Why a chainsaw only runs on the choke

Why a chainsaw only runs on the choke?

If a chainsaw has trouble starting, many people immediately blame the carburetor. In fact, there are several variants and the cause of the malfunction can be anything:

  • The air and/or fuel filter is clogged. Fix the problem by cleaning the filters.
  • No fuel in the tank. Yes, there is such a reason. some owners forget about such an insignificant detail, such as filling up the gasoline saw and think that a couple of liters of gasoline is enough for six months. Also, fuel should not be stored in the tank for more than 14 days, i.e.к. The gasoline evaporates and loses its octane rating.
  • Check the hose from the fuel tank to the carburettor, it might be clogged or broken and no gasoline is getting to the tank.
  • No spark on the spark plug. Why no spark. there may be many reasons: no contact, the need to change the plug or it flooded. Why a chainsaw spark plug fills up. that’s another question. But if this happens, it is required to dry and re-install, then check the spark. If there is heavy soot on the spark plug, it is recommended to replace it.
  • Check the muffler for carbon deposits. If there is soot, clean the muffler thoroughly, but it is still recommended that you take the chainsaw to a service center to have the cylinder and piston checked, t.к. Fouling is a sure sign of incorrect operation of the elements of the cylinder-piston group.
  • The carburetor is clogged. How to properly adjust your chainsaw so that the carburetor works well was discussed in a separate article.
chainsaw, only, runs, choke

If none of the above methods did not help, then the cause is more serious. the breakdown of one of the nodes of the connecting rod and piston group. If this is the case, it is advisable to take your chainsaw to a service center.

Why won’t the chainsaw pick up speed??

When starting the gasoline tool, almost all systems and assemblies are involved. RPM problems may occur at startup and may be caused by the following:

  • Engine malfunction due to exhaustion, wear or deformation of piston rings and cylinder;
  • Problems with the coil or spark plug. no spark igniting the fuel mixtures;
  • The carburetor screws are out of balance.

The following steps are performed to test the ignition module:

chainsaw, only, runs, choke
  • Unscrew the spark plug;
  • The condition of the spark plug is examined. It should not be flooded with gasoline or have a black residue;
  • The distance between the coil and the magnets is checked (up to 0.2 millimeters);
  • In addition, the spark plug unit can be checked for sparking by a working mains drive.

If the chainsaw still does not develop RPM, it is worth testing the carburetor. Low and high revolutions are set by default, they are reset after the running-in process and short use of the tool.

chainsaw, only, runs, choke

Turn the screws to adjust the RPM and unscrew them as far as they will go. In this situation, you need to readjust the gauge H, which is responsible for the application of the unit at load. Adjust the fuel mixture while the engine is running at the highest chain speed. A tachometer and instructions from width=”554″ height=”330″[/img] will help make the adjustment

chainsaw, only, runs, choke

Chainsaw engine malfunction

The muffler can go off on machines with both carburetor and injector engines. In this case, strangely enough, the muffler itself has nothing to do with it. It is only the source of the sound, and the factors behind the loud sounds lie in completely different parts of the car. Most often the causes of muffler noise are ignition system, fuel supply or gas distribution system malfunctions. Next, let’s understand how to get rid of the problem when it shoots into the exhaust pipe, and what is the first thing to pay attention to when “explosions”.

The device of the plant

The first and practically the main element of a chainsaw is the engine, namely a carburetor two-stroke (see. carburetor adjustment). Its direct power varies, depending on the model of the device and its direct purpose. The second no less important part of the tool is the chain (saw), which consists of the chain (cutter), bar, sprocket, wheel (chain wheel). To this it is worth adding that absolutely different manufacturers provide their own specific range of this headset.

Not unimportant is the fact that it is always necessary to pick up directly certain characteristics of the engine. As the bigger step has such kind of equipment, the deeper is the cut of chainsaw, we can even say that the more powerful and productive it will be. It’s not uncommon for chainsaw owners to wonder why a chainsaw shoots into the carburetor, or why gasoline doesn’t flow into the carburetor of a chainsaw? But do not forget that for the full work of the device engine should not concede to her power.

It is lubricated by means of special oil directly from the tank of the second, which is located on the hand block. The oil and fuel that are used for the engine run out at the same time, but the engine oil is lubricated with a special oil, which is used for the lubrication of the toothbrush.

In general outline with the device figured out, but most likely with its basis, and now it’s time to start figuring out why the chainsaw stopped working, what the causes may be and how to eliminate them.