How to Assemble a Gas Trimmer Huter Ggt 1500s

Gardening equipment from the famous German manufacturer Huter is in great demand among customers. Huter lawn mowers and trimmers do an excellent job of mowing manicured lawns with soft grass and ennoblement of the house area and garden, mowing weed grass and wild growth.

How to Assemble a Gas Trimmer Huter Ggt 1500s

Brand Description

The Huter brand has been known since 1979. The main area of ​​production activity from the very beginning was the release of generators of various modifications. Since 2010, the expansion of production began, a line of effective gardening equipment, various equipment was introduced to the market to facilitate work on the personal plot.

Today, the Huter Elektrische TechnikGmbH company offers a variety of electrical equipment, modern gardening equipment, diesel power plants, inverter, diesel and gasoline generators, snow blowers, and high pressure washers. Brand products are manufactured at factories in China.

Huter Trimmers

The range of trimmers is represented by electric and gasoline versions.

Features of gasoline trimmers

  • Thanks to the use of various cutting tools, it is possible to fine-tune the lawn mower for efficient mowing of a certain type of vegetation.
  • Lawn mowers are equipped with two-stroke engines, are characterized by an easy start.
  • Huter gas trimmers have a rationally balanced design.
  • The protective cover provides reliable protection when mowing against flying stones, cut grass and branches.
  • Equipping gasoline lawn mowers with a special vibration damping system allows the operator to work for a long time without fatigue.
  • The range includes Huter trimmers with a folding bar, which allows you to fold the tool and conveniently transport it to the place of work.

Consider the technical characteristics of the Huter petrol trimmers in the table.

Less powerful models 1-1.35 hp It is advisable to use for well-groomed lawns, soft grass. Lawn mowing machine GGT-1300T is suitable for harvesting hay, mowing corn stalks. Huter GGT-1900S trimmer effectively mows thick grass, overgrown weeds, shoots. The Huter GGT-1900T petrol trimmer has identical technical specifications with the GGT-1900S version, it has a non-demountable bar. Lawnmower Huter GGT-2900T is characterized by high power, designed for mowing any grass.

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As you can see from the table, the range of Huter trimmers is very diverse, customers can find a suitable effective option for themselves. Marking “S” means that the model has a collapsible bar, and “T”. Non-collapsible. Models GGT-1900S, GGT-1300S are top-end.

Huter Electric Trimmers

The Huter trimmer family is also represented by electric braids. These units are less powerful, in the range of 0.35-1.5 kW. They are mainly used on small lawns, provide a mowing width of 24-35 cm. Some models are equipped with a curved bar, which makes it convenient to work in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the double insulation of the motor, Huter electric trimmers are safe to operate.

The fishing line is mainly used as a cutting tool. The Huter GET-1500SL, GET-1200SL electric trimmers are additionally equipped with a three-blade knife that can mow thick thickets.

Huter Lawnmowers

Huter lawn mowers are produced in two varieties. With gasoline and electric engines.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are characterized by silent operation, the absence of toxic exhausts, the ability to work continuously without refueling, comfortable movement with large wheels. Designed for infrequent use at a moderate pace of work in areas of 4-8 acres.

Huter’s range of electric mowers with electric motors is presented with machines with different functionality. Units have 3-5 cutting height adjustment levels. Thanks to the folding handle, they can be conveniently folded during transportation. The housing is made of corrosion resistant plastic. Electric mowers are not self-propelled machines.

The only drawback of the Huter electric lawnmowers is the limited area of ​​the cultivated area due to the specific length of the network cable, and the mandatory presence of a power source. The mulching function is not provided.

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Present the technical characteristics of some models of electric lawnmowers Huter in the table.

The Huter ELM 1100 has the same mowing characteristics; it differs from the ELM 1000 version by only 1.1 kW.

Gas mowers

Consider the technical characteristics and features of the functionality of some models of lawn mowers in the table.

Huter gas mowers are equipped with four-stroke engines, have 5 steps to adjust the cutting height. Huter lawn mowers marked “S” models: GLM-5,0S, GLM-6,0S, are powerful self-propelled machines. Large wheels provide them with good cross on uneven surfaces, thanks to a special tread, the grass on the lawn does not crumple.

The machines GLM-5,0 S, GLM-6,0 S, GLM-6,0 ST provide the function of mulching the grass.

Recommendations for operation and maintenance

Huter lawn mowers and trimmers are simple in design and not difficult to operate and maintain. However, before using the equipment, owners should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Information on the device, assembly, settings of the cutting tool, maintenance will help to avoid annoying errors, extend the life of the machines.

When operating Huter gas mowers, the rules for safe operation must be strictly adhered to. It is forbidden to use the tool for other purposes, to make any changes to the design.

Assembly, first start

The new Huter mower should be assembled as indicated in the instructions: connect the lower and upper parts of the control levers; assemble and install a grass catcher. Lawn mowers are supplied to users without engine oil, so before starting work, it is necessary to add 0.6 l of oil for 4-stroke engines. Used oil class SAE 10W-40, the best option. Semisynthetic original motor oil 10W-40 Huter. In the quality of fuel used high-quality gasoline AI-92.


Before each use of the Huter, you must check the oil and fuel levels. Each time, the stability of the structure, the reliability of all fasteners and movable joints should be tested. Periodically lubricate axles and bearings. After each operation, the Huter lawnmower is thoroughly cleaned of grass and leaf debris.

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For the winter period, the lawnmower must be prepared for storage:

  • Drain the remaining gasoline;
  • To clear the car of pollution;
  • Wipe metal parts with an oily napkin;
  • Remove the spark plug and fill the spark plug hole with a small amount of oil, then make a few revolutions of the crankshaft, then install the spark plug back without connecting the high-voltage cable.

Faults, breakdowns, repairs

All manipulations with the Huter lawnmower are allowed to be performed only with the engine turned off and cooled down: refueling, repair, commissioning. For repairs and maintenance, the spark plug must also be disconnected. The correct operation of the Huter gas mower depends on proper operation. As the experience of the owners shows, most failures in work arise due to a violation of the elementary requirements of the instruction.

  • If the engine does not start, check for fuel, possibly connect a high-voltage cable to the spark plug, replace old gasoline.
  • In the event that the power of the Huter mower drops, or the grass mows unevenly, increase the mowing height.
  • The grass catcher may not fill up completely due to wet grass.
  • Increased noise and vibration occur due to loosening of the mounts, imbalance or damage to the cutting blade.

For more information about care, adjustments, repairs, and routine maintenance, see technical documentation.


Huter GGT-1900T petrol trimmer

Huter Lawn Mower ELM-1100

Electric trimmer Huter GET-1200SL



Advantages: Productive machine, reliable, although it seems somehow refined or something.

Disadvantages: It’s bad that there is no central mowing height adjustment. ”