Electric Car Grinder Which Choose

For repair work, manufacturers offer a huge selection of random orbit sanders. These tools are used to process various materials. Orbital sanders are of two types: electric and pneumatic, they are very convenient, practical and powerful.


The random orbit sander is designed to finish various surfaces, such as metal, stone, plastic and wood. These devices are characterized in that they carry out grinding of the highest quality. The surface without any imperfections becomes absolutely smooth.

The orbital machine is a convenient, reliable and uncomplicated tool. The device has a small weight in the range of 1-3 kg, it will not take a lot of pressure to work. Esm power varies from 300 to 600 watts. At low power, the device performs high revolutions, and at high. Low. The main characteristic of the orbital machine is the amplitude of motion. The average is 3-5 mm.

The maximum disk size is 210 mm. The optimal range is 120-150 mm. Orbital machines are used to clean plastic, wood and metal planes. And also orbital devices are used in car repair shops and at furniture enterprises. Ordinary users also choose similar devices.

Owners often use grinding machines for “garage” workshops. For “hard” surface cleaning, maximum revolutions are suitable. For “thin” processing of the plane you need to choose the minimum speed.

Principle of operation

The tool is used for final polishing and surface treatment. The orbital sander has a flat sole. By means of fastening or flypaper on a sole disks are fixed. Perforation is provided for dust removal. The kit includes a dust collector, an engine, an extra handle, a rod and a removable network cable.

There is a starting button on the grinder handle. This unit has a controller that controls the speed. And also there is a switch that changes the course of the eccentric. When the device is connected, the sole rotates around its own axis.

Eccentric machines perform both reciprocating and rotational motion, which resembles the movement of planets in orbit. Because of this, the device acquired its name. Orbital.

Which are there?

Today, manufacturers offer many different modifications of orbital sanders. Eccentric machines are very popular among all devices designed for processing materials. Orbital sanders process metal surfaces, wood and plastic, polish surfaces. As already mentioned, the devices are used in car repair shops for polishing cars and for preparing the car body for painting.

Basically, a pneumoorbital sander is used in production. Compared with an electric grinder, a pneumoorbital has its advantages:

  • Its weight is significantly less, and thanks to this, this tool is easily used to align ceilings and walls;
  • A pneumatic grinder can be used in areas with increased explosion hazard, where the use of an electric tool is strictly prohibited.

Electric Car Grinder Which Choose

However, for owners, this device is not as convenient as an electric one. There are several reasons for this:

  • Extra costs will be required for repair work, purchase and maintenance of an air compressor;
  • Under the compressor you need to allocate space;
  • To use the pneumatic machine in another place, you need to move it and the compressor;
  • Continuous sound from the compressor.

Pneumoorbital sander is used in car repair shops, where there is other special equipment and a powerful compressor. And the rest of the users purchase models with an electric drive.

This tool works from the network, very convenient, it is easier and easier to carry. Electric grinders are plugged into a simple outlet, so electric models dominate the market.

Which one to choose?

When choosing an eccentric grinder, you need to carefully study its characteristics indicated in the document. The main parameter is the power of the device. The main range of models has power from 200 to 600 watts. The more powerful the grinder, the more it will be able to do turns. You can grind objects with a huge area using tools with a power of 300-500 watts.

The next parameter for choosing a grinder is the speed of rotation of the disk. In general, the interval varies from 2600 to 24 thousand turns. For furniture factories, car services and “garage” workshops, models are suitable in which the speed of revolutions ranges from 5 to 12 thousand. Also, when buying a device, users consider the weight and size. Most orbital machines weigh between 1.5 and 3 kg. There are heavier and lighter grinders.

The size of the grinding disc varies from 100 to 225 mm. Other models use discs of different diameters, for example, from 125 to 150. The device must be selected depending on the area of ​​the processed products. You need to consider the presence of your own dust bag or the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Electric Car Grinder Which Choose

To select a specific model, you need to decide on the purpose of the device: whether it will be used for woodwork or for body repair of machines. If the workshop has a pneumatic compressor, then it is better to purchase a pneumatic device. In other cases, it is better to choose models with an electric drive.

When choosing an eccentric air grinder, you need to pay attention to air flow, number of revolutions and working pressure. The number of turns directly affects the performance of the equipment and the cleanliness of the processing site. The higher this indicator. The more efficient the operation of the pneumoorbital machine.

Rating models

Power tools are widely used in construction work. They are needed to perform grinding, polishing and cleaning operations on concrete, wood, metal and plastered surfaces. It is difficult to do without grinders. One of the most common types of these devices is the orbital (eccentric) grinder.

To date, experts have compiled a review of eccentric grinders, which includes exclusively proven and practical models.

  • The leader of the rating is eccentric functional grinder Festool ETS EC 150 / 5A EQ. Its minimum weight and small dimensions with a power of 400 W provide rotation up to 10,000 rpm. The diameter of the disc is 150 mm. The set has a grinding plate, brake and dust collector. And the development of the EU and high build quality contributes to the durability of the grinder.

This device is a high-quality tool that is convenient to work in any position without any effort. The quality of grinding always remains at the highest level. Such a model is worth 44 625 p.