How to choose a lawn mower for your home

How to choose the right exercise bike?

As soon as you decide on the question. which exercise bike to choose, the following nuances arise that require a balanced decision:

  • Pay attention to the seat anchorage system and the adjustment system: the more plastic parts you see, the less the exercise bike will last you. This is dictated by the fact that plastic is not able to withstand high loads for a long time and, as a result, will burst. Plastic handles and decorative elements do not count;
  • match the seat to your height. They are hard and soft, wide and narrow, with or without backs. Exercise bikes are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal.

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6 criteria for choosing an exercise bike for your home

An exercise bike is a unique sports tool with which everyone can lose weight, improve their health and acquire an athletic physique. There are a huge number of varieties of this simulator on the market. It’s pretty easy to make the mistake of buying for yourself or the gym. We have compiled this list of criteria to determine which indoor exercise bike is best for price, comfort and quality.

The choice of an exercise bike according to technical data

  • Upright Trainers: The seat is located above the pedals to simulate a regular bicycle. They take up less space, are more compact, lighter and cheaper.
  • Recumbent Trainers: Designed for non-cycling athletes who use an exercise bike as an alternative to the leg press. They give a powerful load to the hips due to the fact that the pedals are located at the same height as the seat. It is this design that relieves the load on the back. Exercise machines take up more space and are quite expensive, but for a bodybuilder such an exercise machine at home is a dream.

See if the exercise bike has a heart rate monitor, a sensor for measuring speed and distance, calories burned, and similar functions. Advanced models are equipped with additional features and training programs. Some models have a built-in player and other accessories.

Exercise bike loading system

There are three types:

  • mechanical. braking is carried out due to the work of pure mechanics. The tighter the belt tension and the compression of the flywheel, the higher the load. This system is the cheapest, but extremely heavy, noisy and subject to catastrophic wear. It will have to be repaired once a year, no less often;
  • magnetic. an ideal braking system that works due to the magnetic field that occurs as a result of your own actions. Quiet, lightweight, easy to disassemble, but it costs three to four times more than a mechanical one;
  • electromagnetic. professional braking system, based on magnetic, but requires connection from the mains. Durable system that can withstand enormous loads.

How to choose an exercise bike: basic characteristics

What should you pay special attention to when choosing an exercise bike? Decide: what do you need an exercise bike for? There are professional models that can withstand huge loads for a long time, with dozens of built-in functions, USB connectivity, docking. iPod / iPhone stations, audio in / out. These gym bikes are often used in sports clubs.

Simpler counterparts are exercise bikes for the home, which have a minimal amount of functions built into them, a simple mechanical system for adjusting the load (belt and deck), and so on. This type of exercise equipment is very popular among novice athletes and those who are trying to keep themselves in good physical shape.

How to choose an exercise bike for your home?

To buy an exercise bike you need one that suits your goals.

Are you a professional athlete who buys a simulator to avoid going to the gym again? Then you have to fork out and choose an expensive, functional model. If you just want to lose weight and strengthen your body, a regular exercise bike with a mechanical braking system is fine. If you have nervous system problems, choose an exercise bike with a magnetic load system that does not rattle as you pedal. Consider every little thing, so that later you do not regret your choice.

Criteria to watch out for

Having chosen the required type of device, it is important to understand the criteria that will help you not to make a mistake with the purchase. The importance of each criterion is determined based on your own preferences, financial capabilities and acquisition goals.

The first and most obvious fact is that electric types are less powerful than gasoline ones. This is explained by the fact that lawn mower manufacturers cannot equip their “offspring” with too powerful electric motors, since the home network is not designed for very high voltage.

In our time, devices with additional batteries have gained particular popularity. They do not work for a long time (up to 2 hours), but they are able to significantly raise the bar for the power of electric mowing devices.

But you don’t always need to chase power. Remember, the higher the power, the louder the motor will run. This also explains why powerful lawn mowers are necessarily sold with headphones.

A motor that is too powerful can cause serious damage to the mower. As an example, a stone caught under the blades of a low power mower will stop them completely. However, this does not work with powerful motors that will continue to rotate the jammed parts, causing them to deform. After such a disaster, repairs will be mandatory.

The best gasoline powered lawnmower shouldn’t have more than 6 horsepower. powerful models will simply become a waste of money as their capabilities are unnecessary in practice.

The performance and description of the lawn mower by this criterion directly depends on the previous parameter. When choosing, you should be guided by the size of the site. Electric models overheat quickly and are not designed to operate continuously for more than 15 minutes. In addition, on a large area, you will probably need an extension cord, which is not very convenient.

Maintenance of electric mowers is much easier than gasoline mowers. In this case, there is no need to constantly monitor the level of liquids. Electric models will be ideal for those who do not have significant experience with filling oil and gasoline into engines.

Safety in use

The selection of a lawn mower must be carried out with attention to the level of operational safety. In this criterion, both gasoline and electric models have a number of “imperfections”. Gasoline mowers can generate a lot of harmful exhaust emissions, while electrical devices cannot be used in humid environments. The presence of a power cable and the ability to cut it with a mower is also a rather unpleasant fact.

Due to the powerful motor, the gasoline mower for summer cottages also has significant weight characteristics. In addition, handling a heavier device is much more difficult. According to this criterion, the electric type is more acceptable: the load on the arms is insignificant, and all you need to do is direct the mower in the right direction.

Lawn Mower Parts

Both its service life and ease of use depend on the quality of the unit’s parts. Thus, it is worth choosing a model, paying attention to every single detail. Even the cheapest lawn mower, but with quality parts, can be a great choice.

The best lawn mowers often come with a so-called grass catcher. This part must have sufficient volumetric characteristics. After all, few people will like, instead of mowing, spend most of the time emptying a bag of grass. If the area for work is very large, then a large grass catcher is a necessity, not a whim.

In total, there are two types of this part:

Rigid collectors. suitable when it comes to emptying the element from cut grass.

Soft (baggy) collectors. Harder to empty, but easier to handle.

Even the smallest lawn mower can have a grass catcher. But it is not always required. Many modern models are equipped with a mulching system. With its help, the grass is additionally crushed and evenly spread over the lawn. Mulch is an excellent fertilizer that thickens the lawn and removes bald spots. At the same time, the lawnmower may also have a side discharge function. When using it, the grass will not be crushed. In view of this, the cut grass will have to be removed manually.

When answering the question of how to choose the right lawn mower, it is impossible not to mention such a component as the deck or the body of the device. Most often it is made from:

Aluminum alloy. The aluminum-bodied home lawnmower is one of the most expensive, but at the same time one of the most versatile options. Aluminum does not rust, lighter and stronger than steel.

Become. The steel body is quite durable, but over time it can undergo corrosive processes. In addition, the mower will be too heavy to be used by women, teenagers or the elderly.

Plastic. A lawn mower for a summer cottage, the body of which is made of plastic, is lightweight and is in a cheap price category. However, plastic is an extremely fragile material that quickly collapses and cracks from motor vibrations.

When looking at the wheels of a lawn mower, remember the topography of your site. If it has bumps and potholes, then the wheels should be wide enough. After all, small wheels not only will not be able to overcome a small hole, but will also get very tangled in the grass.

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It is best if the wheels are secured with bearings. this is a more reliable option. Self-propelled lawn mowers rating shows that wheels and wheel quality are one of the determining factors when it comes to the durability of the device.

An overview of the mower is impossible without attention to such an important detail as the power cord. It is he who is the main inconvenience of using electrical models, as he constantly reaches for the device.

If we are talking about overall areas, then you definitely cannot do without an extension cord. The mower’s extension cord and power cord should be brightly colored and easily visible in the grass. This will help prevent accidental cutting.

The cord should always be completely unwound during operation. This is true even if the cable is on a special reel. It is designed for easy storage, but not for use. Coiled or folded cable can overheat and even pose a certain hazard.

Features of choosing an electric lawn mower

The rating of lawn mowers shows that electric models are the most popular and demanded on the market. It is important to remember that special attention to the working details of the device is a guarantee of its long and flawless operation.

The information below regarding which lawn mower is the best electric type will also apply to gasoline powered devices.

Compared to gasoline mowers, electric ones make much less noise during operation. At the same time, we will not lose sight of the environmental aspect. In this regard, electric models are more acceptable, since they do not produce harmful emissions.

Before acquiring this type, it is necessary to pay attention to the important “technical” aspects of the land on which the work will be carried out:

The density of the grass cover, its composition. Different types of lawn mowers handle the grass differently, depending on how thick it is. The heterogeneity of the cover is also a significant nuance that requires attention. If you miss the time of the first mow, the lawn will go into a phase of accelerated growth: it will become thicker and too high for mowing with a lawnmower. Carrying a heavy unit in your hands is a rather laborious process. Therefore, the best option in such a situation would be, for example, a lawn mower on the shoulder.

The shape of the land plot, its dimensions. As already described, too large an area is the area of ​​work for rider models that can be ridden. it will not only save time, but also entertain you a little.

The relief on which the site is located. If the terrain of the site is replete with irregularities and hills, then rider or robotic mowers will definitely not work. A better choice would be the classic version. a wheeled lawn mower.

All this directly affects the choice of a lawn mower. Having fully understood the above features of the site, you will surely know what is the most important thing when choosing a mowing device.

Types of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers can be distinguished by a large number of parameters. However, the main of them is the species. the first thing that everyone who wants to get a reliable assistant for a summer residence pays attention to.

The following types are most often distinguished:

Lawn mowers that use wheels for their movement. In most cases, this type is subdivided into gasoline and electric types. Wheel lawn mowers should also include robotic models that practically do not require human intervention to perform their main function. mowing greenery.

Trimmers or hand lawn mowers. Mowers that the operator (the person who mows the grass) wears. Such models run on electricity or on a gasoline engine.

Rider view. The models resemble golf carts and are distinguished by the fact that a person moves on them around the site. This option is suitable if the size of the site is incomparably large with the capabilities of a person for mowing on foot.

How to choose a lawn mower for your home?

Lawn mowers are indispensable helpers when caring for green areas. Lawn grass needs periodic mowing for proper development and growth. Which tool you choose will determine the convenience, speed and quality of the work done. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower and not waste your money.

Not always popular models of lawn mowers. this is what you need. It is important not to succumb to marketing gimmicks, and choose an option that would not only look presentable, but also perform the tasks assigned to it at the proper level.

The information below will help you understand all the intricacies of choosing devices designed to care for land with a lawn.

“Lawn mower, how to choose?” this is a difficult and complex issue. To answer it, you need to understand all the nuances of operating the mower and its components. The above information will help you spend your financial resources correctly and choose the most optimal option to meet your needs.

How to choose a lawn mower

Types of lawn mowers

There are three types of lawn mowers:

  • Wheeled mowers that drive on grass. They are electric and gasoline.

How To Choose the Right Lawn Mower

  • Devices that are worn during mowing are trimmers. They are equipped with a petrol or electric engine.
  • Riders. lawn mowers that “carry” us during the mowing process, or on which we ride on the lawns.

Electric lawn mowers: sensitivity to the details of the device is the key to their efficient and long service.

How to choose an electric lawn mower

And we will talk about the first type of lawn mowers. electric wheeled, although much of what will be discussed later in this material will be true for gasoline devices. Compared to gasoline-powered machines, electric lawn mowers make less noise during operation. In addition, one should not forget about environmental issues: go out of town to breathe in the exhaust again? No, thank you!

When purchasing an electric lawn mower, there are some nuances to consider:

  • the density and composition of the grass you are going to cut;
  • the shape and size of the “experimental” area;
  • topography.

Having decided on the nuances, you will know exactly what details you need to pay special attention to when choosing an electrical device.

The main thing in organizing lawn mowing is regularity: the grass must not be allowed to grow up to the waist, otherwise we will lose its original softness. After mowing, rare and tough stems will remain, through which the earth shines through. It will take time to evenly overgrow with grass.

It is important not to “miss” the grass in the spring. Somewhere in early May (let’s take Victory Day as the mark), the grass is just growing up. But it would be better to do her first mowing, otherwise she will make a magic jump in her height. In one week, the greens will grow up to your knees, and in the spring the sod is very dense, the grass is fresh and juicy, saturated with spring waters. As a result of this, you will mow for a very long time and painfully.

Makita ELM4612: mows high, wet and thick weeds

And an electric wheeled lawnmower cannot “take” grass up to its waist, unless you remove the grass collector and raise the mower “on its hind legs”. But this will be quite an extreme option, and excessively laborious: to transport a rearing lawn mower, you need extraordinary strength. If you miss the moment, then it is better to take a scythe and, like our ancestors, forward, through the dew with a song.

How To Choose a Lawn Mower | The Home Depot

The lawn mower is designed for mowing lawns, but don’t worry if you haven’t purposefully planted the grass. You can give your site a beautiful look by mowing down the natural flora, whether it be even dimples or nettles. If this is done regularly, the mown area will be attractive: the weeds will disappear and the ground will be covered with mowing-resistant grasses. bluegrass, clover and others, depending on the composition of the soil on the site.

The advantage of a natural lawn:

  • it does not require maintenance, since the composition of the grass is independently regulated,
  • the lawn adapts to climatic conditions.

How to choose a lawn mower

The British say that in order to have the perfect English lawn, you just need to cut it regularly. for two hundred years. We will keep silent about two hundred years, we must start small. take care of the lawn (lawn) near the house for at least a few years. And, of course, not waving my grandfather’s scythe. today on the Ukrainian market there is a huge offer of electric trimmers, petrol cutters (brushcutters) and lawn mowers.
It’s easy to get lost in the wide range of clipping, shaving and mowing units on offer. How to choose the one that suits you best from dozens of manual and dozen wheel mowers and find the best price-performance ratio? The main thing. determine exactly what volumes you are going to mow, where and how often.
The range of lawn mowers is huge, so the choice of the most suitable one must be approached carefully, so that later it will not be excruciatingly painful to look at a pile of scrap metal that has no use.

Before buying, we must thoroughly familiarize ourselves with what trade offers us. And it offers 230 models from 30 manufacturers.

Experts recommend: before you start choosing a model of a lawn mower, you should clearly define what task it is intended for, have an idea of ​​the conditions in which it will work. It is one thing to use it to re-cut wet grass on a flat lawn, and quite another to cut old dry grass, weeds, or even bushes on a steep slope. To solve all of the above problems, their own systems have been created, which have both advantages and disadvantages.

For your lawn to be beautiful and well-groomed, you need to mow it 2-3 times a month, that is, the height of the grass is about 40 mm.

Lawn mower manufacturers have divided lawns into sizes and designated them with letters:
– S. 150 m2;
– M. 150.400 m2;
– L. 400.1000 m2;
– XL. more than 1000 m2.

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If you have a small, S-sized area, then a trimmer will work for you, although you won’t get a smooth lawn with the same grass height. The main element of the trimmer, like any lawn mower, is an electric or gasoline engine that rotates a reel with a spool and line. The line comes out and is 28.42 cm in diameter. Line diameter. 1- 4 mm, the thicker the better.
Also in the trimmers there is a limiter knife that cuts off excess fishing line.
Worn trimmer line is restored in different ways, depending on the model and manufacturer. Also consider the fact that there are trimmers that allow you to install not only a reel of line for cutting grass, but also a disc with sharpened teeth for coarse stems.

How to mow large lawns

If your plot has a size of 150.400 m2, which is appropriate. M, it is better to use a lawn mower for mowing grass.

Lawn mowers are:
– mechanical (spindle);
– electric;
– rechargeable (1 charge up to 600 m2, charge about 1 hour);
– petrol.
They are also divided into self-propelled (moves by itself) and non-self-propelled (you need to push).

One of the options for classifying lawn mowers is to divide by the type of cutting system into rotary and spindle.

In these devices, steel knives are mounted on a rapidly rotating vertical shaft. Most rotary models have a two-bladed knife, less often a four-bladed one. In addition to its main function, it can also create an air flow that sucks grass residues into the collector or throws it out onto the lawn.

If the knife is rigidly attached to the motor shaft, then if it hits an obstacle, it can become blunt, break, or even damage the motor. To avoid this, lawn mowers have been developed in which the knife is able to deviate from its normal position when it comes into contact with an obstacle.

A dull knife should be sharpened. After sharpening, the knife must be balanced, ensuring that its opposite shoulders are in balance. You can check the balance by putting the knife on a screwdriver, and having achieved the horizontal position of the knife’s wings. Excessive vibration of an unbalanced blade leads to premature failure of the mower.

In “advanced” lawn mowers, the knives are attached to a special bar or cross. These knives can be sharpened individually and are cheaper to replace. Sometimes the knives are attached to the motor shaft through a coupling. Most often, the sleeve is a pad of soft material that breaks down when the knife touches a hard object. sophisticated “reusable” couplings switch off the knife automatically when an obstacle occurs in its path, as well as at the request of the operator.

Spindle lawn mowers.

The cutting tools of these lawn mowers are movable steel knives mounted on a cylindrical drum that rotates around a horizontal axis, and a fixed knife closely adjacent to the drum. Moving knives crush the grass under the fixed knife and cut it like scissors. Spindle lawn mowers provide the highest quality lawn coverage, but they are not efficient. They should be used for re-cleaning lawns after mowing with rotary lawn mowers, for mowing well-groomed lawns.

Lawn mowers are also distinguished by the type of drive: with manual, with electric, with gasoline. Electric lawn mowers, in turn, are subdivided into mains-powered and battery-powered devices. Manual lawn mowers are only spindle mowers.

Each type of drive has its own advantages and disadvantages.
A hand-held lawnmower is completely autonomous, but requires the expenditure of muscle strength. If your lawn (garden, backyard) is not strewn with stones and not riddled with potholes, then it is quite possible to fork out for a wheeled lawnmower, which mows very efficiently and evenly. In addition, almost all lawn mowers are equipped with collectors. However, unlike, say, a brushcutter, they can only be used for cutting short grass. where the grass is waist-deep, the mower simply will not work. Like hand scythes, lawn mowers are electric and gasoline.
The cost depends on the power of the lawn mower, cutting height and cutting width (the wider the width, the fewer passes you have to make). As a rule, the minimum cutting height is at least 20 millimeters, the maximum. up to 75 mm.
When choosing an electric mower, do not forget that when using it, you will have the same problems as when using an electric trimmer: it cannot be used in the rain, it is impossible to move far from the power source, the time of continuous operation is limited.
Non-self-propelled low-power (900-1500 W) lawn mowers with low grip (cutting width 30-39 centimeters) are relatively inexpensive. However, they can only mow a small, perfectly flat lawn at home. Their main advantage. they are quite lightweight and maneuverable. However, the mowing area in most cases is limited to five hundred square meters.
The more powerful ones, with cutting widths up to 46 cm, are much more expensive. The power of such lawn mowers is up to 1600-1800 W, weight. up to 25-30 kg. It is worth noting that all wheeled lawn mowers are equipped with a grass collector with a volume of up to 60 liters. so by the end of the mow, the mower can double its weight. However, the grass catcher can be removed: in this case, the grass will spill out at your feet.
Behind a relatively quiet and light electric lawnmower, you have to pull wires or fiddle with bulky batteries that take longer to charge than they last.

Petrol lawn mowers are distinguished by high power (up to 6 HP), solid performance and high noise level. Powerful petrol lawnmowers make it easier to work on large areas of the lawn. Also, gasoline lawn mowers are more mobile than electric ones, they have no dependence on a power source, there is no danger of electric shock. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the engine power affects the cutting width of the grass as well as the quality of the grass cut. the higher the engine speed, the better the stems are cut.
Gasoline lawn mowers are more expensive, but more powerful and more reliable than electric.

Happy shopping.

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Way to travel

Before choosing a lawn mower, you should immediately decide whether you will move it around the site yourself, or it should be able to move on its own. The first ones are distinguished by an affordable price, lighter weight and dimensions. It is easier to store and transport them. but physical effort is required to move them. Women and the elderly should not use non-self-propelled mowers.

By choosing a self-propelled version that moves independently, you can serve larger areas. Human intervention in the operation of such a device is reduced only to the task of the direction of movement.

The equipment is distinguished by relatively large dimensions, weight and price, but it is suitable for work on an area of ​​up to 1.2 hectares and does not greatly affect operator fatigue.

In addition to two-, three- and four-wheel lawn mowers, there are hover models. Their advantages are high maneuverability and cross-country ability on the territory with uneven terrain. But the costs for such mowers are higher than for wheeled versions, and it is more difficult to control them. hovercraft technology is not in great demand and is rare. One of the few electric models of this type available for purchase in Russia in 2019 is the Flymo Turbo Lite 330, powered by a network, a 1.15 kW motor and a mowing width of 330 mm.

How to choose an electric lawnmower: tips from the pros

Should your meadow become a graceful lawn? We will tell you about the difference between gasoline, electric and manual lawnmowers. In addition, we present to your attention 10 most popular lawn mowers among Amazon users.

Oddly enough, the wide range of models makes it difficult to choose the right device. Therefore, before choosing an electric lawn mower for a summer residence or a country house, it is worth getting to know the basic parameters of technology. It is not only the manufacturer of the device that is important, the power of the device and the method of movement are also of great importance. In this review, we will tell you what to look for before buying an electric lawn mower and present the best models from our ranking.


Another criterion for choosing a good quality and long service life electric lawnmower is the manufacturer of the device. To buy the most functional and reliable model, you should look for products from the brands Bosch, Oleo-Mac, AL-KO or Gardena. Such equipment will last longer, and it is easier to find a service center serving it.

You can find a good quality lawn mower in the budget segment, up to 10,000 rubles. One of them is the Makita DLM380Z model with a 620 W electric motor. However, the area of ​​the serviced site is small. only 270 sq. m. This means that the buyer of the mower will have to make a compromise between its performance, costs and reliability.

Electric motor power

One of the main questions when buying an electric lawn mower is which performance to choose.

Most models are equipped with 500-3000 W motors. The more powerful the engine, the faster and longer the equipment will work.

But buying a device that is too powerful is not worth it. it will consume a lot of electricity without a noticeable effect. Performance should be appropriate for the area of ​​the site and the height of the grass.

For giving a standard size (6-10 acres), a lawn mower with a 0.6-1.0 kW motor is enough. The capabilities of the same equipment will be enough to service the plots at least once a week. If the grass is rarely mowed (1-3 times per season) or the area of ​​the plot is large enough, you should think about purchasing a lawn mower with a power of at least 1.5 kW.

Type of food

By the type of power supply, electric mowers are divided into network and battery. Models requiring a mains connection are chosen for their easy maintenance and long runtime. This technique allows you to mow the grass as long as there is current in the network. The only major drawback is the limitation of the service area by the length of the cable. Although the problem is easily solved by buying a reel extension cord that extends the power cord by 30, 40 and even 50 meters.

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The mower can also be powered by an electric battery. The advantages of this model are in the absence of restrictions on movement within the territory of the site. The cord will not get tangled between trees, bushes and other elements of the landscape, it does not need to be extended, it is possible to serve areas with a lack of power supply.

The disadvantages of battery technology can be called less power and operating time. But the second drawback is not so significant. most self-powered mowers work for at least an hour, and you can also use an additional battery.

Among the battery models, the Makita DLM380PM2 is considered one of the best. a non-self-propelled wheeled device with a 4 Ah battery. The equipment is designed to service 600 sq. m of area, mows a strip 380 mm wide at a height of 250 to 750 mm.

When deciding which electric lawn mower to choose for a summer cottage, you can pay attention to robotic devices. The robot is quieter and completely eliminates operator intervention in the work. Cons. high price, small service area, long recharging, the need to limit the perimeter using special cords.

Looking through the rating of robotic lawnmowers, you can find in one of the top positions the Robomow RX20u model with a 200 W electric motor. The device can serve a plot of up to 200 sq. m, almost no noise (noise level 64 dB) and works for at least 1.5 hours.

Mowing options

Before choosing an electric lawn mower, it is worth learning about the recommended compliance of such a parameter as the mowing width of the area of ​​the site. The dimensions of the serviced area are related to the characteristics of the mower as follows:

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020

  • for a summer cottage with a plot of up to 500 square meters, choose a model with a mowing width of up to 40 cm;
  • if the area is within 5-10 acres, the width should be 40-50 cm;
  • maintenance of a plot of 1000-2000 square meters will be provided by equipment with a mowing width of 50-60 cm;
  • for large areas, mowers with a strip width of 0.6-1.2 m are suitable.

The cutting height is a parameter that can be adjusted on most lawn mowers. Changing the characteristic is done by rearranging the axle or wheels, by pressing a lever or button. The easiest and most profitable option is to manually adjust the cutting height. The axle is installed in another hole on the mower frame.

The electronically controlled model will cost more. Although, if the mowed grass must always be at the same level, the more important is not the method, but the limits of height adjustment.

Deck type

A deck is a part of a lawn mower with knives. Usually, the following materials are used for its manufacture:

  • aluminum is a metal that increases the price of the device;
  • plastic is the most profitable soundboard material;
  • steel. medium-priced option.

To increase the service life of your lawnmower, choose the right model with an aluminum deck. It differs from the plastic version by increased strength, from the steel part. by lower weight and resistance to corrosion. A plastic deck is used in the cheapest mowers. But, sometimes, when servicing a plot of 2-4 acres, it makes no sense to overpay. The engine of inexpensive and low-power equipment will fail earlier than a plastic deck.

Engine power

The engine power that lawn mowers are equipped with is usually between 0.8 and 3 kW. The more power, the more performance.

However, one should not blindly give preference to the most powerful models. If your lawn is well-groomed, you cut the grass in time, too powerful lawn mowers will be superfluous. They will unnecessarily consume large amounts of electricity. But low-power motors overheat faster, so when choosing, look for continuous operation time in the product passport.

Usually, electric mowers for a standard summer cottage are designed to work up to 30 minutes. this time is enough to cut the grass on the site.

Deck requirements

The deck contains the working parts of the lawn mower. knives. It can be made from (in ascending order):

  • plastic;
  • become;
  • aluminum.

Models with an aluminum deck do not corrode. therefore, they are more durable. Cheap lawn mowers are equipped with a plastic deck, but sometimes it is advisable to give them preference due to the fact that the electric motor often fails before the plastic part is damaged.

The need for a tool in the country

A plot with a neat and well-groomed green lawn looks much nicer than chaotic thickets of grass.

But it is quite difficult to maintain it in this state, because the grass tends to grow quickly, especially during rainy periods.

The presence of a grass catcher

Almost all wheeled models are equipped with a grass catcher. a container for collecting cut grass. They are soft and hard.

Soft collectors are usually larger in volume, but the disadvantage is that they quickly become dirty from the grass, have to be washed from time to time, and are also less durable. Plastic containers, on the other hand, are durable, but it is difficult to determine the degree of filling in them. The grass catcher can always be dismantled and the mower can be used without it.

Electrician or gasoline: pros and cons

By the type of energy consumed, lawn mowers are electric and gasoline.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. To understand which lawn mower is better gasoline or electric, consider the main pros and cons of each of them.

  • Maneuverability. The only significant drawback of electric models is the limited freedom of movement during work: this is due to the presence of a wire. Firstly, the length of the wire does not always allow you to get to all corners of the site, but this can be solved using an extension cord. Secondly, there is always the possibility of the wire getting under the knives, you constantly need to monitor this, correcting it during operation.
  • Storage. Naturally, before buying any equipment, you need to think about where it will be stored. As for gardening tools, for the winter, they usually hide in a barn, garage, or even transported to an apartment. And if your premises do not have enough space, then it is better to give preference to electric lawn mowers: it will even fit on the balcony. In terms of size and weight, it outperforms gasoline. over, it is generally not recommended to store the latter in an apartment due to the presence of a pungent smell from fuel.
  • Economy. Electric lawn mowers are several times cheaper than gasoline ones. This is due to the complexity of the design of the gasoline engine. In addition, oil and gasoline are also more expensive than electricity.
  • Service. The best lawn mower in this regard is electric. Such models are elementary in service. before operation, they just need to be plugged into the outlet. Whereas gasoline and oil must first be poured into gasoline, monitor the level of these fluids, and from time to time carry out engine maintenance (change or clean the filter and spark plugs).
  • Noisiness. The electric motor runs quietly and with little or no noise. Therefore, unlike noisy gasoline, such units can be operated at any time of the day without disturbing neighbors.
  • Body material. Gasoline models are mainly made with steel housings. They are much stronger than electric ones, the cases of which are plastic. However, this indicator can be a minus, since the steel is heavy and corrosive.
  • Environmental friendliness. Exhaust gases, as a by-product of a gasoline engine, pollute the environment. Thus, eco-techies will prefer electric mowers.

Criteria for choosing an electric lawn mower, how to choose an assistant for a summer residence

Today’s article will focus on such a popular tool among summer residents and owners of private houses as a lawn mower. Their assortment is currently quite large, so we have systematized and put all the information in order. We present to your attention a kind of instruction for choosing this unit.

  • The need for a tool in the country
  • Electrician or gasoline: pros and cons
  • How to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence, selection criteria
  • Self-propelled, non-self-propelled
  • Engine power
  • Type of lawn grass (cutting width and height)
  • Grass-box availability
  • Deck requirements
  • Additional features and functions
  • Popular models of electric lawn mowers for summer cottages
  • Additional features and functions

    In addition to the main characteristics, when choosing an electric lawn mower, you should pay attention to a number of additional functions and features.

    For example, some models are equipped with a mulching function, that is, chopping cut grass. The resulting mulch is used to feed the lawn.

    There is also such a function as side discharge of grass. It will be useful when cutting grass on roadsides. Lawn mowers differ in wheel width and wheel diameter. If you are the owner of a terrain with bumps, give preference to models with large wheels.

    Type of lawn grass (cutting width and height)

    The mowing width depends on the size of the blade installed in the mower. Inexpensive standard models have a knife width of about 30 cm, in more advanced models it can reach 46 cm. This figure affects productivity. So, you can process the entire area in 15 passes, and you can in 9. Here the choice of an electric lawn mower is due in terms of labor costs and time spent on putting the lawn in order.

    As a result, lawn mowers can achieve different heights of lawn grass. The adjustment is carried out in three ways:

    • rearrangement of each wheel;
    • rearrangement of the wheel axle;
    • by lever or button.

    This criterion is not so important, since summer residents usually use only one level.

    But if you are going to equip an artistic lawn on your site, then give preference to models with push-button or lever adjustment.