Can The Wrench Be Used As A Screwdriver

Is it possible to independently make a nutrunner from a screwdriver

Of course it is possible, with only one important caveat: it is unlikely that it will be possible to obtain the same power as a tool made in an industrial environment. But, very often too much power is not required. For example, if you have to change tires on a car. Many people know how long the process of unscrewing wheel nuts is. Of course, there is an opportunity to contact specialists, but this will cost money. If you have a screwdriver at hand, then it can be quickly converted into a wrench: this requires only an adapter with a head of a certain size, which must completely match the size of the wheel wrench. It remains to fix this adapter in the chuck and install the head. Wrench from a screwdriver completely ready.

Of course, this will not be a full-fledged tool, since it will still be necessary to loosen the nuts manually, but the time spent on all wheels will be only one minute.

What is the difference between tools

  1. The wrench is more cumbersome than a screwdriver and does not have a chuck. At his end is special rod , on which the nut head is attached.
  2. Impact wrench power , applied to the object is many times greater than the power of a screwdriver. The first one can solve any problems.
  3. Substantial difference in weight and size these mechanisms. Wrenches are usually larger and heavier.
  4. Screwdrivers have several operating modes , which can be adjusted. Unlike them, no other special tools have this capability.

Thus, impact wrenches are used more often for heavy mechanical work, while its competitor is more often used for simpler domestic repairs. In addition, for simple tasks, you can try to make the wrench yourself using ordinary nozzles.

Can The Wrench Be Used As A Screwdriver

Which tool should you choose? The answer to this question will depend on the type of work where these tools are needed. Considering that the impact wrench has a tangential impact during operation, it cannot be used to tighten the screws, as it will simply tear off their caps. However, if you ensure that there is no stop, then he can make such a mount that even the most powerful screwdriver cannot create. If you have to small amount of work , including only screwing in screws, then an ordinary screwdriver is enough for this. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what to choose for work with a screwdriver or a wrench, based on the specific circumstances.

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The difference between a screwdriver and a nutrunner

  • The difference between a wrench and a screwdriver
  • Pros and cons of the impact wrench
  • How to make a wrench from a screwdriver

Nowadays there are many tools for tightening fasteners, and one of the most popular representatives of this class is the screwdriver. Almost any housework will be easier if you have this wonderful assistant in your arsenal. But despite all its versatility, the screwdriver has a very similar competitor. The impact wrench has a narrower focus, but is much better suited for certain jobs. Let’s figure out how these tools differ and how you can make a wrench from a screwdriver with your own hands.

What is the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver: 3 main criteria

In some everyday situations, it is quite difficult to get by with a wrench. Then devices come to the rescue that help to assemble and disassemble threaded devices. Some of these are a screwdriver and a wrench. They have one task to help when working with fixing parts, but also a lot of differences. We propose to consider the main differences between the devices, find out which is more convenient to use, and how you can upgrade an old screwdriver to a nutrunner.

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Impact wrench is a mechanical tool for screwing in and out nuts and bolts. You cannot do without it when you need to unscrew a rusty nut in hard-to-reach places, and a simple wrench is powerless. The impact wrench can be confused with a drill, but an experienced owner will see the difference: the attachment installed in the holder. It is this nozzle that compresses the nut and holds it while the engine twists it in or unscrews it.

Advice: DeWalt DW292 model consumes 710 W of power as a convenient option for a wrench.

Screwdriver device for screwing and unscrewing screws, screws, self-tapping screws and other fasteners. Its feature of work at different speeds of rotation expands the range of possibilities. The device drives screws, drills, has an impact function.

Advice: Bosch has established itself as a market leader in this niche as well. Especially popular are the models Bosch GSR 6-45 TE, Bosch GSR 14.4-2-LI Plus.

A wrench, unlike a screwdriver, is considered a more professional tool. According to the method of application, the mechanism for nuts can be: gasoline, pneumatic, hydraulic and work from the network. It is designed for screwing in or out bolts or nuts. Unlike a screwdriver, a cartridge is not attached to a nutrunner. In its place, a rod with a nut head is installed.

The second difference is in the tightening power, here the wrench has an advantage. With him you can “overpower” any crafts.

Another difference lies in the volume and weight of the mechanisms, for example, not every person can lift some wrenches. Also, screwdrivers are able to regulate their work process, while another representative of mechanics does not have this opportunity. The nutrunner copes with complex tasks no faster than the screwdriver, which creates a lot of noise during operation, this fact and is a key difference. In such a situation, equipped with a 3-speed gearbox, the DeWalt DCF895M2 screwdriver in light tasks can replace any device for tightening nuts.

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In terms of operational capabilities, the nut mechanism has serious limitations. It is good to use drills when drilling. So, for soft wood, it is not necessary to use a professional mechanism, you can get by with the BlackDecker EPC12CAB screwdriving tool.

A few words about the impact wrench

An industrial or homemade wrench serves for installing and removing bolts and nuts. Some may accidentally confuse it with a drill, but experienced craftsmen will immediately point to a special attachment in the holder, which a conventional drill does not have. You will definitely not be able to do without it if you need to unscrew the old nut, which is so rusted that you simply cannot unscrew it with your hands or with a key. The tool is produced in the following versions:

  • Pneumatic;
  • Gasoline;
  • Hydraulic;
  • Powered by electricity.

The wrench is widely used in repair shops and in various assembly jobs. powerful tools are used in mechanical engineering.

Disadvantages of Impact Screwdrivers (Impact Wrenches)

  1. Low drilling speed when switching to hammer mode.
  2. Inapplicability of jaw chucks (only hexagons) with rare exceptions.
  3. Inapplicability of the torque limiting clutch, due to which the tightening process has to be controlled all the time independently, which is not always convenient at a high speed of rotation of the tool shaft.
  4. Increased noise in shock mode.

And in order to more clearly represent the difference between an impact screwdriver (nutrunner) and a conventional one, we will summarize their main technical characteristics in one table:

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