How to cut the angle of tile with a tile cutter. Safety regulations

Life hacks of the finisor. how to professionally cut different types of tiles Tile work. work is not easy for beginners, requiring thoughtful preparation. In addition, it is important to find an individual approach to the varieties of material to reduce waste, and therefore the financial costs of the customer. Tile cutting formula without prejudice to material Considering the topic […]

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Can an angle grinder cut glass?. How to cut a mirror without a glass cutter

DIAMOND CUT OFF WHEEL I JIJY M J GLASS TECHNICIAN I DIAMOND TOOLS Cutting glass with a diamond wheel angle grinder. How to cut with an angle grinder Tempered glass is considered one of the most common materials. Hardening technology is used to increase its strength. After such a procedure, the degree of machinability of the material is significantly reduced. […]

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How to cut floor tiles with a tile cutter. Design of mechanical tools

Features of the material Porcelain tiles are made by pressing a mixture of clay, quartz sand, feldspar and other minerals, followed by high-temperature firing. The result is a dense material with a negligible number of pores and the highest hardness. 7. 8 units on the Mohs scale. To compare: corundum has the same hardness (this kind of minerals include sapphire […]

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