Chainsaw Carver Rsg 25 12k Faults

Chainsaw Carver Rsg 25 12k Faults

Domestic brand “Carver”. The opening of the last decade. Its products entered the market in 2009 and have already managed to prove themselves from the best sides. It was created on the basis of the Uraloptinstrument plant in Perm.

Every year, the Carver manufacturer produces hundreds of thousands of units of motorized tools for home, garden and tillage: trimmers, cultivators, tilleri, and, of course, chainsaws, the quality of which is not inferior to leading European brands.

Features and variety of Carver chainsaws

A wide model line of gasoline saws “Carver” combines amateur, semi- and professional modification of a motor-tool.

Regardless of the power class, Carver gasoline chain saws are distinguished by:

  • Modern motor systems. They meet the international standard EPA EU-II and are made using advanced technologies Klian2 and AfterCharge;
  • Multipoint anti-vibration complex;
  • Wear-resistant cylinder-piston;
  • The presence of an inertial chain brake;
  • Rigging with a fuel pump;
  • Reliable materials of the case and saw set, which is lubricated in automatic mode.

Let’s take a closer look at the Carver range of saws.

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG-38-16K

The most popular model in the Carver line. Suitable for everyday household tasks. Pruning fruit trees, sawing firewood, and for production purposes.

  • 2-stroke engine with a power of 1.8 kW;
  • Long tire and saw chain. 0.45 m;
  • The standard pitch of the cutting blade is 3/8 inch, which is used on most modern chainsaws;
  • Primer snap;
  • Easystart functionality. A guarantee of stable operation in any environmental conditions;
  • Corrosion coating of working cylinders. They are less likely to go out of order;
  • Quick access to the air filter. Its cover is mounted on quick-detachments;
  • Low weight. 3.9 kg: a person can work with a saw without special technical skills.

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG-45-18K

The model is in great demand among summer residents and gardeners.

  • Powerful 2-stroke engine generating 2.5 hp traction;
  • Primer for accelerated cold start;
  • Original Rezer chain with a standard step;
  • A tire with a length of 45 cm;
  • Plastic case;
  • Oil sump for lubrication in the “Automatic” mode;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Low consumption of gasoline and oil;
  • Inertial brake that protects against damage at the time of chainsaw rebound.

Gasoline Saw “Carver” Promo PSG-45-15

Ideal for working with wood. It should be noted that the repair of this unit can be done with your own hands: the instruction manual is correctly composed, covers the most common questions of users, and the design itself is quickly disassembled and provides unhindered access to leading working elements.

Operating parameters and features of the Carver Chainsaw Promo 45-15:

  • Good balance;
  • Sufficient for domestic tasks power of 2.5 hp.;
  • 38 cm tire;
  • Spacious gas tank and crankcase. 0.55 and 0.26 liters;
  • Low noise and vibration.

Chainsaw Carver Rsg 25 12k Faults

The only thing that can confuse is weight. For this model, it is 5.8 kg.

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG-25-12K

  • 2-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine with a thrust of 1 hp.;
  • Anti-vibration operator protection;
  • Additional chain brake. Starts in emergency situations for safe operation;
  • Primer. A fuel pump that forcibly delivers a gas-oil mixture to a carburetor;
  • Convenient handles. Make the sawing process comfortable and quick;
  • Tire length 0.3 m;
  • Lightness. 4.3 kg.

Chainsaw “Carver” PSG-52-18

Worthy representative of the lineup “Promo”.Carver series. Suitable for medium-sized tasks. Convenient in operation, maintenance and repair. Carburetor adjustment and other settings are made according to the standard scheme.

  • Engine thrust of 2.6 hp.;
  • Weight 5.2 kg.
  • Overall tire. 0.45 m;
  • “QuickStart” function. Starting the motor is possible in any weather;
  • Effective vibration absorption. The handles do not create vibrations typical of gas cutting machines;
  • Ergonomic non-slip handles;
  • Oil sump for automatic lubrication of the chain. Additionally adjustable to increase / decrease lubricant consumption;
  • Easy access to the air filter;

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG-225

The Carver model has good household power, a reliable cutting headset from the Rezer manufacturer, and an ergonomic and wear-resistant design. Savingly consumes a gas-oil mixture, which is poured into a separate volumetric tank. Easy to care and maintain.

  • 1 hp engine;
  • Adaptability to harsh environmental conditions. The chainsaw starts at both 30 and at 40 ° C;
  • 30 cm tire, which is paired with a chain with 45 links and a pitch of 3/8 inch;
  • Vibration damper, which reduces the frequency of oscillations of the working elements;
  • Weight 4.3 kg.

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG-238

The device is a household series. Reliable in operation, does not require special care and frequent repairs. It has innovative anti-vibration protection and chain brake to eliminate the likelihood of an accident.

  • Gasoline engine with a thrust of 1.2 kW;
  • Tire size. 40 cm;
  • Chrome plating piston group;
  • Reduced gasoline consumption;
  • Weight. 5.8 kg.

Gasoline Saw “Carver” RSG-245

An excellent option for infrequent work. Suitable for those involved in sawing from time to time on a non-industrial scale.

  • Convenient functionality;
  • Simplified maintenance of the air filter;
  • Handles for precise and fixed grip;
  • A primer element that starts a chainsaw regardless of environmental factors;
  • Motor resources up to 2 thousand hours;
  • Equipped with a 45 cm tire;
  • Weight. 6.9 kg.

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG 252

Machinery that will be subject to any industrial or household task: harvesting firewood for the winter, bucking the trunk, sawing hardwood, sawing up timber according to the drawing. A good option for those who want to get a chainsaw with professional capabilities at a budget cost.

  • Power 2.7 hp;
  • Equipment with a long tire. 55 cm;
  • Functions for convenience. Chain lubrication, anti-vibration protection, inertial brake;
  • Tanks for oil and fuel that do not require frequent maintenance;
  • Weight. 8.2 kg.

Chainsaw “Carver” RSG-262

Semi-professional tool from the Carver brand. Provides instant start-up and stable operation throughout the entire life cycle. Moderately buzzes and practically does not vibrate.

  • Easy access to filtering dampers;
  • Chain lubrication is regulated by an oil pump;
  • Emergency braking of chain knives;
  • A plastic case that is not afraid of shock and deformation;
  • Primer. Reduces the time spent on starting the motor;
  • Half-meter tire for complex work;
  • Weight. 8.2 kg.