How To Choose A Good Electric Lawn Mower

Blackdecker GL8033. the best combination of price and performance

Powerful enough, lightweight and convenient electric top engine trimmer. The mower handles thick grass with ease thanks to the increased power drive and high cutting speed.

The features of the model include: automatic line feed and edge trimming function. The presence of a second handle with adjustable height allows any user to adjust the unit directly to themselves.


  • Convenient curved bar;
  • Additional head with reinforced line;
  • Guide roller for even trimming the edge of the track;
  • Quick-detachable head mount;
  • The extension connector is rigidly fixed to the body;
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Narrow protective casing;
  • Poorly designed line cutter.

Excellent model for finishing the site.

Hyundai L 4300S. with movable knives

Reliable and easy-to-use rear wheel drive model with excellent cutting quality. The 4-stroke engine has enough power to tackle challenging maintenance work on even the most neglected lawn.

The mowing height (25-75 mm) is adjusted by a central mechanism. But the main “trick” of this mower is the automatic folding of the knives when meeting an obstacle. And as soon as the mower passes a dangerous place, they will immediately fall into place by themselves.


  • High quality work;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Decent performance
  • The presence of a catalytic converter;
  • Protection of knives from breakage.


  • As with the previous model, the collector entrance is clogged.

Hyundai is a great mower for tricky areas with many obstacles (like hemp, stones and just large bumps).

Best Portable Lawn Mowers (Trimmers)

This type of lawn mower is characterized by a small set of functions and minimal performance, but is suitable for mowing grass from a height of 10 cm.

Trimmers can be petrol or electric. Some manufacturers equip their models with two additional support wheels to reduce the strain on the operator’s arms.

The best self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers can vary greatly in the type of drive. Front wheel drive models are more maneuverable, but can only be used on level ground.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles overcome small obstacles more easily, and all-wheel drive vehicles can be freely used on slopes and rough terrain.

Makita ELM 3311. reliable and inexpensive mower

Reliable and handy wheeled lawnmower with an easy ride, designed for maintenance of areas up to 400 m2.

Its main feature is maximum design simplicity. The absence of a belt drive ensures high reliability and good knife speed.

The cutting height is three-level and is adjustable within the range of 20-55 mm. The height-adjustable foldable handle allows the tool to be adjusted directly to the operator. There is also a 27 l soft grass catcher.


  • Powerful power unit;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Convenient management;
  • Protection against unintentional activation;
  • Low cost. just over 6 thousand.


  • Small grass catcher capacity;
  • Too soft plastic of the inner protective cover.

Makita is suitable for fine maintenance of a small lawn in front of the house.

Best Battery Lawn Mowers

The main characteristics that determine the quality of cordless lawn mowers are the period of their autonomous operation, power and engine speed. All these parameters entirely depend on the battery capacity and the design of the cutting tool.

16 best lawn mowers

The main difficulty when choosing a lawn mower lies in the huge variety of models available on the domestic market for garden equipment. To simplify the solution of this problem, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our rating of the best lawn mowers.

Patriot PT 3555 ES. petrol unit with vibration protection

A lightweight and very convenient domestic trimmer with excellent weight distribution received a good anti-vibration system. With it, you can use the tool for long-term work without feeling tired in your hands.

How To Choose A Good Electric Lawn Mower

To expand the scope of application, the manufacturer provided for the presence of a 40-tooth saw blade, a knife and the ability to install a brush cutter. The cost of this model does not exceed 4 thousand.


  • Advanced functionality;
  • Powerful rigid shaft motor;
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • Quite good equipment;
  • Long period of continuous operation at one gas station.


  • Not the most convenient control.

Patriot PT is a good choice for maintaining a medium sized site.

Stavr TE-1400R. model with increased cutting width

Powerful, convenient and ergonomic domestic device with excellent build quality. A feature of this model is a collapsible design, which provides the most convenient transportation of the device.

The mower can also be equipped with a hedge trimmer attachment for processing hedges and shrubs on the site.


  • High power;
  • No overheating of the power section during long-term operation;
  • Sophisticated line ejection mechanism design;
  • High quality components;
  • Foldable adjustable handle;
  • Knife and shoulder strap included.


  • Small line thickness.

Stavr TE-1400R allows you to process up to 7 acres without interruption, and at the same time pruning bushes.

How to choose a lawn mower. Types of lawn mowers

There are three types of lawn mowers:

  • Wheeled mowers that drive on grass. They are electric and gasoline.
  • Devices that are worn during mowing are trimmers. They are equipped with a petrol or electric engine.
  • Riders. lawn mowers that “carry” us during the mowing process, or on which we ride on the lawns.

Electric lawn mowers: sensitivity to the details of the device is the key to their efficient and long service.

How to choose an electric lawn mower

And we will talk about the first type of lawn mowers. electric wheeled, although much of what will be discussed further in this material will be true for gasoline devices. Compared to gasoline-powered machines, electric lawn mowers make less noise during operation. In addition, do not forget about environmental issues: go out of town to breathe in the exhaust again? No, thank you!

When purchasing an electric lawn mower, there are some nuances to consider:

  • Density and composition of the grass you are going to cut;
  • The shape and size of the “experimental” site;
  • Terrain relief.

Having decided on the nuances, you will know exactly what details you need to pay special attention to when choosing an electrical device.

The main thing in organizing lawn mowing is regularity: the grass must not be allowed to grow up to the waist, otherwise we will lose its original softness. After mowing, rare and tough stems will remain, through which the earth shines through. It will take time to evenly overgrow with grass.

It is important not to “miss” the grass in the spring. Somewhere in early May (let’s take Victory Day as the mark) the grass is just growing. But it would be better to make her first mowing, otherwise she will make a magic jump in her height. In one week, the greens will grow up to your knees, and in the spring the sod is very dense, the grass is fresh and juicy, saturated with spring waters. As a result of this, you will mow for a very long time and painfully.

Makita ELM4612: mows high, wet and thick weeds

And an electric wheeled lawnmower cannot “take” grass up to its waist, unless you remove the grass collection box and raise the mower on its hind legs. But this will be quite an extreme option, and excessively laborious: to transport a reared lawn mower, you need extraordinary strength. If you miss the moment, then it is better to take a scythe and, like our ancestors, forward, through the dew with a song.

A lawn mower is designed for mowing lawns, but don’t worry if you haven’t purposefully planted the grass. You can give your site a beautiful look by mowing down the natural flora, whether it be even dimples or nettles. If this is done regularly, the mown area will be attractive: the weeds will disappear and the ground will be covered with mowing-resistant grasses. bluegrass, clover and others, depending on the composition of the soil on the site.

The advantage of natural turf:

  • It does not require maintenance, since the composition of the grass is independently regulated,
  • The lawn adapts to climatic conditions.

Grass collection container

Almost any modern model of a lawn mower is equipped with a grass catcher. a container in which the cut grass is collected. It can be hard or soft. The first type is stronger and more durable, requires almost no maintenance. but it is more difficult to regulate the degree of filling. Soft collectors will have to be washed periodically, and they last less. but the amount of grass filling such a bag is noticeable even when the mower is running.

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Tank capacity matters when serving large areas. In a small area, you will have to empty the collector no more than 1-3 times during the mowing period. If it is necessary to mulch the grass, the bag or tank for it can be removed and work without it.

Mowing options

Before choosing an electric lawn mower, it is worth learning about the recommended compliance of such a parameter as the mowing width of the area of ​​the site. The dimensions of the serviced area are related to the characteristics of the mower as follows:

  • For a summer cottage with a plot of up to 500 sq. M, choose a model with a mowing width of up to 40 cm;
  • If the area is within 5-10 acres, the width should be 40-50 cm;
  • Maintenance of a plot of 1000-2000 sq. M will be provided by equipment with a mowing width of 50-60 cm;
  • For large areas, mowers with a strip width of 0.6-1.2 m are suitable.

The cutting height is a parameter that can be adjusted on most lawn mowers. Changing the characteristic is carried out by rearranging the axle or wheels, by pressing a lever or button. The easiest and most profitable option is to manually adjust the cutting height. The axle is installed in another hole on the mower frame.

The electronically controlled model will cost more. Although, if the mowed grass must always be at the same level, it is not the method, but the limits of height regulation that matters more.


Another criterion for choosing a good quality and long service life electric lawn mower is the manufacturer of the device. To buy the most functional and reliable model, you should look for products from the brands Bosch, Oleo-Mac, AL-KO or Gardena. Such equipment will last longer, and it will be easier to find a service center serving it.

You can find a good quality lawn mower in the budget segment, up to 10,000 rubles. One of them is the Makita DLM380Z model with a 620 W electric motor. However, the area of ​​the serviced site is small. only 270 sq. M. So, the buyer of the mower will have to make a compromise between its performance, costs and reliability.

Electric motor power

One of the main questions when buying an electric lawn mower is which performance to choose.

Most models are equipped with 500-3000 W motors. The more powerful the engine, the faster and longer the equipment will work.

But buying a device that is too powerful is not worth it. it will consume a lot of electricity without a noticeable effect. The performance should be appropriate for the area of ​​the plot and the height of the grass.

For giving a standard size (6-10 acres), a lawn mower with a 0.6-1.0 kW motor is enough. The capabilities of the same equipment will be enough to service the plots at least 1 time per week. If the grass is rarely mowed (1-3 times per season) or the area of ​​the plot is large enough, you should think about purchasing a lawn mower with a power of at least 1.5 kW.

Food type

By the type of power supply, electric mowers are divided into network and battery. Models requiring a mains connection are chosen for easy maintenance and long run times. This technique allows you to mow the grass as long as there is current in the network. The only major drawback is the limited service area by cable length. Although the problem is easily solved by buying a reel extension cord that extends the power cord by 30, 40 and even 50 meters.

The mower can also be powered by an electric battery. The advantages of this model are in the absence of restrictions on movement within the site. The cord will not get tangled between trees, bushes and other elements of the landscape, it does not need to be extended, it is possible to serve areas with a lack of power supply.

The disadvantages of battery technology can be called less power and operating time. But the second drawback is not so significant. most self-powered mowers work for at least an hour, and you can also use an additional battery.

Among the battery models, one of the best is the Makita DLM380PM2. a non-self-propelled wheeled device with a 4 Ah battery. The equipment is designed to service 600 sq. M square, cuts a strip 380 mm wide at a height of 250 to 750 mm.

When deciding which electric lawn mower to choose for a summer residence, you can pay attention to robotic devices. The robot is quieter and completely eliminates operator intervention. Cons. high price, small service area, long recharging, the need to limit the perimeter using special cords.

Looking through the rating of robotic lawnmowers, you can find in one of the top positions the Robomow RX20u model with a 200 W electric motor. The device can serve a plot of up to 200 sq. M, almost no noise (noise level 64 dB) and works for at least 1.5 hours.

Deck type

A deck is a part of a lawn mower with knives. Usually, the following materials are used for its manufacture:

  • Aluminum is a metal that increases the price of the device;
  • Plastic is the most profitable soundboard material;
  • Steel. a medium-priced option.

To increase the service life of your mower, choose the right model with an aluminum deck. It differs from the plastic version in increased strength, from the steel part. in lower weight and resistance to corrosion. A plastic deck is used in the cheapest mowers. But, sometimes, when servicing a plot of 2-4 acres, it makes no sense to overpay. The engine of low-cost and low-power equipment will fail before the plastic deck.

How to choose an electric lawnmower: tips from the pros

Should your meadow become a graceful lawn? We will tell you about the difference between gasoline, electric and manual lawn mowers. In addition, we present to your attention 10 lawn mowers most popular among Amazon users.

Oddly enough, the wide range of models makes it difficult to choose the right device. Therefore, before choosing an electric lawn mower for a summer residence or a country house, you should get acquainted with the basic parameters of technology. It is not only the manufacturer of the device that is important, the power of the device and the method of movement are also important. In this review, we will show you what to look for before buying an electric lawn mower and present the best models from our ranking.

Way to travel

Before choosing a lawn mower, you should immediately decide whether you will move it around the site yourself, or it should be able to move on its own. The first ones are distinguished by an affordable price, lighter weight and dimensions. It is easier to store and transport them. but physical effort is required to move them. Women and the elderly should not use non-self-propelled mowers.

By choosing a self-propelled version that moves independently, you can serve larger areas. Human intervention in the operation of such a device is reduced only to the task of the direction of movement.

The equipment is distinguished by its relatively large dimensions, weight and price, but it is suitable for work on an area of ​​up to 1.2 hectares and does not greatly affect operator fatigue.

In addition to two-, three- and four-wheeled lawn mowers, there are hover models. Their advantages are high maneuverability and cross-country ability on the territory with uneven terrain. But the costs for such mowers are higher than for wheeled versions, and they are more difficult to operate. hovercraft technology is not in great demand and is rare. One of the few electric models of this type available for purchase in 2019 is the Flymo Turbo Lite 330, with a mains supply, a 1.15 kW motor and a mowing width of 330 mm.

Additional parameters and functions

The list of not the most significant, but also noteworthy parameters of lawn mowers includes:

  • Mulching function, allowing you to chop the cut grass and evenly distribute over the area to fertilize the soil;
  • The method of throwing grass in the absence of a grass catcher. in most models it is rearward; for working along roadsides or paths, the side is more suitable;
  • Body material. plastic makes the lawn mower lighter and more maneuverable, but metal equipment will last longer and is equipped with a more powerful motor;
  • The ability to fold the handles is an option that is convenient when storing or transporting the mower;
  • Smooth running. in budget versions it is provided by bushings made of plastic or bronze, in expensive and high-quality ones. by bearings;
  • Protection against accidental starting and overheating of the electric motor;
  • Starting system. it can be manual, which reduces the cost of equipment, but a good device is equipped with a Self Starter function, which starts the motor by pressing a button.
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For all electric lawn mowers, except for the version with an air cushion, the characteristics of the wheels are important. width, number, diameter. The most common and convenient models are four-wheeled, but two- and three-wheeled ones can be found. Wheel sizes affect flotation. the wider and taller they are, the easier the mower can navigate over uneven terrain.

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Lawn mower performance

Also pay attention to the smooth running of the mower. The wheels of the machine can be fitted with either metal bushings or ball or needle bearings. The more expensive the model, the more expensive these parts are, and the smoother the running of the device will be. Metal bushings are the cheapest option, then ball bearings are the most expensive, and needle bearings are the most expensive.

Also look at the size of the rear and front wheels of the car. The more irregularities in the area, the larger the rear wheels of the mower should be. Large rear wheels make it easier to overcome bumps on the surface of the lawn, will help the machine not to get stuck in the grooves of the ground when doing work.

Cutting height adjustment

Also note the height of the model’s adjustment buttons. If they are located low, then tall people will often have to bend down, which is quite uncomfortable and can lead to lower back pain. It will also be inconvenient for a short person to adjust the operation of the device if the adjustment block is located high enough. Lawn mowers with the ability to adjust the adjustment unit at different heights are very easy to use. This will allow both a short and a tall person to feel comfortable while working.

Cutting grass

There are models that have rear discharge only, and the collection of the cut grass is carried out in a grass catcher. The disadvantage of these machines is that if you have a large area and do not need to collect grass, you will have to stop periodically and empty the container as it fills. Models with side discharge are more convenient in such cases, since the grass is thrown sideways, and there is no need to make forced stops in work.

How not to be mistaken when choosing a lawn mower

If you are faced with the need to purchase a lawn mower, and the variety of models with different functions confuses you, then the advice of professionals will help you make the right choice. After all, choosing a lawn mower can be so easy to make a mistake.

Mulching lawn mowers

Another distinguishing feature of the different lawn mower models is the mulching kit. Mulching is the fertilization of lawns as well as soil protection. This kit includes a special plug to be installed in the grass catcher. It also includes a special knife that crushes the cut grass into the so-called “grass dust”. For optimal results, mulching your lawn should be done at least once a month. There are cars that already include such a kit upon purchase. And for some models you need to buy it separately.

Choosing the right lawn mower

When choosing a lawn mower, professionals recommend focusing on the area and structure of the site where it is planned to use this type of equipment.

All models of lawn mowers are divided into two types: gasoline and electric.

If you plan to use this technique for domestic purposes, the area of ​​your lawn is small, and the power source is nearby, then you should buy an electric lawn mower.

And if the area of ​​the proposed processing is large enough (more than 50 square meters), or it is scattered throughout the site, where trees or other plantings interfere with movement, then it is better to choose a gasoline model.

New generation cordless lawn mowers are gaining popularity. Their advantages are that they run quietly and are very easy to maintain. Many people think battery mowers are very expensive and don’t last long. However, technologies do not stand still, science has stepped forward in this direction. The operating time of modern models with batteries, the voltage of which is 40 volts, can reach one hour. During this time, it is quite possible to solve the problem on a plot of 6 acres.

The driving force of the lawn mower

When choosing a lawn mower, pay attention to the car motor. Motors can be Japanese, American and Chinese. Here you need to be guided by the complexity of the tasks for processing the site, as well as financial capabilities. Japanese motors are the most reliable, but also more expensive, followed by American motors. And the least reliable are the Chinese versions of the motors. However, this division is somewhat arbitrary, since there are also Chinese motors that are not inferior in quality to more expensive analogs.

The motor power affects the mowing speed of the lawnmower. The more powerful the engine of the machine, the higher the cutting speed. For a more powerful motor, you can choose a wide deck. Thus, the area to be treated will increase and you can reduce the processing time of the area.

Do you need a grass catcher?

Lawn mower grass collectors are divided into three types: cloth, plastic, and combined. Grass collectors made of matter are good because at the end of the work they can be folded quite compactly, and they will not take up much space. But their disadvantage is that they require periodic washing. This is due to the fact that the grass gradually clogs the fabric, and the air from under the deck stops passing through it. The result is an air lock. Plastic containers for collecting herbs are considered a European option. They are more resistant to mechanical damage. Even if the robotic lawnmower hits a stone and it falls into the collector, the container will not break. To clean this type of grass catcher, you only need to shake it. In this case, the openings of the container are cleaned, and you can work further.

The combined version of the grass catcher has a fabric bottom and a plastic top. Such a container is protected from both stone ingress and the formation of an airlock.

When choosing a lawnmower, you should also check for the presence of a grass catcher filling valve. This part is very convenient to use, as it informs about the filling of the container for collecting grass. Many, not noticing this moment, continue to work, and the grass simply falls on the lawn.

Another feature is the lawn mowing height adjustment. It can be individual (there is a corresponding lever for each wheel) and central, when all four wheels can be raised or lowered simultaneously with one handle. The most comfortable option is a central system with continuously adjustable height. With this option, the height is adjusted with a single knob and requires minimal effort. Such a height adjustment system will be convenient to use even for women and seniors.

Knowledge of such features of various models of lawn mowers will undoubtedly help you not to make a mistake in choosing and purchase the most optimal model.

Which lawn mower to choose: tips

Undoubtedly, a well-groomed and beautiful lawn is the pride of every summer resident. And each of whom knows firsthand that it is quite difficult to achieve such a result, it takes a lot of time, and the waste is quite large. What is there to do? After all, you want so much that your lawn looked no worse than that of a neighbor.

Well, the day has come when you can enjoy your country house, but here a different question arises regarding the landscaping of the site. To begin with, you need to acquire the seeds of the lawn grass that will best suit your needs and preferences. The second point is both planting and cultivation of landscaping painstakingly and carefully caring for it.

After your grass has grown, it requires very careful maintenance in order to be able to be a “decoration” for your lawn. You ask: how to do it? Everything is very simple! For this kind of manipulation, you need to purchase a high-quality and versatile lawn mower, through the operation of which you will have the opportunity to keep your site clean and tidy at all times.

If you are a beginner in this matter and have never used this kind of tool before, and generally have no idea how to choose the right and practical mechanism, then this article is for you.

Since here you can get all the necessary information regarding what first of all you need to pay attention to when buying a device, as well as we will take turns considering each type of lawn mower, namely the aspects of choosing one or another type.

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Hand model

First of all, what I would like to draw your attention to is that manual electric lawn mowers are suitable only for areas where there are not a lot of stones and potholes, and the land is rich in gorgeous green grass, which actually needs to be brought in order, as they say.

There is no doubt that such a mower on such an area will perform its work smoothly and efficiently. But many owners are wondering: how to choose an electric lawn mower for a summer residence?

However, let’s now actually talk about the very choice of this kind of device. Since, knowing all the necessary nuances to which you need to pay your attention, you can make the right choice of a tool in your direction without any problems.

It is also important that, for example, unlike motocross, such devices can be used exclusively for cutting short grass, since if the growth of grass is too high, then this device will simply not be able to advance in this area.

Naturally, the power that mowers of this direction have can not be left without due attention. In addition, when choosing a tool, you should carefully study what height of grass this or that model is capable of mowing, as well as the width of the bevel.

It should be noted that in most cases the lowest height that this kind of mower is able to “take” is 20 mm, and the highest is no more than 75 mm.

In addition, during the choice, you must be prepared for the fact that it cannot be used when it is raining, the manipulation itself will be carried out within a radius that allows you to directly install a cord that is connected to the outlet itself, and also such devices have a certain time range work.

Petrol models

Self-propelled device

First of all, it should be noted that this kind of tool is best suited for areas that are large enough. One of the best units in this series is the Makita self-propelled electric lawn mower, click here and you will find out the main reasons why this particular device deserves your attention.

But naturally, the cost of such equipment is quite high. However, if you decide to shell out a tidy sum for the unit, you need to know what to build on in the process of choosing a mechanism. Namely:

  • From the body material (plastic, metal). It is important to note that the first type is more reliable in terms of the fact that it does not corrode, but it is very fragile in terms of damage. In addition, plastic makes the device lightweight, which is not unimportant when working with it;
  • Knives. they can be of any shape, so it’s up to you here;
  • The grass collector. it should be comfortable, easy to remove and clean;
  • Motor power. the higher the grass, the more power should be;
  • The width of the capture itself. the wider it is, the more productive and better the work is done.

Aspects of choosing an electric lawn mower for.


Many landowners are interested in the questions: what should be a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower, how to choose, the price of the device also does not leave without due attention. Now we will try to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the choice of such a mechanism. so.

over, the width of the wheels themselves is of no small importance in this case. However, there are peculiarities of this choice, because if your lawn has a decorative direction, in this case, large wheels will simply accept the grass itself during the operation of the device, so it is more advisable to choose small and not wide wheels. There are different variations of petrol-powered lawnmowers on wheels, which we will discuss in this article.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the engine, namely its power, since this feature directly affects both the performance of this device and the quality of the direct haircut.

You must remember that the more power the engine has, the more beautiful and accurate the work will be, moreover, the quality also depends on the speed that the engine can “accelerate”.

Below are the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing and buying this kind of irreplaceable tool. So:

  • Motor power;
  • The collection of herbs should have such a design that would allow easy cleaning and uncomplicated removal;
  • Wheel size (thickness, diameter);
  • Knife construction;
  • Starter type (battery, electric, manual);
  • Adjusting the very height of the grass cut;
  • The cost.

How to choose the right lawn mower

First of all, it is worth noting that there are gardeners who prefer to use petrol-powered hand-held lawn mowers and trimmers when working with a lawn. But there is one nuance, which apparently these owners of plots do not know about, which is that this kind of device does an excellent job of its work, this is unconditional, but it is intended for mowing weed grass, but not for lawn.

Since with this mechanism you will not be able to achieve a beautiful and accurate result. over, the trimmer can cause damage to the grass itself, especially if it “touches” the soil under it, and this is inevitable in most cases.

By clicking on this link you can easily find the instruction manual for the Druzhba 4 chainsaw, which should not be neglected.

The power of the MTZ 80 tractor is much higher compared to previous models from this manufacturer, which is its indisputable advantage. Only here //, we will provide you with reliable information about this transport.

Therefore, if you are a conscientious owner, and you want your site to look beautiful and well-groomed, in this case, you will have to spend a little, let’s say, and purchase a good lawn mower, which will be exactly the care of the lawn nature.

But today we will pay due attention to electric and gasoline lawn mowers and note that they can be both manual and self-propelled. Separately, I would like to mention that self-propelled lawn mowers with a seat are perfect for owners of large areas, for more information on this miracle of technology, look here. Actually, let’s figure out which lawn mower to choose for a summer residence and actually what you should pay attention to in the first place. So let’s get started.

Electric lawn mower


Even in spite of the fact that such devices have a fairly high level of popularity, these tools have peculiar disadvantages, among which we can note: toxic exhaust, high noise coefficient, and professional service.

But not everything is as bad as you thought, since there are positive aspects in these lawn mowers with respect to other devices, namely: convenient starting of the tool, they have inexpensive models, ease of use, correct drive arrangement, and they are also quite practical and reliable.

over, such hand lawn mowers are not particularly demanding in terms of maintenance of a technical nature. over, if you are “smart” about your lawn mower and correctly distribute the load during its operation, then it will be able to serve you for more than a dozen years.

It is also important that if you need a gasoline lawn mower, which one is not easy enough to choose, it must first of all fully meet all your needs. As soon as you decide on them, then it will immediately become easier for you to actually decide on the model itself. You must take into account what kind of area the unit will need to process. For example, there are special gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mowers for tall grass, which are ideal for working in overgrown areas, or rotary mowers.

Also an important point is that if your site has a large number of shrubs, lawns, trees and other, shall we say, obstacles “for the device, then in this case you should also” put emphasis “on the maneuverability of the mechanism.

In fact, lawn mowers have become simply irreplaceable for most of us, so it is not surprising that the modern market has such a huge variety of models. Undoubtedly, these tips will greatly facilitate the process of choosing the “iron assistant” you need. If the processing volume of this mower is too small for you, might it make sense to look at something more powerful? Read the article that describes the mower for the tiller neva mb 2.

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