Bosch Angle Grinder 9 125 Overview

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One of the most common tools, an angle grinder (popularly called an angle grinder) has a huge range of applications. For home or construction work there is no more useful unit. With it, you can cut stone and iron, clean and polish any surface and even sharpen a hand tool.

The best angle grinder with a disk diameter of 125 mm

Small and easy to use, the angle grinder for disks with a diameter of 125 mm is best suited for the home as a universal tool that allows you to cut or grind any material.

Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E

The most powerful representative of the TOP-3 of the best budget grinders is Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E. This is one of the best-selling grinders in the line of the Russian company Interskol. The tool consumes 1100 watts and can cope with a variety of tasks without problems, including cutting tiles, profiles, fittings and plastic pipes. This is the only budget angle grinder in the rating, which has a soft start function. Due to the limitation of the starting current, the engine starts smoothly without loading the gears, which increases their service life.

A smooth start increases safety, as it reduces the likelihood that the tool will jump out of the hands at the time of the start jerk. The minuses of the model include a slightly heavier weight of 2.2 kg, which is 60% more than the mass of the Makita GA5030. Also, a lot of complaints come to the not-well-thought-out power button. During operation, dust gets under the button, which interferes with its movement. Otherwise, this is an excellent budget angle grinder for household tasks.

Makita GA5030

The second place in the ranking of budget angle grinders is occupied by the Makita GA5030 model. This is the lightest angle grinder in our ranking of the best. Despite the fact that it is far from the most powerful (only 720 watts), many users successfully use it for home and summer cottages, cut ceramic tiles, thin metal and plastic pipes, and process wood. The angle grinder has well-thought-out ergonomics and is very comfortable to hold in your hand. This cannot be taken away from the Japanese, the ability to take care of the quality and convenience of the instrument.

Bort BWS-905-R

Bort BWS-905-R. One of the best-selling budget grinders. First place in our ranking. The Bort angle grinder has German roots, but is currently produced in different countries, including China.

The model has become the best category in several ways at once, including equipment. In the box with the angle grinder, the owner will find an additional handle, a protective cover, a key for changing the disc, and an additional set of brushes.

It is worth noting the presence of speed adjustment, which depends on the degree of pressing the start button. Useful for performing various types of work. Angle grinder can work with disc diameters up to 125 mm.

Detailed review of the filling Bort BWS-905-R The best angle grinder with a diameter of a disk of 150 mm

An increase of only 25 mm in diameter of the disk significantly expands the scope of the tool, which, moreover, usually has a more powerful engine. For this reason, an angle grinder with a disc of 150 mm is most often used to perform serious amounts of work. Among the large assortment in this category were selected the best models of grinders, both for home and for professional activities.

3 DIOLD MSHU-1.3-150

Bosch Angle Grinder 9 125 Overview

The DIOLD MSHU-1.3-150 household machine is a universal tool for the home due to the presence of a function that allows you to adjust the number of spindle revolutions. With this angle grinder you can easily clean any surface from rust or old paint, as well as cut thick metal and other durable materials. The engine power of the presented model provides stability of revolutions in the range of 3200-8200 rpm.

2 VORTEX angle grinder-150/1300

A simple, and at the same time reliable device for performing a wide variety of repair work is the Angle Grinder Vortex Angle Grinder-150/1300 machine. This angle grinder uses grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 150 mm, which greatly expands its functional capabilities. The power of the motor of this household tool allows for 8,000 revolutions per minute of continuous operation, which is quite enough for a home or repairs performed on an unprofessional basis.

1 DeWALT DWE4238

The DeWALT DWE4238 high-performance angle grinder is designed for cutting, grinding and grinding work, which can also be done using a special nozzle and sandpaper. The soft start function provided in this angle grinder helps improve operator safety and also simplifies the production process itself, resulting in improved quality. Despite the fact that this model is an angle grinder related to household tools, it is equipped with a 1400 Watt motor and is capable of delivering 9300 rpm. The motor is reliably protected from debris and is resistant to power surges.

The best angle grinder with a diameter of a disk of 180 mm

4 BISON angle grinder-180-1800 PM3

One of the most popular budget-level tools among domestic consumers allows you to perform not only work for the home. Affordable price and quality of parts ZUBR angle grinder. 180-1800 PM3 make it possible to use this angle grinder in professional activities. Soft start limits the load at start, which affects the duration of the operational period. Ergonomics provide a convenient side holder (placed in two positions), and the rotary handle design allows you to adjust the angle grinder to your desired hand.

Bosch Angle Grinder 9 125 Overview

3 UNION UShS-90180

Ergonomic case made of ABC plastic with rubberized handle and quite comfortable weight (3.8 kg) for an angle grinder for 180 mm discs. Union UShS-90180 looks very good for its price. In this category, it has the most competitive price and at the same time does not upset its users with the quality of components. Replacing the armature brushes does without disassembling the hull. The owner can carry out the entire procedure on his own, having spent no more than 5 minutes on the strength.

2 Makita GA7040SF01

Smooth start-up and decent power are the main distinguishing feature of this angle grinder. Despite the Chinese assembly, the quality of the tool is at a high level, which allows you to use it not only for home. This determines good wear resistance and operational reliability. Such power characteristics (2.6 kW) Makita GA7040SF01 angle grinder make it easy to cope with large volumes. The device tolerates long-term operation without interruptions and does not particularly overheat.

1 Metabo WEPBA 19-180 Quick RT

Despite the pretty decent price, the angle grinder is worth it. The Avtobalansir structural system significantly reduces vibration, and the high quality of components and precise assembly distinguish this unit from the background of its closest competitors. In addition, a good power of 1900 watts makes it easy to cope with large volumes of work. Owners also highly appreciate the presence of a smooth start and engine brakes. These functions speak about the professional level of the tool, in which any trifles are provided. Metabo WEPBA 19-180 Quick RT also has a speed controller, the high accuracy of which allows you to adjust the tool in accordance with the nature of processing of various materials and thereby improve its quality.

The best angle grinder with a disc diameter of 230 mm

Powerful and reliable, with a large depth of cut, these models of grinders are not entirely suitable for the home. Their potential is optimally suited for production and construction work with any degree of complexity. This group presents models of different capacities that have one common quality. They are justifiably considered the best in their category.

5 Metabo WE 26-230 MVT Quick

One of the best professional grinders is deservedly considered the premium model Metabo WE 26-230 MVT Quick. It is impossible to talk about any operational limitations regarding this device: it can do something for which others lack performance. The high rated power of 2600 W and a maximum spindle speed of 6600 rpm allow the angle grinder to cut thick sheets of metal without any apparent difficulties, to grind it using highly resistant materials.

The key feature of this model is ergonomics. Outwardly, the ideal device has no less elaborate internal equipment: the multiplier (raising the reactor) is prudently placed in a metal case, and the delivery kit contains an additional handle. Also, one cannot fail to note the presence of the spindle lock functions, inrush current limitation and overload protection. In general, this is one of the best grinding machines in the domestic market, however, the issue of high cost naturally affects the demand and the accompanying popularity.

4 Bort BWS-2005-S

The TOP-5 professional grinders include the most budget model Bort BWS-2005-S. Compared to competitors, this tool can be purchased at about 30% cheaper. Despite the low price, this angle grinder is equipped with a starting current limitation system (soft start), which allows you to turn on smoothly, without jerking. An angle grinder can handle cutting and grinding granite, concrete, brick and metal.

3 Bosch GWS 20-230

In our ranking, only the Bosch GWS 20-230 H can stand out with a rich delivery set. So in the box with the tool you will find not only an additional handle, but also 8 different discs (cutting, abrasive, etc.). The tool is equipped with a spindle lock for convenient and safe change of equipment and has an impressive work resource. It should also be noted that the gear case here is made of metal, and not of plastic, as with cheap analogues. This contributes to a more accurate fit of internal components and better heat dissipation.

2 Interskol angle grinder-230 / 2600M

The presence of a soft start (inrush current limiter), a spindle lock and a lock on the power button provide the most comfortable work process. Despite this, ergonomics has a rather large flaw. The fact is that the mass of an angle grinder is 6.7 kilograms, and it is very difficult to hold it in your hands for a long time. Judging by the other criteria, the Interskol angle grinder-230 / 2600M is the very case when domestic equipment sets the tone for the entire market segment, naturally pushing aside foreign competitors.

1 Makita 9069SF

The first place in the ranking of the best grinders in the category of semi-professional models is given to the Makita 9069SF. As always, the Japanese tool of the Makita brand stands out for its enhanced functionality in its price segment. The power button lock, additional handle and inrush current limitation. All you need for 7000 rubles (2016). The power consumption of the tool is 2000 watts at a speed of 6600 rpm.

Video. How the Makita 9069SF angle grinder works

How to choose an angle grinder

In order to choose a good, high-quality angle grinder, based on your own needs and its purpose, we recommend that you pay attention to a number of key criteria:

  • The diameter of the disk. A parameter that indirectly indicates power is an angle grinder and is largely dependent on the size of the tool. Standard disc diameters are: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 millimeters. It is advisable to choose this criterion, starting from the main type of work performed.
  • Engine power. Depending on the size of the disk, the required power parameter of the electric motor is selected. To perform minor work on cutting thin-walled pipes and grinding non-solid materials, 500-700 W will be enough. However, for carrying out heavier operations, models with a power of 1 kW or higher should be chosen.
  • Spindle speed Indirect parameter characterizing the speed of rotation of the disk. If the priority is working with metal products (mainly cutting), then give preference to models with an unregulated speed. To grind wood, we recommend that you look at the tool with a special regulator.
  • The number of working handles. This criterion affects the usability of the angle grinder when performing certain operations. For cutting, one handle is sufficient (with the possibility of setting along the axis of rotation of the spindle), while for grinding it is recommended to give preference to models with an additional handle (in the form of a bracket).
  • Type of power supply. According to this criterion, an angle grinder is divided into two types: network and battery. We strongly recommend that you make the choice in favor of network models, since the battery of the angle grinder is hardly enough to carry out irresponsible (light) operations.
  • Additional functions. Depending on the cost, the angle grinder can be supplemented with the following functions: soft start (inrush current limiter), start button lock, protection against jamming and overheating, speed control, etc. By excluding or including some of them in the list, you can create a real “dream tool”.