How to Choose a Chainsaw For Harvesting Firewood

How to choose a chainsaw for logging

Being engaged in the preparation of firewood in the forest, we must take care of acquiring a good, correct ax and chainsaw. Finding the right ax for felling is another art. But we will not consider this point in this article. Let’s pay attention to the choice of an automatic saw according to the parameters necessary for work. Define several areas of use:

  • Professional tool for felling;
  • Semi-professional models;
  • Compact devices for small jobs.

A professional saw should have a capacity of more than 6 kW, equipped with a tire up to 60 cm, with an engine capacity of 60-120 cubic meters. Cm Duration of continuous operation. Up to 8 hours and intermittently. Up to 16 hours.

The most advanced units have an emergency brake, and high power and a long tire allow you to cut huge trunks at a time. Accessories with a high degree of wear resistance will extend the life of the device.

Semi-professional units are designed for wooden construction. With their help, logs, timber are easily sawn, technological holes for doors and windows are cut. A power of 2-3 kW allows you to carry out almost all operations with wood. The duration of continuous operation is limited to 4-6 hours. The tire length reaches 45 cm and not a single bar can stand in front of it. The service life of branded products is 10 years. The most famous brands are Husqvarna and Stihl. Such models, like professional ones, are equipped with an anti-vibration system. It is needed with a large tooth pitch. This arrangement increases productivity, but at the same time adds vibration.

The advantage of these models is a wide price range, the presence of an emergency brake, and accelerated chain tension adjustment.

Disadvantages. The high cost of original spare parts, the mismatch of the width of the power slot of the device, which contributes to the bite of the tire.

How to Choose a Chainsaw For Harvesting Firewood

Household devices are characterized by a short tire length. Only 25-35 cm. A small engine does not provide high power, so the device is used only for short-term work. Cutting knots, thin blocks, infrequent use in construction.

The low price determines the disadvantages of the tool:

  • 1-2 hours of work without stopping;
  • The impossibility of a thick cut;
  • Lack of simplified chain tension;
  • Quick wear of components.

How to cut firewood correctly and quickly

Operation of the chainsaw may seem uncomplicated, but in inept hands using the tool leads to injuries, breakdowns. Clumsiness is contraindicated.

First you need to ensure safety when working:

  • Do not touch a running tire;
  • Protect yourself with glasses from sawdust, slivers;
  • Wear tight lined pants;
  • Legs are put on massive shoes with a metal tab in the toe;
  • A protective helmet is useful to prevent damage to the head. It will protect against flying branches and accidentally bounced parts.

Basic rules for cutting firewood:

  1. Hold the saw closer to your body. Thus, the instrument is easier to control and the hands do not get tired.
  2. When sawing a beam or logs, fix the opposite end to the cut. Do not saw off with the end of the tire. Hopping is guaranteed.
  3. Saw only 1 log at a time. Sawing up several logs at the same time threatens tire jamming and injury.
  4. Control the position of the body, do not bend, so as not to lose your balance.
  5. When cutting branches, contact with the drop zone can cause the tool to drop.
  6. Do not work above shoulder height. This method is strictly prohibited, as it can lead to disastrous consequences.
  7. Before starting the saw, put it on the brake.

A correctly selected saw will be an excellent assistant in the work. Careless selection of parameters will lead to disappointment in the device. Remember that a chainsaw is a traumatic tool. When working with it, you must observe safety precautions and personal protection.