Brush mower tractor attachment. Rammy Brush Cutter 120 for ATV / UTV

Tractor Mowers

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DR Power continues to lead in the design and manufacture of innovative and durable power products. Over the last year the investment in homeowner property maintenance—by both consumers and professionals—has been unprecedented. So, we are especially excited about our new product lines for 2022.

Included in this catalog you’ll find our all-new Commercial XD Series Field and Brush Mowers. These machines are built for the rigors of continuous use and are chock-full of professional features including hydrostatic drive for the ultimate ease of operation.

As a leading manufacturer of power equipment for those who have come to expect nothing but the best, we look forward to exceeding expectations in 2022!

Flail Mowers

O.T.S. Auto Electric carries two styles of conventional Flail Mowers, the Value Jam series and the Heavy Duty NBM series. These mowers are great for mowing grass and small trees. With three staggered rows of cutting teeth, not a blade of grass is missed. Great for Tractors in the 15HP to 55 HP range.

Jam T

Flail mowers are designed to mow grass, bush and small trees (size of tree depending on the model). Three rows of staggered hammer blades lift, cut and then mulch the grass, brush and trees.

The Jam T has manual side shift allowing the mower to be placed in different positions behind the tractor. This allows the mower to mow directly behind the tractor or off to one side.

The Jam T has a double spiral rotor, external SKF bearings, and comes with hammer or y blades.

brush, mower, tractor, attachment


The NBM series of flail mowers are NorthWind’s heavy duty mowers. They are designed to mow grass, shrubs and small trees.

Hydraulic side shift allows the operator to move the mower side to side from the operators seat in the tractor.

brush, mower, tractor, attachment

The Northwind NBM mowers are balance tested, have three rows of hammer blades to mow and mulch.


The North Wind KDK HEAVY DUTY mower was designed for large mowing areas. Mowing widths up to 300 cm (9 feet 10 inches) Heavy Duty design to mow small trees around the perimeter of a field.

Boom/Verge Mowers

Features: Boom mowers are designed to mow slopes and ditches while your tractor remains on the flat surface. With hydraulic side shift you can mow behind or beside your tractor and around obstacles such as trees. The hydraulic shift combined with vertical and horizontal angle movement makes these mowers extremely versatile. The three rows of hammer blades can go from mowing grass to cutting small trees(up to 3″ diameter) and shrubs.

Northwind Commercial/Heavy Duty Mowers Additional Features: Extra Heavy Duty 3 point Hitch Frame Italian CMR Gear Box Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Double Spiral Rotor Heavy Duty Hammer Blades.

Northwind Medium Duty Boom/Verge Mower These medium duty Boom mowers come in two sizes and are perfect for smaller tractors.

VAM 165 These medium duty boom mowers are perfect for smaller tractors.

Brush Cutter, Brush Hog for Skid Steer

For tough land clearing applications Standard Duty Skid Steer Brush Cutter Standard Low Flow Brush Cutter 11 GPM – 20 GPM

  • 3’’ Cutting Capacity.
  • 3/16’’ Deck with 3/8″ A36 reinforced sides.
  • 40 HP Right Angle gear box.
  • 2 blades with stump jumper.
  • High torque Motor with 3000 PSI Relief Valve 180 cm cutting width

Pro Series Walk Behind Brush Mower

Turn on a dime – almost effortlessly!

Each wheel is equipped with a hand-operated disc brake. Just squeeze the brake on one side and the mower will pivot around that wheel. This simple but highly effective system lets you easily navigate around trees and obstacles … or make a 180 degree turn at the end of a row.


  • Gear driven transmission
  • 3 forward speeds/ 1 reverse
  • Pivoting Deck
  • Commercial Grade Electric Clutch
  • Attachment Compatibility
  • Adjustable Handle bars
  • Custom Made Spindles
  • 18″ x 6.5″ Lugged tires


Follows the contours of your land, providing a cleaner cut and reducing the chance of scalping.


All operating functions are on our control panel or on the handgrips: electric start, operator presence, throttle, gear shift, blade engagement, and independent wheel brakes.

Pro Max 34 Now with side discharge

Hardened Steel Blades these big blades weigh up to 6 pounds and are a full ¼” thick. (optional extra heavy duty brush blade available for sustained mowing in thick brush

ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBARS for a comfortable working height

Only DR gives you the choice of models with 26″, 30″ or 34″ wide mowing decks

EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS All operating functions are on our control panel or on the handgrips: electric start, operator presence, throttle, gear shift, blade engagement, and independent wheel brakes.

PRO MAX34 Now with side discharge!

ELECTRIC CLUTCH This extremely rugged clutch enables you to engage the blade instantly, with the pull of a knob. Because the “communication” is electrical, there are no cables or linkages to adjust or wear out.

HARDENED STEEL BLADES These big blades weigh up to 6 pounds and are a full 1/4″ thick. (Optional Extra HeavyDuty Brush Blade available for sustained mowing in thick brush.)


Cuts a clean, even 42″-wide swath and mows a half-acre lawn in about 30 minutes. Front caster wheels swivel for fast, tight turns. Deck is made of 12-gauge steel with 2 high-lift mulching blades. Easily converts from side-discharge to mulching. Height adjustment from 2″ to 4.5″.

Throw snow off long driveways and walkways with our single-stage, 30″-wide Snow Thrower attachment. The powerful auger quickly chews through dry or wet snow, and towering snowdrifts. Throws snow up to 30 feet. Adjustable skid shoes.

SKU A0000267409

An 18-pound flywheel creates tremendous inertia for smooth chipping. The single chipping knife takes up to 40 bites per second, for quickly devouring hardwood branches up to 3.5″ thick. Now you can rid your property of unsightly brush piles.

Tow Behind Field Brush Mowers

STAY SEATED. CONTROL IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! A remote control allows you to engage and disengage the mower blade from the driver’s seat of your tow vehicle.

HINGED HITCH Our unique Hinged Hitch makes it easy to hook up to ATVs, UTVs, and lawn and garden tractors (minimum 14 HP and/or 400 lbs.) with a pin hitch, regardless of the height of the vehicle’s hitch. If you’re not offsetting the mower, you can just use the shorter towbar.

ELECTRIC LIFT PRO MAX52T model features an electric lift for easily adjusting mowing height from driver’s seat.

FLOATING DECK RIDES OVER OBSTACLES The deck is suspended from a frame, allowing it to ride up and over high points, minimizing scalping and protecting the drivetrain from damage.

BLADES EXTEND BEYOND THE WHEEL PATH The 2 mowing blades extend outside of the wheels—so you mow right up next to fences, walls, hedgerows, and other obstacles.

SHOCK-ABSORBING “SWINGING” BLADES If you hit an obstacle, blades PIVOT, protecting engine and spindle.

Tow Behind Finishing Mower

  • 60″ Wide Cut
  • Tow with a Riding Mower, ATV, UTV, or Tractor
  • Use as an outrigger to your traditional riding mower (or Zero-Turn) and EXPAND your cutting width

3 AIR-TIP BLADES provide excellent lift and deliver a clean finish cut


DR invented the trimmer-on-wheels category and we have perfected it over the years!

STURDY ALL-STEEL FRAME The mainframe on every DR® Trimmer Mower is made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. These lightweight frames are incredibly strong, and powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. OFFSET FRAME DESIGN Ensures that the cut reaches outside the wheel path, making it easy to trim up against fences and foundations. BLADE BRAKE CLUTCH (BBC) The BBC allows you to stop the trimmer head from spinning (by releasing the bail bar) without stopping the engine— cutting down on how often you need to restart. (Not on Pilot Model). ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR Easily adjusts without tools. RUGGED CAST-ALUMINUM BEARING ASSEMBLY Cast entirely from lightweight, highstrength aluminum, the main Bearing Assembly has roller bearings at the top and bottom—to withstand the rigors of hundreds of hours of heavy-duty trimming and mowing at over 3,000 rpm.

PULSE 62V: World’s FirstBATTERY-POWEREDTrimmer Mower!

  • LIGHT AND MANEUVERABLE (just 45 lbs including battery)!
  • ULTRA QUIET…mow any time of day without disturbing neighbors!
  • TRIM FOR UP TO 40 MINUTES on a single charge (equivalent to a tankful on our gas models)

NO GAS, NO FUMES, NO FUSS!Powering up is as simple as inserting the battery and using the push-button electric start.QUICK-LOCK™ TRIMMER HEADThe PULSE 62V model uses a customized version of our Quick-Lock™ Trimmer Head. Change cord in seconds without tools!850W BRUSHLESS MOTORbrings all the power of gas to your trimming tasks. Plus, it’s so QUIET that you can trim or mow any time of day without disturbing your neighbors.ERGONOMIC HANDLEBARSwith vibration-dampening hand grips make operating for extended periods easy and comfortable.


Patented Quick-Lock® Cord Attachment System

Offers 3 Benefits Unmatched by ANY Other Cord System: SIMPLY PUSH CORD IN TO ATTACH 1-way cam allows cord to enter, but it cannot pull out, even in brushy conditions. SELECT A WIDE RANGE OF CUTTING HEIGHTS From 1″ to 7.5″ (depending on the Trimmer Mower model). ACCEPTS 225 MIL SAWTOOTH CORD AND 255 SERRATED CORD The thickest, longest-wearing cords in the industry. Quick-Lock™ Trimmer Head Kit Standard on all Tow-Behind Trimmers Our DR® Cord is thicker and tougher than normal trimmer line and that translates into more power for cutting gnarly vegetation. In addition to being STRONGER, DR cord LASTS much longer than any trimmer. PLUS, we offer a great assortment of cord, in a variety of bulk options— PRECUT LENGTHS The ultimate in convenience, cord is precut to the right length for all DR Trimmer Mower models. 1 LB ROLLS Economical 1-pound rolls. Cut it to length as you need it and save versus buying precut. Each roll includes from 80 to 250 feet of cord (depending on the cord size). JUMBO SPOOLS For those who trim and mow frequently, these spools offer the lowest possible “per foot” cost. Up to 394 ft of cord included.

Beaver Blade® Attachment Turns Your Trimmer Mower Into A Brushcutter On Wheels

The Beaver Blade® Attachment, which easily installs on any Walk-Behind Trimmer Mower model, allows you to cut brush and even small trees up to 3″ thick! The Beaver Blade® should always be used with the Aluminum MowBall® Support.BEAVER BLADE® Attachment Packageincludes Aluminum Mow-Ball® Support and sharpening file.DR® DURABLADES®Our DR® DuraBlades® easily mow through brambles, vines, stalky weeds like burdock and cattails, and woody brush up to 3/8″ thick. Plus, they are 100 times stronger than our cutting cords!DR® DuraBlade KitReplacement Blades 6 pack

Rammy Brush Cutter 120 for ATV / UTV

This little ATV Brush Cutter from Rammy is an astoundingly capable brush cutter: it can cut trees up to 4″ in diameter! That’s insane! And it can even be converted to a finish mower without having to buy a complete, separate attachment. When we say Rammy builds quality ATV attachments, we think these two notes are a good start to proving it!

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The Rammy ATV Brush Cutter 120 is an agile and powerful brush cutter that is compatible with most ATVs. It can cut hay, grass, bushes, and even trees that are up to 4 inches in diameter. This makes the Brush Cutter a great tool for general yard maintenance, trail maintenance, or even creating new trails.

This machine also features a protective roller on the underside. Since the brush cutter has this protective roller, the weight of the machine is on the ground instead of your ATV while you’re clearing brush. Furthermore, it helps to keep the brush cutter blades from driving into the ground.

The Rammy ATV Brush Cutter 120 also comes standard with a side shift kit. This kit allows the brush cutter to be shifted 12.5 inches to the left or right of center.


The Rammy Brush Cutter mounts to your ATV using its universal snowplow bracket. However, your ATV needs a winch to raise and lower the cutter between mowing and transport positions. We also recommend using about 100 lb of ballast weight on the rear rack of your ATV, to offset the added weight of the Rammy.

Additionally, you can tighten your front springs (if adjustable), as well as your front tire pressures, to help alleviate the extra weight on the suspension. If your ATV has a soft front suspension, it would benefit from having heavy duty springs or spring inserts installed.

As a side note, the ATV only supports the Rammy’s weight in transport position. While mowing the weight of the brush cutter is on the ground.

Lawn Mower Conversion Kit

There is a lawn mower conversion kit available for the Rammy Brush Cutter (kit #74131290). This consists of 3 new blade hubs with grass cutting blades, as well as a front mower deck section with caster wheels.

The brush cutter and lawn mower use the same frame, engine, and transmission, so those don’t need to be converted.

Rammy mowers are manufactured in Finland and are made with quality and efficiency in mind. As a front mount ATV brush cutter, you don’t flatten the grass, or brush, before mowing. This gives you a better and more consistent cut.

We also offer the Rammy ATV Lawn Mower and the Rammy ATV Flail Mower, which are designed to handle different jobs.

If you’d like to learn more about Rammy, you can visit their site here.

Mounting Requirements

To mount a Rammy Attachment to your ATV or UTV, you must have a winch and a plow mount. We recommend KFI mounts.


Shipments fulfilled from Wisconsin.

Skid Steer Brush Cutter vs. Tractor Brush Hog: Which Is Best?

There are a lot of seemingly small details that go into making the most of a landscaping project. From the type of property you’re working on to its size and the equipment you use, each factor contributes to your overall efficiency and success. As such, it’s vital that you’re paying particular attention to the type of equipment you use for the job. After all, not all machines produce the same quality results, and you always want to ensure you’re giving yourself every possible advantage.

So, while many view skid steer brush cutters and tractor brush hogs as the same type of equipment, it’s important to recognize that they aren’t. In fact, one is actually significantly better than the other for landscaping tasks. Here’s what you need to know about skid steer brush cutters and tractor brush hogs to determine which is best.

The Importance of Making the Correct Choice

The equipment you choose for your landscaping endeavors might be at your personal discretion, but there’s always something that fares better for certain tasks. As such, there is a correct choice to make when it comes to picking between a skid steer brush cutter and a tractor brush hog. Skid steer brush cutters and tractor brush hogs are very different pieces of machinery and, as such, one will always be better than the other for certain jobs.

Because of this, understanding the differences and choosing the correct one for your application, or all-around-general use, will be the key to superior performance and reliability. So, make sure you take the time to consider your unique job at hand and weigh all the contributing factors before making your decision.

Key Performance Applications

There are several key performance applications that quality landscaping equipment must be able to accommodate. As such, skid steers brush cutters and tractor brush hogs are also held to these standards. Understanding these expectations is crucial to comparing the two machines and picking the one that best suits your job. Here’s how cutters and hogs measure up to some of the most important performance expectations for landscaping.

Angled and Sloped Maneuvering

One of the first things to watch for is how well certain machines operate on angled or sloped terrain. Not every property you care for will have only flat land, and, as such, you’ll need to have something that can accommodate this potentially difficult challenge. It’s important to note here that you don’t want to be on slopes and uneven ground on a tractor. This is because they can’t sustain traction on steep slopes and are at a greater risk of tipping over should you drive up too steep of an incline.

Skid steers, on the other hand, can maneuver over steeper areas due to their larger track or tire size. The brush cutter is also positioned in the front and more controlled so you can better accommodate these patches of land. While skid steers aren’t generally the safest pieces of equipment, they are safer than alternatives when cutting on steep slopes due to their low center of gravity. This keeps them much more stable and better accommodating of sharper inclines.

Different Cutting Heights

You’ll also want to determine which equipment option is better for varying your cutting height. To start, tractors can’t lift their attachments, making it more difficult, or sometimes even impossible, to cut higher brush. Conversely, skid steer brush cutters can accommodate several different cutting heights since they’re attached to the machine’s lifting mechanism.

Likewise, the skid steer brush cutter is in front and cuts when you run into brush. While a tractor brush cutter is on the back, and you have to go over the brush to cut it. Because of this, skid steers are generally safer and more accommodating when cutting through tall grass and other debris.

Cutting Diversity

It’s important to note as well that skid steer brush cutters tend to have a greater diversity in what type of landscaping debris they can cut through. With the additional weight of the skid steer comes an increased amount of power that transitions into the brush cutter attachment. As such, it’s much easier for these devices to chop through thicker growth like weeds, tall grass, and smaller tree trunks.

Tractors are much lighter than skid steers, meaning that they have less power behind their movements. As a result, they have less available force to cut through undergrowth. This limits them to handling jobs with more grass and fewer patches of dense brush.

Accuracy and Control

Finding a machine with maximum accuracy and control is also important if you want to get the most out of your landscaping project. After all, it’s these factors that contribute to the quality of your finished product. Since, as stated previously, the skid steer brush cutter sits at the front of the machine, the operator can better see what they’re doing and how to best maneuver. This allows them the freedom to adjust their cutter height accordingly, and therefore yield more accurate results.

Tractor brush hog attachments don’t have as much opportunity for maintaining control. Because these attachment rest behind the operator’s seat, it’s much harder for workers to turn back to see what they’re doing. As such, you can’t control these attachments as easily, and you’re less likely to get the polished results you’re after.

Which Is Better for Landscaping Purposes?

So, as far as which is the best option between skid steer brush cutters and tractor brush hogs. Based on the previous expectations, it’s clear that skid steer brush cutters are the best alternative for landscaping work. This is especially the case for larger plots of land with varying types of terrain and several slopes to account for. They offer strength, control, accuracy, and reliability that tractor brush hogs can’t. Because of this, if you’re doing any intense land clearing work—especially on hilly terrain—the skid steer brush cutter is the better option.

If you’re interested in maximizing your efficiency, quality, and performance during your next landscaping job, McLaren Industries has just the equipment for you. Our line of premium skid steer brush cutters chop through thick undergrowth and smaller trees with ease, making it easy to gather debris for removal. They’re also incredibly reliable on even sloped ground and able to achieve more consistent results than other products on the market. Contact us here to learn more about these powerful skid steer attachments, or give us a call at 800-836-0040 with any questions. We’re always available to help!

Which Mower Attachment Do I Need for My Tractor?

If you maintain a property, small or large, you’re likely in the market for some mowing equipment. Thankfully, with mowing attachments, you can attach a mower to your tractor using a 3-point hitch.

Wondering which type of mower is right for you? In this edition of the Papé Machinery Agriculture Turf blog, we’ll be taking a look at three of our most popular types of mowing attachments, weighing the pros and cons of each.

Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters, which are often referred to as bush hogs or brush hogs, are one of the most popular types of mowers we carry. The rotary cutter features a large enclosed deck and a disc with hinges. When in operation, the hinges create a disc mowing action like an upside down helicopter.

brush, mower, tractor, attachment

Unlike a traditional lawn mower, the rotary cutter can strike obstacles and objects on the ground (like rocks, for example) and protect the blades, spindle, and machinery more than a traditional mower, absorbing some of the impact. This helps to preserve the life and longevity of your mower.

The bush hog is a great, versatile option that is both lightweight and on the more affordable end of the spectrum. It’s great for mowing grass and light brush and can actually cut up to a 1” limb. You can adjust the mower to go really low or really high, adding to its versatility depending on the type of terrain you’re working through.

One drawback of the bush hog is that it doesn’t handle blackberries or overgrown invasive plants very well. While it is built to help mow these types of invasive species, you may have to go over blackberry bushes several times, and may find it’s not very effective when the bushes are tall and spindly. Depending on the type of terrain you’re working on, you may want to look beyond the rotary cutter. You may also find that the rotary cutter is not designed to make well-groomed, super clean cuts, though is still a powerful and versatile mower. Despite these drawbacks, the rotary cutter does still live up to its reputation as being one of the most reliable, versatile, and affordable of our mowers.

Note that in addition to the standard rotary cutters, you may also want to consider a John Deere MX Series rotary cutter, which is essentially a heavier-duty version of the standard bush hog. It can cut thicker limbs, accepting up to 2” saplings. Given its larger size, it can be put on the back of a larger tractor. So, if you’re mowing a lot, you may find that this more robust option is for you. They’re great for commercial farms, maintaining roads and pathways, and are just generally exceptional mowers if you think you’ll be mowing a lot and need a mower to withstand a greater deal of wear and tear.

Overall, a rotary cutter is your jack of all trades, but you may find limitations when it comes to mowing more invasive vegetation or if you’re looking for a really clean cut.

Grooming Mower

A grooming mower is a great option if you’re looking for a cleaner cut. As compared to the rotary cutter, this grooming mower has much smaller blades. That helps you get a more precise, accurate cut. However, note that the belt is not necessarily very robust, so it may wear out if you’re using it regularly.

Overall, though, if grooming and maintenance is your top priority, the grooming mower is an excellent choice. Lightweight, versatile, and built for maneuverability, the grooming mower will give you the clean, manicured cut you’re looking for.

Flail Mower

The flail mower is the mothership of the mowers. The true jack of all trades, this robust option is exceptional if you’re working in varied terrain and are dealing with a lot of overgrowth. Unlike the grooming mower or the bush hog, the flail mower is built to navigate through spindly, tall blackberry brush and heavier grass.

The flail mower is adjustable and can be used on all kinds of terrain, from rocks to blackberries to sandy, uneven ground. Whether you’re working in tall grass or low grass, the adjustability of the flail mower ensures you can tackle mowing tasks high and low. It is built to navigate through my heavier grasses and shrubs than standard mowing equipment.

The flail mower is definitely the catch-all of our mower types, but one drawback is the price point, as it’s considerably more expensive than other mowers. Additionally, many flail mowers may also not fit on smaller tractors, though manufacturers have been responding to this recently, and there are now some flail mowers that are compatible with even our 1 Series compact utility tractors.

If you’re working with a lot of woody brush and overgrowth, and are looking to use your mower on a more regular basis for heavy-duty tasks, a flail mower may be worth the extra cost.

We’re Here to Help

Here at Papé Machinery Agriculture Turf, we believe in customizing your equipment to best fit your project needs. We want to help pair you with the best mower attachment for your tractor possible, all while working within your budget. Reach out to us today so our experts can help pair you with the best package of tools, equipment, and implements for your property needs. We can’t wait to serve you!