How To Choose A Petrol Mowing Trimmer


  • Power. 0.71 kW;
  • Motor volume. 24.5 cm 3;
  • Engine type. four-stroke;
  • Gas tank capacity. 0.5 l;
  • Gasoline consumption. 408 g / kilowatt-hour;
  • Rotation frequency. 8500 rpm;
  • Cutting components. 2.4 mm line, steel knife;
  • Weight. 5.9 kg;
  • Dimensions. 177x62x49 cm.


How to choose a petrol trimmer

When choosing a unit, it is necessary to take into account the basic operational and technical characteristics of the device.

How To Choose A Petrol Mowing Trimmer

Best Rotary Gasoline Trimmer

The Husqvarna 128R lawn mower is equipped with a rotary cutting system with manual cutting height adjustment. The trimmer bar has a comfortable length for work, and the optimized gearbox, set at an angle of 30 0. Provides increased torque. The motorized device is ideal for working on a small backyard.

Secondary parameters

  • Design;
  • Trimmer speed;
  • Manufacturer’s reputation.

The best representatives in the line of gasoline lawn mowers are presented in the review.


  • Motor volume. 43 cm 3;
  • Power. 1.26 kW;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 1 liter;
  • Rotation frequency. 9000 rpm;
  • Engine type. two-stroke;
  • Cutting set. 3 mm fishing line, steel three-bladed knife;
  • Maximum mowing width per pass. 40 cm;
  • Rod diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • Noise level. 99 dB;
  • Weight. 7.6 kg;
  • Dimensions. 186x29x28 cm.


  • Motor volume. 28 cm 3;
  • Power. 0.8 kW;
  • Engine type. two-stroke;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.4 l;
  • Fuel mixture consumption. 507 g / kWh;
  • Rotation frequency. 9000 rpm;
  • Cutting headset. trimmer head, 4-blade steel grass disc;
  • Line thickness. 2 mm;
  • Weight. 5 kg.

Best all-round petrol trimmer

The DDE GBS430R petrol lawn mower is a versatile assistant for a summer resident in the matter of caring for a personal plot. The tool can easily cope with both young green growth and tough dense thickets. The included shoulder strap ensures that the load is evenly distributed over the operator’s body. The mower boom is equipped with a handle shaped like a bicycle handlebar, this configuration allows natural and comfortable movement when working with the tool.


  • Shoulder strap;
  • Bicycle handle;
  • Straight bar;
  • Protective cover;
  • Powerful power unit;
  • Capacious fuel tank;
  • Easy start;
  • Anti-vibration clutch;
  • Metal clutch housing;
  • Semi-automatic line feed;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Stylish design.

Main parameters of the device

  • Engine power and type. The wider the trimmer options, the stronger the engine and the higher the fuel consumption. The engine can be lightweight (1 HP and below), simple (within 1-3 HP) and reinforced (over 3 HP). A two-stroke engine costs significantly less than a four-stroke engine, but it is more difficult to maintain, since engine oil and gasoline must be mixed to start. Their service life is relatively shorter. The four-stroke engine is more complex and therefore more expensive to repair, but it has fuel and oil compartments and significantly lower noise and emissions.
  • Working (cutting) part. For mowing grass, blade knives are used (suitable for removing any weeds, bushes), as well as nylon fishing line. The second option is more affordable and safer, but its service life is much shorter. This part of the device needs periodic replacement and is a consumable.
  • Instrument handles and stabilization system. Professional instruments are equipped with a steering wheel-like control system that provides control over the device and ease of use. The buttons are close at hand, making the job much easier. Household trimmers are equipped with a ring-shaped handle, which is less comfortable. At the same time, the buttons are located on the bar, so it is somewhat more difficult to reach them. The stabilization (anti-vibration) system is designed to reduce the load on the hands, since blood vessels burst from constant vibration.
  • Mowing width. The larger this parameter, the higher labor productivity. However, trimmers with small cutting widths are required for delicate jobs.
  • The volume of the gas tank. Spacious container allows you to work longer without refueling, but makes the device heavier.
  • Additional options. The instruments are equipped with convenient engine starting devices (eg decompression valve or spring starter). Removable nozzles will help to change tactics in the fight against unwanted thickets, achieving greater success in maintaining your site. Compression I convenient devices for starting the engine (for example, uki, since the vessels burst from constant vibration.

How to choose a petrol trimmer?

With the development of suburban construction, trimmers are becoming more and more popular: compact lawn mowers necessary for weed control, grass mowing, gardening. This handy thing allows you to take care of the site, destroying any volumes of excess vegetation. Several degrees of safety guarantee the user protection against damage and injury.

The petrol trimmer is a compact lawn mower that is powered by the petrol engine located at the bottom of the appliance. The grass is mowed at the expense of the working part, presented in the form of a blade knife, fishing line or other device. In addition to gasoline, this trimmer needs to be refilled with engine oil. Its most important advantages are lightness, compactness, ease of use.

Determine what types of petrol trimmers are

Household trimmers. The most common devices are for mowing ordinary grass that grows in any area. They have a two-stroke engine with low power (about 1 HP) and are characterized by low weight. Such devices are compact and most often have a flexible shaft. This, in turn, provides a high level of maneuverability, but a short service life. The buttons are located on the shaft, so you have to take your hand away from the handle to turn it on and off. This is a good solution for everyday needs, but it is completely unsuitable for more serious tasks. As a rule, the package contains additional items (gloves, mask), and this is a very nice little thing. It can be used without stopping for no more than 20-30 minutes, after which a short break (10-15 minutes) should be taken to cool the engine.

Pros. Flexible shaft (maneuverability, lightness), low weight, affordable price, compactness, the ability to replace consumables.

Minuses. Inconvenient arrangement of control buttons, high noise level, short service life, weak working part, thin metal casing, many models cannot be disassembled, they do not have an anti-vibration system, limited scope of use (only grass can be mowed), non-stop operation at short time intervals (20.30 minutes), filling gasoline with oil (in a certain proportion, usually 1:40).

Professional trimmers. Such devices have a shoulder strap, additional protection from the working part, reinforced by a motor. Its power is over 3 HP, respectively, the level of fuel and oil consumption is much higher. Instead of nylon fishing line, a screw knife is used, which cuts not only grass, but also small bushes, thick weeds. The anti-vibration system allows you to reduce the load on your hands, protecting them from overvoltage and, accordingly, from unpleasant physical sensations. There are also disadvantages, the most important of which is the high cost of the solution. It is necessary to monitor the motor very carefully, to avoid emergency operating modes, as the motor may fail if overloaded. After use, it is advisable to clean the device by removing the remnants of grass.

Professional trimmer at work

Pros. Straight shaft (provides long service life and ease of use), anti-vibration system (eliminates problems such as overstraining the limbs during operation), convenient location of control buttons, shoulder strap, low noise (for four-stroke engines), various compartments for oil and gasoline, the ability to install a milling knife (for cutting thin trees or thick bushes).

Minuses. The need for careful maintenance of the tool, expensive maintenance and repairs, increased consumption of gasoline and engine oil.

Universal trimmers. Such devices represent an intermediate solution between household and professional models. The engine power is in the range of 1-3 HP, and this is enough not only to combat unwanted grass, but also to cut thin bushes and young weeds. The working part can be made both in the form of a three-bladed knife and in the form of a nylon fishing line. As a rule, such a device is focused on serving a large area, but its own, and not for professional work. You need to take breaks at almost the same frequency as when using a household solution. But the maintenance costs are comparable to professional models. Fuel and oil consumption is at an acceptable level, but it also needs to be mixed when feeding.

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Pros. The device is distinguished by its average price, acceptable fuel consumption, long service life, versatility.

Minuses. The device requires careful maintenance, oil is filled with gasoline, the noise level is very high, and the anti-vibration system is usually absent.

lawn mowers. The professional models, adapted for the most demanding tasks, are very similar to conventional trimmers. But, unlike them, the devices are able to cope with very difficult work: cutting off thick bushes and young trees. This is achieved due to a powerful motor (over 3 HP) and a whole series of attachments, including a metal knife and a spool with polyamide thread. Otherwise, the device completely duplicates a professional trimmer: there is a shoulder girdle, and control from the handle, and an anti-vibration system. But with such a set of advantages, there are also certain disadvantages: a very high price, the need for periodic maintenance, extremely expensive repairs. This solution is suitable for processing a huge area and daily work, including many hours of non-stop work.

Petrol trimmer lawn mower (lawn mower) MATRIX BMS 1150

Pros. The presence of several attachments, a wide scope of use, low noise, high power, the possibility of long-term non-stop work, full versatility, shoulder strap, convenient control directly from the handle, straight shaft (high strength and reliability).

Minuses. Very high cost, constant service, high oil and gas consumption, heavy weight.

Selection criteria for grass trimmers

Choosing a trimmer for a summer cottage is a crucial step. Depending on the power of the engine, the practicality and mobility of the device, its protection and convenience, the quality of the cutting tool and the possibilities for continuity of work, you can determine the most suitable trimmer for use in your own area. But, before deciding on a choice, we recommend that you pay attention to a few more points. When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics and the area in which the unit will be used.

Power is the main criterion for choosing a device for cutting grass. Typically the wattage ranges from 220W to 1800W. The most powerful models have a faster rotating knife, due to which they are able to process a larger area in a shorter period of time. Remember that the weight of the device increases with power. Optimum ratio performance can be seen in the Husqvarna 525RX Brush Cutter. Low wattage models (up to 700 W) are suitable for small areas with soft, soft grass. If you have a need to mow a larger area that has hard stems on the territory, give preference to models with a power of 900 W or more.

Cutting width

The cut width directly affects how efficiently the plant will be cut in one pass. The most common sizes range from 20 cm to 42 cm. The wider the cut, the more space the trimmer will cover in less time. For a summer cottage, it will be enough to purchase a trimmer with a cut width of about 26 cm.

This parameter affects performance. Turnovers are indicated in quantities per minute. How to choose the optimal value? For a small enterprise or suburban area, you need about 6000 rpm. / min. Professional trimmers have up to 7500-12000 rpm. / min., such as the Husqvarna 541RS Lawn Mower. In low-power versions, this parameter is not indicated, since K. It is no more than 7000 rpm. / min.

When choosing a trimmer, be sure to pay attention to its weight. Since the heavier the unit, the greater the load it will put on the human body. Weight affects the ease of use of the tool and the duration of non-stop work without interruptions for the operator to rest. The trimmer can weigh from 2 to 12 kg When buying a trimmer weighing 5 kg or more, make sure it is equipped with a strap to reduce the strain on the operator’s arms. Petrol trimmers generally weigh between 5 and 7 kilograms, you should pay attention to one of the models in this segment. Trimmer petrol Oleo-Mac 741.

Cutting system

The trimmer’s cutting system is the main element that makes it work. It can be made from durable metals or soft fishing line. Heavy-duty knives are ideal for unkempt lawns. The line will work wherever the cutting system is likely to come into contact with something other than the lawn. When hitting hard surfaces, the line will not break like knives. However, thick grass can be a problem for them, as the grass will get stuck in the line. There are models that can use both elements and knives and fishing line, an excellent example of a budget option with such a headset is the Foresta FC-45 L lawn mower.

Line diameter

This parameter shows how thick the stems of individual plants can be cut by the device. Similar to the cut width, the lower the value, the more effort will be required to remove the lawn. The minimum line diameter is 1.5 mm, the maximum is about 3.5 mm. It makes no sense to buy a trimmer with a line diameter larger than 2 mm for a summer cottage where the lawn needs to be kept tidy. If it is necessary to improve the area with a lot of weeds, then you can choose the diameter of the fishing line with a larger diameter.

Mount type

All models have special straps by means of which the body is fixed on the user’s body. To operate the trimmer, it must be hung on the body. on this. Operation of the device with one belt is suitable for a small area or suburban area. If the area with grass is large, then a knapsack fastening will be required, which will evenly distribute the load and reduce vibration.

Convenience of holding

This criterion includes both the number of straps, the shape and number of handles, and the balancing of the unit. If you choose an electric grass trimmer in your own small garden, then one handle will be enough, but if you are mowing a large area or for a long time, then it is better to give preference to an apparatus with two handles or with crossed ones.

A kind of handle

Provides insight into the ability to perform certain types of vegetation treatments. For example, bicycle T-sticks are usually mounted on heavy-duty trimmers used for mowing large amounts of grass (hay) in large areas where special care is not required for plant cover. The same can be said about J-handles. And, for example, D- or O-shaped handles are convenient for less powerful models used for decorative lawn and flower bed care. They allow precise and even edging or spot cutting of shoots.

Tank volume and battery capacity

These are indicators that allow continuous operation of the tool. When the fuel runs out, it must be poured into the tank, and immediately continue to work. If the battery runs out, it will take some time from 3 to 5 hours to replenish its capacity. For example, the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 lawn mower has a tank with a volume of 0.75, which is designed to work within 40 minutes. Cheap trimmer models hold 300 ml of fuel and run for about 20 minutes. With the maximum indicator, it is possible to work for more than an hour, which is convenient for commercial use in large areas. For rechargeable models, the battery is measured in amperes / hours. 1 unit of A / h is enough for 15 minutes of work. Charging takes three times longer.

How to choose the right grass trimmer? Expert advice Tool Center. Select consumables

Among other things, one of the important evaluation criteria is the ability to use different types of attachments and accessories. The trimmer uses fishing line, metal or plastic knives and saw blades. The last two types of equipment are most often typical for professional models. The selection of consumables, as well as their installation, must be carried out carefully, since the performance of your model and the ability to perform certain tasks depends on it.

For example, nylon line works well for mowing ordinary grass. If you are removing dead wood or grassy vegetation with massive stems, it is better to use plastic knives. Metal blades and discs are capable of cutting even branches with a diameter of 15 mm or more.

In addition, each trimmer can be equipped with additional equipment in the form of fixing straps, different types of handles, etc.

It should also be noted that in instances with a collapsible bar there is the possibility of using special attachments and using these devices as a brush cutter, cultivator and snow blower. This greatly expands the scope of use of aggregates.

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lawn mower STIHL FS 70 C-E

Electric trimmers. Such a device receives energy directly from a household electrical network with a voltage of 220V. It is a small, compact tool that is virtually quiet and does not require refueling. The working motor gives an impulse to the shaft, and the cutting parts receive it from the shaft. A prerequisite for the operation of such a tool is the presence of an outlet and carrying it nearby. Therefore, the device’s maneuverability is limited, but it works completely silently. In addition, electrified models do not emit toxic emissions into the air. However, it should be understood that such equipment is suitable for those areas where there is constant access to an outlet to which a trimmer can be connected. The unit is usually lightweight and does not interfere with people. Its handles are easy and convenient to adjust. Different knives can always be fitted.

Advantages of trimmers:

  • Lungs;
  • They make little noise and do not disturb neighbors;
  • Inexpensive;
  • There are powerful models;
  • No harmful emissions;
  • Height adjustable handles;
  • Possibility of setting different knives.

Disadvantages of trimmers:

  • Inconvenience from a wire that can be cut accidentally;
  • Limited space by carrying length.

Grass Trimmer Specifications

An important step in choosing the right unit will be the analysis of the technical parameters provided for the purchase of models. First of all, we evaluate the general characteristics inherent in any type of trimmer:

  • Power;
  • Bevelling width;
  • Weight;
  • Turnovers;
  • Cutting element type;
  • Convenience of holding;
  • A kind of handle;
  • Tank volume (battery capacity).

The process of improving the lawn is quite troublesome, requiring not only skill, but also the appropriate equipment. The trimmer will keep the area neat and attractive. In an open and large space, a lawnmower will provide the ideal grass cut. But how to process the edges so as not to catch the growing flower beds nearby? Or what to do when the size of the mower does not fit between bushes and trees that grow close? Difficult access, obstructed, curved perimeter is a great way to use a fully automated manual scythe, namely the grass trimmer. It is worth noting that the tool works not only with mowing grass, the trimmer will cope with many tasks in urban environments. parks, squares. In order not to get confused with terminology. Tools that are called: trimmer, electric cutter, lawn mower, lawn mower. Belongs to one category, the difference is mainly in the type of engine.

The main classification of trimmers is made by battery type. There are three types of grass trimmers:

Petrol grass trimmer. The gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine gives the trimmer complete freedom of movement. To provide power to the engine, the trimmer has a petrol and oil tank, which gives extra weight to the tool. The disadvantage of a gasoline trimmer is the high level of noise emitted during operation, as well as exhaust gases that affect the environment. But at the same time, the gasoline trimmer combines mobility and high productivity. With such a tool, you can freely move around the territory and even work where there are no buildings and electricity. There is no need to constantly remember about the cord and be afraid to cut it. It is actively used for mowing grass on the side of the road, maintaining a beautiful condition of courtyards in multi-storey areas and on the territory of large enterprises.

Advantages of lawn mowers (petrol trimmers):

Electric scythe Stiga SB 1000 J

Cordless trimmers have recently been on the market, but have already gained in popularity. This is due to the appearance of a large number of trimmers operating on lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion). Most trimmers of this type have a battery capable of operating for an hour. Batteries of accumulator equipment are often universal and fit other devices of the same manufacturer. Battery models have two types of engine location, the lower layout is more common, while the battery is located in the handle, where indicators are located that indicate the charge level.

Benefits of cordless grass trimmers:

  • Silent;
  • Installation of different cutting systems;
  • No space restrictions;
  • Lungs;
  • The energy reserve is enough for 30-45 minutes;
  • Fast charging;
  • Powerful models available.

Disadvantages of cordless grass braids:

  • Battery life is limited;
  • expensive than electric.

How to choose a grass trimmer

We will not focus on the obvious nuances, such as mobility at work or the cost of a unit of power. Instead, we will consider more practical issues: maintainability, resource, ergonomics, behavior of the power unit under various operating modes, and most importantly, the purpose of trimmers with different types of drive.

For a person who does not know how or does not want to do the maintenance of equipment himself, there is no fundamental difference between a gasoline or electric engine. Both of them have approximately the same cost of maintenance and repair, and the high cost of components grows in proportion to the cost of the trimmer: original high-quality consumables are always more expensive. The category of exceptions includes small-run models that have been discontinued. Finding spare parts for such equipment is even more difficult, so the unification of functional units is also important.

The gasoline engine has the advantage of having a massive flywheel, thanks to which the engine copes well with a sharp increase in loads. The run-out of the electric machine is much less: if the trimmer encounters a serious obstacle, the motor will almost instantly reduce its rotation speed and begin to warm up. From this point of view, gasoline units have one more advantage: they are not so sensitive to heating, while at 80–100 ° C the insulation of the windings begins to deteriorate in a budget electric braid.

The choice between electric and petrol drive is a compromise between comfort and power. Electric braids are lighter in weight and in terms of handling, they are much less noisy and do not generate exhaust emissions. However, for cutting lush vegetation or processing an area over 3-5 acres, it is better to give preference to gasoline units. In addition, only gasoline trimmers can work with steel circular knives, and the vast majority of electric trimmers are designed only for quickly wearing plastic knives or small-section fishing line.

Before considering the technical features, it is worth talking about the cost of the trimmer. Today it is rare to find models, the price of which is unjustifiably overpriced. There are small fluctuations, but they are formed by changes in demand within a certain price range:

Up to 3,500 rubles. cheap Chinese products that cannot cope with a large volume of tasks. They have almost zero maintainability, however, they can be used for irregular mowing of small lawns or for making edges after a lawn mower.

From 3,500 to 7,000 rubles. the most interesting cars for an ordinary buyer, made in China. Repairs are usually carried out by replacing individual units, components are inexpensive and available on a wide market. This trimmer will effortlessly cope with the removal of dense weeds and thick stems, but it is better to limit the time of continuous work to avoid accelerated wear.

From 7,000 to 15,000 rubles. this category includes braids from well-known European and East Asian brands. Although the products are manufactured in Chinese factories, they are subject to stricter technical supervision and quality control requirements, which is why the percentage of service calls is extremely low. These are reliable “workhorses” that, in domestic use, are unlikely to require serious maintenance during operation.

Over 15,000 rubles. professional braids for commercial use. Distinctive features: the ability to work without interruption in a wide range of capacities, a well-thought-out repair and maintenance scheme by replacing inexpensive consumable items. Many representatives of this class are not a trimmer in the usual sense, but are combined systems. They are based on a multi-motor, to which a number of attachments are attached: for shearing hedges, pruning tree branches, cleaning sidewalk seams, blowing off cut greenery and even for shallow soil cultivation or snow removal.

When choosing a trimmer with an electric motor, there are few nuances. Plug-in electric scythes are equipped with universal collector motors, which are standard on all power tools. The main problems with these machines are poor quality bearings, poor rotor balancing and an imperfect air cooling circuit. In general, the quality and reliability of an electric motor increase in proportion to the cost of the tool, there are no exceptions or unique technical solutions in this regard.

The key difference between mains trimmers lies in the location of the motor:

  • The lower one is more comfortable in terms of weight distribution, but at the same time the engine is vulnerable to moisture and dirt getting into it along with the air flow.
  • Upper. the motor is reliably protected from the ingress of foreign objects, but it is less convenient during operation and the presence of a transmission, which reduces reliability and leads to the appearance of parasitic power losses in friction units.
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Battery models have a collector motor with a gearbox that increases the spindle speed, and the most modern ones have a brushless or brushless DC motor. The advantage of the latter is the absence of a brush assembly, efficiency and good controllability, the ability to implement the most advanced electronic control schemes. With all the advantages, the other pan of the scale is quite expensive. Optimal Battery Trim Arrangement. Top Battery and Bottom Motor.

Standard repair kit for petrol trimmer or chainsaw

The petrol trimmer engine is available in two or four strokes. The latter type is more difficult to repair and maintain, but at the same time it is more reliable and stable under variable load. Four-stroke motors are heavier, which makes it advisable to use them only in professional-grade equipment designed for long-term operation without stopping. Most household models have a two-stroke engine, which is quite justified: fewer requirements for fuel quality, repair by simple and quick replacement of the cylinder-piston group, acceptable power dynamics.

With regard to power, for electric drives the minimum value can be considered 600-800 W, for gasoline two-stroke. 0.6-0.8 HP with a working volume of 30-35 cm3, for four-stroke. 1.2-1.5 liters. FROM. With a volume of up to 40 cm3. Excess power for manual lawn mowers is undesirable: the equipment must be chosen for the tasks at hand, because with the increase in productivity, the weight of the power unit also increases, which reduces the convenience of work and maneuverability.

It remains to figure out how the power transfer from the engine to the working tool is realized in various trimmers and what are the limitations of various technical solutions. The type of transmission can be judged by the shape of the rod: in a straight line, a rigid metal shaft is used, in a curved one. a flexible one based on a steel or polymer cable.

The straight shaft is characterized by less parasitic losses and more reliability. A flexible bar, on the other hand, allows you to achieve a more rational distribution of weight, but this unit cannot be called reliable. However, in expensive trimmers, rather interesting solutions are used, in which polymer and composite materials are involved, which reduce friction losses and increase resistance to stress.

The type of transmission determines the types of equipment that can be used with the trimmer. So, steel discs and high-speed cutting tools require the most rigid drive coupling, which means that only trimmers with a rigid shaft are suitable for cutting dry stems and branches of bushes. The rejection of the gear transmission in favor of cardan or CV joints helps to increase resistance to loads.

In turn, trimmers designed for delicate work, for example, cutting the edges of the lawn or narrow areas between the beds, can have a different scheme of rotation transmission, selected for the sake of increased ergonomics or maneuverability. The same applies to the shape of the handles: the bike pattern is optimal for long-term work with heavy and powerful trimmers, while the D-shaped or J-shaped handle in combination with the curved bar makes it easier to use a wide range of combination systems and work with small landscapes.

Length adjustment

The bar. an extension of the trimmer handle comes in several forms: D. maneuverable, J. safe, T. suitable for long continuous work. There are also retractable and non-retractable rods. The telescopic bar will increase its length by about 20%, which can play into your hands at the moment when you need to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Cutting system

The trimmer’s cutting system is the main element that makes it work. It can be made of durable metals or soft fishing line.

Heavy-duty knives are ideal for unkempt lawns. The line will work wherever the cutting system is likely to come into contact with something other than the lawn. When hitting hard surfaces, the line will not break like knives. However, thick grass can be a problem for them, as the grass will get stuck in the line.

Mounting type

The types of fastening are almost the same, but the convenience depends on them. Having one belt will be suitable for situations where long mowing is not going on. Two belts are better suited for urban landscaping workers, as they will take on some of the vibration and distribute the load.


The electric unit is suitable for female representatives due to the ease and convenience of maneuvering. In addition, there are the largest number of electric trimmers on the market, so you can find the most convenient option. Due to the fact that the device is powered from the mains, it has low mobility, there is also a danger of cutting the wire by negligence.

Gas powered trimmers use city services to keep lawns tidy. Due to the fact that the gas tank is attached to the device, it becomes heavier. Thus, not all owners of a summer cottage will be able to cope with the trimmer.

There are also models with a higher battery capacity, but the price for them immediately rises so significantly that it becomes unprofitable to buy such a unit. However, if you have a small area and you are worried about the environment, then the battery option will suit you.

How to choose

In order to choose the right trimmer for a summer cottage or garden, you need to clearly understand the goals and conditions in which the device will be used. This will help you choose a trimmer that will last more than one season.

How to choose a grass trimmer by all the rules

Well-groomed cut grass in the yard is always pleasant and beautiful. In order to give the lawn an even appearance, use trimmers. However, if you are just planning to purchase a device, then you probably wondered how to choose a trimmer. In this article you will find information about what types of trimmers are, as well as which is best for each purpose.


Power is the main criterion for choosing a device for cutting grass. Typically the wattage ranges from 220W to 1800W. The most powerful representatives have a faster rotating knife, due to which they are able to process a larger area in a shorter period of time. Remember that the weight of the device increases with power.

Low wattage models (up to 700 W) are suitable for small areas with soft, soft grass. If you have a need to mow a larger area that has hard stems on the territory, give preference to models with a power of 900 W or more.

Types of grass trimmers

There are 3 types of trimmers depending on the nutrition. Electric, gasoline, and battery.

If you are choosing for yourself a device that will work silently, then a device powered by electricity is definitely your choice. Representatives of this type of device are light and maneuverable. However, it should be understood that such equipment is suitable for those areas where there is constant access to an outlet to which you can connect a trimmer.

Gasoline models are more powerful than electric or battery-powered ones. Thanks to their autonomy, they can work almost anywhere and as long as they like. The advantage of this trimmer is the ability not only to cut soft grass, thick flower stems, but also small shrub stems.

Naturally, such a device is noisy, which not everyone will like.

The third type of trimmer is cordless. There are the fewest models of this type on the market due to low demand. The disadvantage of these trimmers is that the battery is bulky and lasts no more than 40 minutes.

Cutting width

The cut width directly affects how efficiently the plant will be cut in one pass. The most common sizes range from 20 cm to 42 cm.The wider the cut, the more space the trimmer will cover in less time.

For a summer cottage, it will be enough to purchase a trimmer with a cut width of about 26 cm.