Cutting tile at home

Sometimes there are cases where you need to cut a narrow strip of tile 0.5-2 cm, and an ordinary tile cutter does not pick it up because its feet are too wide.

In such cases it is necessary to draw the notch line with a pencil and make the notch with an angle grinder with a diamond disc. But if you try to cut it all at once, the narrow strip will split off in parts. Therefore, you need to smoothly and without pressure to pass the angle grinder on the markings to get the notch to a depth of about 2 mm. You have to move the disc along the mowing line, not straight along it, then the width of the already narrow strip won’t get any narrower.

Using the same method, you will cut off a narrow strip by several times along the same seam. The second and subsequent times you can drive the angle grinder faster, but try to press it to the opposite side, then it won’t chip.

It is better to do this work on the weight, so the vibration will go into the hands. When you already see that the strip is about to fall, it is advisable to put something soft so that it does not break.

Cutting tiles with an angle grinder with a special diamond tile disc

Be sure to wear glasses when working with an angle grinder.

How to Choose the Right Tile Disc

Metal discs with diamond plating around the edges are used for cutting. But they come in different versions: for concrete, brick, stone. Tile discs do not have any holes and are evenly and smoothly tipped. Concrete discs have a slit on the chuck, and will create chips when vibrating. If you cut a ceramic tile with it, these chips can fly in the face.

Making a 45-degree notch

Ceramic baseboard pencil is best for protecting the sharp outer corners of tiles

If you use a professional electric tile cutter, the inclined platform there makes it easy to make a 45 degree angle on the slant of the tile, but not everyone has such a tool. Independently such a corner is easy to make with the same angle grinder “by eye”. The disc is carried along the mowing line of the cut, and it should be slightly inclined inward.

Ceramic tile. a very durable and attractive in all respects cladding material. However, the process of laying tiles is not as simple as it seems, and requires patience and preparation. In order to successfully install this material on the floor, on the wall, around the edges of the room, around electrical appliances, window frames, pipes or a variety of protrusions, it is necessary to use specialized equipment. However, before proceeding directly to the work, you will definitely need to decide what and how to cut ceramic tiles.

On how the ceramic material will be processed, will depend on the quality of tiling. If you are interested in what you can use to cut ceramic tiles, then first of all look at the following tools:

Using this equipment, you can perform both standard cutting operations and quite complex procedures. For example, cutting rectangular and circular holes, trimming edges. Each of these tools is used for a specific amount of work. In addition, has its own functional features, which must be taken into account when starting the process of processing ceramics.

Advantages and disadvantages of tile

Despite the great complexity of processing and laying, ceramic tile has not left the list of the most popular finishing materials for many decades. If previously it was used to repair only rooms with high humidity and adverse atmosphere, but now many varieties are suitable for exterior decoration of buildings, floors, walls and ceilings at enterprises. This means that the advantages of such a finish is enough:

    The material does not require much maintenance. It looks neat and fresh with regular maintenance.

  • No fungus will grow on it.
  • Indispensable in damp rooms.
  • In terms of its fire retardant properties, it is suitable for furnaces and fireplaces.
  • Many variants of colors, drawings, forms and sizes.
  • Lasts for decades, doesn’t fade.

The disadvantage of tiling is the temperature of the surface on which the material lies. However, modern technology makes it possible to place a water or electric heating system underneath its layer. If the surface is ribbed or rough, then in some areas (such as the kitchen) can be difficult to clean. It is quite difficult to remove dirt on an uneven surface. It can also be difficult to cut tiles at home.

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Alternative tools and their special features

Let’s consider the most popular ways to cut ceramic or porcelain tile of acceptable quality. This includes:

  • Angle grinder with a large disc. There are several types of these tools that can be used to cut ceramic. To do this, buy the appropriate diamond-coated disc. Several varieties are available, depending on the size of the grain and the cleanliness of the cut.
  • Electric jigsaw. This is a convenient and very practical tool, with which you can make a clean cut, but for this purpose, buy special saws for tiles. Its advantages lie in its versatility, t. е. It is possible to make curved cuts with a large radius.
  • Glass cutter of manual type. Suitable for a smooth cut of tiles with a glazed surface.
  • Drilling with a drill. It is a convenient method, but in order to get a quality end, after cutting, you need to pass the place with additional sanding tools, such as a file and emery paper.

A circular saw, a core drill bit and a ballerina drill are used for making round holes in ceramic. Small radius curves are picked up manually with pliers or pliers.

Features of curved carving

When carrying out repair work, there is a need for curvilinear tile cutting. A grinding wheel, saw, or chisel provides only a straight cut. The drill will allow you to cut a hole that can be connected in straight lines with the edge of the workpiece. But careful curvilinear processing of tiles requires the master to have experience: a sharp movement can spoil the workpiece. An abrasive tool is used to smooth the edges, but the workpiece cracks when it is forced or heated.

  • an electric drill with a nozzle for cutting holes;
  • Jigsaw with manual or electric drive, which allows you to process tiles of soft material due to the elasticity of the cutting blade;
  • Electric tile cutter with additional degrees of mobility, which provides cutting of the workpiece in several directions;
  • Hand-held tool, allowing material to be chopped off in small pieces (with proper edge quality).

Experienced craftsmen perform shaped cutting with an angle grinder. On the surface of the ceramic tile adhesive tape and apply a line of marking, and then carefully make cuts, moving from one area to another. The disadvantage of the method is the presence of traces on the glaze from the disk, which must be covered with grout or an additional plastic frame.

No lateral load on the cutting tool, which can break and injure a person.

Using a ballerina

The tool consists of a center drill bit and an auxiliary cutter that allows you to make circular cuts. On the glossy side glue a paper painter’s tape and mark the center with a pencil. Then the tool is clamped in the chuck of an electric drill and the channel is drilled. Several holes arranged next to each other produce a curved edge. The disadvantage of ballerina is a rough cut, which requires additional grinding file or sandpaper.

Use the ballerina to make circular cuts.

Ceramic tile cutters

To obtain the curved cut, you need an electric cutting tool and special cutters. In the design of the pliers used jaws, allowing you to break off small pieces of workpiece. There are cutters with a hard-alloy roller for undercutting the glaze and subsequent cutting of the detail. The handles of tile cutters are equipped with stops to prevent damage to the jaws. Lay the workpiece with the marked break line on a metal rib, glaze it downwards, and act on the opposite plane with the V-shaped part.

There are pliers of different sizes, the tool is used to remove strips up to 5 mm wide or for breaking up small fragments of tiles (the edge requires subsequent grinding). The cutters are only suitable for edging.

The jaws of the tool should be set at a distance of 2-3 mm from the markings. a reserve is necessary for subsequent grinding with an angle grinder or other tool.

Finisher’s tips. how to cut different kinds of tiles professionally

Tiling. the work is not easy for beginners, requiring thoughtful preparation. In addition, it is important to find an individual approach to the varieties of material to reduce waste, and consequently, the financial costs of the customer.

The formula for cutting tiles without damaging the material

Considering the topic, how to properly cut a tile, professional tilers rely on general principles.

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The material must be thoroughly cleaned. It should not contain traces of tile glue, dust.

The work involves the formation of dust, so it is advised to wear eye protection goggles.

Do not overdo it with your hand tools. Otherwise, a tile break is guaranteed. Choosing a power tool, you need to act confidently, clearly, but carefully.

To effectively solve the problem of cutting tiles at home, the construction environment offers different modifications of tools.

What is important in the operation of different units related to tile cutting?

Better work with the glass cutter. expert opinion

I answer, to cut tiles, first select the right glass cutter. It is available on the market in three variations.

Glass cutter of roller nature. most often used. The advantage is the thin, clear line.

The oil type model works in a similar way, ensuring a cut without damage. Thanks to the oil, the task can be performed quickly and easily.

The diamond glass cutter is more for the experienced tile-cutter, because there is a big risk to get jagged edges. A “steady hand” is needed for the job.

Competitive technical advantage of the tool is the possibility of cutting not only in a straight line, but also shaped tile cutting is quite aesthetic. Glass cutter is used when working with tiles, ceramics.

Recommendation! For porcelain stoneware, manual glass cutters, electric jigsaws are better not to use. They can be used as an additional tool.

The tiles should be placed on a geometrically flat surface, removing small particles of dirt, glue. When making a mowing line, you need to make an effort. The outlined edge is removed with wire cutters.

Tip! Approaching the intended glass cutter line, the cutters must grasp the small fragments. If you use the pliers “big step” in the separation of almost cut off part, there is a risk of going over the edge of the mowing line and spoil the appearance of the product.

There remains an important point: to cut ceramic tiles, you must fully embrace the glass cutter and keep it strictly perpendicular. Sometimes it is difficult for the craftsman, that’s why such tools are often more used by professionals and for thin types of tiles.

At the construction site, where deadlines are tight, rushing the foreman, faster cutting ceramic tiles is done with an angle grinder. But even with it you need to know some tricks.

Basic ways of cutting porcelain tile with an angle grinder

This type of tile is one of the hardest ones. It is wear-resistant, suitable for public premises. When deciding to cut porcelain stoneware tiles, two methods should be used.

The evenness of the mowing line when using an angle grinder depends on the disc chosen correctly. There are two possible ways to choose the discs.

Solid discs are applicable in the case of “wet” cutting with water to cool the tool and reduce dust. It is appropriate to use them in tile work.

Deciding to cut porcelain tiles at home, it will be appropriate to refer to the segmental disc, which implies a “dry” method of processing. But it is not recommended to cut more than 2 minutes. Take a break.

Using a standard angle grinder, representatives of the construction industry do not recommend buying discs less than 2 mm thick. Before each procedure, checking the condition of the disk to reduce the appearance of chipping to zero is mandatory.

The specialist marks out the future cut with a marker, placing the tile on the prepared flat surface. It is better to fix it on a workbench. Cutting is done from the front side. In some cases, it makes sense to double-cut. From the “face” of the product is pressed lightly, carrying out the line, from the end part carry out the main cutting. This secret answers the question of how to cut tiles with an angle grinder without chipping, without damage to the owner of the room.

Proven methods of cutting ceramic tiles with a tile cutter

Ceramic tiles for the bathroom, for example, are also cut with an angle grinder. Although at home is often more appropriate handheld tile cutter.

Minimizes dust, imperfections on the tile.

The tool is lightweight, contains a cutting roller that performs the task relatively quickly. The probability of defects is reduced many times, even in comparison with the angle grinder. By placing the tile under the claw on the metal platform of the construction, you can quickly perform a cut with one movement. There are several types of handheld tile cutters.

The roller versions are quite simple and suitable for standard tiles.

For harder types of ceramic tiles, a mechanical tile cutter with a rigid carriage is recommended.

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For processing particularly durable material with a thickness up to 16 mm, a model on bearings will be the best solution.

This tool with air and water cooling system comes in handy for high volume of work. What makes it a good tile cutter??

It is possible to cut tiles at an angle of 45 degrees for design of corners between walls.

How to Cut Tile for Beginners

Capable of cutting stone, porcelain tiles.

The depth of cut plays a role in the process. The recommended value is 3 cm. The length of the cut, which must be 50 cm, is important. and motor power. Before performing, you need to make sure that the wheel is fixed precisely, checking its degree of wear.

What useful tips are still worth considering?

The end of the tile material is sometimes cut at an angle. Applying an angle grinder, you should choose a solid disc, designed for tile. The qualitative cutting of tiles under 45 degrees will be obtained by placing the product on the edge, starting to grind the back of the clay part. If you find irregularities, it is allowed to repeat the operation.

To get a smooth edge is convenient to turn to diamond “turtles” or sandpaper. Also, professionals advise to use an angle grinder with adjustable speed to avoid burning the edge.

Trick from the pros! For maximum aesthetics of the angle is not recommended to reach the glazed part of about 1 mm. The filigree of craftsmanship is determined by the experience of the operator. Passing over the glaze with the tool does not come out a very nice edge.

Tile laying. a creative process that requires the selection of quality tools, knowledge of different methods. If the technique of laying comes with experience, then a reliable tool is purchased in a reputable construction store. Brand suppliers of repair products, like Crepe-Sila, simplify the work process, help save time. The better the tool, the better the goal is achieved.

Tile types and cutting features

Glazed tiles are the most common. Its cutting is very similar to that of glass. Make furrows from the front side. If there are only tongs or a weak tile cutter at hand, you can facilitate the cutting of thick floor ceramics with the help of an angle grinder. This is done by duplicating the cut line from the front to the back. The angle grinder carefully makes a furrow about half the thickness of the tile. After that it is already much easier to break it.

It is better to make the cut by placing the tile over the entire mowing line of the cut on a flat surface, a corner of a tabletop or a metal corner. Look at the tile cutter for an example and how it is implemented on the mowing line of the cut. There is a small flat over the entire length of the ledge and slightly beveled surface edges on the sides of it.

If you need to cut porcelain tiles or any textured tiles, there are very few options. For such a purpose, you can only use tools with a diamond disk, which cuts through the entire thickness of the tile.

Cutting with an angle grinder or machine always takes place on a flat surface without tearing off the tile from it. Otherwise, you can easily chip the material in a situation where the cutting disc gets stuck in the cut.

Ways to cut ceramic tiles at home

Ceramic tile has taken a place of one of the most convenient and practical facing materials. It has success in decorating walls, floors, some of its species can be used in the design of facades. You can install the tiles yourself, but there is a difficulty. not everyone knows how and what to cut the tile without breaking it.

Although cutting tiles is not an activity, dangerous to human life, to take some safety precautions and use protective equipment is still necessary, because the risk of injury exists. To protect the eyes from dust and possible splinters it is recommended to wear special plastic glasses. Construction gloves will keep your hands safe from cuts and scratches.

Handle floor tiles with particular care, because they are difficult to remove. к. it is very hard and sharp edges are produced when it is cut. A dust mask is recommended to wear when carrying out large quantities of work that generates dust particles.