How to convert the nutrunner into an electric screwdriver. Taking the Chinese power supply board

Smart tool: how to drill a bolt in the center without a turner (3 easy ways)

After assembling the frame of the veranda and installing the rafters, I realized that the impact tool is very handy in frame construction

I used to only work with a screwdriver. Now I have the possibility to buy an impact wrench. After the test, I was convinced that the impact wrench and its accessories make working with large fasteners easier. I bought a network version, but there are also battery-powered models. the principle is the same, but the price difference.

To work with a wrench must buy a set of adapters, otherwise you can only work with hex fasteners

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How to work the wrench so as not to over tighten the screw? You can control the tightening torque by turning? Can it assemble furniture??

Yuzayu set screwdriver and impact “wrench” Milvoki 18 volt lithium, happy to hell, Makita sucks in a row for performance and price (screwdriver Makita cost as a set of Milvoki in a suitcase and still twice in the repair visited, dust). Shocker with a “chuck” under the bit, t.е. There’s a 6-facet hole in the end. Sucker simply pulls any screw, twisted without drilling and 1506 with a cross under the posidrive N 3. Smooth pressure on the button gives low speed, no adjustments, with increasing torque, completes by itself with torque, when screwing to the stop, stops itself without overtightening. Screwed hundreds of screws, head breakage a couple of times. Full power. 30 minutes, there is a charge indicator in the battery. Sucks the battery dry, no power loss.

Unboxing of Electric Wrench Machine II In Hindi

Forget about assembling furniture with such a tup, it’ll go all the way through. For furniture, I took Makita electric screwdriver, folds from straight to L-shaped, took the blue “proff”, still alive, but the battery at 7 volts goes down quickly, for half an hour of work and a replacement also charged a half-hour maximum.

hunter1957 Posted 4-9-2011 22:30 The only thing to consider is that lithium ion batteries are not adapted to operate and store at sub-zero temperatures.
ehpebitor posted 4-9-2011 22:45

Power off 7 volt battery in half an hour, but the battery is charged in half an hour max.

A little announcement: Skil is launching the new 6222 Energy two-speed corded drill/driver, which will be available in September 2009. If it were not for the 6-meter power cord (220 V), it would be very difficult to distinguish it from its cordless counterpart. The model is planned for delivery to several dozen European countries, including Russia.

0.45 Amp. Speed (no-load): infinitely variable between 0-300 and 0-850 rpm./min. Diameter of screws to be driven (max.): 6 mm. Screwdriver chuck, diameter 1.0-10 mm. Drilling diameter (max.): in steel up to 8 mm, in wood up to 10 mm. 19 steps torque adjustment drill mode. Reverse. Weight: 1.2 kg.

If it were not for the 6-meter power cord (220 V), t

All corded “handheld” to hell, real cords are clogging up, I carry a lot in my waist bag or by the hook on my work belt. With larger machines is of course a different deal.

The nimh has no flaws, but it is indispensable at home once a year to unscrew, screw, drill, and so on.

It depends on what kind of house and at what stage of finishing / construction, screws screwed up more than a dozen thousand. I only have about 30 door leaves, tomorrow I will put the permanent doors, 6 and 7 in the account.

alexei2011june Posted 4-9-2011 23:19 Not a serious point. Li-ion has no disadvantages, no worse in temperature nimh. Don’t know what they put in the tool, the best cans are Panasonic NCR-18650 LiNiCoO2. operating range.20 to 60 deg. I have one in a 18650 assembly, protected, the capacity is a record 11Wh. In the bitter cold.40 we’re switching to lithium batteries. Too bad, tool manufacturers do not use standard RC123 batteries (like in cameras) and their li-ion 18650 analogues. about self-powered. There is a useful thing 12/220 inverters. For the tool it is desirable pure sine. no overheating, soft start. Experience inverter 600W 2.5kg. Regular Soviet drill 420W. no problem. Small angle grinder 800W. works, but it does not saw at full power. The cable problem is solvable. Where I can’t get a cable, I get a car battery and a converter box. I’m more attracted to the Bosch wrench in the household. Some things in an old car can’t be turned without it. Too bad it can have a problem with screws.

The tool kit

In most cases, this kind of tool is sold in a specialized suitcase, where every part has its own place.

The electric screwdriver drill itself consists of a key tool and a removable type battery, which is recharged from the domestic mains.

For charging, there is a special charging unit that comes with the set.

Pluses and minuses of the impact wrench

A significant advantage of the wrench is its ability to tighten fasteners with increased force and unscrew rusted connections. This tool becomes an excellent helper when working with large machinery. Unfortunately, the increased power of the tool, makes its work more noisy. If you can work quietly with an electric screwdriver after a break, the impact wrench will quickly make itself heard.

you need a certain amount of skill to turn small parts with a impact wrench, otherwise there is a big risk of damaging the material. With an electric screwdriver in this respect everything is much more convenient, although it takes longer. the adjusted ratchet mechanism will not allow you to over-twist a self-tapping screw by placing its head exactly on the surface of the material.

To summarize, an impact wrench is a powerful and noisy tool designed for tightening large fasteners. Suitable for household needs, but not needed by everyone. The electric screwdriver, on the other hand, operates at a slower speed. Very easy to use and requires no special skills or adapters.

Conclusion: A nutrunner is needed for those who know exactly where they will use it. An electric screwdriver is good for most everyday jobs.

convert, nutrunner, electric, screwdriver

Is it possible to make a nutrunner from an electric screwdriver?

Of course you can, but with one important proviso: it is unlikely to get the same power as a tool made in industrial conditions. But, very often, too much power is not needed. If you have to change the tires on your car, for example. Many people know how long the process of tightening the nuts from the wheels is. Of course, there is the possibility to turn to professionals, but it will cost money. If you have at hand an electric screwdriver, it can be quickly converted into a nutrunner: it only requires an adapter with a head of a certain size, which must fully coincide with the dimensions of the cylinder wrench. It remains to mount this adapter in a chuck and install the head. The nutrunner from an electric screwdriver is completely finished.

Of course, it will not be a complete tool, since it is still necessary to loosen the nuts by hand, but the time required for all wheels is only one minute.

How they differ

The nutrunner is considered a tool for professionals, while the electric screwdriver is mainly used for minor household works. The main differences between an impact wrench and an electric screwdriver are as follows.

  • The impact wrench is more cumbersome and has no chuck compared with an electric screwdriver. It has a special pin at the end where the wrench head is mounted.
  • The power of the nutrunner applied to an object is many times greater than that of an electric screwdriver. Any “problem” can be solved with the former.
  • Significant difference in weight and size of these mechanisms. Impact wrenches are generally larger and heavier.
  • Screwdrivers have several modes of operation, which can be adjusted. In contrast, no other special tools have this feature.


Despite the fact that such a tool appeared not so long ago, its selection is quite large. Particularly popular are models created in Japan, America, Russia and Germany, among which it is worth noting some of the most famous.

  • Bosch. A prime example is the GDR 10. It features a brush motor, has a battery, backlight, as well as a brake for the motor. In addition, the kit includes a second battery. This model is quite powerful, lightweight and compact, but has an uncomfortable handle.
  • Hilti. The SIW, which has three speeds and can adjust not only the frequency but also the direction of rotation, is very popular. It is supplemented with a backlight and has an additional battery.

Such a wrench is easy to work, does not take up much space. Its only disadvantage is high price.

  • AEG. This German brand offers premium products. The model BSS 18C 12Z-0 operates on battery power, and if the load is too high, it can turn off. Includes backlight, spare battery. Such a device is convenient to work, quite powerful and has a medium price.
  • “Zubr”. Russian company enjoys well-deserved fame. ZGUE-350″ nutrunner is characterized by frost resistance, has a body made of metal. In addition, it features automatic adjustment of the rotational speed itself, it is easy to use, has a medium price. The company provides a warranty period of up to 5 years.
  • DeWALT. It is one of the leaders in the modern market. Model DW 292 refers more to the professional. It has an anti-shock body, a rubberized handle that helps reduce vibration, as well as a lock. The DW 292 is also quite powerful and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages of impact wrenches

Substantially higher power and presence of impact mechanism at wrenches allows to work with thread fasteners of much bigger diameter, than at use of screwdrivers. While for most screwdrivers the diameter of fasteners that can be used is limited to 6 mm, for electric impact wrenches it is 60 mm, and for screwdrivers with other types of drives. even more.

The use of a tangential impact makes it possible to unscrew badly tightened, rusty/stuck nuts and tighten them reliably, which is important, for example, when repairing vehicles.

The disadvantages of impact wrenches are much less versatility compared with screwdrivers. Impact wrenches with a square socket are only suitable for nuts and bolts, plumbing bolts (cap screws) and anchor screws.

Wrench with combination socket. square-socket.

Hex socket wrenches, also referred to as screwdrivers, allow the use of various bits (e.g., screwdrivers and screwdrivers)., screws / self-tapping screws) and chuck adapters, including for drilling. Screwdrivers can be successfully used to drive screws of different lengths/diameters into hard materials without pre-drilling. However, there is a risk of damaging the bit or the screwed parts because of the high torque and the lack of a release clutch.

The unstable torque inherent to impact wrenches also makes it difficult to use them as multi-purpose tools in the same way as a screwdriver. Another feature of most impact wrenches is the fact that there is no torque adjustment. Most models of this type of device do not have any adjustments, except for switching the direction of rotation (reverse). Some models have 2-3 speeds through which you can adjust the tightening force.

A small number of high-end cordless wrenches offer up to 12 speeds, and have electronic speed control. Some air ratchet models are equipped with a torque control.

The electric screwdriver structure

Every electric screwdriver, regardless of model or manufacturer, has the following standard accessories:

  • planetary gearbox;
  • DC motor;
  • load limiter;
  • battery;
  • Button for turning speed adjustment.

The planetary gears are always housed in a separate housing. It is made up of a sun gear, ring gear, satellites and a driver. In inexpensive models, these accessories are made of plastic, they are less durable than the metal ones in more expensive devices.

The main part is the ring gear. It is cylindrical in shape, rigidly mounted in the housing, and has teeth all around its circumference. The satellite speakers attached to the first spindle drive.

The sun gear is attached to the second spindle, which is rigidly mounted to the cartridge shaft. It drives the satellites in ring gear. That is, the rotation speed of the driver is slower than that of the engine. The second take-off driver is located higher in the axis of rotation, which means that when you transfer the torque to it, the speed is even slower.

If the gearbox is two-stage, it has two drivers, a ring gear with satellites inside. Three stages regulate the power output of the tool with an additional element in the gearbox.

The planetary gearbox in some screwdrivers is double-acting; it works as efficiently as possible and allows you to perform a wider range of tasks. Using the first speed, you can screw or unscrew fasteners, the second speed is for drilling holes.

A load limiting device in the gearbox is triggered by a spring in the gearbox. Its tension varies, and thus the action force of the device is regulated.

A direct current motor is almost always built in the same way: it is a cylinder, it has magnets inside in a circle. The motor armature, made of steel, is mounted on supports, made of brass. The armature slots contain motor windings of a material that has high magnetic permeability properties. Through an equal number of windings the winding goes out to the collector plates.

Motor brushes of graphite and metal are pressed by cushioned plates. Thanks to these springs, the components are anchored firmly and can move on their own vertical axis. Electricity is applied to the brushes. And the direction of motor rotation depends on the polarity of the current.

PC power supply


Windings in the motor can fail, not withstanding the overload. So it is better to make sure that the machine is not working too hard, since people are not the only ones who need a break from work.

A battery is needed to supply the motor with electricity. The battery is placed in an oversized box attached to the electric screwdriver from the bottom or side and is easily detached from the housing. In this box, there are several powering cells and they are connected to each other in series.

the greater the voltage to be applied, the more powerful the electric screwdriver is.

The range of supply voltages starts from 9V in models used at home by home craftsmen and goes up to 18V in models for professional construction and repair.

The button for the speed regulation operates the mechanism based on the use of a pulse-width controller and a switch, which is made on the basis of a field transistor. When the button is pressed, a variable resistor turns on. Its resistance varies according to the force applied to the button to adjust the speed: the stronger the pressure, the higher the speed of the motor and the more powerful the device. Direct and reverse rotation is triggered by switching the reverse.

Included with a cordless electric screwdriver is a charger. It is necessary for recharging the battery.

Choice of tools by manufacturer

The quality of any construction equipment directly depends on the company-manufacturer. Each company occupies 1-2 segments in the market of construction tools in terms of both cost and characteristics.

To work at home, you can pay attention to the tool of such famous manufacturers as Hitashi, Hummer or Bosch. Equipment of these companies is characterized by good performance, high reliability, modern design and a large number of additional functions. Dewait and Makita brands specialize more in professional equipment, although they also produce screwdrivers for domestic use.

But buying an electric screwdriver only because of the brand means overpaying up to ¼ of the declared value, because in this case, in addition to the functional features of the device, you will also pay for the name. In most models of famous world brands are also built a lot of additional features that you may not even once use in the home.

Comparing all the characteristics of an electric screwdriver with your needs, evaluating its design and ergonomics, you will be able to make the right choice and not be disappointed in it when carrying out work.

When the word drill, we think with a bad word neighbors and his long repairs. But in the face of minor household problems, we go to him for the cherished device. Having solved our problems, each time we are going to buy a drill for the house, so that an indispensable helper was always at hand. We propose not to put off the right decision for an indefinite period and proceed to the selection of the device. It remains only to understand its types and decide what is better to choose: an electric screwdriver, drill or wrench?

The device is designed to perform work related to drilling various materials: wood, metal, glass, plastic. In other words, if you need to hang a picture, a shelf, a curtain rod, an electric drill will come to your aid. In turn, it can be a more functional device, as it is divided into the following types:

Impact drill. Its main difference is that it has an eccentric, which during operation adds some impact torque to the drill. If you need to make a hole in a concrete or brick wall, then an impact drill is your choice.

A mixer drill. It can be called a highly specialized device, which can be useful on construction sites for the preparation of concrete mortars or other mixtures. As a rule, it is rarely the choice, it is much better to choose an impact drill with different attachments.

Electric impact drill. It differs from the conventional device in that it can screw in screws. Due to the low weight of the device, the drill is mainly used for domestic work.

Drill with a rotary tool. The universal device can be used not only for drilling, but also when it is necessary to chisel walls. Compare it with an impact drill is not quite right, because this tool has an electro-pneumatic mechanism, which makes it a powerful and reliable device.

To choose the right drill, it is not enough to know its types. Next we will consider the classification of tools by their cost and functionality.

Buying tools, you should know that they are divided into 3 types:

Economy class. They do not stand out with great power, but will quite cope with small jobs. Mostly represented by tools from Asian firms or little-known European manufacturers.

Budget models. Among the manufacturers stand out Interskol, Zubr. Drills are characterized by good performance and reliability.

Professional models. They are characterized by high power, practicality and will last for many years. The most famous brands are Makita, DeWALT, AEG.

Deciding which drill company to choose, based on your individual needs. The best option for home tasks. it’s budget models. In the case if you need a tool for repair and construction work, then it is better to trust the company Makita.

What is the difference between a drill, an electric screwdriver and a nutrunner?

Knowing what a drill is, you can understand the purpose of other tools as well. An electric screwdriver and wrench is a tool that looks similar to a “gun” with a convenient handle for gripping. The main task of such devices is screwing or unscrewing self-tapping screws, screws, nuts, screws. Use them for drilling is possible, but not recommended, because they do not have the necessary power.

If you need to choose an electric screwdriver for home, you can stop at a regular budget model. If you need to work related to drilling, especially in metal, even a professional electric screwdriver will not help, so it is better to buy a drill.

There are still folk ways of using the device. Fishermen use an electric screwdriver for the ice drill during winter fishing. Another use for it is to stir various mixtures or paints. Choosing a good tool is quite easy if you clearly understand what you need it for.

Which tool is better cordless or electric??

The power of the tool is one of the important points when choosing any technique. There are the following types of tools:

Electric screwdriver. In this case, it becomes clear that for the functioning of an electric screwdriver or drill must be plugged into a socket. Such a tool is convenient to use at home, but it is not suitable for outdoor work. When selecting it, you should pay attention to the length of the wire, its insulation and attachment to the drill. It should be reliable so that the cord does not break during use of the tool.

Electric cordless screwdriver. Mainly pay attention to the battery capacity, the more it is, the longer can the drill work uninterruptedly. It should be borne in mind that it is desirable to buy an electric screwdriver for home with a small weight, and a more powerful battery increases the weight of the device. There are the following types of batteries:

NiCd. The advantages include low cost and resistance to frost. If you need an electric screwdriver for work that requires the tool to be turned on immediately, this type is not suitable. Because the battery requires a discharge and then a full charge cycle.

NiMH. Such a battery also requires a full charging and discharging cycle. Among the pluses note the light weight and good battery capacity.

Li-Ion. Electric screwdriver cordless with this battery is the most successful option. The tool can be recharged at any time, it does not weigh much. True, it does not withstand frost and is not cheap.