DIY sprayer for walk-behind tractor

1.2 Homemade sprayer for walk-behind tractor

It is quite affordable to make a sprayer with your own hands. The main thing is to clearly understand its device and know where and how you are going to use it. All of these devices consist of a fluid reservoir, pump and sprayer. For small amounts of work in a summer cottage of 6 acres, you can limit yourself to a manual device. In the mechanized version, the frame serves as the base for the sprayer for the walk-behind tractor.

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Homemade sprayer with walk-behind tractor

Here’s what you need to build:

  • Frame with welded platform for working tank and pump. It is welded from the existing metal residues (corner, profile, pipe, etc.).
  • Working capacity. A metal or plastic barrel will do. Attached to the frame platform.
  • Pump. It is necessary to select the best option for performance, so that it does not overflow and gives out sufficient pressure.
  • Rods made of metal or plastic pipe of suitable diameter.
  • Sprayer from spools from old car cameras.

As a pump, you can use an electric pump from a car, a pump from a Stihl chainsaw. Ideal to use NSh 10, a gear pump specially designed for operation in aggressive environments.

An individually made sprayer for a walk-behind tractor will fully justify itself, during service and will not be inferior to industrially manufactured brothers in terms of its quality characteristics.
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1.3 Homemade sprayer for walk-behind tractor in operation

1 Device Description and Specifications

The sprayer for the walk-behind tractor is an attachment. Attached to the motor unit by means of a special adapter. Excess pressure in the working tank of the sprayer is created by a pump (pump), which is not included in the kit and is purchased separately.

The pump is mounted on a separate platform in front of the working tank. The tank serves as a capacity. Its volume may be different, depending on the need. The sprayer pump for the walk-behind tractor is often used as a pressure washer by connecting an engine and a gun.

Motoblock with sprayer

The motor sprayer consists of the following units:

  • pair of wheels;
  • platform for placing a tank with a pump;
  • working capacity (tank);
  • water pump;
  • rods in the amount of 2 pcs;
  • nozzles. nozzles connected to the tank with hoses.

The sprayer boom can be fixed in any position, can be extended and raised as much as possible. Each of the booms has four nozzles, which provides a fine mist when spraying with a uniform consumption of the sprayed liquid.

Garden vertical sprayer

The technical characteristics are as follows:

  • maximum coverage 4 m;
  • minimum track width 0.8 m;
  • length 1.7 m;
  • height with the maximum raised rods 2.4 m;
  • the angle of inclination of the rods is 0. 90 degrees;
  • number of spray nozzles 8 pcs;
  • working pressure from the pump 2.5. 3 Bar;
  • capacity 85, 150, 250 l;
  • weight 28 kg.

The walk-behind tractor sprayer is easy to use, easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient and reliable to use.
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1.1 Application of sprayers on tractors

Large agricultural enterprises have to cultivate large areas. For spraying, the devices are aggregated with tractors. The device of sprayers for tractors is similar in principle to that discussed above. The differences are in higher performance. It is ensured by the use of large working tanks, powerful pumps, rod length and, accordingly, a large number of nozzles.

Trailed sprayer to tractor

There are two types of machines that can be combined with tractors:

  • mounted sprayers (NSh. mounted boom);
  • trailed.

Attached tractor units can be equipped with a working capacity of up to 1000 liters. They have: a mechanism for adjusting the height of the rods, a stabilizer of the rods, a device that dilutes chemicals, spray equipment with a shut-off valve, a cardan shaft, a high-performance pump. NSh units have a working reach up to 20 m and consist of several sections.

In trailed units, working capacities up to 4000 liters are used. The working grip can reach 30 m.Modern trailed units are equipped with electronics, have a central control unit for the working process.

The choice of one or another type of unit is justified by economic feasibility.
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1.4 Sprayer for mini tractor

A sprayer for a mini tractor, according to its design solution, is arranged in the same way as a sprayer for a mounted-type walk-behind tractor with a tank volume of 200. 500 liters. The version of such a device can also be trailed, if the working containers have a volume of 600.800 liters. The capture width of the devices can be from 4 to 18 m.

Homemade mini tractor sprayers are also common in fields cultivated by resourceful farmers.
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Manufacture and use of sprayers for walk-behind tractor

In any branch of agriculture involved in the cultivation of cultivated plants, one cannot do without their processing by spraying.

A walk-behind tractor sprayer is the main tool in the fight for a crop in any vegetable garden or garden. It is used against pests, for feeding and preventing diseases of cultivated crops.

2 Dual Purpose Sprayer

Just as it is not difficult to build a home-made sprayer, especially a portable one, it is quite possible to make your own car wash apparatus from a sprayer with your own hands. It will be very economical. Water consumption for a full car wash 10. 20 liters.

Homemade foam generator from a sprayer

A foam generator for washing with your own hands is obtained in this way:

  • Fill the reservoir with water and add car shampoo.
  • In the hose going from the tank to the spray gun, we cut a hole with a diameter of 2 mm, for air intake, and its mixing with a water-shampoo solution.
  • Install the foam tablet. Its role will be well performed by an ordinary metal mesh for washing dishes, tightly packed into the transition tube on which the pistol is screwed.

As a result of these manipulations, an excellent foam effect is obtained and, as a result, a clean car.

Homemade products for the Neva walk-behind tractor

Attached and trailed equipment significantly expands the functionality of walk-behind tractors. Some equipment is included, such as cutters, but the rest must be purchased. If you purchase the entire arsenal of additional devices for the Neva walk-behind tractor, then it will be too expensive, therefore, homemade products and inventions from improvised means are so in demand.

What adaptations for a walk-behind tractor can be made at home?

  • Rake
  • Hillers
  • Plow
  • Seeder
  • Cutters
  • Shovel
  • Adapters, trolleys
  • Mowers

There are detailed articles and videos on the Internet on how to make these devices. Also an important improvement for the walk-behind tractor is the muffler. It comes out of the box as part of the exhaust system, but does not always cope with noise suppression. You can make a quiet muffler according to this scheme:

Homemade loader from a walk-behind tractor

A loader from a walk-behind tractor is a necessary thing in the household. Buying a ready-made forklift is very expensive, it is necessary only if there is constant work with the transportation of goods, clearing the area, etc. Mostly forklifts in the household are used to remove snow and transport various goods, so it will be cheaper and more rational to make a forklift with your own hands.

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Craftsmen are constantly coming up with new versions of this equipment, so there are many modifications, among which there is a suitable option for everyone. A loader can be assembled from special parts, or you can use what many have in garages. Parts from old cars and motorcycles are suitable.

The walk-behind tractor must be equipped with a powerful engine. The heavier the loads, the more powerful the equipment should be. Even motoblocks with 15 hp motors lift no more than 250 kg. Counterweight is required.

As a basis, you can take the drawings of the fracture mini-tractor. The frame is made of a channel, the fracture unit is a fist from a VAZ, a steering column and shortened axles from any car, a P40 hydraulic valve, a bucket can be made independently, or you can use a ready-made.

What homemade products for a walk-behind tractor can be made with your own hands: amazing inventions and adaptations

Homemade products for a walk-behind tractor are invented and made by almost all owners of this technique. The purpose of these actions is to expand the functionality of the unit with minimal financial investment. In the basic configuration, the cultivator has extremely limited capabilities. Installing various options on it can turn a small car into a full-fledged mini-tractor. Often, homemade devices are in no way inferior to factory-made counterparts. In order to improve the walk-behind tractor with your own hands, a set of tools that are available in every workshop of a country house or summer cottage is quite enough. The materials you need can be found in a junkyard, in a barn or at a scrap metal collection point.

Reducing unit noise

Even the most modern and expensive cultivators make a lot of noise during operation, especially at high speeds. This factor greatly tires the operator and can serve as a reason for the deterioration of relations with neighbors. A homemade muffler will help to solve the problem. This is a task that is within the reach of any craftsman with initial skills in handling iron.

In order to make a muffler for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • roulette;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • electric drill;
  • hammer;
  • aluminum clamp;
  • stainless steel 2 mm thick;
  • metal shavings.

Having collected everything you need, you can begin to improve the exhaust system.

This is done in the following sequence:

  • Make 2 tubes of oval section from stainless steel. The diameter of the pipes should differ by 1-1.5 cm. Fasten the pipe joints with a welding machine.
  • In a pipe with a smaller diameter, make the maximum number of holes with a diameter of 8 mm. Wrap it with metal shavings. Coil up the shavings with steel wire.
  • Insert the smaller pipe into the larger one. Fix them in position with steel bars and welding.
  • Attach the muffler to the exhaust pipe and secure with a hose clamp.

The noise level after such an improvement will decrease several times. The service life of a homemade muffler will be at least 5 years. So, being content with little, you can significantly improve the conditions for agricultural and other work using a walk-behind tractor.

DIY Motoblock

The advantage of a homemade walk-behind tractor is its price. If it is assembled with high quality, then its characteristics will not be inferior to the factory ones.

It is necessary to determine which area will be processed by the walk-behind tractor, and what features the soil has. It depends on how much power the engine should be.

The motor will fit from other agricultural equipment (from a chainsaw), but in this case it is necessary to supplement it with a forced cooling system. You also need to create a frame to which the engine, wheels, handle will be attached.

information on how to make a walk-behind tractor with your own hands can be found here:

What can be done from a walk-behind tractor

The use of specialized equipment allows solving a wide range of tasks. However, some owners want to get even more functions from the walk-behind tractor.

Homemade products are constantly inventing something and showing what can be done from a walk-behind tractor. Upgraded adapters turn into mini tractors, you can also create a snowmobile, swamp vehicle, ATV. Replacing the wheels with a caterpillar track, you get a motorized towing vehicle.

These and many other amazing homemade products, ways to create them, drawings, etc., are available at the link:

Potato digger for walk-behind tractor

Various types of potato diggers are very popular among farmers. These devices save people from hard manual labor, speeding up the harvesting process several times. The digger for the walk-behind tractor has a very simple design. It can be made from metal that remains after the construction and repair of the house.

To work you will need:

  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • electric drill;
  • heavy hammer;
  • anvil;
  • profile steel pipe 20×40 mm;
  • reinforcement 12 mm;
  • tin (preferably stainless);
  • bayonet shovel without handle.

The attachment to the walk-behind tractor is made in suspended or trailed (modular) design. The hanging tool only digs out the tubers, leaving them lying on the surface for subsequent manual harvesting. The modular type potato digger not only extracts the crop from the ground, but also collects it in a mobile container on the chassis.

The digger is made in the following sequence:

  • Drawing up a drawing. The width of the digger should be within 25-30 cm.The angle of attack of the point is taken perpendicular to the opener so that the tool does not burrow into the ground.
  • The reinforcement is cut into pieces of a given length. Using a hammer and anvil, they are given the required bend.
  • A container for tubers is assembled from a profile pipe and sheet metal. The chassis or runners are welded to the container frame. The runners are made from pipes, and the chassis is taken from an old stroller, cart or lawn mower.
  • The holder and reinforcement rods are welded to the shovel. The drawbar is welded to the holder, which is fixed to the assembly container. Connections are made movable by bolts or hinges.
  • Rust and weld build-up are removed. The finished product is treated with an anti-corrosion agent and painted.

Adjustment and adjustment of the digger is carried out using stands and steel ties.

Homemade DIY Boom Sprayer $25

In the kit for the digger, you can immediately make a disc hiller. This tool will be needed when planting tubers after they have been buried in a plow trench. Hillers are made from old lids from pots, shaped pipes and bolts. A trolley is assembled from pipes and small wheels, onto which holders for lids are welded at a certain angle. After sharpening on stone, the discs are mounted on holders.

Blade for walk-behind tractor

The dump is a necessary device that is needed at any time of the year. The front knife is used to clean snow, plan the area, dig holes and move bulk materials. Such equipment for the Neva walk-behind tractor is of good quality, but not everyone can afford it. Do-it-yourself dumps require minimal financial investment. By installing the front knife on the Neva walk-behind tractor, you can solve many household tasks. With levers and hydraulics, a homemade shovel can also be used as a loader.

To make a blade, you will need the following tools:

  • roulette;
  • welding machine;
  • electric drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • spanners;
  • acrylic paint;
  • barrel 200 l;
  • reinforced rubber;
  • sheet steel 5 mm;
  • profile pipe 40×20 mm;
  • paint and brush;
  • bolts and ties.

Before making a dump, it is necessary to calculate the correspondence of the power of the walk-behind tractor to the dimensions of the bucket. Excessive loading leads to rapid wear of parts and mechanisms of the unit. Depending on the weight and power of the machine, shovels are made 60-100 cm wide and 20-30 cm high.

DIY snow removal homemade products for the walk-behind tractor are made in the following sequence:

  • Marking the barrel, sawing it into 3 identical parts vertically. Cutting 1 piece into strips 5 cm wide.
  • Bonding 2 blanks with bitumen and rivets. Aligning the edges of the product. Bucket reinforcement with transverse struts.
  • Fastening of sheet metal strips along the edges of the shovel. This is done with welding or bolts.
  • Drilling bolt holes. Attaching a rubber strip to the bottom of the bucket.
  • Shovel hitch making. It is done by attaching a piece of pipe and a semicircle of sheet metal to the blade by welding. Holes are made on the sector to adjust the angle of attack. A self-made snow removal device is attached to the motoblock bracket with an adapter from a profile pipe.
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The finished product needs to be cleaned and painted. All bolted connections must be lubricated regularly to prevent corrosion.

Battery knapsack sprayer

This type of equipment is referred to as “superior comfort” models. Structurally, it almost does not differ from a manual knapsack sprayer, but it has an important advantage. The air is not pumped in manually, but using a battery-powered pump. The energy source is charged from a conventional household network. Work offline is about 3 hours.

The market offers a wide range of capacities from 12 to 20 liters. A small 5 liter sprayer can be purchased. Another valuable feature is the telescopic boom on which you can attach up to 3 nozzles.

Mandatory attribute. pressure relief nipple valve

2 Rozpilyuvach of the subordinate value

It is also difficult to build a self-propelled obscurator, especially portable, so with your own hands you can use your own device for a car mike with your own hands. Win will be even more economical. Vitrata drive to povnu mittya auto 10. 20 years.

Self-contained foam generator from obscuvach

Use a foam generator for miyki with your own hands in the following order:

  • Reservoir like water and dodaamo shampoo.
  • At the hose, where from the tank to the pistolet, there is a punching hole, a hole with a diameter of 2 mm, for sampling the water, and the second change with a water shampoo.
  • I will install a pill. Її the role of good viconє zvichayna metal mesh for mitty dishes, tightly packed in the pipe over the yak, screw the pistol.

As a result of the cycle of maneuvering, go to a clean car in the bag.

1.1 Stuck obscuration on tractors

On the great agrarian enterprises it is possible to overgrow large areas. For carrying out obscuration, the equipment is aggregated with tractors. Pristrіy obpriskuvachіv for tractors according to its principle, similar to the spreading out vishche. They are promising for higher productivity. Vaughn take care of the suction of the great working capacities, tug-of-work pumps, and more of the rods, and according to the great number of nozzles.

Causing obscuration to the tractor

There are two types of equipment that can be used with tractors:

  • obpryvachі navіsnі (NSh. hinged rods);
  • cause.

The tractor units can be equipped with a working unit up to 1000 liters.

Mayut: mechanism, how to regulate the height of the rods, stabilizer of the rods, pristіy, how to dispense chemical preparations, sawing equipment with a shut-off valve, cardan shaft, high-performance pump. Units NSh can work with storage up to 20 m and are stored in decal sections.

In the attached units, the working capacity of up to 4000 liters is stagnant. The working unit can reach up to 30 m.

The vibration of the same type of unit is primed by an economical assistant.

Types and device of different types of sprayers

High-quality processing of plants with various means is a responsible task. It is necessary to observe a set of unwritten rules, the main of which is. do no harm. Overdosing on chemicals is fraught with disastrous consequences. Spraying is carried out using special equipment. Regardless of whether you are planning to buy ready-made equipment or self-assembly of a garden sprayer, they start with choosing the optimal model.

Homemade Lawn Sprayer Killing Clover & Dandelions

Simple hand sprayer

Zbirka obpriskuvach for walk-behind tractor

  • 1 rik to that
  • Obskuvannya kukurudzi herbicides with the help of self-propelled obscuration to the walk-behind tractor.

    Spraying width.

    New life for car battery

    Car owners change the battery about every five years.

    Responsible. more often, without waiting for the density of the electrolyte to fall to a critical level. But maintaining the electrical system of a vehicle is one thing, and generating energy to drive a low-power motor is another.

    The design is simple:

    • metal grips are connected to the battery;
    • connect a two-wire soft-braided electric cable and a standard cigarette lighter (it is important to observe the polarity);
    • a motor is placed inside the container, which acts as a pump;
    • connected to a hose and a spray;
    • get to work.

    Such a device is suitable for processing strawberries and other low-growing crops. A significant drawback. the working area is limited by the length of the cable. The battery is charged using a standard device.

    Centrifugal pump

    Hand knapsack sprayer

    The knapsack garden sprayer is designed for the treatment of large areas. up to 0.5 hectares. It has two chambers. a pumping chamber and a working chamber with a volume of 12 to 20 liters. For safety reasons, the pump is separated from the solution container. If the air chamber ruptures due to overpressure, the liquid will not spill and cause harm.

    A significant disadvantage is the need to constantly maintain pressure in manual mode. At the same time, it is distinguished by a fairly high performance and extended operational capabilities. A careful study of the design will help you decide how to make a sprayer for trees with your own hands, if you do not want to spend money on a serial model.

    The knapsack hand held sprayer is mainly used for work in summer cottages

    1 Description of annex and technical characteristics

    Obpryskuvach to a walk-behind tractor є to the most immediate possession. Rip for the motor unit for the additional special adapter. Excessive grip in the working unit of obscuration is cut off with a pump (pomp), which is not included in the set and should be removed okremo.

    The pump is mounted on an edge of the platform, roztashovany in front of the working unit. I will serve as a tank. Obsya yogo can be dear, fallen into consumer. A pump for obscuration to a walk-behind tractor is often crushed with a miykoy vise, turning on the motor and the pistol.

    Motoblock with obscuration

    Store moto-obscenities from the next higher education institutions:

    • amount of steam;
    • platform for spaced tank with pump;
    • working unit (tank);
    • water pump;
    • rods in a set of 2 pcs;
    • nozzles. razpilyuvachі, z’ednanі from the tank with hoses.

    Obscuration rods allow fixation in any position, they can maximally unfold and adapt. The skin from the rods can be made according to the chotiri of the nozzle, so I will get rid of the dry dispersed mist with the usual vitra of the ridini.

    Vertical garden obscurator

    Technical characteristics are as follows:

    • maximum capture width 4 m;
    • the minimum width of the number is 0.8 m;
    • dozhina 1.7 m;
    • height with the maximum raised rods 2.4 m;
    • kut nakhilu rods 0. 90 degrees;
    • number of razpiluvalny nozzles 8 pcs;
    • working vice from the pump 2.5. 3 var;
    • мніст 85, 150, 250 l;
    • wagon 28 kg.

    Obpriskuvach on a walk-behind tractor is simple at Vikoristan, easy to climb and to get out, handy and high at Vikoristan.

    Membrane type

    The diaphragm pump (diaphragm, diaphragm pump) is a positive displacement pump, where the working body is a flexible plate fixed at the edges. Under the action of any mechanism or forces, the plate bends, performing the function of a piston pushing the working fluid.

    DIY sprayer for trees: homemade sprayer with pump

    The quality of the grown products, its productivity, and, ultimately, the return on financial and physical investments depend on the timely and high-quality use of special means when growing a crop.

    Every gardener wants to please himself and his loved ones with a harvest grown by his own hands, which can be preserved and further multiplied.

    A garden sprayer is an important and highly effective tool in the competent organization of work in a garden area, which allows you to protect the plant, make top dressing on time, carry out prevention, while using a minimum of harmful substances, acting selectively and accurately.

    Gardening from a battery pump

    It so happens that a manual pump sprayer has already been purchased, but its pump suddenly broke. This fairly common breakdown can be circumvented by improving the sprayer itself.

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    This will require:

    • sprayer cylinder with a working bleed valve;
    • automotive nipple with a sealing double-sided rubber band;
    • car pump powered by 12V;
    • lead-acid battery 12V, 7-12 Ah;
    • knife tips to the battery terminals. 2 pcs.;
    • a set of copper stranded wires in insulation for the necessary connections;
    • VAGO express clamps with levers for connecting the battery and pump wires. 2 pcs.;
    • inexpensive battery charger.

    For the sprayer to work, it is necessary that the pressure in the cylinder with the working mixture is approximately 3 atmospheres.

    If you decide to purchase a walk-behind tractor for your site, then the most acceptable and profitable option would be equipment from a domestic manufacturer Plowman.

    Potato planters mechanize and refine the planting process, making the rows even, planting tubers at the same distance and the same depth.

    Mini tractors have become very popular and in demand. Here you can see the mini tractor Scout.

    An electric car pump was originally designed for pressures up to 3-4 atmospheres and often has a built-in pressure indicator.
    Stages of work:

    • A hole is marked on the cylinder where the nipple will be installed. It is better to mark it closer to the neck for the convenience of future connections.
    • The hole is drilled slightly less than the diameter of the nipple neck for a tight fit.
    • The rubber seal of the nipple is lubricated with liquid soap and the nipple is installed in the drilled hole using round-nose pliers. After installation, the nipple must hold pressure.

    Assembling and connecting the pump:

    • pour the required amount of liquid into the container;
    • connect the pump hose to the nipple on the cylinder;
    • connect the wires of the battery and the car pump, observing the polarity;
    • turn on the pump and watch the pressure readings; when the pressure reaches 2.5-3 atm, turn off the pump;
    • check the sprayer in operation.

    After setting the required jet quality, the system is set up and ready for use. Next, the pump with the battery must be attached to the sprayer cylinder. For this, any rectangular bag of the required size is suitable. It is advisable to make a hole in it for reading the readings of the pressure gauge.

    For additional attachment to the bag, you can sew on Velcro straps from the top and bottom, the upper part of the straps will “wrap” around the neck of the bottle, the lower. the middle part, making it possible to easily dismantle the entire structure.

    The 12V 10Ah battery is enough to charge two cylinders with a capacity of 5 liters, while charging the battery with the specified capacity can take up to 10 hours. If this is not enough to complete all the work, you can purchase a second battery and put them on charge alternately.

    And finally, the easiest option. How to make a sprayer from a simple plastic bottle. If you have a desire to increase spraying performance without buying expensive devices, you can do it with small forces.

    For this you will need:

    DIY Boom Sprayer for Your Lawn


    • We cut out the nipple from the old bicycle tube together with the round rubber section into which it is glued. The diameter of the rubber “washer”. the size of an average coin, it will serve as an internal seal.
    • We twist the sealing nut from the nipple body. it will tighten the connection from the outside.
    • We drill a hole in the upper part of the plastic bottle with a diameter for the nipple.
    • We launch the nipple into the neck of the plastic bottle and “catch” it inside with two knitting needles, directing it into the drilled hole.
    • We grab it with needle-nose pliers and pull the nipple out, pressing the rubber seal against the wall from the inside.
    • Put a couple of drops of waterproof glue on the hole between the nipple and the edges of the drilled hole.
    • Cut out the second rubber sealing washer from the bicycle tube and, after the glue has dried, carefully put it on the nipple.
    • We tighten the nut on top of the nipple until it stops.

    It remains to screw the hose from the pump to the nipple, fill in the liquid and screw the spray bottle onto the neck.

    If the size of the plastic bottle is noticeably larger than the branch pipe for the intake of liquid, which comes with the spray gun, any plastic tube of the same diameter will fit for replacement; the main thing is that it reaches the bottom and has a slightly “oblique” cut.

    After installing the spray bottle, it is necessary to secure the pump with transparent tape on the bottle.

    The pump handle in the closed position should be just above the neck of the plastic bottle and the spray bottle so that your fingers do not touch its walls and do not interfere with the pumping process, as well as so that the handle does not interfere with the unscrewing of the spray bottle.

    Make several pumping movements with the pump, feeling how the walls of the bottle become elastic. Having pumped the container almost to the density of a “soda bottle”, you can press the handle of the spray bottle. The pressure of the jet and the absence of the need for frequent pumping will pleasantly delight you.

    Pump on the belt

    The next class is the belt pump sprayer. The fluid pressure in the system is created by pumping atmospheric air directly into the cylinder with the working fluid by a manual pump pump. Quite durable and reliable device due to the high strength properties of the cylinders.

    Knapsack manual

    There are also manual knapsack sprayers with pressure pumping pump directly into the container with the working fluid. Their disadvantage is the not always strong design of the seams of the working container, as a result of which the seams can diverge, which can lead to burns for the operator.

    Video on how to choose the right sprayer.

    Be careful when choosing these models.

    How does a garden sprayer work??

    Any sprayer works on the principle of the difference in pressure between the ambient air and the working fluid (chemicals or fertilizers) in a sealed container. Sprayers Beetle, manual pump, Stanley, gasoline knapsack and for the garden and vegetable garden work on the same principle.

    Due to high pressure, the liquid tends to escape outward and, when the valve is opened, it passes through a flexible hose and a hollow telescopic “fishing rod” with nozzles and nozzles, spraying in the form of a cloud, fan, jet or in combination.

    The pressure of the working fluid is created in various ways, depending on the device and the purpose of the sprayer. It can be a powerful motorized device for spraying trees 5-10 m tall or a simple hand-held plant sprayer in a flower bed.

    For more information on garden sprayers, see the following

    Manual in a plastic container

    Well, and finally, a manual sprayer in a plastic container. Small containers are used, in the lid of which a pump pump is mounted. When manually inflating the required pressure and pressing the button on the handle, the liquid is sprayed.

    Let’s also consider the “gentleman’s” set of any sprayer, which must include:

    • container for working fluid or mixture;
    • pressure relief valve for increased safety;
    • nozzle for spraying working fluid (with a set of nozzles);
    • filter to remove foreign particles from the working fluid;
    • pneumatic pump handle (for “manual” models);
    • rods for manual pumping of pressure (in “hand-held” models);
    • extension cords for changing the length and shape of the hose;
    • fasteners to ensure tightness and easy assembly and disassembly of the sprayer.