Drill attachment for metal cutting

Special nozzle “Cricket” for a drill for cutting metal

Cricket nozzle. The Cricket device is a nibbler that is capable of making a straight cut. The tool is used to cut not only smooth, but also profiled metal sheets.

In addition to metal, they can cut plastic and polycarbonate. Cricket is used for cutting thin sheet products:

  • The maximum thickness of the sheet steel should be 1.5 mm.
  • Maximum thickness of stainless steel. 1.2 mm.
  • Maximum thickness of copper and aluminum. 2 mm.
  • Plastic thickness. 2 mm.

Using the Cricket nozzle, you can cut on horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as make internal cuts. In order for the internal cut to be of high quality, the workpiece must first be drilled.

The tool is irreplaceable when performing roofing work, during which processing of metal tiles or corrugated board is required. After using Cricket, the materials used will not be deformed, and the cut will turn out to be smooth and beautiful.

If there is a need to make artistic cutting or drill a large round hole in the sheet, then the Cricket nozzle can easily cope with this task.

Steel beaver attachment

The device is designed for cutting flat and profiled sheets (corrugated board, metal tiles). It has a cutting mechanism that works similar to the processing of materials with a nibbler.

In the process of metal processing using the “Steel Beaver” tool, no sparks are formed and the protective layer of the metal coating is not burned.

  • cutting is performed at a drill rotation speed of 1500–3 thousand rpm;
  • the maximum thickness of aluminum and copper sheets should be 2 mm;
  • stainless steel sheets must be no more than 1.2 mm thick;
  • the maximum thickness of the steel sheet can be up to 1.8 mm;
  • changing the direction and angle of the cut. 360 degrees;
  • minimum cutting radius. 12 mm.

Types and application of drill bits for metal cutting

Engaged in construction or repair work, almost everyone is faced with the need to cut any workpiece made of metal. To perform this procedure, you can use an angle grinder, milling cutter, hand scissors for metal.

Advantages of attachments

Compared to an angle grinder, the drill bit has many advantages.

  • High cut quality.
  • Cost savings due to the fact that you do not need to spend money on consumables.
  • Performance.
  • Versatility.
  • Convenient cutting process, as the tool is equipped with a special handle.
  • Possibility to work from an electric or pneumatic drill.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Possibility to make holes of any shape.

However, despite all the advantages of the tool, in order to ensure high quality cutting, certain dexterity and skills are required to work with it.

What are metal cutting attachments

Such a device, in fact, is a cotter pin or punch, which punches metal with a multitude of repeated movements using a matrix. As a result, a strip of the desired shape and width of 3.1 mm is formed in the cut metal part.

Due to the point effect on the metal, the integrity of the protective layers of the product is preserved as much as possible.

With the help of a nozzle, you can process material that has a thickness:

  • aluminum. up to 2 mm;
  • copper, brass, sheet metal, pure zinc and steel coated with zinc. up to 1.5 mm;
  • stainless steel. up to 0.8 mm.

The cutting tool is driven by the drill chuck, on which it is fixed. It is worth noting that the nozzle will be able to cut metal only if the number of revolutions of the drill is at least 2700 rpm.

Drill bit models and their application

With special attachments on the drill, you can make both straight and curved cuts. Make curly cuts for installing gutters of the gutter system or ventilation parts of the roof, cut in the vertical and horizontal direction.

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After using the tool, the cut is neat. The nozzle does not require adjustment and is easy to maintain.

On the construction market, drill bits are presented in several models:

  • ACKO YT-160A.
  • Sparky NP 1,8 L.
  • “Cricket” from the producers of Enkor.

By and large, all models of drill bits work according to the same parameters. An exception may be the thickness of the metal sheet, which can be cut by this or that tool.

After using the tools, the edge is sharp, even and not wrinkled. It is only necessary to make sure that the speed of the used drill corresponds to the characteristics of the nozzle.

Those who are engaged in construction or repair sometimes need to cut metal. And, if it is not possible to purchase an expensive tool, then the cutting process can be entrusted to a drill with a nozzle.

For home craftsmen, this tool will be the optimal solution and a great helper. It should be borne in mind that the cutting process can be entrusted to specialists who have experience and certain skills.


One of the popular drill attachments, which are compact nibbling (nibbling) shears, is a device called the “Cricket”. This nozzle, which allows you to get a smooth and accurate cut, can be used to cut both flat and profiled metal sheets.

Scissor attachment “Cricket” is designed to operate from a pneumatic or electric drill (electric screwdriver) with a power of at least 420 W

With the help of the “Cricket” scissor attachment, you can cut not only a metal sheet, but also thin sheet products made of polycarbonate and other polymeric materials. In this case, the thickness of the products, for which these compact nibbling shears can be used, can be up to:

  • 1.5 mm. for steel sheet material;
  • 1.2 mm. for stainless steel;
  • 2 mm. for copper and aluminum, as well as polymeric materials.

With the “Cricket” drill attachment, you can cut sheet material in the horizontal and vertical planes, as well as make internal cuts on the sheet surface.

“Sverchok” works on the principle of nibbling scissors

It should be borne in mind that in the place of the sheet from which the internal cut will be made, it is necessary to pre-drill a hole.

“Sverchok” is a good drill attachment for cutting metal tiles and corrugated board. When using this device for cutting metal, the surface of these materials does not deform, and the cut itself is smooth and accurate. The “Cricket” nozzle can easily cope with such complex tasks as artistic cutting and creating a large-diameter hole in sheet material.

Popular models and their areas of application

Modern models of drill bits allow cutting sheet metal not only along a straight mowing line. With the help of such a convenient and easy-to-use device, you can also make curly cuts, which is often required when installing roof structures, ventilation ducts, as well as gutters and other elements of the drainage system.

Using such drill bits, cuts can be made in almost any spatial position. An equally important advantage of these attachments is that they do not require preliminary adjustment.

This attachment turns the drill into an electric shear that works on the principle of cutting, not nibbling.

Among the most popular models of drill bits for metal cutting on the domestic market are the following:

  • “Cricket” (from the company “Enkor”);
  • Sparky NP 1.8L;
  • ACKO YT-160A.

Cutting shears-attachment on the EDMA NIBBLEX electric drill for cutting metal and plastic

The differences between the models of drill bits are not in the principle of their operation, but in the maximum thickness of the cut metal and a number of other technical characteristics. Modern models of drill bits allow you to get straight and neat cuts with sharp, even and unnoticed edges. At the same time, the protective coating applied to the surface of the metal sheet is not damaged and fully retains all its functions.

Benefits of using drill bits

Drill bits, when compared to such a popular metal cutting tool as an angle grinder, have a number of advantages.

  • The cut is of high quality.
  • When using a drill bit for cutting metal, there is no need to purchase additional consumables, which significantly saves money.
  • The use of such a nozzle ensures high productivity of the cutting process.
  • Drill bits are highly versatile.
  • Due to the fact that this tool is equipped with a special handle, it is very convenient to perform the cutting process with it.
  • These attachments are suitable for both electric and pneumatic drills.
  • Undeniable convenience of these attachments both in use and maintenance.
  • With the help of such tools, you can make cuts in almost any configuration.
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Despite the simplicity of the design of such nozzles, their use requires certain skills and dexterity from the user.

Types of equipment for metal cutting

You can cut a metal sheet or a more massive metal product using various equipment.

This device is also known as an “angle grinder”. It can be used to cut rebar, plate and other types of metal. This is the most popular equipment used for this purpose.

This saw allows you to make cuts at different angles and perform them with great accuracy. Meanwhile, when using this equipment, the resulting cuts have a limited depth and a large amount of waste is generated.

This is a high-performance equipment for metal cutting, with the help of which the processing of workpieces of a simple configuration is carried out.

This equipment allows you to make cuts at different angles. Both the jigsaw and the band saw, due to their design features, impose significant restrictions on the size of the products that need to be cut.

This type of equipment is innovative. It allows you to cut metal with high accuracy, while the thickness of the workpiece can be up to 20-30 cm. The most significant disadvantage of this cutting method, in which the product is not subject to thermal effects, is the high cost.

As mentioned above, you can also use drill bits for cutting metal products, which are presented in a wide variety on the modern market.

Drill bits can also be used for cutting and other materials

Features of the use of drill bits

The attachments, with the help of which an ordinary electric drill turns into a device for cutting metal, are, in fact, a punch (cotter pin). Making numerous reciprocating movements in the inner cavity of the matrix, such a punch penetrates a metal sheet, forming a cut line on it, the width of which is 3.1 mm. When using nozzles, a point effect is exerted on the processing area, due to which the protective layers on the surface of the metal product fully retain all their functions.

Best Power Tool Attachment? REXBETI Metal Nibbler Drill or Impact Attachment

Using the drill bit, you can cut metal sheets of the following thicknesses:

2 Awesome Drill Attachment ! Metal Sheet Cutter Test

  • made of aluminum. up to two millimeters;
  • made of copper, brass, sheet iron, zinc and galvanized steel. up to one and a half millimeters;
  • made of stainless steel. up to eight tenths of a millimeter.

The reciprocating movement of the punch, which is the main working body of the nozzle, is communicated by rotating the chuck of an electric drill. It should be borne in mind that such a nozzle can effectively cut a metal sheet only if it is used in conjunction with an electric drill, the chuck of which rotates at a frequency of at least 2700 rpm.

Examples of cuts with a nozzle of galvanized sheet (0.55 mm) and aluminum (2 mm)

Drill bits for cutting metal: types, features, application

The need for cutting metal products arises in many situations related to construction and repair work. To perform this technological operation, special equipment of various types is used, but if it is not at hand, a drill attachment for cutting metal can help. Using such attachments and a hand-held electric drill, you can efficiently cut thin products made of various metals.

Figured cutting of metal with a punching nozzle for a drill

“Steel beaver”

Another popular drill bit that can be used to cut metal is the Steel Beaver. The principle by which such drill bits work is similar to how nibblers work. When using this device, sparks are not generated in the cutting area and no thermal effect is exerted on the metal sheet, respectively, the protective coating applied to it is not burned.

Metal cutting attachment “Steel beaver” is completed with a replaceable die and a punch

Among the technical characteristics of this type of drill attachment, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • The efficiency of such a nozzle is ensured when the drill chuck rotates at a speed of 1500-3000 rpm.
  • The maximum workpiece thickness is 1.8 mm for conventional steel sheets, 2 mm for copper and aluminum sheets, 1.2 mm for stainless steel sheets.
  • The angle by which you can change the direction of the cut. 360 °.
  • Minimum cutting radius. 12 mm.
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When deciding which tool to choose for cutting sheet metal. a jigsaw, an angle grinder or a drill bit. you should first of all evaluate the tasks for the solution of which they are needed.

Drill bits are a good option for DIYers and small construction crews. When the volume of work on sheet metal cutting is small, the use of such a nozzle is the best solution. When choosing this device, you should pay special attention to the fact that the characteristics of the drill, complete with which it will be used, correspond to the characteristics of the tool itself.

What are the attachments for?

Various types of cutters, as a result of repeated repeated movements, cut metal with a matrix. As a result, durable metal lends itself to processing. Thus, we cut, punch holes or grind a metal surface. Point impacts allow you to work accurately without disturbing the structure of the elements. In addition, the natural protective layer of the product is preserved.

Using nozzles, you can act on the following metals:

  • 2mm aluminum plates;
  • copper, brass, iron, zinc and steel elements;
  • galvanized parts with a thickness of 1.5 mm;
  • stainless steel 0.8 mm thick.

Varieties of drill bits for cutting metal

Who has not encountered the need to cut a metal part during repairs? Among the craftsmen, most likely there is no person who would refuse a powerful portable instrument. In most cases, it is used:

  • angle grinder disc;
  • milling unit;
  • scissors for cutting metal.

But the modern market for power tools does not stand still, and now there is a drill attachment for cutting metal.

Milling cutter

In another way, this nozzle is called a roller cutter. It is designed for processing wood and metal products:

  • a roller cutter replaces a file;
  • significantly speeds up the grinding process;
  • eliminates defects.

One set can include cones of different shapes, thus, for each specific situation, you can choose the most suitable nozzle. Some of them outwardly practically do not differ from the drill.

Using a drill

It’s no secret that a drill can be used not only as a drill, but also as a multifunctional tool. There is a whole range of different devices that facilitate the work of the worker.

  • a cutter for metal for a drill avoids monotonous manual work with a file;
  • a scissor attachment for a drill provides the ability to cut metal sheets and elements;
  • a drill attachment for cutting metal tiles, in turn, helps to accurately cut sheet metal roofs at any angle.

Working with this kit requires some skill, but over time you will realize the benefits of this method.

Scissors attachment

Of all the nozzles presented, this one is the least similar to a drill. It turns the drill into an electric shear, not a nibbler. They work on the principle of a straight cut, cutting through metal with sharp edges using mechanical force. This is a rougher method for cutting metal and plastic. Such scissors perform only a straight cut, it is very difficult to change its direction during operation.

This set is more suitable for cordless tools.

For cutting tiles

Another name for this drill bit is cricket. The set can be used both for smooth surfaces and for profiled iron sheets. The advantage of this cutter is the ability to create an even cut, without burrs and irregularities.

The cricket drill attachment is convenient to use for:

  • cutting thin-sheet products;
  • cutting out parts from metal sheets.

Since its application does not depend on the spatial arrangement, you can easily cut a horizontal, and even vertical sheet.

Metal crowns

In addition to the basic tips, there are other devices, for example, a metal crown. This is a special drill designed for making wide holes. Its use is due to the need to lay communications. The downside of a metal crown is its roughness: the edges of the hole made require additional processing. It is in such cases that the cone comes into play.

drill, attachment, metal, cutting

The set of crowns can include both simple and diamond-coated edges. They can be used to drill concrete floors and thick metal sheets.