How To Choose A Circular For Home

How to choose a circular saw for your home If the choice of a circular saw for your home has led you to a dead end, carefully study the technical characteristics of the models you like. Also, be sure to consider the type of device to avoid problems with their installation and use for their intended purpose.

Choosing a “circular”: device type

How to Choose a Good Circular Saw for Your Home? First of all, you need to decide on the type of device that is needed for certain purposes:

  1. Stationary saw. Designed to perform a large amount of work and in the overwhelming majority of cases is used in manufacturing and woodworking enterprises. It requires a lot of space to install, so it will require a specially equipped workshop or a spacious separate room.
  2. Table saw. Works on the same principle as stationary, but takes up much less space. Great for home use.
  3. Hand saw. A compact device that can process not only wood, but also soft metal workpieces, polymer materials. It loses significantly in terms of power to the products of the previous two types, but its main advantage is mobility. It heats up quickly, so you need to periodically unplug the device.

In addition, circular saws differ from each other in a number of other criteria:

  • Scope of application: professional, capable of withstanding prolonged intense stress, and household.
  • Working with materials: classic saws for wood, devices for metal processing, plunge-cut devices, the cutting tool of which literally “bites” into the center of the workpiece and quickly cuts it in half.
  • Type of power supply: network, operating from the power supply system with a voltage of 220 or 380 volts, and rechargeable batteries. The latter are noticeably inferior to the network in power and efficiency, and can be used to process only thin and soft materials.

Saw blade diameter

It depends on him whether the saw will be able to cope with the processing of thick materials. The larger the diameter, the higher the power and torque of the electric motor must be.

Motor speed

It is best to choose a saw that can operate at the highest possible speed. This will provide the following benefits:

  1. Simplify handling of high density materials.
  2. Smoother, cleaner cutting line.
  3. Reduced risk of permanent disc sticking in the workpiece being processed.

At the same time, too high a speed when working with soft materials will inevitably lead to melting of the mowing line of the cut. To solve the problem, you can recommend purchasing a tool equipped with a speed regulator.

Class selection

The classification is based on the saw blade diameter and is determined by the maximum cutting depth of each model. This characteristic is necessarily indicated in the data sheet of the beveled or perpendicular cut tool and is:

  • Household for the home: designed for cutting materials in sheets. From 40 to 50 millimeters;
  • Pro-professional: able to cope with almost any work. From 50 to 65 millimeters;
  • Professional: sawing to a depth of 140 millimeters.

Knowing what material to work with, you can make a choice only on the basis of this indicator. You can cut a thick block in two passes: from below and from above, so it does not always make sense to chase a deep cut.

The second indicator of the equipment class is the power of the electric motor. A good motor not only expands the capabilities of the tool, but also provides a long service life:

  • Household. Power less than 800 W;
  • Semi-professional. 800. 1200 W;
  • Professional. than 1200 watts.

A low-power tool will overheat faster, prolonged intensive work on it is impossible. Household models are good for one-time work, if you plan to cut large amounts of material, it is better to choose a more powerful technique.

Purpose and device

how to choose a circular for home

With a hand-held circular saw, you can cut wood and any of its derivatives, plastics, soft metals, slate. The design must fulfill two basic requirements:

  • Accuracy of settings;
  • Work safety.

The minimum equipment consists of:

  • Housing;
  • Electric motor;
  • Reducer;
  • Protective box;
  • Platforms;
  • Guide.

The combination of user-friendly basic features and useful additional functions creates the ideal circular saw for home and professional use.