How To Cut Tiles Correctly Angle Grinder Without Chipping

Like all other tools, the angle grinder is divided into classes, professional and household tools, as well as by their design features. This is perhaps the most widely used tool outside of the drill. Many people work with an angle grinder, but not everyone is wondering about the correctness of the manipulations performed, from the point of view of personal […]

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How to cut an angle grinder without chipping ceramic tiles

Figured design for pipes Many people wonder whether it is possible to cut the tile with an angle grinder figuratively? Of course it is possible, and of different shapes: square, oval, circle, rhombus, ellipse. To do this, you need to read the article to the end and practice in practice. When carrying out independent repairs, an angle grinder is often […]

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Cutting pipes at an angle macro

The telescopic one has a carriage, a roller and guides, which can optimally fix the pipe, depending on the required cutting angle. Perfectly copes with cutting thick pipes or made of durable materials, since due to the assembly it can create strong pressure on the surface of the cut object. The ratchet cutter is portable and can cut thin pipes. […]

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