How to Install a Protective Cover Corner to an Angle Grinder

How to Install a Protective Cover Corner to an Angle Grinder

For correct and safe work with an angle grinder, you should determine for yourself the basic rules when performing the necessary actions.

Having fully understood the features of working with this tool, you can ensure high-quality performance of tasks, as well as avoid injury. For this, it is necessary not only to know the technology of work, but also to comply with safety regulations.

Preparing the tool for work

Advice on the proper use of an angle grinder would be incomplete without talking about the preparation stage. First of all, you should tune in to the work process, and be prepared.

It is dangerous to pick up this tool without observing safety rules, in case of health problems, as well as with a high degree of fatigue, or being drunk. Negligence with this tool can cost you health, and possibly life.

  • First of all, personal protective equipment should be prepared to protect the employee from possible injuries. It is imperative to install a protective cover, and use safety glasses.

Important! If they are absent, it is strictly forbidden to perform any action with the angle grinder.

The reason may be small fragments, sparks of hot metal, scale, which in any case appears when using this tool. In case of contact with eyes, serious injury is guaranteed.

  • The mask or goggles used must be of a closed type, since the flight of sparks and fragments occurs along an unstable path, and when using an open type of protective equipment, they can fly in for them. The best option for a mask is a product with a safety net, since an unreinforced mask can break at the most inopportune moment;
  • Installation of a protective cover.It acts as a barrier between the rotating cutting wheel and the operator. In the process, there are often cases of broken circles. Such cases have occurred to everyone who often has to work with such tools. The most common cause of breakage is jamming of the circle in the slot. The protective circle is placed in such a way as to protect the operator from flying fragments and sparks. In the event of a sudden destruction of the circle during operation, the casing will become an obstacle between the fragments and the person who will be protected from injury.

The casing is secured in such a way as to prevent its spontaneous rotation. Work with the installed protection is not always convenient, but it is strictly forbidden to remove it, as this can have sad consequences for the health of the employee.

Other personal protective equipment should also be used, such as tight gloves. Mittens made of dense leather are the best option, as products made of cotton material do not provide a sufficient degree of protection against fragments and sparks.

When using high-quality supplies and serviceable tools, working on an angle grinder will be quick and safe.