Hammer Drill Makita Hr2470x15 Difference From Hr2470

Rotary hammer Makita HR 2470

A hand-held power tool greatly facilitates work, especially in the matter of drilling various holes. For these purposes, perforators are widely used, among which I would like to note the Makita HR 2470 model. This device is compact and ergonomic, good technical characteristics and high production rates.

  • Makita HR 2470 Specifications
  • Additional functions
  • Features of operation
  • Equipment
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the tool
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Additional functions

Some of the capabilities of the punch should be considered in more detail. First of all, this concerns the correct choice of the operating mode when drilling materials with different hardness. For this purpose, an adjustment knob is provided that can be set to the desired position. It must be compatible with the symbols printed on the body of the device. Each of them corresponds to hammer drilling, conventional drilling and slotting. This handle must not be rotated while the tool is in operation, as damage may occur.

The Makita 2470 Rotary Hammer includes a torque limiting element. Its activation occurs when its indicator reaches a certain value. In this case, the motor is disconnected from the shaft, as a result, the bit stops and does not rotate. When the limiter is triggered, the tool must be turned off immediately to avoid premature wear.

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Comfortable work is ensured by installing an additional side handle. Its teeth enter the protrusions of the perforator cylinder, after which the handle is turned clockwise and tightened. Depending on the work to be done, it can be installed in any most convenient position.

The instrument is equipped with a backlight that comes on when the switch trigger is pressed. A bright beam of light is directed exactly to the future drilling site. It is not recommended to look at it, so as not to spoil your eyesight.

Makita HR 2470 Specifications

The Makita HR 2470 corded rotary hammer can operate in three modes. Drilling in percussion and normal mode, and, if necessary, the chiseling function is activated. Due to the reverse, the tool develops the same speed and torque, regardless of the direction of travel.

Carbon brushes are installed in the Makita 2470 hammer drill, which are distinguished by an increased service life. High-quality protection prevents dust from entering during operation and protects parts from external influences. The design provides for the rotation of the bit by 360 degrees, and the replaceable equipment can be fixed in 40 positions. The main operational characteristics of the rock drill in the table:

Performance of the Makita hammer drill hr2470 Value and properties of parameters and technical characteristics
Chuck type for fixing drills and other replaceable nozzles Quick release, SDS-Plus modifications
Electric motor power value 780 watt
The electric motor is located horizontally
In shock mode, the maximum energy is 2.7 J
Most beats per minute 4500
Idling speed reaches 1100 per minute
Maximum torque value 32 N / m
Maximum diameters of holes to be drilled (mm):
in concrete 24
in the tree 32
in metal thirteen
using a hollow crown 65
Power tool from the 220 V network
Electric cord (length) 4 m
The frequency of rotation (impacts) is electronically controlled Yes
Drilling depth limiting device there is
Power button is locked Yes
Additional handle there is
Safety clutch there is
Noise level 100 dB
Dimensions in length, width and height (mm) 370x84x215
Weight, kg) 2.9
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Features of operation

Before making adjustments, adjustments and other manipulations, the tool must be completely de-energized, including by unplugging the cord from the outlet. Before turning on the punch, you should always check the operation of the trigger switch. push and return to its original position.

The Makita hammer drill hr2470 is started by simply pressing the trigger switch button. The rotation speed will increase as the pressure on the button increases. The switch is released to stop the shaft. For continuous operation, the switch button must be locked immediately after switching on. In this case, it will not be held with a finger, and the punch will go into continuous working mode. To unlock and turn off the tool, the button is pressed all the way, then released.

Hammer drill Makita HR2470 (differences from HR2470X15, HR2470FT) SDS-plus, 780W

Greetings! Today we’ll talk about a hammer drill from Makita. Model HR2470.


  • Number of modes: 3
  • Power: 780 W.
  • Max. drilling diameter with a drill: 24 mm.
  • Max. core drilling diameter: 65 mm.
  • Impact force: 2.7 J.
  • Revolutions per minute: 1100 rpm.
  • Blows per minute: 4500
  • Reverse: yes

Hammer drill Makita HR2470 fix mechanical problem

The hammer drill has a power of 780 W, an impact force of 2.7 J, the maximum speed reaches 1100 rpm, and the maximum number of blows reaches 4500 per minute. The maximum drilling diameter with a drill 24 mm, and with a crown 65 mm.

I will note a convenient switch, with which you can select 1 of 3 desired operating modes.

  • Rotation only. For drilling in wood, metal or plastic materials. Use a twist drill or wood drill.
  • Impact only. For splitting, scraping or breaking operations. Use a pyramidal chisel, a chisel chisel, a scraping chisel, etc. Use a tungsten carbide tipped chisel.
  • Impact rotation. For drilling in concrete, masonry, etc.

Other functions include:

    Full reverse. The tool has the same speed and motor torque for forward and reverse rotation.

  • Hole depth adjustment. The stop is used to drill neat holes of the required depth.
    • Easy tool change. The SDS-Plus system chuck allows for quick change of work equipment and ensures a secure attachment of the drill.
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    This model is the lightest among the three-mode rock drills of this brand. The weight of the unit is 2.6 kg, with dimensions of 37 cm in length, 8 cm in width and 21 cm in height. Cable length 4 meters.

    • Dimensions: 370x84x214 mm.
    • Weight: 2.6kg.
    • Cable length: 4m.
    • Chuck type: SDS-Plus

    The Makita 2470 is a replacement for the popular HR2450, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer. They are identical in terms of the internal components of the hammer drill and the main characteristics. The only two differences are in the presence of rubber pads on the body and reverse switching by turning the brushes.

    The handle of the punch is ergonomic, as it has two rubber pads with projections and a stop, thus, it prevents the punch from slipping out of the hand and provides full control over the tool, and prevents mechanical stress.

    The large oil seal prevents grease from leaking between the motor housing and the gear housing. The anchor is covered with a protective varnish layer, which prevents damage from dust and construction debris.

    • Perforator
    • Side handle
    • Depth gauge
    • Suitcase
    • SDS-plus drill set 5 pcs (HR2470X15)
    • Chuck (HR2470FT)

    The basic set includes a suitcase with a hammer drill, side handle and depth gauge. In the HR2470X15 model, you will additionally receive a set of SDS-plus drill bits 5 pcs. (5×110; 6×110; 8×110 mm and 6×160; 8×160 mm). Also on sale is the HR2470FT model, it comes without drills in the kit, but it has a built-in flashlight and you get a cartridge in the kit, otherwise everything is identical.


    • Heavy.
    • On the first hole, the ratchet protection worked.
    • Stinks.
    • The cartridge on the concrete was smashed. Boer shat appeared.
    • No warranty coupon.
    • Protection as for a woman’s weak hands. Sometimes it is annoying when drilling a socket with a crown.
    • The complete set is watery.
    • Sometimes there is not enough power when you drill 24 with a drill.
    • The power cord is harsh. When you crawl on the floor, it curls up in loops.

    I will be objective and now I will also tell you about the positive opinion of users of this model:

    • Drills softly and not hard.
    • Concrete takes strobes at a time, even serious concrete is hard.
    • Very good value for money.
    • Has a compact size.
    • Unpretentious to use.
    • Very powerful, handy rotary hammer.
    • Drills just instantly.
    • Quite a light hammer drill.
    • Long and soft power cord.

    Description rotary hammer Makita HR2470X15

    The universal professional construction tool Makita HR2470X15 is one of the most popular rotary hammers in the Russian market.

    The design assumes versatile use as a drill, hammer drill, jackhammer and screwdriver.

    Differs in high quality workmanship inherent in Makita and a well thought-out set of functions Designed for long-term use in harsh building conditions.

    Rotary Hammer Makita HR2470X15

    Rotary hammer SDS, 780 W, 3 modes, 2.4 J, 0-4500 bpm, 2.9 kg, case, brush protection from dust, set of drills D-00795

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    Technical data may differ depending on the export version. Possible constructive and technological modifications of the tool and equipment.

    Instructions for the Makita HR2470X15 Rotary Hammer. To download the instruction, click on the Instruction link at the top of the page.

    Punch advantages

    • universal tool
    • three operating modes: drilling, hammer drilling, chiselling
    • using a special attachment can be used as a screwdriver
    • sds-plus chuck for quick and easy accessory changes
    • ergonomic design and ease of use
    • rubber inserts on the handles increase tool control
    • soft no load system reduces idle vibration and kickback
    • easy positioning of the nozzle before starting work
    • full reversing function while maintaining tool speed, torque and power
    • quick and easy replacement of worn brushes
    • release clutch
    • electronic speed control
    • durability and dust resistance

    Product Review Demo. Makita HR2470 Rotary Hammer Drill

    • carbon brushes and anchor are protected from dust
    • reliable bumper
    • increased service life of graphite brushes. 2.7 times more than previous lines
    • durable firing pin

    The Makita HR2470X15 hammer drill provides almost everything that can be useful with frequent and prolonged use of the tool. First of all, it is a well thought-out vibration reduction system that reduces fatigue during long periods of work.

    This system reduces engine speed to a minimum during idle periods. At such moments, vibrations are practically absent, which allows you to accurately position the drill in the right place. Immediately after starting work under load, the engine speed increases and is already determined by the user’s choice. The current mode can be maintained using a dedicated release button.

    The durability and reliability of the HR2470X15 is ensured not only by high build quality, but also by thoughtful means of protecting internal mechanisms, for example, from dust and construction debris. For this, the anchor is covered with a special protective layer of varnish, and the brushes are additionally protected from small particles and last 2.7 times longer.

    The striker is no less durable. And between the mechanisms of the gearbox and the engine there is a large oil seal ring, which prevents the leakage of lubricating fluids.

    For safe and comfortable work, there are also double insulation, release clutch, reverse, dust extraction system, etc.

    In terms of its functionality, the HR2470X15 rotary hammer is one of the most optimal and most equipped options among the line of universal rotary hammers (HR2230 and HR2460).

    Makita HR2470 X15 complete set

    • perforator
    • side handle
    • limit stop
    • suitcase
    • drill set D-00795

    Attention! The manufacturer reserves the right to change the complete set of the instrument. To avoid misunderstandings, check the package contents by phone with our managers.