How to Fill Champion Fishing Line Trimmer Coil

Electric trimmer. Equipment that is considered a very good alternative to an expensive lawn mower. Such devices are used mainly to care for small areas or to remove grass in hard to reach places. When choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to several important points.

Equipment design

The electric trimmer consists of three main elements:

  • Rods with a handle,
  • Enclosures
  • Working head with fishing line.

Models may differ in power, line thickness, engine location, as well as the type of rod or handle.

How to Fill Champion Fishing Line Trimmer Coil

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of trimmers in comparison with gasoline models, as well as lawn mowers, trolleys include:

  • Cheapness
  • Light weight
  • Maneuverability,
  • Ease of maintenance.

Trimmers are much cheaper than lawn mowers. Using this equipment, mowing grass can be done even by a teenager, woman, or an elderly person.

Owners of small summer cottages usually buy this type of trimmer as the main equipment for maintaining the yard. Landlords of large areas often purchase devices such as a supplement to the trolley. It is actually very convenient. The fact is that it is extremely problematic to remove or cut grass, for example near curbs, between bushes or on steep hills, by a lawnmower. It is often necessary to bring the lawn to mind with ordinary shears, which, of course, takes a lot of time. This is where the trimmer comes to the rescue.

The disadvantages of equipment of this type include only low power and limited area of ​​work performed by the length of the wire. Simultaneously with the purchase of a trimmer, owners of summer cottages often acquire a carry. When working with a model of this type, it is necessary to ensure that its wire does not get tangled in the bushes or fall under a fishing line or knives.

Lower engine models

The location of the motor. One of the main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing equipment such as an electric trimmer. Models with an engine mounted under the body are notable for their low power (up to 650 W), low weight and very good maneuverability. They are used for mowing only soft, low grass. Using such a trimmer, you can easily cut young weeds between seedlings or perennial flowers, since the diameter of the circle of fishing line is very small. Thus, equipment with a lower engine location is great for caring for small yards (up to 3 acres) or as an addition to a lawnmower cart.

Some of the disadvantages of such trimmers, in addition to low power, include the inability to use to care for a wet lawn. You should not buy a model of this type for processing a very large area also because its engine heats up pretty quickly. Using such an electric trimmer, the price of which is usually very low, it will be necessary to take breaks in work very often. The design of models of this type often even includes special elements that are responsible for stopping the supply of current if the motor is heated to a critical temperature.

Large area trimmer

Equipment with an overhead engine is characterized by much greater power (up to 1.3 kW). At the same time it costs more and consumes a lot of electricity. The fishing line in such trimmers has a significant thickness (from 2 mm or more). Some models are also equipped with plastic or metal knives. Electric trimmers with fishing line and knife are often allowed to be used as brush cutters. So, if there is a hedge on the site or a lot of ornamental shrubs grow, it is worth thinking about acquiring a model of just such a configuration.

An overhead engine is the best electric trimmer for those who are used to mowing grass early in the morning, through the dew. It is allowed to use equipment of this type for lawn care after rain.

Thus, in the event that a lot of thick grass or thick weeds grows on the site, it is worth thinking about acquiring a model with an upper engine.

Curved Bar Models

Such equipment is quite convenient to use, but has a small capacity. Usually curved bar models are supplied with the lower engine. The torque from the motor to the working head is transmitted to them using a thin metal cable, which is considered not too reliable. Do not mow thick grass with trimmers with a curved bar.

Conventional Trimmers

Equipment with a direct handle is most often very powerful. The engine of such models is located on top, and the torque to the working element is transmitted directly through the shaft. Devices of this type can be used to mow rough grass and form hedges, but their maneuverability is usually not very good. An electric trimmer (the price of such models is higher than the equipment with a curved bar) of this design is excellent for caring for large lawns or overgrown weeds.

Pen shape

Of course, when choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to this element. Currently, the market mainly offers devices with D-shaped and T-shaped handles. Models of the first type are usually chosen by owners of sites with complex terrain. Devices with such a handle are very convenient to maneuver. They can handle hillocks, narrow strips of grass between the bushes, etc. The best electric trimmer for mowing smooth lawns of a large area is a model with a T-shaped handle.

Manufacturer’s Reviews

Almost all the braids of this type available on the domestic market today are of good quality. So you can choose any electric trimmer. The main thing is that this is not a fake. For example, MTD brand models are very popular with owners of summer cottages. Their cost, depending on the power, can range from 3000 to 7500 r.

Another popular brand of trimmers in our country is MAKITA. The advantages of the devices of this manufacturer include almost perfect balancing (do not vibrate in the hands), the absence of the need for frequent engine cooling (interruptions in operation) and the availability of after-sales service. The lack of models of this brand, the owners of cottages consider only their too high cost. The average price of MAKITA equipment is 7000-8000 rubles. Owners of medium-income sites usually prefer to purchase just such electric trimmers. Reviews about them are really just great.

In general, modern trimmers for the most part are not too expensive and quite reliable. When choosing, you should not just save and purchase too cheap equipment from an unknown manufacturer. Then the device will last a long time and you won’t have to look for an organization specializing in such activities as repair of electric trimmers or even buy a new trimmer in a couple of months.