Best T-Outliner: Top 6 T-Outliners From Popular Brands (Andis, Wahl). Cordless t blade trimmer

Best T-Outliner: Top 6 T-Outliners From Popular Brands (Andis, Wahl)

A T-outliner is named for how it features a T-shaped blade. The design uses a blade that is a little wider than the base of the clipping unit. You can use a T-outliner for your outlining, fading, close-cutting, and dry shaving needs. You can also use one of these clipping materials for when you’ve got hair that is difficult to reach but yet needs to be evenly cleared out.

But not all T-outliners are ever truly alike. You need to look at the best T-outliner models for your use when finding something suitable for your hair-cutting needs. Fortunately, you can find many T-outliners from Andis and other popular brands.

Top 6 T-Outliners – Comparison Table

ModelCorded / Cordless Noteable Features Price

The Three Best Andis T Outliner Reviews

Andis Professional T-Outliner 04710– Lightweight and Powerful

Andis makes an assortment of quality T-outliner choices. The brand is synonymous with T-outliners, which is no surprise that some of the best T-outliner choices are from Andis. The first of those outliners to see is the Professional model.

The Professional T-Outliner offers a lightweight body at 11.5 ounces. An eight-foot power cord is included for helping you keep the magnetic motor running. The motor is rated at about 7,200 strokes per minute, thus giving you a cleaner cut that is also well-controlled.

The magnetic motor does not produce lots of noise, nor does it generate annoying vibrations. The fine teeth are also spaced close to one another to create a clean cut every time.

Carbon steel materials are used on the blades to keep them sharp and sturdy. The blades also sharpen themselves with each pass. You could even produce a zero-gapped cut with the blades when the hair is short enough.

The design uses a simple control on the bottom part. The lever turns the power on in moments and offers a single speed that stays persistent through the cutting process.

The attractive body on this Andis trimmer makes it easy for me to keep a good cut going. The grooved materials around the housing ensure that I can get a simple grip running without risking the trimmer slipping out of my hand. I can also use this in slightly damp conditions without worry.

The T-outliner blade is firm and does not bend much. I can use this to get around the ears and the back part of the neck. I like how the design works along the edges of the hair to help with producing a fine cut. It was easy for me to craft an outline and to establish the right borders for cutting without making the surface area any harder to trim.

There is only one speed on this T-outliner. The speed is good enough, but I would have liked a secondary setting for sensitive or lighter spaces that need extra care.

Andis Cordless T-Outliner Trimmer – Helpful Cutting Everywhere You Go

You don’t necessarily have to use a cord when getting a T-outliner ready for your use. You can use a cordless model like this one from Andis for getting a great cut anywhere, or just for when you want to avoid any wires.

The Andis Cordless trimmer uses a grooved body with a small bend while including a basic power knob on the bottom. The design features a lithium-ion battery that lasts for about 100 minutes on a full charge. The battery keeps the rotary motor on the inside running in moments.

An LED light lets you know how much battery charge is left. You can also use the T-outliner while it is charging up, what with the design doubling as an optional corded unit. The docking base will not take up lots of space on your shelf.

The carbon steel blade works with a zero-gapped layout for a closer cut every time. The width of the blade provides room for edging needs. You can also clear out the blade in moments thanks to the design protruding from the trimmer’s base.

I was impressed with how the motor speed remains consistent regardless of whether I use the trimmer with its cord or without that part. The trimmer does well with all hair types; I can even use this on stubble for a closer cut.

The four included attachment combs helped me with getting cuts prepared in all lengths. The combs do well for longer hair, although these items also help me with cutting hair short and even.

The lightweight design of the trimmer was a plus for me. The unit weighs just around a pound when the cord is removed. This is a remarkable weight when you see how a cordless model works. Usually, the batteries on a trimmer are heavier than this.

It takes a while for the battery to charge up. I would have liked a quick-charging feature that gives me enough power for a basic trimming routine in minutes.

Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner – Works Clean Along the Skin

The third of the best Andis T-outliner models to see is this one with a magnetic motor. The trimmer works with blades that cut closer to the skin without producing irritation.

The T-outliner features a magnetic motor that runs at 7,200 strokes per minute. The motor triggers the carbon steel blades. Those carbon steel blades are deep-tooth pieces that cut through the roughest bits of hair in seconds. The support for a zero-gapped alignment helps to produce the closest cuts possible, thus even removing some bits of stubble.

The eight-foot cord includes a hanger loop for your convenience. The loop is near the bottom part of the cutting unit. The contoured and grooved design on the Andis GTX T-Outliner is also similar to what you would find on many other Andis models, thus producing a better cut.

The T-outliner works best for trimming and dry shaving, although it can also be utilized for outlining needs. The comfortable design provides better control over the skin. The motor also works quietly and without producing lots of vibrations, let another any annoying heat.

The simple design of this Andis T-outliner was a big plus for me. I like how the curved body and grooved texture gives me a good grip in either hand. The power switch is positioned far enough to where I will not accidentally trigger that feature while using the cutting tool.

The blades on this T-outliner cut clean and keep everything trimmed in moments. My favorite part of this is that the T-outliner produces a smooth cut all around without spending lots of time to make it work evenly and carefully.

The magnetic motor is another feature that I like. The motor cuts through well and does not produce lots of sounds. I did not experience any slowdowns on this motor.

The lack of speed options was a minor issue. I would like something that could work at different speeds for rougher areas. At least the motor here does not slow down all that much.

Three Great T Outliners From Wahl

Wahl Professional 5-Star Hero #8991 – Electromagnetic Power Makes the Difference

Andis is not the only company behind the best T-outliner models. You can also choose this Wahl 5-Star T-outliner for your use. The Hero features a different type of motor that was perfected by company founder Leo J. Wahl nearly a century ago.

An electromagnetic motor is utilized in the Hero outliner. The motor uses fewer moving parts. The included magnets are vital for producing vibrations to keep the unit working smoothly. The design delivers a faster blade speed at nearly 14,000 strokes per minute. Even with that added power, the blade will not overheat or use as much energy as other models.

The physical body includes a smooth surface with a few gripping spots on the sides. These work alongside the eight-foot power cord included for moving the trimmer around many spots. The power switch is firmly secured at the top as well; it will not protrude or trigger on its own.

Three cutting guards are also included. The largest of these guards is 3/16-inch for a cleaner cut while managing longer hair for when you want to produce that perfect stubble look.

The fast motion on the clipper motor was a great feature for me. I like how this Wahl clipper can move through stubble and thick hair quickly without pulling out or irritating the hair. I did not notice any stubble or pains around the surface when this was used, nor did the skin become red after trimming.

The lightweight design on the clipper is one of my favorite features. The clipper weighs less than a pound, a point that is impressive when you consider that the cord is so long. As for that cord, I had an easy time securing the material for my power needs. The grip on this trimmer was also easy for me to get a grip on so I could move it around a person’s hair in moments.

The motor should be checked carefully to see how well it operates. Although the motor runs fast, it can still stop working if it tries to go through really thick hair spots.

Wahl Professional Chromini T-Cut #8549– Adjustable For Many Cutting Needs

The Chromini is a Wahl trimmer that offers several adjustable points. Part of this includes the ability to remove the blade in moments. The cordless design on this trimmer adds to the quality of the layout for your needs.

You can remove the blade from the top part of the Chromini as necessary. You can do this to get better access to the blade housing for cleaning purposes or for when you need to replace the blade altogether. High-quality German-made steel blades are used for creating a clean cut every time.

The nickel-metal hydride battery on this clipper provides you with about 100 minutes of power on a full charge. The charging base offers a circular body that fits well in your bathroom. A small light appears on the T-outliner to let you know how well the device is charging and when it is ready.

The lightweight body of the cordless cutter provides you with better control all around. The cutter weighs about four ounces, a total that is impressive when you consider how the trimmer needs a separate battery.

I appreciate how well the cutter is designed with a slim layout while being easy to activate. I can start the cutter with the useful power switch near the top spot. The blade also locks in well without being likely to slip out or wear out fast.

The blades were very powerful, and yet they did not produce any rough sensations on the skin. I found the blades to work well for sideburns, beard corners, spots around the ears, and even around the nape of the neck.

The speed on the motor was far more consistent than what I expected. The electromagnetic motor produces a quick speed without creating vibrations that would keep me from having a better hold.

The battery takes forever to charge up. The indicator does let me know when the unit is charged, but I would at least like a warning for when the battery power is about to run out.

Wahl Cordless Retro T-Cut Trimmer #8412 – Slim and Simple

Wahl makes the last of the T-outliners for your use. This Retro trimmer is named for its classic appearance, although the battery feature provides a modern approach to trimming. The T-cut head also provides a strong setup for grooming that includes support for smaller spaces, including spots around the ears.

The lightweight body offers a basic approach to trimming with a protruding power switch on the side. But even with the power switch, you can still use this with either hand.

The nickel-metal hydride battery provides a 60-minute charge when fully ready. The included docking station also keeps the trimmer in its place while ensuring it does not shift and get out of the proper charging position.

The T-blade remains open and moves along the skin with the steel blades containing no overlapping spots. The layout will provide you with a clear space for brushing off the surface. The organization also produces a firm cover that does not bend or wear easily, thus producing a firm approach to the skin while being capable of being edged around the narrowest spots on the skin.

The three trimming guides that this trimmer comes with helped me with some of the longer hair spots that I needed to care for. The 3/16-inch guide was very useful for getting around stubble to produce a five-o’clock shadow look. The guides were also helpful in giving me an even cut along the sideburns.

The battery was also very helpful for me. I like how the charging station gets the battery powered up in moments. I can also secure the trimmer in its power spot with ease.

The motor speed was also consistent throughout my use. The speed did not wear out or stop at any time when I was moving along with the cutting process, giving me extra control over the movements needed for the best cut possible.

There aren’t many grooves or curves around the physical body of the trimmer. The lack of a distinct body made it harder for me to get the cleanest possible grip on the unit, although I could still use it in either hand.

What to See When Finding a Quality T-Outliner

Blade Material

When finding the best T-outliner, you have to find a model that provides a clean cut every time. An outliner needs to have blades that are sharp and will stay consistent. You can find many outliners that feature steel materials that sharpen themselves with each use. You will still have to clean out the blades and oil them regularly to ensure that the outliner will stay comfortable. Check on how well the blade is laid out and that you can get this to work in a few moments.

Blade Layout

The T-shaped design of the blade is a consistent feature of all T-outliners. But the blades might not protrude as well on some models as they can with others. You need to find a blade design that sticks out to where you can clean out the blades in moments. The ends should also protrude to where they offer a careful space for edging behind the areas, around the corners of the neck, and in other slim areas.

Attachment Features

Not all T-outliners come with attachments, but the ones that do offer various guide combs that make it easier for you to trim longer bits of hair. You can also use these combs to create stubble effects that add a sexy look to anyone’s face. The attachment combs for a T-outliner are usually shorter in length than what you would find on a larger trimmer set that covers more hair spaces.

Power Source

The power utilized in the T-outliner should be checked based on how well it is produced. Many models come with corded materials that provide you with a consistent flow of power.

Some T-outliners come with cordless bodies. You would add your outliner to a power base and allow the battery to charge up. The amount of time you can use the outliner before needing a new charge will vary based on the material you wish to utilize.

Motor Quality

The motor in your T-outliner can include a rotary design that moves with a vibrating lever or a magnetic motor that uses fewer moving parts. Either way, the motor should be insulted to where it will not produce lots of noticeable heat or vibrations. The motor will also work with thousands of strokes per minute, although each model has a different speed rating. Expect to find ratings of 7,000 SPM or higher on most models.

Physical Body

You should not struggle with holding onto your T-outliner. You can find many models that come with either some curves around its physical housing or some grooves for a better grip all around. Anything that fits in either hand is always a plus. Don’t forget to see how well you can access the power switch on the outliner and that it is not in a spot where you might accidentally trigger the unit.

Our Verdict

Our analysis has found that the Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer is the best T-outliner you can use for your cutting needs. The trimmer uses a simple design while being easy to grip. The consistent flow of power gives you more help for keeping a good cut going while targeting many of the slimmest hair spots on the head.

See what you can find when getting a T-outliner for your demands. Whether you want one from Andis or Wahl, you will find it is not hard to get more out of your cutting needs when you see a useful T-outliner for your demands.

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Cordless T-Blade Trimmer. Linear Magnetic Motor Barber Starter Kit

Linear Magnetic Motor Hair Clipper World’s fastest 10w Japanese linear magnetic motor, 10,000 SPM Ultra low noise.

Decrease quantity for Cordless T-Blade Trimmer. Linear Magnetic Motor Barber Starter Kit Increase quantity for Cordless T-Blade Trimmer. Linear Magnetic Motor Barber Starter Kit

Free Returns

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Cordless T-Blade Trimmer. Linear Magnetic Motor Barber Starter Kit

Decrease quantity for Cordless T-Blade Trimmer. Linear Magnetic Motor Barber Starter Kit Increase quantity for Cordless T-Blade Trimmer. Linear Magnetic Motor Barber Starter Kit

Linear Magnetic Motor Hair Clipper

  • Ultra low noise technology
  • 3350 mAh li-ion battery
  • 3 hours of constant power.
  • USB cord, cordless / corded technology
  • Japanese 440c stainless steel blade
  • Additional DLC taper blades included
  • Friction free dual DLC black diamond coated blade stays cooler longer, retains sharpness and stays rust free
  • Precision blade can be zero gapped to give you the absolute closest cut without irritation
  • Low battery indication light

Cordless T blade Hair Trimmer For Men Home Using

Our Cordless T-Blade Trimmer is engineered for truly effortless close-cutting with fine-cutting teeth for crisp outlines and designs, a must-have for detail work on hair, beards and moustaches

Sharp, strong anti-friction and durable, the high-quality carbon-steel blades are specially hardened for long-life cutting which can protect the fragile scalp and prevent snags and pulled. The contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand. all without cord.

The high-speed, powerful motor runs cool and quiet and provides low vibration that prevents your hand from being numb. With super-fast charge technology, each full charge can last up to 18 weeks for reliable, high powered cordless use.

Professional DIY Close-Cutting:T-Blade’s fine-cutting teeth are perfect for all-around outlining and fading, as well as trimming necks, beards, moustaches, and edging around ears. Zero-gapped.

Cordless Fast-charging: Cord/cordless operation with the built-in 600mAh high-performance rechargeable battery, each full charge can last up to 18 weeks for reliable, high powered cordless use (based on 1 haircut a week lasting 10 minutes). Features an LED light to indicate battery power levels.

Hair Cutting Scissors Professional Barber Salon

Professional hairdressing scissors

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Life time warranty

We accept returns. You can return you scissors for a refund or exchange by notifying us within 7 days of receiving them

Comes with plastic inserts to make sure they are the perfect fit for your fingers

Shipping Return

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The 15 Best Beard Trimmers for Men in 2023

Whether you’re maintaining perma-stubble or growing out a massive beard, you’ll want a beard trimmer to keep it clean.

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Figuring out the best beard trimmer for your particular facial hair situation is a personal journey, because great beards come in many shapes and sizes: there’s the perfect stubble, of course, or a beard that’s artfully shaped and styled. But even if you opt to grow a long beard, you will still need to know how to trim it as it grows. And for all of those situations—for basically anything besides a close shave—you need a good beard trimmer.

Modify Andis T Outliner. how to increase clipper power by David warren

Growing a Beard for the First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

The first step in growing a beard is to not cut it. Seriously. Even when you’re in that weird in-between growth phase that looks more scraggly than suave, or you’ve discovered your growth pattern is patchy and realistically won’t fully connect. A beard isn’t one size fits all, so you’ve got to embrace what makes you unique along with trusting the process (read: be patient). While it’s blossoming into a, dare we say, even better version of the beard you envisioned when you embarked on this journey, you’ll want to keep it defined and trim along that way. That means shaving the neck and cleaning up the sides with a stellar trimmer. If you don’t know what differentiates a “just OK” trimmer from one that is top-shelf, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

How We Tested

OK: how would you test a beard trimmer? We used them, of course, over the span of several months, enlisting a roster of hirsute GQ staffers—with beards of various shapes, lengths, and textures—to lend their expertise. The only real stipulation we established was that each tester treat their trimmer of choice exactly the way they would under normal circumstances: with an utter disregard for its well-being. Which is to say, the trimmers we landed on here have been put through the wringer. They’ve had beard oil accidentally dribbled over their blades, they’ve been tossed carelessly into dopp kits (and the occasional Ziploc bag), they’ve been dropped one too many times on the shower floor. And despite all that, they performed exponentially better than any of the others we tried.

What We Looked For

Before we settled on our winners, we established a few key metrics of quality:

  • Battery life: Is it better suited to long, leisurely styling or quick touch-ups?
  • Versatility: Is it appropriate for head-to-toe use? And can it double as an electric shaver in a pinch?
  • Cutting power: Is it more useful for detailing or hacking its way through Neanderthal-esque whiskers?
  • Design: Is it ergonomic enough to hug the hard-to-reach areas of your face, but sleek enough to warrant prime of place on your bathroom counter?

gardening tool manufacturers are opting for battery power over fuel or electric, and today’s string trimmers are a case in point. We tested these eco-friendly yard maintenance devices to help consumers make the right purchase for their property.

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

Handy outdoor power tools make quick work of tackling overgrown weeds and grass, giving the yard a tidy look and trimming hedges and shrubs. We put battery-powered trimmers through their paces on several grass or weed types to see how well they ran and cut, ultimately arriving at this list of the best battery trimmers.

For ensuring a polished look to a lawn, the best string trimmer is a great investment. These yard-care tools spin a cutting head loaded with nylon string (instead of a fixed blade) to cleanly trim the grass at the edge of a lawn or mow down weedy areas. Though gas and electric models once dominated, new and improved battery-powered versions don’t require mixing fuel or storing gasoline like gas string trimmers do, nor are they limited by the length of an extension cord, like corded electric string trimmers are.

Some battery trimmers are better suited to different-size yards, users, and budgets. So we could help consumers make the right choice, we tested some of the most popular string trimmers to find out how they perform under real-world conditions. To qualify as a top pick, a string trimmer should be durable, powerful, and easy to operate. The string line should exit the reel easily with no need for the user to constantly remove the reel cover and untangle the line.

The following battery-powered string trimmers are at the top of their class. Anyone looking to invest in a trimmer is likely to find one here to fit their landscaping needs.

  • BEST OVERALL:STIHL FSA 60 R 36V Battery Trimmer
  • RUNNER-UP:Ego ST1511T Power 15-Inch Powerload String Trimmer
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK:BlackDecker LST300 LBXR2020-OPE 20V String Trimmer
  • UPGRADE PICK:Makita XRU15PT1 36V LXT Brushless String Trimmer Kit
  • BEST HEAVY-DUTY:DeWALT DCST972X1 60V MAX 17-Inch String Trimmer Kit
  • BEST LIGHTWEIGHT:BlackDecker LSTE525 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger
  • BEST FOR LARGE YARDS:Echo DSRM-2100 eFORCE 56V 16-Inch Battery Trimmer
  • BEST FOR SMALL YARDS:Worx WG163 20V Power Share GT 3.0 String Trimmer
  • BEST DUAL DIRECTION:Husqvarna 320iL 40V Battery String Trimmer
  • BEST TRIMMER/EDGER COMBO:Worx WG170 20V Power Share Revolution String Trimmer
  • MOST VERSATILE:Greenworks Pro 80V 16-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

How We Tested the Best Battery Trimmers

To truly test these battery-powered string trimmers, we started by assembling the tools and charging the batteries. Most trimmers arrived with the batteries about 25 percent charged right out of the box, but a full charge allowed us to gauge runtime at full power. Although some of the trimmers offer lower power settings that could extend runtime, we found that the lower settings simply made them less capable when it came to coarse weeds, so we ran them at full power for testing.

We put each trimmer through its paces in a variety of real-world scenarios: “clean” lawn grass, weedy grass, and natural areas featuring coarse, weedy seedlings and vines. To earn a spot in our lineup, the lightweight 20-volt (V) trimmers had to deliver a clean, crisp cut in both clean and weedy grass sections. In addition to trimming the grass zones, we used the 36V, 56V, and 80V models to cut through woody, viny growth in natural areas. Along with cutting power, we tested for battery runtime, maneuverability, and operator comfort and determined the best battery trimmer by category.

Our Top Picks

These reviews describe the key features of each cordless string trimmer and how the models performed in our backyard tests.

STIHL FSA 60 R 36V Battery Trimmer

It makes sense that the STIHL FSA 60 R would be a top performer in this test group. It comes from a brand with a long history of industry-leading outdoor power equipment. This string trimmer measures just over 66 inches long, weighs less than 10 pounds with the battery installed, and works for about 25 minutes per charge. The 36V 3.9 amp hours (Ah) battery charges in a little more than 2 hours.

The tough polymer material used for the motor housing and debris shield help keep the weight down. A few other standout features include a variable-speed throttle trigger, trigger interlock, battery retainer latch, EasySpool cutting head, bump guard, and hang loop. The trigger interlock and battery retainer latch prevent accidental startup. The variable trigger and EasySpool head improve operating efficiency by saving battery life and minimizing the time it takes to reload, respectively. The bump guard protects sensitive surfaces during close trimming, and the hang loop offers a convenient way to store the tool when not in use.

This is a great all-around pick for quarter- to a half-acre yards. The relatively short runtime of the STIHL FSA 60 R belies a very capable trimmer. In our tests it easily and cleanly sliced through all kinds of grass and weeds, including tough tree saplings up to about ¼ inch thick. The shorter runtime actually mattered less because the trimmer cut so well, and we moved at a faster pace than with some of the other trimmers with longer runtimes.

The other thing we noted here was the amazing level of operating comfort. The trimmer was fairly lightweight to begin with, but the weight was so well balanced—with just enough weight forward of the front handle to keep the head near ground level—that using it required significantly less effort than what was required of some of the other trimmers that weighed about the same. Also, vibration was minimal, so after trimming we had plenty of energy to keep working.

  • Weighs less than 10 pounds but easily powers through tough weeds
  • 25-minute runtime per charge for about 5,000 linear feet of trimming
  • Excellent balance to keep the head at ground level
  • EasySpool head, bump guard, variable-speed throttle, and accidental start protection
  • Smallish 13.8-inch cutting swath is on the small side for open spaces
  • 2-hour recharge time for battery is longer than that of some competitors

Get the STIHL battery trimmer at Ace Hardware or Blain’s Farm Fleet.

Ego ST1511T Power 15-Inch Powerload String Trimmer

Ego Power has made a name for itself in the outdoor power-equipment category by building an affordable battery-powered tool line that competes favorably against old-fashioned 2-cycle gas-powered equipment. The ST1511T 15-inch string trimmer proved to be powerful, clean, and quiet in testing. The 56V 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery delivers up to 45 minutes of runtime, with a recharging time of just 50 minutes. The bump-feed trimmer head comes preloaded with 0.095-inch trimmer line for more cutting force and less noise. Taller users will appreciate the straight shaft design, and the unit weighs in at just over 10 pounds.

In our tests, the Ego trimmer showed ample power to cut through everything in its path, including overgrown, weedy grass; privet seedlings; and honeysuckle vines. Its well-balanced design, with the heavy battery in back offset by the long, straight shaft, made it comfortable to work with and more agile than others we tested. Our only caveat: For seasonal yard cleanup or maintaining larger landscapes, the 45-minute maximum runtime may not be quite enough.

  • Auto-loading trimmer head reduces downtime while working
  • Adjustable telescoping straight shaft provides a custom fit for different users
  • Excellent power and runtime value at a moderate price point
  • Heavier than some with less forward weight to keep head down
  • Battery is bulkier than others, making the tool tiring to use over an extended period

Get the Ego Power battery trimmer at Amazon, Ace Hardware, or Lowe’s.

BlackDecker LST300 LBXR2020-OPE 20V String Trimmer

To give the yard a polished look without breaking the bank, consider the BlackDecker cordless string trimmer. It features a 12-inch cutting swath to cut down the corners and clean up the edges of small- to medium-size yards. An automatic feed spool means no more stopping to bump the tool when new string is needed. Two 20V lithium-ion batteries are included.

In our tests, this trimmer performed very well in weed-free grass and in weedy lawn areas. With a light weight of just 5.7 pounds, this trimmer is easy to handle without causing arm and shoulder fatigue. The short, straight shaft design is most comfortable for users under 5 feet 9 inches tall. We also liked that with a quick adjustment to the head, the trimmer becomes an edger to neaten up the grass along sidewalks and driveways. In all, we found this affordable tool a solid pick for small obstacle-free landscapes.

  • Pack includes 2 batteries for more runtime, less downtime
  • Automatic feed spool
  • Money- and space-saving design that both trims and edges
  • Battery recharges in just 45 minutes

Get the BlackDecker battery string trimmer at Amazon (with extra battery) or The Home Depot.

Makita XRU15PT1 36V LXT Brushless String Trimmer Kit

The Makita XRU15PT1 string trimmer is a premium option to keep the lawn and garden under control. It can handle large yards with enough power to tackle dense weed growth. This cordless string trimmer comes with four 18V 5.0Ah batteries so you’ll never run out of power. Shoppers can purchase this model as a kit that includes a dual battery charger and two sets of batteries, or as a “tool only” for those who already have items from the Makita 18V tool platform.

With a long, straight shaft and high-power cutting head, this 10.4-pound trimmer feels like a pro-quality tool. It was well balanced and articulate while trimming around shrubs and between obstacles. It had plenty of power to cut through tough vegetation. In our tests, it made nice clean cuts and crisp edges in the grassy areas and tore through weedy privet seedlings and honeysuckle vines without hesitation. It’s an excellent candidate to replace gas equipment for medium to large landscapes, though the price may be high for budget-minded shoppers.

  • Runtime is longer than charge time for ready-to-go fresh batteries
  • Includes a second set of batteries for extended work
  • Gas-like power and performance for tough trimming jobs
  • Expensive trimmer due to the high cost of batteries
  • Small debris guard allows some material close to operator
  • Stiff bump head required a hard strike to let out line

Get the Makita battery trimmer at Amazon or Mowers Direct.

DeWALT DCST972X1 60V MAX 17-Inch String Trimmer Kit

When an established leader in pro-grade cordless hand tools enters the lawn-care category, shoppers will want to take note. The DeWALT 60V battery trimmer packs a heavy-duty brushless motor powered by a 60V 3Ah FlexVolt lithium battery that lets it tear through all kinds of tough weeds for at least 40 minutes per charge.

This attachment-capable trimmer comes equipped with a straight shaft and Rapid- loading adjustable spool. It uses.080-inch trimmer line to cut either a 15-inch or 17-inch swath. A safety switch in the grip prevents accidental starts. Users can select high or low power, depending on the project, and control the trimming RPM with a variable-speed trigger. The universal attachment feature lets owners replace the trimmer attachment with a variety of other tool heads, including an edger, hedge trimmer, pole saw, and more.

The DeWALT battery trimmer was one of the heaviest we tested, but also the most powerful. With the standard.080-inch trimmer line that came pre-spooled, this tool had no trouble cutting anything from grass to thin tree seedlings and even tough blackberry canes. In low-power mode it offered more cutting force than the high- power setting of most others we tested. In high range it beat all but the STIHL, which was about an even match in terms of pure power. To be honest, high power was too much for many of our applications, so we also tested thoroughly in low range. It ran about 40 minutes on high, and about 60 on low.

Other than the heavy weight, the only negative point we have to offer is the noise. The trimmer is loud to begin with, and when initially triggering or feathering the trigger it makes an even louder whine/whistle sound. Still, it’s a very impressive tool at a fair price for the power and runtime and a good choice for large properties or cleaning up overgrown areas.

  • Battery type: 60V 3Ah FlexVolt lithium ion
  • Runtime: 40 minutes
  • Weight: 12.95 pounds
  • Outstanding power for clearing overgrown weeds and brush
  • Works with.080-inch or.095-inch trimmer line for normal or heavy trimming
  • Excellent runtime of up to an hour for average grass trimming
  • Power head can run other landscaping tool attachments
  • Heavy weight of just under 13 pounds, but no shoulder strap
  • Longer battery charge time at 135 minutes
  • Noisy operation, especially when initially triggering

�� COMPARISON & REVIEW of the Andis Corded, Cordless LI & Cordless GTX EXO T-Outliner Trimmer ��

Get the DeWALT battery trimmer at Amazon, Ace Hardware, or The Home Depot.

BlackDecker LSTE525 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger

Weighing just 8.8 pounds, this string trimmer is easy to carry, maneuver, and control with an adjustable handle and a safety trigger switch to prevent accidental starts. The 12-inch trimming radius is suitable for keeping the lawn properly maintained without damaging fencing, decks, trees, or other common yard obstacles.

This cordless string trimmer operates with a 20V battery that can last for up to 20 minutes, and a spare battery is included. For edging, simply turn the head and use the built-in wheel to balance as the trimmer string handles the task.

When we used the tool to trim weedy lawn grass patches and edge the curb and driveway, it made nice clean cuts and tracked well to make good straight edges. The shaft and handle adjusted to comfortably fit our 6-foot user. The tool is amazingly lightweight for the amount of power it offers, but the weight is mostly balanced to the front of the handle, and having to manually counterbalance it while working fatigued our tester. Though not built for heavily weed-infested yards, it has ample power and runtime to clean up curb lines, driveway edges, and otherwise maintain a smaller landscape.

  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Handle is customizable to fit the size of user
  • Trimmer doubles as an edger with a simple turn of the head
  • Battery provides limited runtime, although a spare is included
  • Not enough power to tackle coarse, woody weeds
  • Weighted toward the front, which may cause user fatigue

Get the BlackDecker MAX battery trimmer/edger at The Home Depot or Tractor Supply Co.

Echo DSRM-2100 eFORCE 56V 16-Inch Battery Trimmer

A wide cutting swath, extended runtime, and powerful trimming ability make the Echo DSRM-2100 eFORCE battery trimmer an excellent choice for large yards. The straight-shaft trimmer is powered by a brushless motor and 56V 2.5Ah lithium battery for up to 56 minutes of powerful performance that rivals traditional 2-cycle trimmers. It cuts a 16-inch-wide swath to get the job done efficiently.

This battery trimmer weighs in at a comfortable 9.75 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight choice at this level of capability. It features battery-saving low/high power settings for different cutting conditions, a variable-speed trigger, and a cushioned handle grip for comfort. The Speed-Feed cutting head comes preloaded with.095 trimmer line and reloads quickly without disassembly.

The Echo eForce battery trimmer is an excellent value for large-property maintenance. In our tests, the cutting power seemed to be slightly less than that of the DeWALT and STIHL trimmers, but it was still very capable. In high-power mode we trimmed for about 40 minutes. But the better-than-average power and wider swath meant that in 40 minutes with the Echo, we were able to complete work that other trimmers would need an hour to accomplish. The noise level was good, and reloading was fast and easy.

This trimmer could have scored higher with improved balance. Although it is a lightweight trimmer overall, most of the weight is in the working end. The heavy cutting head forces the operator to compensate by lifting upward on the front handle and pushing downward on the rear handle while working. We tested with the 2.5Ah battery that comes standard. Working with the available 5Ah battery (sold separately) would rebalance the trimmer to some degree while doubling runtime and increasing overall weight.

  • Excellent price for this combination of power and runtime
  • Wide cutting swath and power performance for large properties
  • Rapid charging system charges the battery in less than 40 minutes

Get the Echo battery trimmer at The Home Depot or Acme Tools.

Worx WG163 20V Power Share GT 3.0 String Trimmer

Owners of small yards may find this lightweight string trimmer an excellent option. It weighs just 5.5 pounds and easily converts from a trimmer to an edging tool; a built-in wheel helps balance the tool while edging. A push-button feed system gives the ability to extend the trimmer string without bumping the 12-inch trimmer head or manually pulling additional string from the trimmer. It comes with two 20V batteries and a charger, and the battery lasts for up to 20 minutes on a full charge.

This Worx string trimmer tackled our grassy areas with ease, both the weedy and weed-free zones, but it wasn’t as capable on rough areas. We were particularly impressed by the edger function, which we found comfortable and well balanced thanks to the 90-degree shaft-rotation capability. The adjustable trimmer head and upper handle let us customize the working angle, but the process of doing so proved clunky. We had to reach down and turn a rather stiff knob at the connection point between the shaft and cutting head to unlock and relock the angle for each adjustment.

  • Battery provides limited runtime, although a second battery is included
  • Head-tilt adjustment is somewhat awkward and clunky
  • Relatively long 60-minute charging time for 20 minutes of runtime

Husqvarna 320iL 40V Battery String Trimmer

One limiting factor of most string trimmers is the cutting head’s direction of rotation; it matters more than one might think. The direction of rotation determines where the clippings will go, and in some situations, how the user should grip the trimmer. The Husqvarna 320iL 40V battery trimmer offers a solution, thanks to its dual-direction cutting head. At the touch of a button, we could change from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation and back, without changing grip on the handles.

This straight-shaft trimmer is powered by an efficient brushless motor and 40V 4Ah battery that drives about 45 minutes of runtime per charge. It features a Rapid-load cutting head that comes prespooled with.080 trimmer line and cuts a 16-inch swath. Low-vibration technology improves operator comfort, and the machine weighs in at just over 10 pounds with the battery.

The Husqvarna 320iL ranked near the top of the test group in terms of user comfort and quiet operation, but its power was somewhat underwhelming after the big showing from the STIHL and DeWALT trimmers. We were super impressed with the dual-direction feature. It allowed us to use the trimmer right- or left-handed, and we could safely trim curb lines from either direction without standing in the street. On high-power mode the trimmer performed lawn-trimming duty superbly, but in heavy weeds and natural areas it could not keep up with the more powerful trimmers.

Anyone not interested in going off the beaten path might still do well to consider this trimmer. Its balance is impeccable, rivaling the STIHL in comfort even though it’s a fraction of a pound heavier. And for quiet operation, this one takes the gold medal. The only real question regarding comfort and control was, why so many buttons? Its four thumb-operated buttons control on/off, high/low power, clockwise rotation, and counterclockwise rotation.

  • Dual-direction trimmer head leaves clippings where desired
  • Excellent balance for comfortable extended use and less fatigue
  • Among the quietest of the trimmers we tested

Get the Husqvarna battery trimmer at Lowe’s.

Worx WG170 20V Power Share Revolution String Trimmer

While plenty of string trimmers also function as edgers, we found this model to have the best dual-function design. At the push of a button, the trimming head on the Worx WG170 Revolution trimmer converts to an edger that rolls easily along the edge of a sidewalk or driveway. The head tilts up to 90 degrees, so it is easy to reach weeds on slopes while standing comfortably.

The trimmer comes with two batteries plus a charger and three extra spools of trimmer line. The string trimmer also boasts a handy spacer guard that keeps it from bumping into plants, and the shaft adjusts to suit taller or shorter users. It cuts a 12-inch swath and operates on a 20V lithium-ion battery. We tested the tool with the 2Ah battery, but it also comes with a 4Ah battery at some retailers.

In our yard, this trimmer cut through and created a crisp edge on both weedless and weedy lawn areas. We really liked the easy adjustable feature on the trimmer head: A twist lock holds it in just the right position, up to 90 degrees, for a customized working angle for users of different heights. Also, the batteries are interchangeable with those of many other Worx 20V cordless tools.

  • Adjustable upper handle to accommodate users of different sizes
  • Trimmer head converts to an edger for use along sidewalks or driveways
  • Comes with 2 batteries to make up for shorter runtime
  • Requires a relatively long charging time
  • Trimmer feels underpowered for tackling coarse, heavy weeds
  • Only 20 minutes of runtime per charge

Get the Worx WG170 GT battery trimmer at Amazon or Target.

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Greenworks Pro 80V 16-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

The Greenworks Pro 80V trimmer is a quality tool that adapts to a variety of other functions with attachments such as a brush cutter. (However, attachments are sold separately.) The 2Ah battery provides up to 45 minutes of runtime and recharges in just 30 minutes. The brushless electric motor is efficient and quiet, providing plenty of torque to cut through heavy weeds without the noise and smell of a gas-powered unit.

In our test areas, the Greenworks Pro trimmer was powerful enough to cut through the toughest weeds and vines with ease. The heavy battery weighs the machine down toward the rear, but the included adjustable shoulder strap makes operation more comfortable. The battery is compatible with other Greenworks 80V tools. Just don’t get too excited about the variable-speed trigger: Although it’s intended to allow a gradual increase from “off” to “high” speed, we found the range of movement between the two to be minuscule; in effect, the trimmer is either “off” or “on.”

  • Battery type: 80V 2Ah lithium ion
  • Runtime: 45 minutes
  • Weight: 10.6 pounds without battery
  • Trimmer has a quiet, efficient brushless motor
  • The recharging time is only 30 minutes; runtime is 45 minutes
  • Gas-like power and performance without the noise and smell
  • Slight lag time between triggering and full power
  • The trimmer’s adjustable speed feature is difficult to use
  • Weight is balanced toward the rear, but shoulder strap helps

Get the Greenworks Pro battery trimmer at Amazon.

What to Consider When Choosing a Battery Trimmer

When shopping for string trimmers, also known as weed eaters, keep in mind yard size, how often the tool will be used, and the height and strength of the primary user. The following key considerations will help in selection.

Trim Width

Trim width, also called swath width, indicates how wide a path the trimmer will cut through weeds in a single pass. Many models on the market today feature swath widths of 10 to 18 inches. The wider the width, the more power the trimmer must have, which often means the tool will be heavier because it will require a larger, more powerful battery.

Battery Type

Running a string trimmer requires a hefty dose of power. Though most of today’s trimmers run on rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, a few accept nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Li-ion batteries are more powerful, but NiCad batteries are less expensive (an average of 70 to 125 less). Li-ion batteries also are smaller, hold a charge longer, and provide full power throughout the discharge cycle.

NiCad batteries suffer from “memory effect,” meaning if the battery is used before it has fully charged—or if it’s recharged before its power depletes—it will “remember” the earlier charge level and won’t hold a longer charge in the future. If choosing a trimmer that has a NiCad battery, let it charge fully before use and drain completely before charging. For most users, a string trimmer with a Li-ion battery will be the best choice.


Along with battery type, consider how much operating power the battery has, which is measured in volts. Today’s rechargeable string trimmer batteries average from 18 volts up to an average of 60 volts of power. powerful batteries at the high end often are intended for commercial use and can cost 200 or more per battery.

Some string trimmers in this category sell without a battery (or battery charger), which the user must purchase separately. This could be a cost-saving benefit for those who are adding to a same-brand, battery-compatible cordless tool collection, since the same battery will power multiple tools. However, it can be more convenient to purchase a kit with multiple batteries to have one on the charger while the other is in use.

Feed Type

The “feed” of a string trimmer indicates how the trimmer head releases additional trimmer line as it becomes frayed and broken during use. The standby is a bump feed where the user bumps the bottom of the trimmer (the area where the spool attaches) on the ground to release a few inches of fresh line.

Some newer models feature an auto-feed sensor that gauges the length of the strings and releases more when needed. Still others have a push button to release more line. Auto and button feeds eliminate the need to bump the spool, which can reduce the risk of damage if bumped too hard, but many commercial-type trimmers still use bump feed because it’s quick and easy.

Curved vs. Straight Shaft

Some string trimmers feature a straight shaft that runs from the handle to the cutting head, while other models feature a distinct curve in the lower shaft about two-thirds of the way down. Some users find curved-shaft trimmers to be easier to operate since the spool end already rests at a handy angle for weed whacking.

Straight-shaft trimmers often accommodate interchangeable tools, such as a tree trimmer head, which can be swapped out depending on the task at hand. In general, straight-shaft trimmers work better for users at least 6 feet tall, while shorter users will appreciate curved-shaft trimmers.


Battery-powered string trimmers have a distinct advantage over gas-powered trimmers when it comes to noise pollution. Gas-powered trimmers are moderately loud, emitting an average of 90 decibels (about as loud as a motorcycle passing by from 25 feet away). By contrast, a cordless string trimmer emits approximately 77 decibels, which is comparable to casual conversation.


Those who are still unsure about how to use a battery string trimmer may find the following answers to common questions about these tools helpful.

Q. Can a string trimmer cut weeds?

A string trimmer is used to cut and control weed growth around the home and garden. However, light-duty trimmers may have issues with very dense weed growth.

Q. Can you use a string trimmer to cut grass?

A string trimmer can be used to cut grass, though you need to be careful not to cut the grass too short while trying to keep the trimmer balanced. It isn’t the easiest way to cut the grass, but it is possible.

Q. Can you edge with a string trimmer?

Yes, a string trimmer can be used for edging the garden, driveway, walkway, or sidewalk. If you have a large yard, it may be better to invest in a separate edging tool.

Q. How many volts should be in a trimmer?

String trimmer batteries average from 18 volts up to 80 volts. Typically, the higher the voltage, the longer the battery life.

Q. How do you edge a lawn with a string trimmer?

Hold the string trimmer perpendicular to the lawn to keep the cut even. Position the head about 4 inches off the soil so the string has space to rotate. The string should rotate and cut through the grass and dirt. As you move along the desired borders, keep the head balanced and even. Clean up the cut grass and dirt to finish the job.

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