A snowplow made of a power tiller with your own hands

Snow blower from a cultivator. peculiarities of remodeling

Snowplow machines made from cultivators have earned popularity due to the ability to throw snow over quite a long distance. Often the distance to which the snow masses are thrown reaches 10-12 m. Made by our own hands the technique has a strong steel body. There is a minimal amount of plastic in the construction, which makes the machine protected from almost any mechanical damage.

Like other snow throwers, the homemade machine is equipped with a rotating auger shaft. There are reliable adapters and belts in the inner part of the design, which provide strong thrusts for long-distance throwing of snow. Activation of the unit is carried out by connecting the shafts of the power tiller and snowplow made by your own hands with a belt transmission.

Making a snow blower for the motor block with their own hands

Snowplow is a very useful machine in the cold season, and if you have a single-axle tractor and you do not want to overpay, you can make a snowplow for your own hands, which can be used not only in winter but also in spring, autumn, at any time for snow removal.

Now for the main thing: it is in winter on your power tiller you use the awning for one purpose only to get rid of snow. You need a clean yard, our winters are harsh, so you need a unit that would quickly cope with heavy loads. For this came up with attachments in the form of a snow blower for power tiller, snow blade and brush.

All these devices are good in their own way, that’s just the blade can not cope with deep snow drifts, and the brush is not able to remove snow deeper than 5 cm, provided that it is still fresh. Of course, the best choice for the winter is a snowplow for power tiller, for example, you can make such:

How a snowplow for a power tiller is arranged

If we consider the models that are on sale, their principle of operation is approximately as follows: the device consists of a motor, front blades, which produce a selection of snow and rotor unit inside the mechanism. Due to the work of the engine, an auger rotates, which breaks the layer of snow in front of itself and rakes its crushed parts. The rotor blades, raking up the snow, feed it into the device, and then eject it through the outlet pipe at a distance of several meters.

snowplow, made, power, tiller, your, hands

Such two-stage design is quite convenient in operation, however, it is more typical for ready-made devices and has some difficulties when implementing it independently. Therefore, when it comes to making a snowplow for a power tiller with your own hands, it is better to use a simplified mechanism.

Single-axle tractor with a two-stage snowplow

There are many options for making devices independently: someone uses blades located on the auger for throwing snow, and someone, on the contrary, prefers to use a rotor, while simply raking the snow yourself with a bucket. In any case, both variants are able to greatly facilitate the process of snow removal.

Independently decide on the type of snowplow from a power tiller, which you want to make quite simple. There are only three basic types of devices: auger, rotary and two-stage. Considering one or another version of the manufacture, you will understand what their differences are and be able to make the right choice for yourself.


It should be mentioned right away that for the manufacture of a homemade snow thrower will have to work a little on the lathe, adjusting to the right size available with your metal parts.

If you do not have it, you can go with the drawings to the nearest lathe workshop, where you will make the necessary parts for very reasonable money.

Now you can proceed to making a snow blower. This process can be divided into several stages:

Making an auger

The basis of any auger is a metal shaft, on which the snow-capturing elements are located. For the shaft, you can use a normal metal pipe with two pins at the ends. For the gripping elements we need 8 steel half-discs.

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Making the auger

They must be at least 2mm thick. They are used to make auger elements, which are later welded to the metal shaft.

As the material for the rotating elements you can use a conveyor belt with a thickness of 1 cm. We need about 2 meters of such material. Four rings are cut from this belt, which should be at least 28 cm in diameter.

In order for the required auger to rotate, it is necessary to use closed-type bearings 05, so that the snow cover does not get into them.

snowplow, made, power, tiller, your, hands

We use a sheet of metal no thicker than 3 mm (2.5 mm is possible) to make the rotor. We also need an electric jigsaw with a metal-cutting bit, as well as an ordinary compass saw. If you do not have a jigsaw, you can use an angle grinder with an appropriate attachment for metal.

We take a sheet on which using the compass, draw a circle of desired diameter (in this case, this diameter will be about 3-3,2 cm). Next, you cut out the circumference with an angle grinder. You should do everything very carefully, because your efforts will determine the performance of the future snowblower.

It is important to understand that homemade counterparts are unlikely to differ from the factory accuracy, so it is worth using more powerful bearings that can withstand the runout of the rotor.

angle grinder to make a snow blower

Then it is necessary to weld to the resulting circumference of the blade, which will rake the snow. You need at least four such blades with the same distance from each other. They are also made of metal.

Frame of the body is made from metal angle of 5×5 cm. To the cross corners, you need to weld other corners of size 2,5 × 2,5 cm, Fix the entire structure should be bolted M8.

Our snow blower is almost ready. Now we need to put together all the components that we have made before.

A shaft with auger elements must be attached to the rotor. This mechanism is attached to the body frame with a pressure ring and several screws. The rotor itself is attached to the frame by means of a special bracket.

But for a hand-held snow thrower, a plastic pipe will do just fine.

The design of the snow blower for the tiller is simple enough, so you can make it yourself. The power source is a gasoline engine that rotates the auger. The mechanism breaks the snow mass, and the rotor blades scoop it up and push it out through a special course. a pipe. Thanks to this, the snow can be thrown aside for several meters.

The operator holds the machine by the comfortable handles and pushes it forward. The smooth movement is provided by a pair of wheels on tires with a relief surface. Gradually advancing the snowthrower forward, the operator cleans the entire area of snow.

The schematic diagram of the device can be represented in the form of a figure, in which numbers are indicated:

Home made tractor.

  • Drive for the auger.
  • Caterpillar drive.
  • Drive belt.
  • Parasitic roller (to ensure the reversal of the machine).
  • Intermediate shaft.
  • Roller that pulls the belt (for moving forward).

Homemade snow removal equipment is in demand, t. к. winters are snowy enough in many regions

In practice, there are four versions of the snow blower. All of these can be constructed at home:

Single axle tractor with adapter

A simple model for snow removal, which is based on an adapter and a single-axle tractor, will help you quickly clean up the surrounding area

To the machine mount a snowplow nozzle. it is preconstructed with their own hands. Use a sheet of metal with sharp edges for the blade.

The main elements need to be cut out of steel and then welded. A snow blade is mounted on the underside. The next step is to mount the moldboard to the mainframe. It should be fixed by means of booms and bracket. After that, attach rods and lead them to the operator’s handle through the lugs.

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Snowplow on a single-axle tractor

Another simple version of the snowthrower is a box with an auger (rotor) mechanism. It consists of several basic elements:

  • auger;
  • shaft;
  • pipe (spigot) for throwing the snow mass;
  • open metal box;
  • gearbox (optional);
  • sprocket and chain. the transmission mechanism.

This snowthrower is made independently on the basis of metal pipes and sheets of steel. First, a box is welded and its lower edges are bent to make smooth slides. In the middle of the shaft weld a grab made of U-shaped bent plates, which must “look” in opposite directions at an angle of 180 degrees.

An auger is fixed to them, with two rings on each side. In this case, the end of one is welded to the beginning of the other. A hole is cut on the back side of the grabber, through which a pipe for snow evacuation is fitted. This, too, is welded and the upper head is bent to the side.

The schematic diagram of the snowplow nozzle will help to understand the installation of the design

Fan (rotary) snow blower

Fan snowplow on a single-axle tractor can be made with your own hands from such elements:

  • drum with a bearing;
  • impeller with blades (they run parallel to the axis of rotation);
  • box-tube made of steel with skids (it is welded to the drum);
  • Guide blades (they are sharpened and also welded to the drum).

The axle protrudes beyond the drum and with the help of a transmission mechanism contacts the shaft of the gasoline engine. The snow travels along the guides, hits the blades of the rotating impeller and is drawn into the pipe, through which it is thrown aside.

With a fan design, you can remove a small amount of loose snow

Screw-fan (combination snow blower)

This snow blower on a single axle tractor consists of the following elements:

  • The auger is a tube with two trunnions.
  • Rotor with 3-4 mm steel blades.
  • The body is a metal box that can be welded with your own hands.
  • Throwaway pipe made of metal sheets with a bent tip.

Combined unit helps get rid of even caked snow.

Creating the frame and auger

The auger and frame need special attention, especially if you build them yourself. They are important parts for the snow thrower. To make them you need to use:

  • Sheet metal or iron box to create the body.
  • Steel angles 50x50mm. They will be used to assemble the frame. 2 pieces needed.
  • 10 mm plywood for side panels.
  • Metal pipe for 0.5″ long handle.
  • ¾ inch pipe for the shaft.

To make the shaft, the pipe will need to be sawed through. This is needed to fix the shovel 120×270 mm. it will throw the snow away.

The pipe is equipped not only with a shovel, but also with 4 rings of rubber. Their diameter should be 28 cm. They are cut out of rubber with an electric jigsaw. The bearings are placed on the tube.

To happen throw the snow, you need to use a pipe with a diameter of 160 mm. It should be well attached to a pipe of the same diameter, and then placed on the auger body. Step by step instructions:

  • Cut four discs out of iron.
  • Divide the discs into 2 parts, each part is bent in a spiral.
  • Disk blanks weld in a spiral on the tube. This should be done on both sides.
  • Attach the bearings to the edges of the tube.
  • Make the frame from steel angles prepared in advance. They should be welded together.
  • The structure is attached to the platform, on which to install the engine.

At the bottom you need to put skis, the base of which is made of wooden bars. The bars need to be equipped with plastic pads. The snowblower is fully assembled and ready for its first test.

How to make a snowplow for a power tiller with his own hands drawings

To make it easier to cope with the snowblower, this design has a working width of 50 cm. A good size for sweeping garden paths in winter. In order to snow thrower could enter the garage or shed through the door, the overall width should be 60-65 cm.

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For the manufacture of the auger body of the snow thrower, roofing iron was used. The sides are made of plywood (10 mm). Metal angle bars (50×50) were used for the frame. The handle is made of a half-inch pipe. Auger shaft is made of pipe (3/4). In the tube, in the middle, a through cut is made to install the metal plate (120×270 mm). When the shaft will rotate, this plate will begin to flip the snow.

To the plate, the snow will move due to the two-entry auger made from the conveyor belt. Also four rubber rings are attached to the special plates.

The bearings are placed on the tube. If the inside diameter of the bearing is smaller than the outside diameter of the tube, the tube must be ground a little. You can see in the drawing that adapters are used for the bearings.

To make the auger you need 1.5 m of conveyor belt. Desirable thickness 10 mm. From it you need to cut 4 rings, which diameter should be 28 cm. To do this, you can use two screws screwed into a board and rotate the strip in a circle. Or use an electric jigsaw.

Self-aligning sealed bearings should be used to turn the auger 205. The bearings have to be closed in order to avoid snow ingress.

If you have an engine from a power tiller with a pulley installed, the auger will be driven by a belt or chain. Pulleys, belts and bearings needed for this are available from auto shops. The speed of the auger reaches 800 rpm when idling.

To prevent ice from getting into the auger, you will make an insurance pin. When the auger jams, it will shear off. If the belt drive will be used, the pin will be an additional fuse, allowing the belt to slip.

Auger width is 2 cm less than body size. This is done to keep the gap between the auger and the housing small and to prevent the auger from snagging the housing. The snow blower design provides for the possibility of reassignment of the engine in just a couple of minutes for other equipment.

For this purpose, the motor mount is made quick-release, so that no tools are used when repositioning. The process of clearing snow from the snowblower, will be much easier if you remove the engine. Because the main weight of the snowblower is the weight of the engine.

Blueprints of a homemade snow thrower for a power tiller

The principle of operation of the homemade snow blower is as follows:

  • auger drive (1);
  • track drive (2);
  • drive belt (3);
  • parasitic roller (4) that provides reverse rotation,
  • intermediate shaft (5);
  • belt tension roller (6), which provides forward motion.

Four types of mechanisms

Before figuring out how to make a snowplow on a single axle tractor with your own hands, you need to figure out what they are.

  • Bulldozer method of clearing snow. A dozer-like dozer blade mechanism is made by hand as an attachment to a power tiller.
  • auger drive. An auger mechanism is made, connected to the mechanical part of the motoblock. The created mechanism is put on the adapter.
  • Fan, rotary snow blower for power tiller. A box is made with a fan, which is connected to the motor of the motor block through belts or chains. The snow is sucked in through the fan blades and thrown out through the side tube.
  • Auger and fan (mixed method). Snow is grabbed by the auger, fed into the outlet pipe. It works as a fan. It sucks the snow coming from the auger, and ejects it through the pipe.