7 Best Reel Mowers for Your Lawn Needs. Cheapest reel mower

Best Reel Mowers for Your Lawn Needs

Choosing the best reel mower for your needs is crucial. Our buyer’s guide breaks down what you need to know and offers our recommendations.

If you want to keep your lawn well-manicured and your grass healthy, it’s time to invest in a reel mower. A push lawn mower is a perfect way to snip your grass without damaging it. Above all, it’s eco-friendly and, unlike gas-powered lawn mowers or electric mowers, you’ll never have to worry about engine maintenance or power needs!

But are all reel lawn mowers created equal? No, and that’s why we’re here. Here are our top recommendations if you’re looking for a reel mower for your yard. We’ll also break down the most crucial elements of its construction and durability that you’ll need to watch for to get a sturdy, long-lasting product.

Best Reel Mower Reviews

Great States 5-Blade Reel Lawn Mower

The first on our list is the Great States 415-16 push reel lawn mower, known for its excellent cutting power. With an adjustable blade height of 0.5-2.5″, this mower does a fantastic job of manicuring your lawn.

We chose it as our top pick due to the blade quality – constructed with heat-treated alloy steel, the blades retain their sharpness for a long time, making this reel mower a quality long-term investment. The sharpness of the blades allows you to create neat borders along your lawn. The mower comes with a cushioned and comfortable grip that is easier to push, even on the most overgrown lawn

All it needs is one push to get it started, making it a no-hassle manual lawn mower. The Great States 415-16 reel lawn mower is also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver across the yard.

The reels snip the grass off without any ripping or tearing, resulting in a well-trimmed, smooth lawn. And, if this wasn’t enough, the mower is also easy to store. You can hang it on a wall or tuck it in the corner of your garage.

  • Blade height adjustment of 0.5”-2.5” for clean grass cut
  • 16” cutting width with 5-blade ball bearing reel
  • Smooth, composite wheels are easy to maneuver across the yard

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Lawn Mower

  • Classic Scotts 20 inch push no-motor manual reel.
  • Quick-snap 1″-3″ cutting height adjustment for a.
  • Blades on the Scotts classic hand push reel rotary.

Our pick for the best-value reel mower for healthy, precision cutting is the Scotts 2000-20. They’ve really outdone themselves with this one. With a 20” cutting swath, the mower efficiently snips off grass in one single go without any tears or rips. You won’t ever have to run Scotts 2000-20 mower over your yard multiple times.

The blades are constructed with heat-treated alloy steel that stay sharper for longer and cut the grass with amazing precision. Blades can be adjusted from 1-3″ inches. The dual-tracking wheels enhance maneuverability on the lawn, allowing you to create a smooth green carpet.

Scotts 2000-20 Outdoor Power tools mower does its job exceptionally well. Its mower features ergonomic, cushioned handles that ensure proper posture as you mow the lawn. Assembly is easy and quick with no additional tools needed. This lawn mower is one of the best manual lawn mowers on the list at its price point as it’s easy to operate, store, and use.

  • 20” cutting width allows less passes over your lawn
  • Blade height adjustment from 1-3″ inches for a precision trim
  • Cushioned, ergonomic handle for easy grip
  • No-tool assembly

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

  • Quality Yardcare Tools: Designed to help you take.
  • Advanced Technology for best-in-class cutting.
  • Superior Ergonomics: Reversible grass chute can.

Fiskars has re-defined reel mowers for lawns. With an 18-inch cutting swath, this reel mower takes only a few minutes to get the job done.

The quality of the StaySharp Max Fiskars reel mower blades allows you to cut grass for years without ever needing re-sharpening. Fiskars mower blades cut without any unwanted contact with the grass. This means there are no rips or tears, making for a smooth lawn-mowing experience.

The Fiskars StaySharp Max is really easy to push and maneuver across the yard. With its InertiaDrive reel, Fiskars performs with a superior cutting power to trim down tough spots without any damage to the grass. Fiskars also features a reversible grass chute that works amazingly to direct the clippings forward and prevent any mess. The cutting height is adjustable from 1-4″ inches, which is ideal for trimming down thicker tufts of grass.

The only possible drawback is that Fiskars is slightly heavier than other mowers. At 51 pounds, you will find it tedious to push it across the yard after a while. You might also want to store it in your garage instead of hanging it on the floor. Finally, the Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower also comes with a 3-year warranty should anything go wrong.

  • StaySharp cutting system ensures long-lasting blades
  • InertiaDrive reel delivers superior cutting power and easily cuts through thick grass
  • Inset wheels that allow blades to work across the mower’s full width
  • Limited 3-year warranty

American Lawn Mower Co. Push Reel Lawn Mower

  • 4-blade reel mower with a cutting width of 14”.
  • This push lawn mower has an adjustable blade.
  • Manual grass cutter is environment-friendly.

The 4-blade classic push reel lawn mower by the American Lawn Mower Company is a fantastic, durable choice. With its 8.5” composite wheels, this mower is easier to push on a big yard. It comes with an adjustable height of 0.5”-1.75” for optimal grass-cutting. The blades are built from heat-treated alloy steel, which keeps them sharp for a long time.

best, reel, mowers, your, lawn

This is a low-maintenance mower and an eco-friendly alternative to electric-powered mowers. The high-quality 4-blade system can snip various grass types, like bluegrass, rye, and fescue with supreme versatility.

The machine also has a T-shaped ergonomic cushioned handle that allows for an easy, comfortable grip. All in all, this 4-blade push reel lawn mower does a super-efficient and quiet job at cutting the grass with zero hassles.

  • Efficient scissor-like grass cutting action
  • 4 smooth-spinning blades that snip the grass without damaging it
  • Height adjustability of 0.5”-1.75” for optimal grass-cutting
  • Easy-roll wheels make the mower easy to push and maneuver

GreenWorks Reel Lawn Mower

  • 18″ Cutting path gets the job done quicker and.
  • 2-In-1 feature provides mulching and rear bag.
  • 9 position height adjustment offers a range of.

Next up is the 18-inch reel lawn mower by GreenWorks. This one has simple and practical features to get the job done quickly. The wide 18” cutting path will allow you to snip the grass more efficiently and in less amount of time. The mower also comes with a 2-in-1 feature with rear bag and mulching capabilities. This can serve as a lawn fertilizer while protecting you from the mess as you mow the lawn.

GreenWorks also features a versatile height adjustment with a cutting height between 1.75-2.75″ inches. This range can cover almost every grass type without running the mower over it multiple times. However, the main reason why this manual mower stands out is its dynamic wheel system. With 10” forward wheels and 4” rear wheels, these rotary mowers make maneuvering across the thickest tufts of grass a breeze.

  • 18” cutting path with fast scissor-cutting action
  • Rear bag and mulching features to fertilize the lawn while clipping
  • Dynamic 10” wheel and 4” rear wheels

Sun Joe Manual Reel Mower

  • [REEL MOWER]: Ideal to quickly mow Small to.
  • [ADJUSTABLE]: Tailor your cutting Height settings.
  • [RAZOREEL]: 5 durable Steel blades swiftly slice.

The 16″ Sun Joe manual reel mower is ideal for small lawns and yards. It is also the best reel mower for creating aesthetic borders around the boundary of your lawn. Its easy height adjustability and lightweight quality allow precision cutting in a short amount of time. Built with a rust-resistant deck, the mower will remain in pristine quality for a long time.

With two large 10” wheels and two smaller 6” wheels, this reel mower makes maneuvering on the lawns extremely easy. The comfortable foam grip and manual height adjustment with 9 potential settings make the Sun Joe Manual reel mower a good pick at the cheapest price on our list. However, this model does not include a grass catcher — if you want a grass catcher included, consider one of the others.

  • Excellent for small lawns
  • Comfortable foam grip to make pushing easier
  • 10″ forward wheels and 6″ rear wheels
  • Rust-resistant deck and lightweight

Earthwise Push Reel Lawn Mower

  • Hand-push reel mower with 16″ cutting width.
  • Versatile Earthwise Power Tools by ALM push lawn.
  • Alloy steel 7-blade mower stays sharp longer

The 16-inch Earthwise push reel mower offers some real advantages to gardeners. Earthwise has really outdone itself with this low-maintenance and zero-hassle machine. Perfect for both small and big yards, all the reel mower needs is a nice push to get started. If you’re ready for some exercise, mowing the lawn with this machine is going to be a wonderful experience.

But perhaps what truly makes it the best is its easy usage and storage. The lightweight build makes it super easy to move around and maneuver over the thickest of grasses. You can park this reel mower in a garage or hang it over a wall until the next use.

With the 7-blade ball-bearing deck, this reel mower is perfect for cutting through grass with precision in a short amount of time. You can cover large areas in one single sweep without having to run the mower multiple times. Blade quality is also quite nice at this price point.

What Is a Reel Mower?

Reel mowers feature a cutting reel that comprises 3-7 blades and a bed knife. They’re built with either two or four wheels to allow for noiseless, fast-cutting mowing of a lawn. When the mower is pushed forward, the blades begin to spin vertically. The motion causes the mower blades to lift the grass between themselves and the bed knife, in turn clipping off the grass blades in a scissor-like action.

Compared to cylinder reel mowers used in the past, these new models are easier to push and result in a cleaner, healthier lawn. The biggest benefit of reel mowers is that they don’t tear or rip the lawn during the cutting process. Like rotary mowers, reel mowers don’t hurt individual grass blades.

Are Reel Mowers Effective?

Reel mowers or push lawn mowers are effective as they improve the health of your grass, but they aren’t as powerful as electric or gas-powered mowers. The mower blades use a scissor-like cutting action that doesn’t tear up the grass blades.

The snipping action of a reel mower allows the grass to retain its natural moisture, thereby making it more resistant against insects and diseases. Grass blades become weak and vulnerable to diseases when they’re habitually torn or ripped apart as they would be with a traditional lawnmower.

Above all, most reel mowers are noiseless and extremely easy to use. All they require is a push to get the cutting started on the lawn. They are also economical and are relatively low maintenance. They don’t even require any gas or oil for power, resulting in zero fuel costs. Easy to assemble and lightweight with lots of bonus features, a push lawn mower is a great one-time investment for your lawn.

If you live in a close-knit neighborhood, the grinding sounds of a rotary mower can quickly annoy people…trust me! On the other hand, push mowers only make a gentle ‘snip-snip-snip’ sound. Before you know it, the job is done.

Lastly, push mowers are excellent for the environment. They don’t use any fuel and hence, don’t contribute to pollution. Push mowers are simple, practical, and hassle-free machines for modern gardeners.

Features of Reel Mowers

To determine the best reel mower for you, it’s important to analyze its different features. There are many things that constitute a high-quality reel mower. Here we’ve explained the major features of a reel mower.

Blade Cutting Height

A reel mower usually has an adjustable cutting height of a few inches, usually 1-3 inches. Staying in these parameters allows the blades to neatly cut the grass without harming it in the long term. Adjusting the blades at a proper height depends on the length of your grass blades.

By setting the right blade cutting height, your grass remains more vigorous and healthy.

Number of Blades

The number of mower blades greatly influences the performance of the machine. The number indicates how many times the blades can cut through the grass within a meter-long span. For example, a 5-blade reel with a high number of revolutions will result in cleaner and well-trimmed grass as compared to a 10-blade reel with a low number of revolutions.

A high revolution count can easily damage the blades with aggressive cutting. This can also influence the service life of the reels and the quality of their sharpness. The ideal rule is to ensure a high-quality cut with a moderate number of blades, somewhere between 4-7.

Blade Durability

The blades of a rotary mower can be aggressive and, therefore, not that durable. The rough cutting motion causes the blades to lose their sharpness quickly. When buying a reel mower, always make sure that the blades are constructed with high-quality material, preferably alloy steel.

A reel mower whose blades are heated with alloy steel tends to stay sharper for longer. Alloy steel has an extremely high tensile strength, which makes the blade resistant to corrosion and extremely durable over many uses.

Swath Width

The standard swath width of a good reel mower ranges from 15-20 inches. A wide swath width would mean that you have to mow more frequently. This can also make the machine difficult to push because the grass can become resistant. Therefore, a good swath width is around18 inches, which will help you use the mower blades to their maximum capacity.


If you have a uniform and level lawn, you can use any reel mower. However, if your yard is bumpy or slightly sloped, you should look for a reel mower that can cut across different angles. This way, you won’t have to run the mower multiple times across the same path.

Grass Spray

All the grass a reel mower cuts will eventually have to go somewhere. If you don’t want to be covered in the clippings, you can use a frontal grass spray to keep your feet away from the mess or select a mower with a grass catch.


It’s important to choose a lightweight reel mower as the weight can be a huge problem the longer you push the mower. You might be tempted to choose a heavy reel mower for a big lawn as it’s easier to push over a large area. That’s not a bad idea, provided you won’t become fatigued. Lighter machines are easier to push but can also not adhere as well to the ground over bumpy surfaces. The best reel mower will be light enough to push easily for a long period of time while still being heavy enough to effectively do the job.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Reel Mower

There are many factors to consider when you are looking for the perfect reel mower. When choosing a reel mower for your lawn, you need to inspect its effectiveness, affordability, maintenance, and price. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose a reliable reel mower – one that your lawn will love.


The best reel mower will quickly prove its effectiveness on the lawn. Choosing a manual mower over the electric-powered one helps reduce carbon emissions. It also eliminates a major concern of damaging the grass due to tearing and ripping.

A high-quality reel mower should have an excellent cutting height and durable blades to be effective on different grass carpets.


The best reel mowers offer great cutting power at an affordable price. Most budget models don’t cost more than 70, while premium ones are usually around 200. But perhaps the biggest financial benefit of reel mowers is that after the initial investment, they’re virtually cost-free. There are no fuel charges or replacement costs involved.


Reel mowers are essentially built for mowing short grass. So, yes, you may face limitations with mowing grass taller than 4 inches. You will need to go over a few passes initially. However, maintaining the lawn is usually easy after that.

But keep in mind that due to their manual nature, even the best reel mowers are only practical for small or medium yards that are less than 3000 sq ft. Anything larger than this will require an electric, gas, or sit-on-top mower.


One good thing about a reel mower is that it’s far more affordable than one powered by gas or electricity. Most of them usually cost under 200 and have zero maintenance or operating costs. A reel mower is truly a one-time investment for your garden.


The greatest benefit of a reel mower is that it’s maintenance-free. It doesn’t require any fuel, which means no oil changes, charging, refueling, or replacement parts. All you have to do is sharpen the blades once every few years.

Size of Your Lawn

Again, reel mowers are suited for small and medium-sized yards. This is because the average cutting width of these mowers is usually 14”-20”. Pushing them across a large-sized lawn will make the task extremely tedious.

Using a Reel Mower

The best reel mowers are those that are easy to use. Since the entire exercise is manual, a high-quality reel mower should offer easy maneuverability on the lawn. Here’s a quick guide to help you use your reel mower.

best, reel, mowers, your, lawn

Sharpening Reel Mower Blades

The most major maintenance of a reel mower is sharpening its blades. Thankfully, you don’t have to sharpen the blades often as alloy steel doesn’t dull very quickly. They retain their sharp cutting edges for a long time. However, after a few years, it’s time to give them a quick sharpening.

Start by checking the alignment of the reel. If it’s fine, then sharpen the blades. You can do this with a backlapping sharpening kit. The kit usually offers a sharpening compound with a handle. Attach the handle to the driving gear of the reel mower and use a normal brush to put the sharpening compound on each of the blades.

Now, twist the mower in a reverse direction so that the blades can scrape each other down and become sharp again. While this is the best way to sharpen the blades, you can also do the job using a power drill with a sharpening attachment.

Cutting Tall or Thick Grass

Even when reel mowers are excellent for maintaining healthy and well-hydrated grass, they can get blocked while operating in overgrown lawns with thick or tall grass. It can be hard to push them forward. If your grass is taller than 4 inches, you can still use a manual lawn mower, but you will need a little patience.

The best technique is to mow by overlapping. What this means is that once you’re done mowing one row, you should turn back with your mower and start clipping while overlapping the previously mowed ground by a few inches. This will ensure that there are no high streaks of grass between each mowed row.

You can also do the job using the checkerboard pattern. Mow the lawn twice, except the second time, mow in the opposite direction. The crisscross pattern will ensure that there are no thick tufts of grass remaining.

A Real Take on Reel Mowers

It’s time to buy a lawnmower, are you considering a good ol’ fashioned human-powered reel mower? While this low-maintenance classic offers some real benefits, the trade-offs might keep you pushing its gas-powered alternative.

We purchased a reel lawnmower in the spring of last year for our 6,000 square foot yard. Now that I’ve pushed my way through a year, here are firsthand pros and cons to help you make the best decision for you.

Time vs Money

Finding a great sale, we were able to snatch an 18″ reel mower for just 50. We were in the market for a mower and had grandiose dreams of all the Smart benefits we were taking advantage of – low maintenance, physical workout, and environmentally friendly. The most expensive reel mowers top out around 200 and the cheapest price for a gas mower is the same. When it comes to price, there’s no question which mower is saving you more money, but what about time?

At just about.1 acre of grass, we were convinced a reel mower wouldn’t add much time. We were wrong. Our little reel hacks its way through 18″ of grass at a time, but needs a pretty decent overlap to avoid mohawks sticking up in-between passes. making the reel feel more like 12″. At the end of the day, even though we saved upfront on the mower, the extra time spent mowing left us wondering how much our time was worth.

Bonus time-sucker: if your yard has a tendency to get a little long between cuts, plan on going over everything twice because long grass is a real challenge for these mowers. As one of the most common complaints of a reel mower, long grass will become your worst nightmare.

Environment vs Manicure

As we brought home our new purchase, we were glowing with pride for the positive environmental impact we’d make without an engine. Although gasoline-powered mowers may be small, they are extremely inefficient and loosely regulated. With no gasoline or harmful emissions, we were happy to do our part to keep the great outdoors great.

On our first mow, I took the extra effort to perform the beautiful, diagonal cut only to find that reel mowers don’t leave the manicured lines. No fresh cut smell and no clean back-and-forth lines, after a cut our yard doesn’t look overgrown but it also doesn’t look freshly cut. a pretty disappointing feeling after spending 2 hours pushing a dinky mower around the yard.

Loud v Embarrassing

Then there’s the noise pollution. While this was never a concern for us, other reel owners brag about being able to talk on the phone while they cut the grass. Without the deafening roar of the engine rattling your eardrums, reel mowers have their own uniquely embarrassing sound.

We live next door to a professional landscaper whose yard is the same size as ours but his mower could eat ours. When we cut the grass at the same time it looks like a toddler playing with a toy mower next to his daddy. and it sounds like it too. Similar to the rhythmic popping of our two-year-old’s push toy, the repetitive chopping sound notifies the neighborhood just how slowly we are pushing.

Low Maintenance vs High Maintenance

On the one hand, no gasoline or oil makes reel mowers a dream for someone trying to keep it low maintenance. We felt a sense of relief without fears of the engine giving out or the mower not starting. Simple and reliable.

However, the reel mowers become very high maintenance when it comes to the terrain. Are you an early morning mower? Your reel isn’t. Morning dew or wet grass will leave your reel doing more skidding than cutting. Does your property have a lot of trees? Those hand-powered blades can’t blast through twigs the way gas-powered mowers do. You’ll be at a standstill until you eject every twig (. or woodchip) by hand. Hilly yard? The blades dig into even the slightest hills to leave you immobile yet again until you wedge your way out.

To buy or not to buy?

It shouldn’t be too hard to tell which way I lean from my own experience, but which one is right for you? Let us know on ! If you’re thinking reel, you can have ours.

Cheers! Kelsey Martin CMO. Kujo Yardwear

The best hand push mowers in 2023

Our round up of tried and tested hand push lawn mowers.

If you’re looking for a straightforward lawn trim, then a traditional hand push mower could be the garden tool for you. With no battery, fuel or electricity to worry about, manual lawn mowers are a more environmentally-friendly option.These pedestrian powered machines are pushed along the lawn and the cylinder blades rotate to trim the grass as you move. They do require a little more push power than automatic mowers, and walking briskly will give a better cut so you’ll get a workout and burn calories each time you mow. And although a push mowers isn’t for every garden – they’re best for small to medium-sized (up to 250m²) lawns on flat ground with few bumps, the exercise will help keep you fit and they’re generally much more of a budget option compared to their high-tech counterparts. They’re kind to your neighbours too, as they’re much quieter than powered mowers. Cylinder mowers generally give a smoother, sharper finish than rotary mowers and their rear roller creates elegant stripes. Usually small, they’re easy to store and light enough to manoeuvre well around the garden,

If you’re not sure which type of lawn mower is best for you, take a look at our reviews of the best electric lawn mowers and the best cordless lawn mowers.

Best hand push lawn mowers at a glance

Our expertise

To help you find the right hand push mower, we tested a range of these traditional machines. Everymower has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to setting up and storage, ease of handling, performance and value for money. Every mower in our round-up has scored a minimum of three out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

In every review we award outstanding products our coveted Best Buy award. To see these and the others we recommend, browse our pick of the best cordless lawn mowers, below.

Best Buy hand push lawn mowers

Webb 30cm Autoset sidewheel

  • Comfortable to push and hold
  • Cuts all grass smoothly and tightly
  • Front loading grass bag catches clippings well
  • Quiet

Easy to put together and use this simple hand push mower is comfortable, thanks to rubber grip handles, even when pushing over longer grass. It has six cylinder blades offering four cutting heights that are easy to change. The mower cuts from 40mm right down to 10mm, so it gives a precise, neat clip but also cuts longer grass well. It’s quiet, copes with even bumpy ground easily and the 17 litre front collector was the best at collecting clippings in our test. We gave it a BBC GardenersWorld Magazine Best Buy for the best budget push mower in 2023.

Gardena Comfort Hand Cylinder 400C

  • Very easy height-of-cut adjuster
  • Large grass collector that catches clippings well
  • Feels sturdy and well designed
  • Cuts well
best, reel, mowers, your, lawn

While there is more to assemble with the Gardena push mower, our tests found the instructions for putting it together clear to understand. The shaped handle was comfortable to use and folds down simply for easy storage. Our experts were impressed with the four easy to adjust cutting heights displayed on a clearly visible scale. The grass collector has a 49 litre capacity but is sold separately. This mower is guaranteed for two years and we gave this a BBC GardenersWorld Magazine Best Buy for the best push mower all round in 2022.

best, reel, mowers, your, lawn

Cobra HM381

We awarded this a BBC GardenersWorld Magazine Best Buy for the best value push mower in 2022 and found it easy to put together with clear instructions. It’s compact and lightweight making it easy to push and operate and the handle is padded for extra comfort. There are four cutting heights ranging from 13-38mm, which can be simply adjusted and a 26 litre grass collector is included. It comes with a two year warranty.

Webb WEH18

  • Quiet
  • Nine heights of cut
  • Wide cut
  • Very simple height-of-cut adjustment
  • Tackles long grass
  • Effective front grass collector

Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for the best for performance, this traditional cylinder mower design has a solid, heavy rear roller and a 22 litre collection box. The instructions for assembling it are clear and it’s light, easy to manoeuvre and quiet to use. There’s a generous choice of nine cutting heights, which are easily adjusted and range from 25-76mm, which is the highest in our test and ensures it handles long grass well. The front-loading grass collector on this model collects clippings well and it comes with a warranty of two years.

The best of the rest

Although some models didn’t quite achieve a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy award, they still have features that make them worth recommending. Browse our pick of the best of the rest on test.

Husqvarna HiCut 64

Our rating: 4.25 out of 5

This Husqvarna hand mower requires more assembly than most and tools are required plus, our testers found that the instructions could have been clearer. However, the mower is comfortable to use with handy flexible handle heights and it’s a quick and efficient mower. Testers weren’t keen on the height of cut adjuster. The grass collector has a large capacity of 45 litres but it’s sold separately and doesn’t collect all the clippings, especially when windy. It comes with a one year warranty but if you register, this is extended to two years.

Einhell GE-HM 38 S-F

Our rating: 4.25 out of 5

Our expert testers liked that the handle on this manual lawn mower had a choice of two heights and that it was padded for extra comfort while in use. Clear instructions are included and assembling the model is relatively simple. There are four cutting heights to choose from which can be easily swapped using a lever. The grass collector is included and has a 26 litre capacity. It’s guaranteed for two years.

How to choose a push mower

Before you choose a push mower think about the following:

Have you got the right lawn?Cylinder mowers need an even surface for the scissor action of the blades to work well, so your lawn must be fairly bump free and 250m² or below. Simpler shapes are easier, unless you opt for a compact model with a smaller cutting width that can be manoeuvred more easily around trees and island beds and under shrubs.

Do you like mowing the lawn?Hand push mowers take more effort than powered mowers, but they are easier to push if the grass isn’t too long. Cylinder mowers work best on fairly short grass and will struggle or not cut long grass at all. So you need to cut regularly or choose a mower with a high height of cut to let you catch up if you miss a mow now and then.

Can you look after your mower?Cylinder blades need regular checking and adjusting to ensure a precise cut and prevent the mower chewing the grass rather than cutting it. Adjustment isn’t difficult, but it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re not mechanically minded.

Do you need a grass collector?Most mowers come with one, but some are sold separately and nearly all the grass collectors in our test failed to catch clippings well, particularly when windy. Although front collectors work best, they block your view. If you’re happy to mow regularly (twice a week in the growing season), you may not need one at all and can simply let the short clippings fall down onto the grass and act as a mulch.

Do you have storage?These mowers must be kept indoors to prevent the blades rusting, so if storage space is tight, choose a model that’s light enough to hang up or has folding handles.

Cut in long straight lines, walking briskly – the faster you walk, the better the mower will cut.

To create stripes, mow around the edge of the lawn first, then start in one corner, mowing up and down. When you finish a stripe, turn and line up the mower with the completed stripe, as

When adjusting or cleaning the mower, stand it on a flat surface with a block in front of the wheels to prevent ir rolling forwards.

How we tested push mowers

All the mowers in our test are cylinder-type, with blades and a rear roller. Each mower was unpacked, assembled snd tested on a flat, circular lawn and on a sloping, less even, shaped lawn to see how ell they performed. They were assessed according to the following criteria with equal marks attributed to each:

  • Setup and Storage. Assessed the ease of assembly and clarity of instructions and how easy the mower is to store.
  • Handling. Focused on comfort and ease of use, handle height adjustment and how to change the height of cut, its weight, the effort needed and manoeuvrability.
  • Cutting performance. Looked at cutting width, the range of cutting heights, collection capacity and the quality of cut.
  • Value for Money. Considered all the above as well as quality and design, warranty and price.

For more information on our testing process see How We Review.

This review was last updated in May 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.

What are the Best Reel Mowers? Reviews Buyer’s Guide

Maybe you have a small yard or patch of grass and don’t need a more powerful mower. Or maybe you want to help protect our environment and don’t mind a little elbow grease when cutting your grass.

You may want to consider a manual reel mower.

Push reel mowers are fairly inexp ensive, don’t require any gas to buy or store, require very little maintenance and no batteries to charge.

Reel Mower Reviews

1) American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Push Reel Mower

  • Just push to start – No cords, keys, or buttons to remember
  • Easy storage – Just hang it on the wall
  • Quiet, engineless, and won’t ever disturb the neighbors

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 features 8 1/2″ tall impact wheels, a 14″ cutting width, and alloy steel construction.

This very economical machine weighs only 19 pounds, is excellent for cutting very narrow turf strips alongside sidewalks, and cuts each blade precisely (like using scissors).

My pick for the best reel mower!

2) Great States 304-14 Reel Lawn Mower

The Great States 304-14 features a steel unbreakable side plate, a tempered alloy bed knife blade, and steel reel, cushioned handle grips, a 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ adjustable cutting height, and easy, lightweight maneuverability.

Simple to assemble and use. One of the highest rated by consumers researched.

3) Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

  • Stationary reel and precision-ground blades never make contact
  • Eco-friendly mower eliminates the need for electricity or gas
  • Special InertiaDrive reel glides through the toughest spots with double the cutting power

The Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower boasts twice as much cutting power and is 60% easier-to-push than other standard reel mowers.

It has inset wheels that facilitate super-close edging, an adjustable cut height of 1″ to 4″, a 1-touch handle height-adjustment, and a reversible grass chute.

4) Scotts 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

  • Wide 20″ cutting path reduces time needed to mow
  • Smooth ball bearings help blades to spin efficiently
  • Foam grip loop-style handle

The Scotts 2000-20 has a cutting height of 1″ to 3″, 5 blades, and a QuickSnap height adjuster with 9 positions.

It features a unique rear-wheel design that improves maneuverability and reduces drag. Add to that easy assembly, a welded reel hood, and strong heat-treated blades.

Reel Mower: 5 Best Reel Mowers in 2023 Buying Guide

5) Earthwise 1819-18EW Reel Mower

The Earthwise 1819-18EW has an 18″ cutting width, tempered steel bed knife blade and reel, 6″ rear tracking wheels, durable 10″ composite front wheels, and 5 blade ball-bearings.

It’s lightweight, practically maintenance free, is ready to work anytime you need it, and doesn’t leave behind any residue.

How I Rated The Mowers

In order to provide you with the best information, I left no stone and grass blade unturned to provide you with a great list of choices for reel lawn mowers.

I read hundreds of reviews from all over the Internet – from Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. – plus the manufacturer’s pages for Fiskars, Great States, American Lawn Mower, Earthwise, and Scotts.

After thoroughly reading both the positive and the negative reviews, I chose 5 push reel mowers that among the best in the field.

Once the reel mowers were selected, I considered each model individually.

  • What are its pros and cons?
  • What are its average ratings from customers?
  • How reliable is this mower?
  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • Are there any unique features displayed by this mower?
  • How much does it cost, and does its special features and performance rate a higher price tag?

Reliability (Warranty)

It’s important to buy a product with a warranty. All of the mowers I choose have at least a 1 year warranty, some even longer.

Height Adjustment

A necessary feature of any good mower – the mowers I picked have adjustments ranging from.5″ to 4″.

Cutting Width

Reel lawn mowers are available in different widths which range from 14″ to 20″. The wider your reel mower is, the faster it will mow. A 14″ mower will cut your lawn about 30 times slower than a 20″ mower.

Quality of Cut

Several factors may affect the quality of cut, including sponginess of the turf, excessive thatch, or if the user tries to cut off an inordinate amount of grass height at one time.

The lower the cut height, the more probable that you might experience some of the following factors that might affect the quality of cut:

  • Reel or traction speed or cutting unit drop-speed
  • Tire pressure or engine governed speed
  • Reel sharpness and bed knife angle and sharpness
  • Cutting unit down-pressure setting or counterbalance
  • Height of the cut

Ease of Use

A reel mower does not only have superior cutting ability; it is very easy to use.

It starts up whenever you do – no rope to pull, no cord to plug in, no oil or gas to worry about, and no idle to adjust.

A reel mower is lightweight (usually weighing between 19-35 pounds) and is a snap to push or store.

Why Buy a Reel Lawn Mower?

Reel lawn mowers have many fans – eco-friendly environmentalists, those people who love exercise, economical shoppers, and those people who hate noise and/or the smell of gasoline.

There are many reasons to purchase a real lawn mower:

  • Economic – You can buy a high quality reel mower for around 60-150 – depending on the features you want.
  • Superior cutting ability – A reel mower provides an even, clean cut which seals grass blades to keep out any disease organisms and holds in moisture at the same time.
  • Yields natural mulch – A reel mower disperses clippings via a fine spray that decomposes quickly (no clumping is involved). The clippings can be left safely on the lawn, and provide natural fertilizer.
  • Safety – Reel mowers don’t throw out debris or rocks. They start when you start and stop when you stop.
  • Appeals to many types of users – female, male, suburban, urban, old, young, all income levels, exercise enthusiasts and anyone who is environmentally aware.
  • Nostalgia – Reel mowers bring back memories of times that were simpler.
  • Fitness – A reel mower burns the same amount of calories per hour as downhill skiing, tennis, or low impact aerobics (approximately 400-450 calories)

Top 5 Best Reel Mower 2022


  • Low-cost, dependable mowers with very few maintenance costs.
  • Pollution-free – No gas, no engine, no tune-ups, so it won’t be degrading the air quality.
  • Quiet and safe – You don’t need to worry about waking up the neighbors early in the morning.
  • Low maintenance – No spark plugs to replace, no filter that needs cleaning, no oil that needs to be checked or replaced.
  • Lightweight alloys and plastics have decreased the weight of these mowers considerably.
  • Reel mowers start up every single time!
  • A reel mower is better for the health of the grass, unlike rotary mowers which rip off the tips of grass blades and makes them more exposed to diseases. Your reel mower will snip the grass tips and leave healthy trimmings to turn into mulch in the yard.
  • Reel mowers cut shorter and don’t disturb the surface of the soil, and your lawn will be much less welcoming for weeds to grow.
  • Reel lawn mowers are more maneuverable than power lawnmowers.
  • It’s more aesthetically pleasing to use a reel lawn mower. The smell of fresh cut grass (without oil fumes and gas smells mixed in) can be pleasantly intoxicating. It’s so quiet that you will still be able to hear the kids playing or the birds singing.


  • If you have a lot of trees and twigs in your yard, this mower might not be for you. You’ll have to rake and pick up twigs before mowing.
  • Although many of the newer models are more lightweight, they will still give you and your muscles a good workout.
  • This machine is human-powered, and not the best choice for people with energy or strength deficits or other disabilities.
  • Most reel lawn mowers will need to have their blades sharpened about once a season – but that is true of any mower.
  • Rocks can frequently chip mower blades.
  • Uneven ground can be difficult for a reel mower.
  • You’ll need to trim around sidewalks more if you have a reel mower since they’re set lower to the ground and won’t go over stone paths or sidewalk edges like power mowers can.

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Models

As with most products, the more you spend, the more features you will get. The same holds true with reel mowers. Less expensive models generally have cheaper components.

Although my top choice is also one of the cheapest on the market. It is a GREAT product but doesn’t have many extra features.

In my opinion, owners of reel mowers, just want something simple that works well with little maintaince. If you need more features, you may want to step up to a self propelled mower.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

The mowers below are normally priced between 50 and 200. It’s hard to get a better cut to price value than with a reel mower.


After extensive research and reading hundreds of reviews, I choose the American Lawn Mower 1204-14 as the best reel lawn mower for most people.

  • 4-blade reel mower with a cutting width of 14” and durable 8.5” polymer wheels for maximum.
  • This push lawn mower has an adjustable blade height of 0.5”-1.75”. Capable of cutting grass up.
  • Manual grass cutter is environment-friendly alternative to other lawn mowers. This push mower is.
  • A reel mower uses a cutting action that does not bruise or damage the blades of grass. For best.

It is priced very competitively, very easy to use and maintain and has thousands of

It’s powerful, fast, and maneuverable, and perhaps best of all – its blades will only require sharpening every five to ten years!

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