Which Way To Wind The Line On The Trimmer

Threading the line into the trimmer

The main question is how to properly wind the line on the trimmer spool, securely fixing it there?

In the case of a device with one antenna, up to four meters of fishing line is unwound, one end is inserted into the hole inside it, which fixes the fishing line, and moved in the direction indicated by the arrow. The end of the thread is fixed in a groove inside the bobbin so that it does not unwind during assembly. lawn mower huter ggt 2500t bought a huter petrol trimmer how to wind the line on. If there is no groove, then this free end is fixed with a finger. Then the coil is assembled.

How to thread a trimmer coil if it has two antennae? In this case, check how many grooves there are on it. one or two. In the first case, both antennae are directed into a common groove, if there are two of them, then each of them into its own. 2-4 meters of thread is passed through the hole so that the free ends of the thread are of the same length, and twist the bobbin in the direction of the arrow-pointer. The ends of the thread are inserted into the grooves or held with a finger, the device is assembled and attached to the trimmer.

In a spool with two grooves, the same piece of thread is folded in the form of a loop, sent to the groove between them and the ends are wound simultaneously. How to install a 2-blade knife on a Stihl fs 55 lawn mower. Instructions on how to change the mowing heads of lawn mowers from a reel (line) to a knife. Then repeat the previous assembly. With semi-automatic winding, the bobbins operate as follows. The fishing line is passed through a hole inside, its ends are fixed in the holes on the body, collect it and press the button. The thread can be easily wound in the correct direction.

It is important to remember that the cutting surface must be protected from hard objects so that it does not wear out. Otherwise, it will be necessary to constantly stop and, having removed the reel, replace the used line. Keep your work fun and enjoyable!

Which Way To Wind The Line On The Trimmer

Winding the line to the trimmer

Measured and accurate dismantling of the spool from the spit coil makes it possible to go directly to winding the line. The design features of the head, the number and location of the fixing holes dictate the sequence of actions when performing this operation, and also determine the methods used. Today there are several types of reels, depending on the number of line antennae and the methods of threading it:

  • Trimmer head with one working mustache;
  • A bobbin with two line antennae;
  • Auto winding reel.
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So how do I load the line into the trimmer reel? All work is divided into several stages:

  • First you need to disassemble the trimmer head.
  • Unscrew the nozzle by turning the drum to the right.
  • Press your fingers on the two latches located on opposite sides of the tapholes and remove the top nozzle cover. You can remove the cover with a screwdriver. This must be done with caution: drums with automatic trap feed have a spring that can forcibly reset the lid along with all the contents of the spool.

Preliminary preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, you need to remove the spool (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer. specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of the product itself:

  • Small electric trimmers with a working engine and bottom coil usually have side buttons on either side of the bobbin. When pressed at the same time, the upper part of the spool together with the inner content for winding the line is detached, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to disassemble the bobbin on a flat, smooth place so that the spring included in the structure does not jump out and get lost;
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved bar without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have spools with a special wing: in such designs, hold the spool in a stationary position with one hand, and rotate the locking reel on the rod with the wing nut counterclockwise with the other. After disconnecting the nut, the entire bobbin is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers with the ability to install the knife on a straight bar (for example, Stihl trimmers) have a hole under the reel. To keep the rod stationary, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole and, with slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bobbin is fixed. After that, the coil body is scrolled clockwise (with a left-hand thread) and removed from the trimmer.
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For the second and third cases, the coils, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. In bobbins with a lamb, a lamb is unscrewed, in coils with latches, the latches are pressed and one part of the coil is released from the other. If the halves of the bobbin are connected by thread, then it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely unscrewed.

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A Few Tips for Proper Trimming

  • If the spool allows you to wind fifteen meters of thread, then you shouldn’t wind so much, ten is enough, that is, if you fold it in two layers, you get five meters. With a different line capacity, you should use the same rule.
  • In the case when an ordinary round thread is used, it is better that it be 3.3 mm in diameter. If this is a curly fishing line, then its thickness should be less, for example, 3 mm.
  • It is better to wind both segments of the fishing line on the spool at once, and it is necessary to start from its bend. It is important not to overlap in the direction of the arrow. It is also important to be able to pull the thread perfectly. If the thread is tied, then it can overlap. If not reached, it can twist. In order not to cut your hands on the curly thread yourself, you should wind it with gloves.
  • No need to leave the ends of the line long. This can cause it to curl.

Coil with one working antenna

The simplest option and uncomplicated sequence of actions:

  • The dimensions of the reel and the length of the original factory winding determine the recommended length of the line for winding. 2. 5 m.
  • One end of the line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
  • The fishing line is wound on the drum in the opposite direction of the spool rotation on the trimmer product. as a rule, on the inside of the reel, an arrow indicates in which direction the winding is carried out.
  • A small section of the line is left free to lead it out. it is fixed in a specialized groove on the inside of the bobbin, designed to hold the winding when assembling the bobbin into working condition.
  • The left end of the line is passed through the hole in the outer part of the reel.
  • The bobbin halves are assembled and put on the trimmer bar.
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On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight bar and a gearbox at its end (on such trimmers, in addition to fishing line, you can also install a knife), we look for a hole under the coil, insert, for example, a screwdriver into it, gently rotate the coil until the screwdriver crawls even deeper, and the coil will lock. Now turn the whole coil clockwise (since the thread is left-handed) and remove it from the trimmer. Then we disassemble the coil. It can be assembled with latches or twisted with a lamb. If the coil is on latches, then press on the sides on the base of the latches so that they bend and release one half of the coil body from the other. We just unscrew the lamb. There may also be a third type of connection of the two halves of such a coil: with it, you need to grab the lower part with one hand, and the upper part with the other, and begin to turn them in opposite directions. When disassembling such a coil, you also need to make sure that the spring inside is not lost.