient bed adjustment makes it easy to choose the cutting angle.


      • Power. 1.8 kW;
      • Cutting height. 9 cm, width. 34 cm;
      • Disc diameter. 30.5 cm, bore. 3 cm;
      • Tilt angle. 45 °, rotation. 47 °;
      • Rotation speed. 4,000 rpm;
      • Includes 2 table extensions, dust collector, clamp, key, disc;
      • Weight. 18 kg.


      • Increased cutting width;
      • High-quality broaching result;
      • Effective dust extraction;
      • Safe and comfortable operation;
      • Adjustable design;
      • Good power;
      • Performance.


      Hammer STL1800 / 305PL

      Table miter saw for straight, bevel, bevel and combination sawing wood at home.

      Which Miter Saw Is Better To Choose

      The broaching system allows you to work with wide workpieces, and the hard alloy disk cuts them instantly.

      The robust hood protects the operator from injury and swarf. The guide from the laser shows the line, but according to users. it is not accurate.

      An accidental start blocking system increases safety when the device is idle. A special mount on the base allows you to fix the saw on the workbench, and the presence of a branch pipe is necessary to connect a vacuum cleaner.

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      • Power. 1.8 kW;
      • Cutting height. 11 cm, width. 31.5 cm;
      • Disc diameter. 30.5 cm, landing disc. 3 cm;
      • Tilt angle. 47 °;
      • Rotation speed. 5,000 rpm;
      • Includes 2 workpiece support extensions, dust collector, clamp, disc, keys;
      • Weight. 22 kg.


      • Endurance;
      • Quality cut;
      • Stable rotation speed;
      • Reliable build;
      • Safety of use;
      • Good equipment.


      The miter saw with a broach is designed for cutting workpieces at a selected angle.

      This achieves excellent clarity and accuracy.

      A pendulum saw as a jeweler instantly cuts timber, boards, slats, MDF, laminate, artificial boards and hardboard.

      But it is also able to prepare profile plastic, decorative stucco molding, profiled aluminum.

      Metabo KGS 254 M

      Tabletop, single speed miter saw. Sawing is quick and easy thanks to precise angles adjustment via fixation points, integrated laser and bright illumination.

      Table extensions slide out smoothly, and high stops move apart.

      This increases the operator’s safety during work. Saw head tilts to the left for additional angular range.

      The disc is replaced without dismantling the casing due to the spindle lock. The sawdust is discharged through the built-in funnel, and the dust collector simplifies the subsequent cleaning process.


      • Power. 1.8 kW;
      • Cutting height. 9.2 cm, width. 30.5 cm;
      • Disc diameter. 25.4 cm, bore. 3 cm;
      • Tilt and swivel angle. 47 ° each;
      • Rotation speed. 4 500 rpm, at nom. Load. 3,150 rpm;
      • Cutting speed. 60 m / s;
      • Cable length. 2 m;
      • The set includes a disc, 2 table extensions, a miter stop, a clamp, a tool for changing a disc, a dust collector, a cord winding;
      • Dimensions. 79×51.5×51.5 cm;
      • Weight. 16.3 kg.


      • Quality manufacturing;
      • Clean and smooth cut;
      • Performance;
      • Vacuum cleaner adapter;
      • Good equipment.


      • No soft start;
      • Poor disc quality.

      Makita LS1216

      Bench-top miter saw with smooth start and dynamic motor brake. Shows neat and clean results for side, corner and bevel cuts.

      Smooth sliding of the frame is achieved by double guides, which in turn are mounted on six linear ball bearings.

      Built-in electronics maintains stable rotation speed, which eliminates jerking when driving the disc.

      A three-level gearbox and a removable cover increase the cutting parameters, provide the possibility of bevel cutting in both directions and in two planes.


      • Power. 1.65 kW;
      • Cut height. 10.7 cm, width. 36.3 cm;
      • Disc diameter. 30.5 cm, bore. 2.5 cm;
      • Tilt angle. 45 °, rotation. 60 °;
      • Rotation speed. 3 200 rpm;
      • Length of cable;
      • Weight. 26.1 kg.


      • Perfect cut quality;
      • Convenient tilt adjustment;
      • Smooth start and fast engine brake;
      • Long broach;
      • Reliability, ease of assembly;
      • Dust collector.


      • No lamp and laser;
      • Not suitable for metal.

      Dewalt DW717XPS

      Table miter saw with unique XPS system. It represents the positioning of the cut line using the disc shade.

      Therefore, fast and accurate alignment of the disc on the mowing line is achieved, illumination of the working area.

      Thanks to the cam clamp, the operator can set the exact cutting angle. The modern system of two guides is designed to hold long workpieces, while the cut section does not move.

      The innovative cutting depth gauge will help you make the grooves.

      The model is great for home carpentry, use in furniture companies.


      • Power. 1 675 kW, output. 0.96 kW;
      • Cutting height. 8.8 cm, width. 30.2 cm;
      • Disc diameter. 25.4 cm, bore. 3 cm;
      • Tilt angle. 48 °, rotation. 60 °;
      • Rotation speed. 4,000 rpm;
      • Complete with disc, key, dust collector;
      • Dimensions. 54.1×44.2×71.8 cm;
      • Weight. 23 kg.


      • Smooth cut;
      • Effective unique technologies;
      • Dynamic engine brake;
      • Smooth speed control;
      • Spindle lock;
      • Vacuum cleaner connection.


      Metabo KGS 315 Plus

      Professional table miter saw. Maximum flexibility in the sawing process is achieved by free table rotation and saw head tilt.

      Equipped with Vario-Constamatic full wave electronics to ensure optimum speed selection for a specific material type.

      The “Quick” system is designed for easy saw blade replacement without tools. High-quality sawing thanks to the powerful universal motor and large saw blade.

      There is a function of adjusting the speed, broaching for wide workpieces, precise adjustment of angles through the fixation points, a limiter.


      • Power. 2.2 kW;
      • Cutting height. 12 cm, width. 32 cm;
      • Disc diameter. 31.5 cm, bore. 3 cm;
      • Tilt angle. 47 °, rotation. 60 °;
      • Support dimensions. 50.5×36.5 cm;
      • Rotation speed at rated load. 4,100 rpm;
      • Cutting speed. 67 m / s;
      • Includes disc, support, clamp, dust collector, vacuum cleaner adapter;
      • Weight. 26 kg.


      • Optimal sawdust removal;
      • Smooth engine start;
      • Safe use due to the high, extendable support;
      • Good power;
      • Quiet and soft work;
      • High-quality cutting of any type of wood.


      • Laser imprecision.