Bosch Pbh 2100 Re Rotary Hammer Review

Ergonomic, compact, lightweight (2.2 kg), Slimline, 550 watt Bosch PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer, committing up to 2300 rpm and up to 5800 bpm, performs drilling with impact and easy hammering in concrete, stone, masonry and without impact in wood, metal, ceramics, plastic. Sds-Plus Chuck allows to work with drills with a diameter up to 20 mm for concrete 30 mm. For wood, 13 mm. On steel. The Vario-Lock function provides 36 positions for the cutter. Impact air drive with impact force 1.7 J. Electronic control for a smooth increase in speed. Spindle lock The tool comes in a plastic case with a depth gauge, an additional handle.

The hammer drill will cope with the toughest resistance!

Description of the Bosch PBH 2100 RE puncher:

  • Perforating concrete, stone, masonry, performing light mortising work, as well as drilling holes in wood, ceramics, metal, plastic, tighten and loosen the screws will help Bosch PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer.
  • This tool works in drilling modes with and without impact, copes with the toughest resistance, easily passing granite, concrete surfaces.
  • This model will help the home master to cope with the work of making holes and passing through various materials.
  • The Vario-Lock function makes it possible to change the position of the tool.
  • Due to the rotation blocking, the rotary hammer transforms into a jackhammer, and the impact blocking is converted to a conventional drill that performs drilling without impact.

Technical features of the Bosch PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer:

  • Reliable electric motor power 550 watts for high performance tool.
  • For comfortable operation, a switch lock is provided for a long time.
  • Electronic control makes it possible to smoothly increase the speed with a switch from 0 to 2300 rpm.
  • Pneumatic impact mechanism provides from 0 to 5800 beats per minute with a force of 1.7 J. Regardless of the pressure force, he himself creates the proper impact power and provides its maximum when processing hard surfaces.
  • Impact blocking disables the impact mode and allows you to drill holes in metal or wood.
  • To take a comfortable position during operation by setting the optimum angle between the wall and the chisel, the Vario-Lock function allows you to set the nozzle in 36 positions.
  • The reverse function allows you to change the direction of rotation of the nozzle.

Bosch Pbh 2100 Re Rotary Hammer Review

  • Using this function, you can easily remove a stuck drill from the material without damaging it, and also tighten or unscrew the screws.
  • Keyless drill chuck with SDS-Plus mount securely attaches nozzles without the use of a special key. Accessories with SDS-Plus shanks hold firmly in the chuck and best transmit forces without any loss.
  • Dust cap prevents the ingress of dust into the cartridge sleeve, which significantly extends the life of the cartridge and nozzles.
  • For quick and safe change of nozzles, the tool is equipped with a spindle lock, which disables the rotational movement.
  • Depth gauge allows you to set the required drilling depth to make the same, exact holes.
  • A well-balanced instrument with a rearranged additional handle is convenient to hold and operate.
  • Rubberized handles provide reliable grip, do not slip during operation.

presentation of the Bosch PBH 2100 RE rotary hammer: