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DeWALT angle grinder: versatility and high quality processing

Note that the DeWALT angle grinder with speed control allows you to work with various materials (wood, metal, stone, plastic) as efficiently as possible, using various types of attachments with a diameter of 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm.

Among all the modifications of grinders, DeWALT 125 mm is quite popular today. This can be explained by the fact that this model has a number of advantages.

  • The dust removal system prevents damage to the insulation and wear of abrasive material, which prevents the penetration of dust and dirt particles into the engine components and parts, thereby increasing the service life of the device.
  • Anti-vibration front and rubberized rear handles make it easier for the user to use the tool.
  • Increasing the operational flexibility of the angle grinder is facilitated by its new design features, thanks to which the installation, removal and adjustment of the protective cover is possible without a key.
  • The service life of the motor is increased due to the fact that the armature of the device is protected from damage by self-switching brushes.
  • Work in areas that are difficult to access is possible thanks to the special low-profile gear housing.
  • Discs can be replaced with much less effort, due to the design features of the flanges.
  • Even when working in difficult conditions, the brushes of the DeWALT angle grinder do not freeze due to the rigid holder.
  • When using the tool in tight spaces, the spindle locking button is protected from damage as it is located on the side.

Professional models, which are most suitable for long-term intensive work, can have a power of up to 2600 W, while for household tools this parameter is 1100-1500 W. Of course, the DeWALT professional angle grinder is more expensive than household models of this power tool.

DeWALT angle grinders: high-quality processing of any surface

One of the most popular tools can rightfully be considered an angle grinder, or, simply, an angle grinder. Using this tool, you can cut metal, stone and other materials, polish and grind various surfaces, process various building materials, and also clean individual parts and entire structures.

angle grinder (angle grinder) DeWALT

All products presented in the section “Angle Grinders (Angle Grinders) DeWALT” are produced by well-known and well-proven companies of high quality.

network angle grinder DeWALT (DeWALT) catalog 2019

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The Perform Protect system includes several elements:

  • Electronic two-stage E-Clutch: In the event of a jam or sudden stop, the angle grinder will automatically shut down, minimizing recoil. The instrument must be restarted to re-run. In addition, the clutch allows you to select one of two levels of torque.
  • AVC (Active Vibration Control): Counterbalance systems and anti-vibration side handle significantly reduce vibration, reducing its negative effects on the body.
  • Dust extraction: air intakes and power button are reliably protected from dust.

The safety of the DeWALT brushless network angle grinder is ensured by the following functions:

  • Brake: after moving the slider switch to the “off” position, the engine stops almost instantly, coasting (motor coasts) takes just over one second.
  • Undervoltage shutdown: In the event of a sudden, sudden undervoltage or power failure, the DeWALT angle grinder will shutdown without restarting.
  • Kickback Brake: In the event of a jam or an unplanned stop, the electronic brake quickly stops and disengages the angle grinder. Restart is only possible after restart.
  • Constant Clutch: The constant clutch will reduce the torque in the event of an unexpected failure or overload. When the load is reduced, the rotation speed will increase. If stopped for a long time, the angle grinder will shut off until it is restarted.
  • Smooth start: the angle grinder picks up maximum speed gradually over a second. Thanks to this there is no jerk at the beginning of work.
  • Protection against accidental starting: accidental starting of the angle grinder is excluded.

Protective cover and clamping nut can be easily adjusted without a wrench.

An additional rubberized handle can be installed on both the right and left. This allows left-handed people to work comfortably.

Dewalt flexvolt 6″ grinder repair (inspect your battery first)

The power cord of the DeWALT brushless angle grinder is thick and durable, its length is 4 meters.

Technical properties of DeWALT brushless grinders

The new DeWALT angle grinder is based on the brushless motor, which was previously only used in cordless tools. Similar angle grinders were produced by Hitachi (Hikoki), but the DeWALT products are in many ways unique. The absence of brushes makes the DeWALT motor lighter, more durable, powerful (1.7kW) and efficient.

The brushless motor rarely fails and can run for several hours without interruption. Radiator-type gearbox provides efficient cooling.

One of the main advantages of the brushless DWE 43 series is that high efficiency does not require a lot of effort. Such an electric motor does not drop in speed with increasing load. It doesn’t matter how hard the user puts pressure on the tool, the number of revolutions remains constant. In the event of an overload, the spindle will stop immediately, protecting the motor.

Regardless of the severity of the work, the DeWALT angle grinder moves smoothly, without jerking. Thus, the worker gets less tired. When creating the DeWALT networked brushless angle grinder, the developers paid great attention to safety and convenience.

angle grinder for power supply. 2019 catalog

Features of the new grinders

One of the features of the DeWALT brushless network grinders is a very thin (girth less than 200 mm) one-piece body, eliminating backlash. It is very easy to disassemble it.

All contacts and electronics are reliably isolated, so the risk of short circuits is reduced to zero.

Powerful magnets are installed around the motor to prevent metal particles from entering.

Rotation speed for all models except DeWALT DWE 4347 is adjusted using a wheel.

The table drawn alongside helps you to select the desired speed.

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The wheel is large enough to rotate easily even when wearing construction gloves.

The LED indicator helps to monitor the status of the DeWALT angle grinder. Green color indicates connection to the network, red indicates an emergency.

DeWALT DWE 4357, 4369 and 4377 angle grinder models have an adjustable speed. This makes them versatile. The maximum rotational frequency of the grinders DWE 4357, 4347 and 4377 is 10.5 thousand rpm, DWE 4369.8 thousand rpm. The minimum value for models DWE 4357 and 4377 is 2.2 thousand rpm, DWE 4369. 1.8 thousand rpm. This is one of the lowest rates among all networked angle grinders.

The efficiency remains unchanged even when connected to a gas generator or through an extension cord.

During the MTBF tests, tools with a brushed motor worked up to 150 hours, with a new electric motor (without brushes), all devices worked after 2000 hours of production.

The networked brushless angle grinder is designed for concrete grinding, cutting and stripping. They are used in construction, metalworking, when working with oil and gas pipelines, building bridges and roads.

Why does the Bosch hob turn off??

An electric stove has many advantages over a gas appliance: convenient operation, fast and uniform heating. But being connected to electricity makes this technique vulnerable. At the most inopportune moment, the electric hob can turn off during operation, which causes inconvenience in use. Regardless of the reason due to which the malfunction occurred, it is required to disconnect the equipment from the power supply and call a specialist.

The most probable reason for the shutdown of the electric hob is the activation of the protection of the functionality of the leading elements.

If the thermal protection is triggered, the stove stops working and performing its functions, because the control system classifies this condition as overheating. If this does not happen, expensive parts repair or replacement will be required. What malfunctions can there be for the protection function of kitchen appliances to work??

The Bosch hob can also shut down due to an open power circuit. The protective function is activated in a number of other cases of breakdown: the heating temperature regulator of the burners, the control touch panel, the fan of the standard cooling system. In modern stoves, special systems are installed that protect equipment from overloads in the electrical network. Thanks to this, the main components are not subject to destruction or deformation if a short circuit occurs or the current increases much higher than the standard indicators.

The protection is turned on if the RCD circuit breaker or fuse is triggered. This will turn off the induction hob.

The causes of malfunctions that cause the hob to turn off may be different:

  • The contact group is broken. During operation, the connection points are subject to oxidation or loosening, which causes the circuit to open and no power from the mains.
  • The integrity of the wiring is broken.
  • Wires are tangled or current breaks through to the hob body.
  • Failure of heating elements. Mechanical damage to the hob burners, due to which cracks have appeared, as a result, the humidity of the environment rises. This can cause a short circuit, which is unsafe when using the hob. Defective elements must be replaced as soon as possible in order to eliminate the cause of the spontaneous shutdown or short circuit when the hob heats up.
  • The thermostat is broken. The distortion of information about the temperature leads to the fact that the electric stove does not heat up to the desired temperature or it turns off spontaneously. A mechanical reason can be called a breakdown of the control sensor.
  • The heating power switch does not work. Heating mode is not activated, so the stove can stop working by itself.
  • The sensor or mechanical board is out of order. In the event of a breakdown of the control center of the hob system, spontaneous shutdown of equipment, failure of operating modes, switching off of backlight lamps is possible.

The equipment cannot be turned on until the cause of the malfunction is clarified and eliminated.

Bosch hob switches off

What to do if your Bosch hob switches off?

There are many reasons and symptoms of a malfunctioning hob when it turns off and on again. It is often very difficult to independently determine which reason is causing the spontaneous shutdown. The reason may be a cable, a breakdown of sensors, etc. Therefore, if defects have arisen in the operation of a kitchen appliance, you must immediately disconnect it from the network and contact our service center for the repair of household appliances.

If the induction hob switches off by itself, the technician will first check:

  • power cable for breakage;
  • enabling protection mode;
  • Control block.

Depending on the identified malfunctions, a further algorithm of actions will be determined. Required parts are usually replaced. The cost of repairs depends on how much work needs to be done.

It is not worth trying to diagnose the surface, especially the control unit, on your own. Rash actions can lead to more serious consequences.

If the Bosch hob spontaneously turns off, it is better to immediately contact our service center. Specialists have the necessary knowledge, experience, tools and equipment to quickly identify the cause of a breakdown and eliminate it at minimal cost. With us you will receive the best conditions for cooperation at affordable prices. We go home and do turnkey repairs on site.

Additional electronic functions

For homework, do not flatter yourself too much with electronic bells and whistles. Some of them are available only in the professional line, but still there is something in the household segment.

Disk power and dimensions

It would seem how the power and the size of the circle are related? Directly! Here we will list all the possible options and tell you who they are suitable for.

There are three categories of grinders: small, medium and large. Of course, this is not determined by the overall dimensions of the case, but by the diameter of the removable disk. Closer to the numbers:

  • – 115 mm. these are babies for cutting objects up to 30 mm thick and grinding small surfaces;
  • – from 125 to 150 mm. medium, with 125 mm being the most popular and practical option with a cutting depth of 40 mm and the largest selection of additional consumables; the diameter is 150 mm. it is indispensable for cutting pipes in electrical and plumbing works;
  • – from 180 to 230 mm. a large solid tool; with a diameter of 180 mm, the cutting edge is 50 mm and is widely used on construction sites, and 230 mm is already a real giant for professional use. bulky and powerful.

The weakest angle grinder can be safely given the name “All in 400”. it has 400 watts of “power” and the price is determined by the same figure in hryvnia. As we were told in secret, it is also ironically called “black shark” (possibly because of the color). But seriously, such unpretentious power tools are indispensable in educational institutions at labor lessons, and therefore they are purchased in large quantities.

With the rest of the assortment, everything is more prosaic. The power of household grinders (115, 125 mm) varies between 700-1500 watts. And semi- and professional (150-230 mm) are already on a step higher. from 1500 to 2600 W.

It is worth noting that with an increase in power, the weight of the device and its “appetite” for electricity increase. Therefore, for home / summer use, it is better to choose a model from the average power category up to 1500 W.

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Overload and overheating protection

There is a well-known song about overheating: if for a long, long, long time, then the instrument will burn out. Almost so. Of course, parts of the motor get hot, and any appliance needs to be given a break. The protective function allows you to timely determine the excessive “heat of passions” and automatically turns off the device.

About overload protection. Sometimes this function is also referred to as “Disc jamming system”. This includes any “when something went wrong” situations. For example, it is known that cutting wood is not desirable. But who was it stopping! It is possible, if carefully. at a right angle, like a surgeon at an operation. If you put the spinning disc at least slightly at an angle to the log, there is a great chance that the wood fibers will simply jam it. When the engine is running, this will provoke a traumatic situation. An electronic relay comes to the rescue, which gives the order to the engine in time to “stall”.

Which class to look for: semi- and professional

Angle Grinder Attachments: Wheels, Discs and Brushes

If you imagine that a grinder is a player, then any attachment is a CD. No attachment. no music. All consumables are purchased separately and the selection is truly impressive. They are grinding, sawing, cutting (for different types of metal, tiles, etc.), as well as diamond. for cutting porcelain stoneware, concrete and other hard materials. Maybe you saw brushes in the form of a “sun” with a rigid braided pigtail? They are used to remove paint or rust from metal.

“Three whales”, on which the whole essence of any circle is built. shape, abrasiveness, thickness. Changing these parameters allows the attachment to cope with a particular type of work and various materials.

Each disc has a mandatory marking. It indicates the specification, expiration date, maximum permissible speed (we must look at this figure and compare it with the capabilities of the machine). In general, everything is simple with dimensions:

  • – outer diameter repeats the type of angle grinder (115, 125, 150 mm, etc.);
  • – inner diameter, it is also the landing size, uniform and standard for all. 22.23 mm;
  • – thickness: usual for a 125 mm disc. 2-2.5 mm, but there are thinner options. 1-1.2 mm. they are easier, faster and more accurate to cut, but also wear off faster.

Choosing a universal angle grinder

angle grinder. a resident of a southern country on the Black Sea coast. But you wanted to talk today not about women, but about angle grinders (angle grinder), right? Not a single representative of the fair sex will grind the seams on the front side of the part, and she is also unlikely to agree to polish the laid parquet or cut a couple of dozen bricks

As you already understood, the angle grinder is used for:

DeWalt D28402 angle grinder not working: Diagnostics.

  • – processing of any building materials;
  • – polishing, leveling, grinding surfaces;
  • – stripping individual parts or the whole mechanism from paint and rust;
  • for cutting metal / stone structures.

And why is the instrument not named Spanish, African, Japanese, and so on? It’s just that our first grinding machines were manufactured at the factories of the Bulgarian Republic. Time has passed, but the name is still popular among the people.

Angle grinder design and working principle

The grinder is not a spaceship, it is rather uncomplicated “cut”. At the head there is a rotating spindle on which the nozzle is attached. The movement of this very spindle is provided by a simple electric motor. they are connected to each other through a gear train.

  • 1. Electric motor.
  • 2. Reducer.
  • 3. Protective cover.
  • 4. Handle.

The structure is clear. it is unlikely that you will disassemble the instrument for parts. Rather, you are eager to work with him. Therefore, further. in essence: about super important points by which you can calculate the power tool of your dreams.

Disc rotation speed and speed control

This characteristic is a hundred times more important than power, but completely depends on it. In general, the speed of rotation of the working shaft determines the “limits of what is permitted”.

So how many revolutions are there? In general, for the entire assortment, it is from 2.5 to 12 thousand per minute. over, the smaller the circle, the faster it is. So 125s spin and 11,000 rpm, 180s. 8500 rpm, and models with a circle diameter of 230 mm. up to 6600 rpm.

The high-end models have the ability to adjust the speed. How to understand if you need it? If you plan to further expand the range of possibilities, often change discs, as well as achieve perfect surface treatment, then definitely yes.

To process the surface with high quality, the disc alone may not be enough, you also need “correct” revolutions. Recommended rotation speed for polishing. up to 3000 rpm, grinding. up to 4000 rpm, cutting. from 5000-6000 rpm.

Protection against accidental restart

Which inclusion is considered random? One of the situations: You cut metal corners and do not touch anyone. Then one of his own people decides to urgently take the outlet and unceremoniously disconnects “you” from the network. The second option. electricity was cut off centrally. As you can see, the device will turn off in an unnatural way. What happens if you plug it back in? In the presence of a protective function, he will be “silent”. for the sake of your safety and everyone around you. To start it again, you need to press the switch on the case until it clicks.

In which class to look: semi- and professional, household

Why the computer turns off by itself Windows 7?

One of the most common reasons why a computer turns off by itself is overheating of the processor, video card or hard drive. The protection of these components is triggered. Again, the clinical manifestations can be different. both with and without BSOD loss.

Why does my computer turn on and off by itself?

Most often, the computer shuts down due to swollen and “leaking” capacitors on the computer’s motherboard. … Here are some illustrative examples of swollen, leaking and burst capacitors. The second good reason is system overheating. The main components of the PC that are responsible for the health of the system as a whole: processor and video card.

What to do if the phone does not connect to the computer?

What to do if the computer does not see the USB device

  • Disconnect unnecessary USB devices from your computer.
  • Try to connect with a different cable or port.
  • Restart your computer and mobile device.
  • If you are on Windows, update the driver required to recognize the USB device.

Why does it turn off immediately when I turn on my computer??

Reasons for instant PC shutdown after start

What can cause it: Unstable voltage in the household power supply, if the system unit is connected to it directly. Defective power supply, broken power cord. Short circuit in any of the system unit devices.

Why does my computer turn on and shut down after a few seconds??

Power supply short circuit or hardware failure. The cooler on the power supply unit can make several rotations. Short circuit or failure of the power supply or motherboard. The cooler on the central processor can start spinning and turn off after a second or two.

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What to do if the PC turns off by itself?

Self-shutdown of the computer during work. what to do if the computer shuts down by itself The computer shuts down by itself what to do? If the processor overheats, you need to open the case and carefully vacuum it so as not to catch anything. Then you need to remove the processor cooler and clean it from dust.

Why does my computer turn off after 15 seconds?

After turning on the computer, an inscription appears on the screen at the very bottom stating that the computer will turn off in 15 seconds. The reason for shutting down the computer is a closed contact. Basically a USB contact. Check all USB connectors, also check the USB connectors on the motherboard.

The most common breakdowns

Angle grinder malfunctions are quite common. Everyone who works with this tool knows about this. What goes wrong most often?

Dewalt Angle grinder electrical fault finding

How to disassemble an angle grinder

How to disassemble an angle grinder? Not so difficult process. This does not require special knowledge, but everything must be done carefully and with care. Each owner needs to know how to disassemble any working tool, because from time to time it needs to be cleaned internally from dirt and dust, and its durability depends on it.

At the present time on the market, you can choose for yourself a different type of angle grinder, which differ in performance, size, quality. Manufacturers are also different. Whichever model of grinder you buy, everyone has the same assembly model.

Disassembling an angle grinder requires few tools, you just need a regular screwdriver or a reversible ratchet.

Having prepared a screwdriver, you can start disassembling:

  • Unscrew the screws from the body and remove one side of the product.
  • We remove the nut, thanks to which the disk is held, we unscrew the bolts securing the protective casing.
  • Removing the brushes.
  • Disconnecting the wires from the engine.
  • We unscrew the bolts that secure the gearbox inside, and very carefully remove it, the rotor is also removed with it.
  • We unscrew the bolts that hold the stator and remove it.
  • Putting the angle grinder back, put everything in place in reverse order and fasten it.

When disassembling an angle grinder, it is important to remember the order in which parts are removed in order to properly assemble.

Types of breakdowns in Bulgarians

The spindle lock button is broken.

Just one awkward pressing of the spindle lock button while the disc is rotating will break it. It can sometimes be broken if used to remove a jammed disc. To prevent this from happening, you need to use an open-end wrench inserted into the special holes near the disc attachment point.

Significant faults

Having excluded all minor breakdowns, it is necessary to understand why the tool does not want to turn on, and how to repair it. Most likely, the malfunctions are serious and require additional knowledge. This happens if:

  • the body is deformed;
  • one of the bearings is seized;
  • the armature or stator does not work;
  • the teeth of the gear of the reducer are broken or worn out;
  • the collector is out of order;
  • the sensor of the control electronics does not show signs of life.

If it is determined that a malfunction has occurred in the mechanical part of the angle grinder, then you need to pay attention to the condition of the large gear located on the shaft and to the bushings. If the teeth are partially worn out or the shafts are wobbling, they must be replaced immediately.

Angle grinder device

Any angle grinder consists of the following parts:

  • rotor. a part of an electric motor that rotates during operation and is speed-controlled, also called an anchor;
  • collector. the place on the rotor where the control winding wires are located;
  • brushes. parts that serve as conductors of current from the cable to the collector winding;
  • reducer. a mechanism that acts as a drive from a rotating rotor to a rotating disk, consists of a spindle, a bearing, two gears (large and a shaft gear);
  • stator. the part of the electric motor in which the rotor works;
  • impeller for cooling the angle grinder;
  • start button;
  • network cable with electric drive;
  • protection casing;
  • angle grinder body;
  • additional handle.

All these details can be divided into two parts:

Typical minor breakdowns

In the event of a malfunction, first of all, it is necessary to exclude elementary breakdowns:

  • Angle grinder does not turn on. The angle grinder suddenly malfunctions. it stops turning on. In this case, you need to check the serviceability of the outlet, then the plug and the power cord, perhaps the drive simply does not work due to the fact that no current flows into the product.
  • The cable and plug are intact, but the drive does not work. You need to check the start button. It is easier to repair the angle grinder switch by purchasing a new button and replacing it. Since it is rarely repairable. basically, the plastic pull rod of the switch breaks inside. If you want to experiment, you can disassemble it by numbering the contacts, and put everything back together in places so that after assembly does not happen a short circuit.
  • The above parts are intact and the angle grinder doesn’t want to work. so it’s time to check the brushes. Maybe it’s time to change them in the angle grinder. The brushes are constantly heated from work, so they wear out quickly and more often than other parts need to be replaced, and in pairs.

Angle grinder DeWALT DWE4057 DWE4057

When buying through the “novapay” service, money is transferred only after verification and confirmation of the purchase.

  • Epoxy coating of the motor windings protects it from abrasive dust
  • Stator windings with straight-through terminals without the use of terminals guarantee high tool reliability
  • Low profile gear housing allows for work in tight spaces
  • Soft start reduces starting current and kickback when starting the tool
  • No-Volt system protects against restart after power interruption
  • Top-positioned spindle lock button for maximum cutting depth
  • The use of only ball bearings in the design increases the efficiency and durability of the tool
  • 2-position front handle increases user comfort during work
  • The casing is adjustable without the use of additional tools
  • Carbon brushes protect the anchor from damage
  • Independent and spring-loaded brush holder extends brush life
  • Optimized body diameter for comfortable grip and superior ergonomics
  • Angle grinder DeWALT DWE4057
  • User’s manual
  • Warranty card
  • Protective cover
  • Side handle
  • Support flange
  • Nut with two holes
  • Two-hole wrench
  • Packaging. cardboard box

Disc diameter, mm

Power, W

Speed ​​control

Smooth start

Idling speed, rpm

Tool-free tool change

Toolless casing adjustment

Maintaining constant speed under load

Vibration protection

Front handle adjustment

Spindle lock when the disc is jammed

Protection against accidental start

Restart protection

Thermal motor protection

Spindle thread

Case availability

Voltage, V

Automatic shutdown of brushes

Quick change of brushes

Weight, kg

Producing country

The birthplace of the brand

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