How much oil to put in your petrol lawnmower?. Choosing lawnmower oil helpful tips from the pros

How to dilute gasoline and oil for a grass trimmer for refueling

The two-stroke engines of the tool are powered by a petrol-oil mixture that is prepared in the proportions that are specified in the machine’s data sheet. If you ignore the mixing rules, the garden tool can quickly fail.

The functioning of the two-stroke unit is different from the four-stroke engines: the lubrication of the rubbing surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the device is not from the crankcase, but through oil, which was previously diluted with gasoline. For two-stroke types of engines there is a general rule for the preparation of the combustible mixture. gasoline is diluted with a certain volume of oil intended for this purpose.

Differences in gasoline engines

Gasoline engines can be of the two-stroke and four-stroke types. To understand the difference, you need to know two nuances: firstly, that during the operation of the engine there are a number of transients, and secondly, that the tact refers to the movement of the piston from one extreme position to another, with the direction of motion does not matter. The essence of the engine classification is that the whole cycle of transients in one case is repeated in two strokes, in the other. in four.

The differences between the 2T and 4T, which are directly related to the refueling process, can be understood without going into the intricacies of the main components. In a two-stroke engine, the fuel-air mixture is fed into the cylinder and the exhaust gases are discharged almost simultaneously. Fuel mist initially flows into the crankcase where the crankshaft is located. On the downward movement of the piston forces some of the mixture from this chamber into the work area through a window in the cylinder wall.

In a four-stroke engine, the combustion chamber is separated from the crankcase. The air-fuel mixture flows through the intake valve and the exhaust through the exhaust valve. The valves are controlled by a separate crankshaft-actuated unit, and the valve opening and closing sequence is synchronized with the piston stroke. The separation of the working area from the crankcase and the four-stroke operation procedure ensures complete combustion of fuel and almost complete removal of exhaust gases from the working area before injecting the next batch of mixture.

Grass trimmer types

Today on liquid profile trading platforms there is a great choice of mechanisms for cutting grass, small bushes. For example, lawn mowers are available with an electric motor, with gasoline propulsion systems. Excluded are brushcutters with diesel motors, because they have a low revolution speed.

Liquid statistics show the advantage of brushcutters with internal combustion engines over their electric counterparts. Electric lawn mowers are used in places where there is a fixed electrical network.

RedVerg Basic GB52 gasoline grass trimmer

RedVerg Basic GB52 gasoline grass trimmer is designed for domestic use. Ergonomic bicycle handle with molded mounting ensures comfortable operation of the tool. A spool of fishing line is used for mowing grass, and a 3-blade disc 255×25.4 is used for cutting thickets.

RedVerg RD-GB243 gasoline grass trimmer is designed to handle grass and small bushes. With its help, the operator will be able to quickly and easily put in order a lawn of a small or medium area. Comfort and safety at work. this is what the manufacturer paid attention to in the first place. Ergonomic handle of bicycle type gives the master the ability to sensitively control the direction of the technique and achieve impressive results of any work.

How to properly pour finished fuel into a two-stroke motor

Many people do not follow some important recommendations for filling the gas tank of a grass trimmer or lawnmower, which eventually leads to unpleasant consequences. Let’s consider important recommendations on how to properly pour diluted fuel from gasoline and oil into the gas tank of a brushcutter:

  • Prepare a funnel or watering can. Despite the large diameter of the gas tank opening, very often when you try to get into it, some of the fuel spills, which falls on the body of the tool. Fuel on the tool can be an ignition source if heated, so it is very important to use a funnel or watering can
  • Before unscrewing the cap, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface of the tank as dirt can get inside and cause a quick clogging of the fuel filter
  • Fuel filling operations should be carried out in windless weather or in a secluded place to prevent dust and small grains of sand from getting inside the tank
  • Do not leave the fuel filler hatch open for a long time, because not only small grains of sand and dust can get into it, but also insects
  • Do not inhale gasoline fumes when filling the tank, because they are harmful to humans. When working with a trimmer, the master should use protective goggles, headphones and a respirator
  • Fill fuel tank up to the mark. If you fill a full tank, when you screw in the cap, some of it will come out. not an economical use of fuel. In this case, it is better to underfill than overfill

Given these recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the gasoline tool in question.

This is interesting! Wear protective gloves when mixing and pouring fuel.

Peculiarities of filling the brushcutter

In order for the mixture to be properly distributed in the fuel system of the device, it is necessary to follow a simple instruction. How to fill your petrol grass trimmer correctly:

  • Place the brushcutter on a horizontal surface so that the tank neck is at the top and pour in the required amount of mixture;
  • Do not fill the grass trimmer too much. watch how much fuel is at the level of the upper mark;
  • Do not spill fuel on the ground or on the body of the tool;
  • Before starting the engine, provide a safe distance to the fuel containers;
  • If you had old fuel in the tank, empty it completely before refueling.

Filling up brushcutters with two-stroke engine

For fueling this type of petrol engine trimmer you must follow the instruction described above. It is necessary to strictly maintain the oil ratio and avoid spilling on the body of the tool. Always check that the fuel tank is not overfilled, because otherwise the engine will become unstable.

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Fueling brushcutters with a four-stroke engine

The main difference is that grass trimmers with this type of engine are not fueled with a mixture of oil. It is necessary to fill up Ai-92 and engine oil separately. General rules for filling the tank are similar to those already described above.

The result of calculating the fuel mixture:

To measure the right amount of oil in milliliters more conveniently, use a medical syringe of larger volume, it is cheap, available at any drugstore. Or use any graduated graduated oil measure.

Our calculator is designed to help you figure out the right gasoline ratio for any power tool like a boat motor, chain saw, grass trimmer, lawn mower, etc.д. In other words you can calculate by yourself and for free the correct petrol to oil ratio for two-stroke engines. Mixing instructions in the photo below.

It is important, before starting the calculation, read the instruction manual of the tool, in particular the items: filling volumes, fuel mixture ratio. These data will be a starting point for the right calculation.

For your convenience you can print out the result by clicking “Print” button. We will be very glad to receive your constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and feedback about our service.

Please note that power tools have a run-in period and the gasoline/oil ratio differs from the recommended.

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Gasoline mixture requirements for two strokes engine

The difference of a two-stroke engine is its increased power compared to a four-stroke engine. Fuel mixture for it is prepared in a certain ratio of petrol and special oil. You can find the optimum oil to petrol ratio for your lawnmower in the owner’s manual. The recommended proportions must be followed precisely. When adding additives the manufacturer has considered the type of engine. Therefore do not mix different oils.

If you use mineral oils, mix in the ratio of 1:25, 1:30, 1:35. For synthetic oils the proportion 1:50 or 1:80 is used. This means that in each of the suggested mixtures, the right amount of oil is dissolved in a volume of gasoline. Mixing gasoline with lawnmower oil is like mixing water with syrup. It is necessary to pour petrol, add the exact amount of oil and shake the mixture. For work it is desirable to use a fresh solution. If stored for more than 2 weeks, the mixture will change and the oil film will cause malfunctioning of the carburetor.

Do not use PET bottles for diluting and storing the fuel mixture. Petrol destroys plastic, polymer dissolves in the combustible mixture and further deteriorates the quality of the fuel, creates the risk of stray currents.

Fundamental differences of internal combustion systems for the user

Which combustion system is more efficient, 2 or 4-stroke? How to understand the user and buy the best machine? Gasoline trimmers and brushcutters with 4-stroke engines cannot be found on the market. The 2-stroke is much lighter and therefore the grass trimmer weighs little and can be handled by a woman. But there are two-stroke engines on four-wheelers, too. Other differences:

  • Different way to use lubrication;
  • environmental friendliness is higher in the 4-stroke motor, it is also less noisy;
  • It’s easier to repair and maintain a 2-stroke engine;
  • The motor life is longer on the 4-stroke, but they have more difficulty maintaining it because of oil changes in the lawnmower;
  • 2-stroke motors are lighter and cheaper.

The 2-stroke engine used in a lawn mower is inferior in many technological respects to the 4-stroke engine. With separate petrol and oil supply it is preferable by economy and other indicators for light equipment. In addition, the separate fuel supply saves up to 4 times the consumption of expensive component.

The photo shows an engine that has been running for a long time without an oil change.

A four-stroke engine has a complicated lubrication system, so it is all the more necessary to use methods of cleaning the circulating fluid. An oil filter is provided in the oil system to prevent scale and other debris from clogging the tubes and pump. This part has to be replaced as soon as it becomes soiled.

How to change the oil in a 4-stroke engine

The manufacturer provides in the instruction manual the schedule for maintenance of the mechanisms and the order of work. The efficiency of the lubricant decreases after 50 hours of operation of the machine. That’s why an oil change is necessary. In a domestic use for the season will not accumulate such a time of using the machine, and to make filter cleaning, oil changing is necessary at the preservation. Before you change the oil in your lawnmower, you need to increase the fluidity of the fluid, start the engine and let the system warm up.

How to Change Hydro Oil | Gravely Pro-Stance Mower Hydro Gear Oil Change

You need to unscrew the plug for filling the oil in the tank and use the device for taking the liquid under vacuum.

Lawn Mowers for Kids | Yard Work with Blippi

To do this, make a nozzle and pump the waste into a prepared container. But a small part, up to 100 ml will still remain in the crankcase and drip off the filter. You need to get rid of this residue by draining the fluid for about 5 minutes through the hole. Change or flush the filter at the same time in the system. After pouring new grease, control the level with a dipstick. Usually, the oil for engines is packed in opaque black plastic, so it does not decompose in the light. The required volume is 500-600 ml.

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Changing the oil in your lawnmower. video

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I’ve had an American lawn mower for about 15 years. The engine is almost like new, I just filled the oil with Liqui Moli after the factory one.

Thanks for the article! I have a four-stroke mower. I buy Rasenmaher-Oil 30, a vegetable-based mineral oil from Liqui Moly, in spite of its high price. It does not change the viscosity during operation, has good detergency properties, and due to the additive package contained in this oil, reduces engine wear and tear.