What’s Better Jigsaw Or Reciprocating Saw

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Whats Better Jigsaw Or Reciprocating Saw

The belief that summer is the best time to repair is just a stereotype.

Among the tools required for a true repair are a circular saw, an angle grinder and a jigsaw. We’ll talk about them today.


It is needed for cutting various materials: a normal device will master not only wood, but also plastic, metal, as well as other, softer materials. An important feature of the jigsaw is the presence of adjustment of the number of revolutions of the drive. You should also pay attention to whether the model of your choice has a pendulum stroke, and whether it can be adjusted manually.

Makita 4327

One of the most optimal models. It is designed for cutting at an angle from 45 to 90 degrees of wood, plastic, aluminum and steel. The jigsaw body is made of high quality impact resistant plastic. For convenience, the handles are covered with a rubber pad, so that the hands will not slide off the tool during operation. It is quite possible to work with such a jigsaw without headphones. It does not make much noise.

The power of the jigsaw is 450 watts, the maximum depth of cut of the tree is 65 millimeters, steel. Six millimeters. The number of working strokes is from 500 to 3100 per minute. It works without backlight, there is no pendulum movement. Such an instrument weighs a little less than two kilograms.

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Hitachi CJ90VST

Another optimal jigsaw model is more powerful. The tool is useful for straight and curly sawing of various materials. The main advantage of this model is its convenience. The jigsaw is provided with a system of interchangeable blades, as well as a handle with a special coating that absorbs vibration. This jigsaw has a swingarm. The power of the device is 705 watts. The depth of cut wood. 90 millimeters, metal. 8 millimeters. It can operate at speeds from 800 to 3000 rpm.

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Angle Grinder

The correct name for the tool is an angle grinder. It is intended for cutting stone, metal, as well as grinding, grinding and grinding of various surfaces. The main characteristics of grinders to which you should pay attention when buying are the diameter of the disc, power and speed.

Makita 9069

This angle grinder has high performance. The powerful engine is equipped with a dust protection system. Therefore, the tool is ideal for working with stone and brick. Another advantage is ease of use. In order to start work, you just need to press the start button. When overheated, carbon brushes turn off automatically. The power of such a device is 2000 watts. The diameter of the disc is 22.2 millimeters. The number of revolutions is 6600 per minute. True and fair weight. than 4 kilograms, not everyone will hold.

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Bosch GWS 850

Its advantage is a modest size. This Bosch model weighs less than two kilograms, which allows you to work with the tool for a long time, without getting tired. This angle grinder has very useful functions. Electronic speed control, spindle fixing. The diameter of the grinding wheel is 125 millimeters. Power. 850 watts. It operates at speeds up to 11000 rpm.

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Circular saw

This is a power tool equipped with a metal blade with sharp teeth. “Circular” is designed for sawing wood.

Makita 5704 RK

For suitable deep and even cuts. A flat cut is achieved using a parallel stop (it is included in the kit). Sawdust is removed through a special tap. The diameter of the saw blade is 190 millimeters. Power. 1200 watts. At a right angle, the maximum cutting depth is 66 millimeters at an angle of 45 degrees. 46 millimeters. The speed of operation is 4900 rpm, there is no speed adjustment. Such an instrument weighs seven and a half kilograms.

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Bosch NanoBlade EasyCut 50 chain saw review and testing

Bosch is well known not only for its reliable and high-quality tools, but also for the development of various innovative products. This tool is the EasyCut 50 mini-chain saw, considered today. Everyone knows the popular jigsaws. A tool for sawing materials. And those who constantly work with this tool are faced with various limitations in its use. Bosch engineers decided to replace the usual jigsaw blade with a chain bus, are you surprised? Well, right, this technology is called NanoBlade, and in fact we have a miniature chain saw with a tire with a depth of only 50 mm, and imagine the size of the links of the chain used?

This decision looks unusual and controversial, but see how convenient it is. Submersible sawing without pre-drilling. Precise and even perpendicular cuts. And all this is quick, easy and without unnecessary vibrations. Yes, an ordinary jigsaw can do it, but immersion cutting is impossible, holes can be cut only after preliminary drilling. Due to the bending of the blade, the cuts do not always turn out smooth, and choosing a groove will not work at all. But the chain mini-saw cannot completely replace the jigsaw. A jigsaw is better suited for figured sawing, EasyCut 50, of course, can handle this, but it is limited by a sawing radius of at least 10 cm. Therefore, it is incorrect to consider it as a replacement for a jigsaw. This is a specialized hand-held electric tool for certain types of carpentry, it can be used in cases where previously it was necessary to use either specialized stationary machines, or use several different tools, often even primitive in the form of a chisel.

The tool is new, and even experienced craftsmen have never encountered such a tool, let’s see what it is capable of, what kind of work it is subject to. I think that over time, the possibilities for its use will only expand, and specialists will find it used in such types of work that are not even announced by the manufacturer.


Rated power consumption: 500 W;

Output power: 370 W;

The number of moves at idle: 0. 7.800 turns / min;

Speed ​​adjustment: no;

Change in cutting angle: no;

Base plate: steel;

Sawing materials: wood, plastic (PVC, polycarbonate, plexiglass);

Functions: sawing, grooving, immersion sawing;

Depth of cut in wood: 50 mm;

Depth of cutting plastic: 30 mm;

Warranty: 3 years.

Packaging and equipment

The Bosch EasyCut 50 chain saw comes in a plastic case, traditional for the company green. This color is used to indicate a household tool, unlike blue for professional use. This type of packaging demonstrates user care, it is convenient to store and transport, many manufacturers save on this.

A color picture is inserted on the front side of the case with an image of the instrument and its main characteristics: power, weight, cut depth.

On the reverse side in several languages ​​the main features of the tool are listed: high precision, plunge cuts, quick tire changes, sawing close to the edge.

There are stickers on the sides of the case that serve as warranty stickers to prevent tampering. On the left side, the sticker shows the scope of delivery.

The case closes with a pair of red latches, the fixation is reliable. Under the handle is an eye, you can insert a small lock. Inside the case in special protrusions the tool and kit are securely fastened.

Basic equipment: a tool with the installed bus nanoBlade Wood Basic 50, a plastic cover for the saw blade, protection against chips and a dust cover. Everything else will have to be bought additionally. These are spare saw blades, and depth control knives, and the guide rail. If the rail and spare blades could affect the price of the kit, then the lack of plastic depth adjusters seems strange, their price is cheap, and their absence significantly reduces the basic functionality of the tool, which immersion sawing is the main advantage.

There are a lot of papers in the kit: these are instructions, advertising, certificates, warranties, proposals for the purchase of additional paintings. As always, it’s not enough to make money on the sale of the tool itself, it is important to have a constant profit by selling consumables and additional accessories.


The design of the chain mini-saw is traditional for a hand-held power tool. This is how jigsaws, planers, circular saws look, convenient and time-tested ergonomics. Steel sole of the base, an electric motor housing with a handle is mounted on top.

The case is made of durable plastic in dark green with black accents. The main controls are highlighted in red: power button, blade clamp and nozzle clamp to control the cutting line.

On the handle rubberized pads on top, bottom and front. The handle is comfortable, on top there is a hump under the palm, in front of it there is a ledge for stop, to the little finger the handle is smaller. For the convenience of controlling the second hand, the front is also a convenient platform with a hump and a ledge.

Under the index finger is a large concave button for turning on the tool. There is no fuse or button lock.

The body is quite narrow, the engine is located longitudinally. On the right side we see a round hole under the bell of the suction of sawdust and dust. Next to the insert with technical information, serial number, this tool was produced in Hungary in May 2017. There are engine ventilation holes, additional holes in the back of the case.

Above them is the output of the power cable with anti-kink protection. The cable is 2.5 m long and ends with a regular flat plug. The cable is quite soft, thick.

The steel sole has overall dimensions of 75 × 205 mm. Guides are stamped along the surface. The plate is mounted on two screws for a screwdriver with a hexagonal sprocket. The back of the sole narrows and bends upward.

A rectangular cutout is made under the saw blade, it is in it that the complete nozzles made of transparent plastic are fixed on latches. One nozzle simply reduces this hole for a better hold on the cut surface, preventing unwanted wood chips, the other nozzle is made in the form of a bell, is used in conjunction with a suction.

Cutouts were made on the sides of the sole for installing a guide rail, which is purchased separately. You can’t change the angle of the sole in this model, this function is provided in the NanoBlade AdvancedCut 50 model, which is equipped with richer and has additional features.

A guide with two risks is attached to the screw in the front of the sole for visual inspection of the cut line. This CutControl guide is made transparent for better control, and has the ability to change the angle of inclination.

Now let’s look at the fastening of the saw blade. This system is called SDS-mount, made in the form of a round lid with a latch. The lid on the hinge leans back, and is fixed due to two protrusions. This design provides a quick change of the saw blade and its strong reliable fixation. The web itself is worn on the shaft gear providing the rotation of the chain, and is fixed on the metal rod in the lower part and in the plastic protrusions on top. Install the saw blade on the other side does not work.

The nanoBLADE Wood Basic 50 saw blade is made up of several parts: it is a tire with guiding grooves directly, fixed between two bands of the mounting bracket to the body, a movable part with a roller transmitting rotation from the shaft to the chain and secured through a spring, which provides chain tension. Another roller is installed at the end of the tire, it also provides free rotation of the chain.

The chain is made traditionally, it consists of links with two teeth, one with a cutting edge, the second limits the depth, the cutting links alternate on the right and left.

Operation and testing

Usually new power tools were invented for some tasks. It is difficult to manually file a large volume, and they came up with gasoline, and then electric chainsaws. It took a smooth and precise cut. They made circular saws, first stationary machines, then manual ones. We needed small work with a complex shape cut. We invented a jigsaw, renovator. Well and so on, almost all hand tools have been replaced. But with a chain mini-saw they apparently went the other way, first invented the tool, and then they began to decide what tasks they should carry out.

What can be done with a mini chain saw? Fast and even cut. What happened in practice, yes, thin materials in the form of hardboard, plywood, plexiglass, boards made of softwood EasyCut 50 are sawn quickly and easily compared to a jigsaw. Using a nozzle to protect against chipping during straight sawing allows you to get even cuts without gouging edges. Without a nozzle, edges can be torn, especially with plywood.

You can even make curved lines, but a large radius. than 10 cm.

When sawing thicker boards, starting from 2.5 cm, from hardwood, a chain saw already has difficulty managing its work, the speed drops, and the tire and chain are heated significantly, which leads to a weakening of the chain and a change in the color of the metal. The chain sags during operation, and the spring does not cope with the tension.

Submersible sawing over the entire length of the tire becomes almost impossible and takes a lot of time.

The second method of use declared by the manufacturer is submersible sawing without preliminary drilling. With this NanoBlade EasyCut 50 copes well, but again, taking into account the material. The cuts are even, the sawing process is well controlled, the holes are obtained with clear angles. With difficulty, the chain bites into hardwood at the very beginning of sawing, when the load falls on the tip of the tire. It is better to cut with emphasis, otherwise the blade can slip over the surface of the board. You can cut out the recesses in the bars, for example, for installing a lock in the door, but the depth will be limited to five centimeters.

Another option for using this tool begs, the choice of angular longitudinal grooves. But for this you need to adjust the depth of cut. This functionality is clearly not enough. Even the acquisition of depth-changing nozzles does not fundamentally change anything. Logical is the presence of the possibility of shifting the sole, even at least one of its sides. For example, fasten the far edge to the hinge, and lower the front edge of the sole by screw guides. But this is not even on the older NanoBlade AdvancedCut 50 model, its sole can even be tilted at a certain angle, which makes it possible to cut corner joints.

The author has a simple electric jigsaw on the farm, and I compared it with a Bosch mini-saw. Undoubtedly, NanoBlade makes straight cuts both more evenly and faster than a jigsaw. Plus, the saw does not have the vibration characteristic of jigsaws. Particularly impressed with working with plexiglass, plywood and hardboard. But work with hardwoods of greater thickness disappointed me, primarily due to the strong heating of the canvas and, accordingly, the inability to perform a large amount of work.

The tool also copes with immersion cuts, replacing a chisel or chisel, but again with a small amount of work. If you often have to do this specific job, then the Bosch EasyCut 50 may come in handy.

It’s worth a closer look at the EasyCut 12 model, this is a smaller device on the battery, and it will be more convenient for them to perform small specific tasks of a small volume. Provided that you already have Bosch tools on the farm with the appropriate battery and charger.

A few more words about security. After releasing the button, the chain does not stop immediately, continuing to rotate by inertia. This must be taken into account during operation. There is also no safety button and accidental pressing of the power button is possible. Well, you can’t touch the tire after work, you can get a burn.

Undoubtedly, Bosch managed to release an innovative product. After a year or two of operation of chain mini-saws by professional users, their application will be more specifically highlighted. And the manufacturer, based on their experience, will finalize the product, add functionality, convenience and possibly lower prices. After all, with the success of the tool, other manufacturers catch up with identical solutions.

Bosch NanoBlade EasyCut 50 may find its user. This tool can successfully replace a jigsaw, provided that you make mostly straight cuts and work with the appropriate materials. And also if by the nature of the work you have to perform rectangular submersible cuts.


Fast and even sawing;

Low vibration during operation;

Protection against chips;

Ability to connect a suction;

Convenient visual control of sawing;


Unregulated sole in height and angle;

Significant heating of the saw blade;

The price of supplies.

Browse drank. Jigsaws and reciprocating saws, electric saws

Browse drank. Jigsaws and reciprocating saws, electric saws

Each type of power tool has its own scope. Their functions can partially complement and overlap each other, but for the correct use of an electric jigsaw, reciprocating saw and electric saw, you need to know the features of each type of device.

The main advantage of the jigsaw is the ability to perform curved cuts. An electric jigsaw is needed when you need to cut some shape more complicated than a rectangle. A circle, wave, oval.

Jigsaw allows you to cut the most bizarre patterns. With its help it is easy to make internal holes of various shapes in sheet material. To do this, it is enough to drill a start hole in the right place on the sheet, and then cut out any geometric shape according to the marking. For cutting perfectly round shapes, most jigsaws come with a special circular tool kit.

Jigsaw copes quite well with natural wood and artificial wood materials, it can cut non-ferrous metals, plastic and ceramic tiles. Jigsaw works perfectly with modern sheet materials. Drywall, laminated board, clapboard, vinyl panels, MDF.

Sometimes you can hear that he can replace a circular saw in the household, but this is not so. A household electric jigsaw will not cope with a large amount of work. Nevertheless, there are a number of tasks that only a jigsaw can handle. For example, make platbands for windows or figured shutters.

If you are serious about high-quality repairs, plan to install a lining or a laminate yourself, then you need to purchase an electric jigsaw. An easy-to-use and high-speed tool. With modern models of jigsaws you can work with one hand.

Electric fretsaw Makita 4326

The device and principle of operation. The main working element of the jigsaw is a small file 50-120 mm long. In the process, it makes reciprocating movements vertically with an amplitude of 20-30 mm and a frequency of 500 to 3000 work cycles per minute. The thickness of the cut is approximately 1 mm.

The jigsaw file is driven through a special gearbox by an electric motor. To make the cutting process effective, most modern models are equipped with a pendulum mechanism. With its help, the file moves not only up and down, but also performs oscillatory movements back and forth according to the principle of a clock pendulum. This speeds up the sawing process, reduces the load on the engine.

When moving down the blade is removed from the material, and cutting is performed only when it moves up, which makes the tool more productive and stable in operation. To obtain a clean and even cut, as well as when cutting brittle and hard materials, the pendulum mechanism is better off.

Since the cutting tool of the jigsaw is a file, it is also the main item of expenses when working with it. The range of saws for jigsaws is very diverse, and each of them has its own purpose. Nail files vary in shape, size, sharpening. They are made of various materials and are designed for a specific class of tasks.

Files for a jigsaw

Attention should be paid to the pitch of the teeth of the file: for wood, a blade with a pitch of 2.5 to 4 mm is suitable, for metals and plastic. From 1 to 2 mm. For cutting non-ferrous metals, saw blades with a wave-like cutting edge are needed.

For work with glass, ceramic tiles, abrasive spray files are used. Diamond-coated files are notable for their high performance, but they are quite expensive.

In order to guarantee high accuracy, a base plate is attached to the jigsaw. It is also called the sole. The use of a base plate frees the operator from having to hold the jigsaw on its weight. Thanks to the sole, the distance to the work surface is kept constant, which guarantees stable operation of the tool.

Electric fretsaw Bosch GST 75 BE

What to look for when choosing a jigsaw.

Power. The most important factor that determines the cutting speed of various materials and the maximum depth of cut. For most jigsaws, engine power is in the range of 400-800 watts. A jigsaw with a power of 400 W can cut a wooden sheet up to 50 mm thick, steel up to 3 mm, non-ferrous metals up to 8 mm. An electric jigsaw with a power of 800 W seamlessly cuts wood up to 100 mm thick, steel sheet up to 7 mm, non-ferrous metal up to 20 mm.

The mechanism for attaching the file. Saw blades are most often fixed using a quick-clamping device. The most common type of shank is the shape of a cross, developed by Bosch. It is recommended to buy a jigsaw for such files as the most common.

Sole. Convenience and accuracy largely depend on the quality of this part. The most preferred option is cast outsole. Although the use of modern stamped base plates made of durable material does not affect the quality of work.

Stroke frequency adjustment. A very popular feature if you plan to cut materials that differ in their structure. For wood, a maximum stroke frequency is required, for metals, a minimum.

Vacuum cleaner system. It improves the quality of work, because the line of the cut becomes visible. The amount of sawdust and dust in the workplace is reduced.

The world’s first reciprocating saw entered the market back in 1952. It was a simple electromechanical device. For sixty years, it has transformed into a modern, high-tech tool. Reciprocating saws with great success can cut almost all types of wood, plastic, drywall, aerated concrete, pipes, sheet metal and profile. This versatile tool is indispensable for precise cuts, such as when working with window frames.

Reciprocating saw is a power tool, in many ways similar to a jigsaw. The cutting surface of the reciprocating saw also performs translational and pendulum movements. But, unlike a jigsaw, the saw in shape resembles a large drill, in which a cutting blade is installed instead of a drill.

Reciprocating saw Bosch GSA 1200

Reciprocating saw is an order of magnitude better at cutting any material than a hand saw. Modern saw models allow you to make a cut not only in a straight line, but also in a curved line. This advantage makes it possible to cut parts of complex shape, but requires some preparation and a firm hand.

Reciprocating saw can be used as an alternative to jigsaw or circular saw. It will not provide high precision cuts, but it is quite suitable for rough processing. The saber saw can be used for work in the garden. It can easily cut small branches, with its help you can form a crown of trees.

Reciprocating saw characteristics. Like most jigsaws, reciprocating saws are equipped with a swing mechanism. The saw blade is automatically diverted from the cutting site, which reduces its heating, prolongs its service life and simplifies the removal of sawdust. Work requires less effort, because you do not have to press the hacksaw with force, as in manual counterparts.

The speed of the cutting blade is regulated depending on the material being cut. Most manufacturers of power tools complete their equipment with special tables, with which you can choose the optimal speed.

Like the entire power tool, reciprocating saws are divided into household and professional models. Household saws are designed for light load and small amount of work. No more than 20 hours per month. Professional reciprocating saws have great power. They are made of durable materials. Such a tool can be used every day for 6-8 hours. It is necessary for people who are professionally engaged in construction. For use in the household, you should not buy such a tool, since you will overpay, but you will not get a noticeable difference in the quality of work.

Reciprocating saw AEG 413235

Reciprocating saws, like jigsaws, are equipped with a sole. It can be moved along the axis of the hacksaw in order to ensure the required length of cut. It allows you to press the hacksaw to the material during operation, which increases accuracy and quality, and also facilitates the sawing process.

Reciprocating saw blades range in size from 100 to 300 mm with a wide variety of teeth for sawing various materials. There are blades on the market for all materials: short and long, with small and large teeth, and also with a dusting.

Household saber saws can be equipped with several sawing blades. As a rule, these are two sets consisting of three to four universal saws suitable for rough and precise sawing of most building materials.

The joiner electric saw (the alligator saw, the universal saw) is similar to a chain saw, in which instead of a tire with a chain a wide web of a manual carpentry hacksaw is fixed. In fact, this is not a canvas, it is a guide along which two narrow files are moving in the opposite direction. It serves to fix the electric saw at the place of cut. In the process, the canvases move back and forth at a speed of up to 3000 movements per minute and with an amplitude of 30-50 mm. Two small files, as it were, imitate the movements of an ordinary hacksaw.

What’s Better Jigsaw Or Reciprocating Saw

Thanks to its design, the hacksaw very accurately and quickly saws a thick beam, chipboard, and clean carpentry cuts are obtained. The alligator surpasses chain saws in cutting accuracy, but inferior to circular ones. But in terms of softness and safety, it has no equal.

Electrofibers Bosch GFZ 16-35 AC

An electric saw can make cuts in ready-made wooden and plasterboard walls. For example, cut through a door or window opening. To perform such an operation using a reciprocating saw, you first need to drill holes, and then cut them out. In the case of the “alligator” just turn on the electric saw and cut a passage in the wall.

Characteristics of a universal saw. The universal saws existing today differ from each other in power, working length of the saw part. The longer the working part, the more convenient it is to cut logs of large diameters. In most “alligators” the speed of movement of the canvases is regulated, which allows them to adapt to work with wood of different hardness.

Electric saw blades

Unlike a chainsaw, the power of an electric knife is much less. Up to 1500 watts. Low power allows you to power the universal saw from a low-power generator at 2000 watts. This will make it possible to work where only a chainsaw previously managed.

At the “alligator” engine runs in normal mode and does not overload, so the electric saw can be relatively long and continuously work.

The cutting speed can be adjusted very smoothly by pressing a button. This makes the tool much more accurate, which is important when building from calibrated parts.

Reciprocating saw provides accurate and direct cut, very predictable. It will be slightly wider (due to the combined thickness of the guide and two files) than when using a hand saw, but an order of magnitude more accurate and even than that of a chainsaw.

If you have the skills to work with a chainsaw, then learning how to work with an “alligator” will be easy. The saw is brought to the place of cut, the “start” is gently pressed, and the blades begin to sink into the material. The operator’s task is to guide the saw, slightly swaying it up and down and moving it back and forth (to remove sawdust).

To increase the cutting speed and service life of the saw blades, we recommend that you lubricate the alligator more often and drip any machine oil into the special holes on the guide rail every 15-20 minutes of operation. Electric saw blades must be completely lubricated if you have not used the tool for more than two weeks.

Bosch (Bosch) AdvancedCut 50 06033C8120 jigsaw household with a chain file

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                            • For PUNCHES SDS-MAX chuck (drills, chisels, crowns)
                              • Sds-max-9 Core Cutter crowns one-piece and compound hollow
                              • Sds-MAX-9 Break Through Concrete Drills
                              • Sds-MAX hammer drill chisels
                              • Punches ATTACHMENTS (dust extraction, mixers, etc.)
                              • For CIRCULAR SAWS
                              • For PUNCHES SDS.Plus cartridge (drills, chisels, crowns)
                                • Hammer Drills SDS-plus-5
                                • Protective PRODUCTS FOR PUNCHING
                                • For TECHNICAL HAIRDRESSERS (nozzles, nozzles)
                                • For DRILLS (drills, chucks, grinding wheels, sharpening)
                                  • Drill CARTRIDGES
                                  • Other ACCESSORIES FOR DRILLS (racks, nozzles, sharpening.)
                                  • Metal DRILLS
                                  • Drills ON WOOD
                                  • For SCREWDRIVERS
                                  • For saws
                                  • For VACUUM CLEANERS
                                  • For RENOVATORS / MULTI-CUTTERS
                                  • For BULGAROK / angle grinder (diamond cutting discs, chisel cutters, sanding sheets, support plates)
                                    • Disks for 125 mm angle grinder
                                    • Disks for 115 mm angle grinder
                                    • Angle grinder cutters
                                    • Discs for angle grinder 150 mm
                                    • Disks for 180 mm angle grinder
                                    • Disks for the angular grinder 230 mm
                                    • Protection for working with angle grinder
                                    • Discs for a small cordless angle grinder 12V-76 mm
                                    • For jackhammers
                                    • For HARVESTERS
                                    • For MILLERS (milling cutters)
                                    • For ACCUMULATORY TOOLS (batteries, chargers 12V, 18V, 36V, 54V)
                                    • For GLUE GUNS (rods)
                                    • For DIRECT GRINDERS (PSHM)
                                    • For EXCENTRIC GRINDERS
                                    • For WRENCHES (impact bits and socket heads)
                                    • Accessories BY WORK
                                      • Drilling (drills, crowns, countersinks.)
                                        • Sharpening DRILLS
                                        • Metal DRILLING
                                        • Drilling WOOD
                                        • Concrete DRILLING
                                        • Universal drills
                                        • Hammer drills with SDS-MAX and SDS-PLUS shanks
                                        • Accessories for PUNCHES, DRILLS and DRILLING UNITS
                                        • Crowns
                                        • Stone DRILLING
                                        • Drills CROWN SETS
                                        • Ceramic TILES DRILLING
                                        • Centering DRILLS
                                        • Addition (chisels, chisels, sledge hammers, ramming plates.)
                                          • Chisels, chisels, sledge hammers for light punchers and jackhammers with an SDS-PLUS shank
                                          • Chisels, sledgehammers for heavy. Sds-MAX rotary hammers and jackhammers
                                          • Chisels, sledge hammers with hex shank
                                          • Thrombing PLATES and more
                                          • Screwing SCREWS (nozzles, bits, socket wrenches.)
                                            • Bits for wood screws with INSIDE HEXAGON
                                            • Bits for screws with CROSS PH and PZ slot
                                            • Bits for screws with DIRECT slot “minus”
                                            • Bits for Torx® slotted screws (STAR)
                                            • Bit HOLDERS
                                            • Bit KITS for screwdrivers
                                            • Bits FOR SCREWS WITH INSIDE FOUR FOUNDATION
                                            • Depth LIMITERS, shanks, chucks, extension cords, hinges, screw tapes.
                                            • Socket WRENCHES
                                            • Adapter ADJUSTERS on the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC screwdriver, etc.
                                            • Heavy Duty Black IMPACT CONTROL BATS KEYS
                                            • Diamond CUTTING, GRINDING, DRILLING, DRILLING.
                                              • Diamond Cutting CIRCLES
                                              • Diamond countersinks for sockets
                                              • Accessories for diamond DRILLING (adapters, fasteners, dust extraction, water supply.)
                                              • Diamond drills and crowns for WET drilling
                                              • Diamond drills and crowns for DRY drilling
                                              • Alazny MILLERS
                                              • Diamond cups
                                              • Grinding AND POLISHING
                                                • Accessories for EXCENTRIC grinders (ESM)
                                                • Tooling for DELTA GRINDERS
                                                • Accessories for MULTI-GRINDERS
                                                • Accessories for vibrating grinders
                                                • Accessories for BAND GRINDERS (LSHM)
                                                • Accessories for HAND GRINDING (grinding pads, hole punch)
                                                • Accessories FOR ANGLE GRINDERS (angle grinder) and DRILLS
                                                • Non-woven and foamed grinding material
                                                • Accessories for POLISHING MACHINES
                                                • Equipment for DIRECT GRINDERS (PSHM)
                                                • Accessories for VARIABLE GRINDERS
                                                • Equipment for RENOVATORS (multi-cutters)
                                                • Accessories for CONCRETE GRINDERS (cups, segment grinding wheels)
                                                • Sawing (discs and blades for jigsaws, hacksaw circulars, Multi Cutter))
                                                  • Jigsaw Tools
                                                  • Stainless TOOL
                                                  • Accessories for MULTI CUTTER
                                                  • Accessories for CIRCULAR
                                                  • Milling
                                                    • Profile milling cutters: Cornice for rounding with ball bearings, with two blades, carbide
                                                    • Profile cutters: HALTEN with two blades, carbide
                                                    • Profile milling cutters: HALTLE with ball bearing, with two blades, carbide
                                                    • Profile cutters: A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H
                                                    • Segment MILLER with two blades
                                                    • Faced MILLERS
                                                    • V-groove cutter
                                                    • Fourth PIN Milling Cutter
                                                    • Semi-ROUND MILLERS
                                                    • Copy Cutters
                                                    • Mounted Milling Cutters: MILLING with one blade, carbide
                                                    • Mounted Milling Cutters: MILLING, with two blades, carbide
                                                    • Mounted milling cutters: Groove cutters with increased length, with two blades
                                                    • Mounted Milling Cutters: Flat Grooved DISC Milling Cutters with Ball Bearing, with Two Blades
                                                    • Mounted Milling Cutters: COMB Milling Cutters
                                                    • Mounted milling cutters: for grooving
                                                    • Mounted milling cutters: flush for selection
                                                    • Accessories for Bosch universal and flat dowel milling machines
                                                    • Milling cutters for a manual milling cutter (sets)
                                                    • Cutting, BEARING (circles, cones, cups, brushes)
                                                      • Metal cutting (CUTTING CIRCLES for angle grinders / grinders for metal, steel, cast iron)
                                                      • Stone cutting (CUTTING CIRCLES for angle grinder on brick, aerated concrete)
                                                      • Grinding WHEELS FOR ANGLE GRINDER / GRINDERS
                                                      • Balls for direct grinders (PShM) and drills
                                                      • Wire BRUSHES for angular (angle grinder) and straight (ПШМ) grinders M10 / M14 thread (cup, conical, disk / ring)
                                                      • Wire brushes for drills shank 6 mm (cup, round, conical, ring / disk)
                                                      • Carbide CUP GRINDERS for angle grinder
                                                      • Cup grinding wheels for angle grinders according to STONE, CONCRETE, MELLALL, CASTING
                                                      • Universal CUTTING CIRCLES (metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, stone, ceramics, marble, plastics)
                                                      • Miscellaneous (grinding wheels, support flanges, fasteners).
                                                      • Cutting WOOD (wood circles for angle grinder)
                                                      • Xlock
                                                      • Working WITH BATTERY TOOLS (chargers, batteries, base kits, batteries.)
                                                      • Safety OF WORKS
                                                      • Connections (staples, nails, pins, screws.)
                                                      • Welding, GLUING, BURNING OUT, SOLDERING, HEAT SHRINK
                                                      • Dust REMOVAL (filters, bags, hoses, tool tips)
                                                      • Scissor CUTTING
                                                      • Tool ACCESSORIES
                                                        • Perforator Accessories
                                                        • Drill Accessories
                                                        • Accessories FOR ANGLE GRINDERS (angle grinder)
                                                        • Accessories for VARIABLE GRINDERS
                                                        • Accessories FOR CONCRETE GRINDERS
                                                        • Accessories FOR CIRCULAR SAWS
                                                        • Accessories for MILLERS
                                                        • Accessories for planes
                                                        • Accessories for jigsaws
                                                        • Accessories for BAND GRINDERS
                                                        • Accessories WITH SCREWDRIVERS
                                                        • Accessories and spare parts for trimmers and lawn mowers
                                                          • Spare parts for Bosch Rotak lawn mowers (Bosch Rotak)
                                                          • Spare PARTS for BOSCH ART TRIMMER (Bosch ART)
                                                          • For PLANKS (knives, bags)
                                                          • Sanding sheets, drills, crowns, chisels, disks, files, Bosch bits
                                                            • Bosch drills and drill sets
                                                            • Bosch bits, socket wrenches, bit holders
                                                            • Bosch crowns
                                                            • Bosch industrial and household milling cutters
                                                            • Sanding sheets, sanding plates, sanding pads, Bosch sanding belts
                                                            • Bosch torch tips
                                                            • Bosch wheels: cutting, sawing, diamond
                                                            • Bosch files and saw blades
                                                            • Chisel Bosch
                                                            • Other Bosch consumables (bags, hoses, adapters, fasteners, covers, nozzles, etc.)
                                                            • Bosch Batteries
                                                            • Countersinks Bosch
                                                            • Bosch suitcases
                                                            • L-BOXX
                                                            • Gift options for men (February 23, birthday, anniversary)
                                                            • Benning (multimeters, voltage indicators, clamp meters)
                                                            • Cheap TOOL
                                                            • Pneumatic TOOL
                                                            • Dewalt (Devolt)
                                                            • Pros and Cons of Reciprocating Saw

                                                              A lot of copies were broken about saber saws and their benefits (no saber was damaged). Some masters praise this tool as indispensable in construction and dismantling. Others, having worked with a hacksaw, come to the conclusion that it can be successfully replaced with a more popular representative of the saw family (circular saw, chain saw or jigsaw). “Go figure it out,” we thought, and went to sort it out.

                                                              Saber device

                                                              The principle of operation is simple and borrowed from a jigsaw. The canvas moves back and forth with a small amplitude (10-28 mm). In the holder it is fixed, as a rule, without a key. It’s captivating that to start work you don’t need to delve into the instructions for a long time. Intuitively everything is clear and so. The hacksaw’s body is oblong, the handle is a pistol type with a power button placed on it. Power is available both from the mains and from the battery. Hold the saber with two hands, the light model can be held with one hand. I’ll pay attention to the last circumstance. It is it that allows you to work with a hacksaw in hard-to-reach places, cut openings for ventilation or sewer pipes, adjust and trim boards in place.

                                                              Reciprocating Saw Benefits

                                                              1. Maneuverability is a major advantage of the tool. Thanks to the elongated body, a hacksaw can crawl into a bottleneck where it is impossible to use a circular saw, angle grinder or a jigsaw.
                                                              2. Light weight. In comparison with the same chainsaw, the electric saw is unconditionally superior in terms of lightness. Its average weight does not exceed 2-3 kg. Battery models are a bit heavier, but it’s especially convenient to file branches on trees or work while standing on a stepladder.
                                                              3. Versatility. Provided that a suitable blade is installed, the hacksaw is strikingly omnivorous. Plywood, wood and metal are just flowers! And “berries” include aerated concrete, wood with nails, ceramics, glass.
                                                              4. Safety. By virtue of its structure, a reciprocating saw is much safer than an angle grinder and chain saws. This is a plus, especially for inexperienced users. There are practically no sparks when cutting metal, no scale is formed.
                                                              5. Clean work. Compared to an angle grinder, the tool produces an order of magnitude less dust. This is not only a matter of order in the workplace, but also health, since even a respirator does not completely protect the lungs from microscopic dust particles.

                                                              Cons of electric saws

                                                              We turn to the shortcomings of reciprocating saws. Immediately, we note that most of the criticism addressed to them is fair. The main thing is to understand what kind of work the tool is best suited for.

                                                              1. Low accuracy. This is noted by everyone who has worked as a saber saw. Indeed, in the first place, the tool is intended for rough work and they most likely will not succeed in cutting thin patterns. However, when harvesting firewood, dismantling structures and carpentry, the accuracy of cutting is not so relevant.
                                                              2. Low productivity. If compared with a chainsaw, circular or angle grinder. Then yes, the reciprocating saw is inferior to them in speed. But if you purchased a “saber” to replace a hand hacksaw, saving time and energy is evident. In addition, many models have a pendulum stroke. An additional buildup of the canvas up and down. In this mode, the cutting speed increases.
                                                              3. Vibration is a fairly significant drawback that manufacturers are struggling to eliminate. If you are going to regularly work with a saber hacksaw for at least half an hour a day, be sure to make sure that your model has an anti-vibration system. Strong vibrations quickly cause fatigue, and for health are not too useful.


                                                              Reciprocating saw. A tool at the same time universal and highly specialized. On the one hand, they can work on a variety of materials. And also to carry out a wide range of works: from harvesting firewood and sawing grooves in logs to trimming branches.

                                                              On the other hand, for almost all of these works, there is an alternative in the form of a more productive tool: a chainsaw, a jigsaw or an angle grinder. “Saber” in this case, there are few tasks: cutting pipes, fittings, dismantling structures. No wonder this hacksaw is called a tool for destruction. What are the pros? It is manoeuvrable, safe and compact. Able to replace several different tools. If you have a summer house, your own house, construction is underway on your own. Then you will certainly appreciate the advantages of a saber hacksaw.

                                                              How to choose a wood saw

                                                              Saw is an indispensable thing in the household, invented several thousand years ago. Initially, it was a hand tool, for work with which you need strength and endurance, now the classic hacksaw is confidently replaced by electrical devices.

                                                              The first thing that the saw models differ among themselves is the operating conditions. Distinguish a tool for professional use and models of domestic use. Models of the first target group are distinguished by high power, a large margin of safety. You can work out a professional saw all day (shift) without disconnecting it, which a simple saw for home does not boast of.

                                                              Home appliances are simple and do not require much maintenance. They are not much inferior to professional wood saws. The cut quality and ease of use are comparable, but home models are less powerful, have a very modest resource. At the same time, a saw intended for home use compares favorably with a much lower cost.

                                                              By type of performance, stationary saws (devices on the bed, which are not designed for frequent movements) are distinguished from manual (portable) tools.

                                                              The most common stationary devices:

                                                              • Circular saw (circular);
                                                              • Band saw;
                                                              • Stationary stationary saw;
                                                              • Hole saw for round holes.

                                                              Stationary saws are characterized by ease of use and a wide range of work performed with their help. In turn, a hand tool can be used outside the workshop, there is no need to bring the workpiece into the room, which is often impossible. Portability is simply necessary in the country, working in the garden, during the repair.

                                                              There are various types of hand saws on wood, among the most popular:

                                                              • Chain;
                                                              • Disk
                                                              • Hacksaws of various designs;
                                                              • Reciprocating saws;
                                                              • Jigsaws.

                                                              Most often, the saws are powered from a 220V network, but there are models with a battery. A similar tool is useful when working at a considerable distance from home, because it is not tied to a power outlet. Autonomous power is convenient, but most of the cordless tool has low power and a very modest resource.

                                                              Advantages and disadvantages

                                                              For a villager or a summer resident, a saw is one of the most popular tools. With it, you can cut down a tree, stock up on firewood. It will also help to cut the board, prepare the blank for further processing. Most often, two types of saws are used, which differ in the type of engine. These are benzo and saws.

                                                              According to their consumer characteristics, these devices are comparable, nevertheless, more and more customers prefer saws, due to a number of significant advantages:

                                                              • The tool does not require constant refueling;
                                                              • Easy to operate, low maintenance;
                                                              • Less noisy, which is often true;
                                                              • Environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful substances;
                                                              • Equally suitable for work outside and indoors;
                                                              • Sawing regardless of climatic conditions.

                                                              The only significant drawback of saws is the need to connect to power. True, this can become an obstacle only if the work is carried out far from settlements.

                                                              Features of electric chain saw

                                                              A modern wood saw will be able to compete with a gasoline-powered tool. It has all the advantages of a power tool and will help the gardener who wants to tidy the garden; a carpenter sawing boards; summer clerk in the preparation of firewood. Often, builders use it when creating various volumetric structures from timber.

                                                              The cutting part of the chain saw is a chain with sharp teeth that moves along the guide rails. The web is driven by an electric motor, rotation is transmitted through the gearbox.

                                                              The question of how to choose an electric chain saw is solved simply. It is necessary to focus on the amount of work that will be carried out with its help. Based on this, they select the power of the device (for the house most often choose saws with an engine of 1.5-2.2 kW) and the length of the tire (on average 30-40 cm).

                                                              Hand saws

                                                              An indispensable tool in a construction site is a hand-held circular saw on wood. It is able to cut sheet material (plywood, various wood-based boards, metal), with its help it is easy to cut a board of small thickness.

                                                              The circular saw is universal. It copes equally well with the transverse cutting of wood, it can be used to make an exact longitudinal section. For any material and method of work, it is easy to choose a disk with suitable parameters. Thanks to a properly selected blade, the saw will provide a thin, even cut with clean, smooth edges.

                                                              When choosing this power tool, its main characteristics must be taken into account.

                                                              Engine power. The greater the power, the more “omnivorous” saw, but also its greater cost.

                                                              Rotational speed (rpm). The higher this indicator, the harder the material on the teeth of the saw and the cleaner the cut.

                                                              Depth drank. Maximum disk output. In household devices, this indicator is at the level of 50-65 mm, for professional models. Up to 130 mm.

                                                              Among other things, when choosing a circular saw, you should pay attention to its weight. The mini-tool is highly maneuverable; when working with it, it is not necessary to make unnecessary efforts, but the low weight will certainly affect the power indicators.

                                                              The pendulum saw, better known as a jigsaw, has its own scope. This device is primarily intended for longitudinal, transverse and figured cutting of sheet material. Using a cutting tool with various characteristics, it is possible to work equally well with a board, wood-based boards, plywood, cut a laminate, thin sheet metal.

                                                              The cutting part of the jigsaw is a nail file, which is fixed at one end in the latch, performing reciprocating movements. Often the oscillations of the cutting tool are not limited to the vertical plane, but are complemented by the pendulum movement, this ensures a high speed of operation and increases the life of the blade.

                                                              In addition to conventional (direct) cutting, many models provide the ability to cut the workpiece at exactly the specified angle. To do this, the support table is rotated and fixed. This function significantly increases the scope of the jigsaw. A common household tool allows you to cut at an angle of up to 45 degrees.

                                                              Electric saw

                                                              In conditions where it is impossible to use a chain or circular saw due to limited space, and a jigsaw will not give the desired result, an electric saw is used. She will cope well with the work of a manual hacksaw on wood, but without the need to exert excessive efforts, since the translational movement of the cutting blade is carried out exclusively thanks to the electric motor.

                                                              The advantages of an electric saw for wood are considered to be an even cut with smooth edges, which cannot be achieved with a chainsaw, as well as the absence of restrictions on the thickness of the workpiece inherent in a circular saw.

                                                              Structurally, the saw consists of a drive motor with a gearbox and a cutting blade that moves along the guides. An important characteristic of this type of saw is the length of the blade. It can reach 40 cm or more.

                                                              Reciprocating Saw

                                                              Reciprocating saw favorably with ease of use. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handle and the supporting platform, it guarantees an excellent cut even in the hands of a beginner carpenter. Working with it is really simple, the only thing required to cut any workpiece is to hold the handle firmly and make sure that the file moves exactly along the intended line.

                                                              Reciprocating saw cutting tool. A blade 10-30 cm long. In the process, it performs reciprocating movements, which is reminiscent of a jigsaw.

                                                              When choosing a reciprocating saw, it is necessary to take into account a number of its main characteristics.

                                                              Engine power. Most household saws are equipped with 1.0-1.6 kW engines. Most often, engines with a fixed frequency of 3000 rpm are used.

                                                              The frequency of the web. For household devices, this figure does not exceed 2600 stroke / min. Models of the higher price category are equipped with a regulator that allows you to adjust the saw to the material being processed.

                                                              The method of fastening the cutting tool. There are various options for attaching the nail file, it is better if the procedure for replacing the blade is quick and does not require additional devices.

                                                              In order to choose the right wood saw for your home workshop or work in the country, you must proceed from the list of tasks that you plan to solve with this tool. If priority is given to cutting branches in the garden or harvesting firewood, then it is worth stopping at a chain saw. The home workshop will be understaffed without a stationary circular or hand saw. A reciprocating saw will become a universal assistant to the builder, and an amateur tinkering from plywood and other sheet material just can not do without a jigsaw.

                                                              How to choose a saw or jigsaw: a review of the types and recommendations before buying

                                                              During construction or repair, it is often necessary to halve a wooden beam, shorten the board, trim OSB boards or cut a metal profile. For such work, a variety of types of power tools have been created. Let’s try to find out exactly what tool may be required to work.

                                                              Types of saws by the principle of work

                                                              Saw power tools can be divided into three types depending on the principle of its operation: a tool with a reciprocating mechanism (jigsaws, reciprocating saws, alligator saws), circular (circular) and chain saws. Each type is designed to solve its own range of tasks. Jigsaws allow you to make complex, curved cuts of almost any material. Wood, plywood, chipboard, OSB, MDF, other composite materials, plastic, non-ferrous metals, steel, ceramics, rubber, foam rubber, cardboard, sandwich panels, profiles, etc. (except asbestos-containing materials). A jigsaw will probably come in handy at the stage of finishing work: cutting a hole for a sink in a countertop, making holes for ventilation grills, cutting a laminate in place when laying, cutting a hole in a ceramic tile. This is not a complete list of options for its use.

                                                              Electric fretsaw Makita 4329

                                                              Reciprocating Saws

                                                              Reciprocating saws were originally created as a tool for dismantling construction sites. And in this regard they are very convenient. This compact tool allows you to cut wood, metal, lightweight foam and aerated concrete, and in difficult conditions of limited space. Cordless reciprocating saw is simply indispensable for roofing, when the crate is being installed. This tool is also very convenient for trimming knots and thick branches in the garden.

                                                              Bosch Bosch Low Vibration technology reduces vibration in Bosch cordless reciprocating saws. Greenworks Cordless reciprocating saw Greenworks G24RS, powered by a 24 V battery, which is suitable for the entire Greenworks tool with a voltage of 24 V.

                                                              When operating, the reciprocating saw should not give too much vibration, which when buying is best evaluated by including several tools for comparison.

                                                              Saw Hammer LZK 800 B

                                                              When choosing a reciprocating saw, be sure to consider the nature of future work with it in order to choose the right tool for size and weight. To dismantle a shed or reinforced concrete wall, you most likely will need a powerful tool with convenient handles for both hands. And the mass of the instrument (3-4 kg) does not play a special role here. And if you are going to cut branches of apple trees while standing on a stepladder, it makes sense to choose a reciprocating saw as compact and light as possible (and, of course, better with a battery). Such models as, for example, Makita JR100DZ, Metabo ASE 10.8 0 or Bosch Keo that weigh 1-1.3 kg. The cost of such saws will be 5-10 thousand rubles., And heavier and more powerful, working from the network, are cheaper, 3-5 thousand rubles.

                                                              Aeg Reciprocating saw BUS 18BL (AEG), 18 V, with brushless PROFLUX Bosch motor Cordless reciprocating saw Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 Leroy Merlin Reciprocating saw Makita M4501, 1010 W (7 920 rub.)

                                                              Reciprocating saws, like jigsaws, are equipped with files with a standard shank. Files can be for different quality of work and for different materials. Over, the cost of some models of nail files can be very high (500-1 000 rubles and more)

                                                              Ryobi Brushless Reciprocating Saw R18RS7-0 (Ryobi), 18 V. The pendulum stroke mode allows you to increase the cutting speed up to 40% compared with the direct stroke. Black Decker Reciprocating Saw Black Decker RS890K-QS (5 200 rub.)

                                                              Circular saws

                                                              A circular saw is used for accurate and long cuts of wood and all types of materials based on it, and with special saw blades, the saw can easily handle the sawing of plastic, non-ferrous metals, and aluminum alloy profiles. This tool is used at all stages of construction, from sawing boards to carpentry and furniture.

                                                              Circular saw Interskol DP-190 / 1600M

                                                              Circular saws differ in the diameter of the blade that can be installed on the saw, as well as in the diameter of the bore hole. In everyday life, saws are used with a working diameter of the blade, as a rule, from 120 to 250 mm and with a landing hole of 16, 20, 22, 30, 32 mm. Some size options are more common (for example, wheels 165/20, 185/20, 210/30 mm), some less often. In any case, make sure that you can easily purchase discs of the right size at any time.

                                                              Aeg Brushless Circular Saw BKS 18BL (AEG). Leroy Merlin Working with a guide plate. Greenworks Circular cordless saw Greenworks G24CS 24 V (9 690 rub.) Greenworks For accurate and accurate cutting, the circular saw is equipped with a laser pointer of the cutting line, a guide plate and a marking. Circular circular saw Dewalt DCS391N, 18 V, 165 mm (11 735 rubles) /Fotodom.Ru For cutting longitudinal grooves, a circular saw is perfect for which special grooved adjustable saw blades are installed for this operation. Makita Compact cordless circular saw Makita HS301DZ (5 600 rub.)

                                                              Circular saws give the highest accuracy when sawing wood. For construction work, this is perhaps one of the indispensable tools with which you can perform shared cuts, making boards of the required width. When longitudinally sawing thick beams and logs, high power of the tool is necessary, therefore, with a large amount of work, you should not save on this characteristic. It is better to choose a model with a margin of power (1,500-2,000 watts) than burn a tool in the midst of work. To work with thermoplastic plastics, it is desirable that a speed controller be provided in the circular saw (thermoplastic materials are cut at low speed).

                                                              Circular saw ZUBR ZPD-2000

                                                              Discs are available for different types of wood, and are also designed for rough or precise work. The diameter of the disk determines the maximum depth of cut, which is approximately 30-40% of its value. Choose a tool so that the maximum penetration depth is sufficient to cut thick boards. Therefore, let’s say, saws with a blade diameter of 130 mm and a cut depth of 42 mm are not suitable for cutting fifties (50 mm). On the other hand, such models are very convenient for work due to their compactness and low weight (the mass of such a saw can be 2.5 kg, and the mass of a saw with a 210 mm blade can be more than 5 kg). Perhaps, with a large amount of work, it makes sense to arm with two models of circular saws with large and small working diameters of the disks. Fortunately, the cost of circular saws is not very high: for 4-5 thousand rubles. You can get a tool of quite decent quality.

                                                              For cutting boards with high accuracy, removable guides are used, which in some models are included in the complete set of saws, and sometimes are purchased separately. With a large volume of such work, it makes sense to purchase a sawing machine, since now you can find models for quite affordable money. So, models of Interskol, Ryobi, Bosch, Einhell machines can be purchased for 10–25 thousand rubles.

                                                              Chain saws

                                                              The chain saw has the highest performance and is used for rough sawing of wood if, for example, you need to cut a tree or saw it into firewood. With known experience (and the availability of appropriate devices, for example, carriages for cutting a tree trunk into boards), you can perform finer operations with a chain saw and cut bars and boards with high accuracy.

                                                              Dewalt Chainsaws are well suited for rough cutting wood. Dewalt Choose a saw with comfortable handles for comfortable work. Husqvarna Husqvarna 120i cordless chain saw (18,990 rubles) Leroy Merlin Worx chain saw WG303E 2000 W, tire length 40 cm (7,462 rubles)

                                                              Some saws provide maximum speed, but they give a low cut quality. These are primarily chain saws. Their most important characteristics are cutting speed and safety, and, of course, price. Saws are available with chains in increments of 1/4, 0.325, 3/8, 0.404 inches. Household saws are usually equipped with chains with a small pitch, they are cheaper, and the tool is easier to hold. Also, chain saws vary in tire length (in household models, it usually ranges from 25 to 45 cm). The shorter the tire, the smaller and smaller the tool weighs, but, accordingly, its potential productivity decreases.

                                                              Chain Electric Saw Huter ELS-2000P

                                                              Chainsaws, unlike, say, circular ones, need regular maintenance. They must be filled with oil so that it is constantly in the tool: when working dry, the saw may overheat and fail. In addition, it is necessary to regularly correct the teeth of the chain using a special round file. Therefore, when buying a chainsaw, it is better to immediately get the right oil and tool.

                                                              Dewalt Professionals recommend correcting the teeth of the chain saws each time the saw is refilled with oil, but in everyday conditions this can be done less often, once every two or three refills. Greenworks Cordless chain saw Greenworks GD24CSK2, tire length 30 cm (9 600 rubles)

                                                              Alligator Saws

                                                              The alligator saw is an interesting type of instrument with a reciprocating mechanism. It uses two cutting blades at once, moving in a support tire on the opposite to each other.

                                                              Saw BOSCH GFZ 16-35 AC

                                                              Thanks to this, the tool works easily, without jerking and vibration characteristic of, say, a reciprocating saw, the sole of which needs to be pressed tightly to the work surface. The alligator saw is a powerful and productive tool, in terms of tasks it is close to reciprocating saws.

                                                              Dewalt Alligator Saws are used for cutting a wide variety of materials. Bosch Long tire allows you to cut thick logs.


                                                              When choosing a jigsaw, pay attention to the design of its body and especially the sole. It is desirable that it be designed in such a way as to exclude its deformation during intensive work (a slightly curved guide leads to marriage during operation). Well, for example, if the sole is cast from an aluminum alloy with stiffening ribs. The tool body must be balanced so that it can be held on weight with one hand without any effort. The electric jigsaw handle can be of two types. Closed and open. The most versatile is the closed handle. In this case, jigsaws with an open handle are considered more adapted to figured cutting.

                                                              Ryobi Jigsaw RJS1050-K (Ryobi). A good view of the cut is achieved due to the narrow contour of the gearbox, LED-backlight and sawdust blowing function. Aeg Electric jigsaw: BST 18BLX (AEG), battery 18 V, 4A h Electric jigsaw: G24JS (Greenworks) battery, 24 V Electric jigsaw: Interskol MP-85 / 700E, Home master series, power 700 W

                                                              The main technical characteristic of jigsaws is the number of strokes per minute. The greater the number of “stitches”, the higher the speed. Most modern models have the ability to adjust the speed (in the same way as provided for in adjusting the speed of the shuttle of an electric sewing machine). For a not too experienced user it is better to choose a low or medium speed (1,000–2,000 strokes per minute). Many jigsaws have a pendulum mechanism (the file makes not only forward and backward movements, but also oscillatory ones, like a pendulum). This mode of operation increases productivity several times, but reduces the quality of the cut, so it is good to use it for rough work.

                                                              Electric fret saw Kolner KJS 500

                                                              Jigsaws are generally relatively inexpensive tools. For 3-5 thousand rubles. You can buy models of such well-known manufacturers as Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Ryobi, Interskol. Most modern jigsaws use T-shank files, their other options are very rare (and it is better not to choose such a tool so that later there are no problems when finding the right files). Files are available for different materials (hard and soft wood, metal, plastic, etc.), so choose a file in accordance with the type of material and the nature of the work.

                                                              Bosch The design of the handle and a good view of the cutting position are important for curly cutting. Bosch Bosch Electronic allows you to adjust the stroke frequency with a push button. Leroy Merlin Jigsaw-saw rechargeable Dexter, Li-ion, 18 V (3 654 rubles) Leroy Merlin Jigsaw “Violet PM 3-650E”, 650 W (2 700 rubles)

                                                              Benefits of cordless tools

                                                              Cordless models today are present in almost all types of power tools, including in those categories that were previously considered not too suitable for batteries, for example, in circular saws (for example, the Ryobi R18CS-0, Makita HS301DZ, Bosch UniversalCirc 12 0, Greenworks G24CS 0) or, say, chain saws (models Greenworks G40CS30, DeWALT DCM565P1, Husqvarna 120i). This happened thanks to modern battery models that are able to provide operation in any intensity mode, especially if you have a spare battery. Their high cost is the main drawback (several thousand rubles apiece). And the rest of the battery technology is much more convenient: it is more compact, lighter and much quieter when compared with models with internal combustion engines). Well and, of course, no fuss with power cables.

                                                              Electric jigsaws