How to keep a punch when drilling. How to insert / pull a drill or drill

What is a peorator. for beginner builders

If you started reading this article, then, for sure, we were seriously thinking about the repair of your apartment or construction on a country site. And in more detail to find out what a peorator is, apparently for you the time! Once upon a time, a long time ago, when I just studied all the wisdom of the repair, I did not have such a tool, and I cost a shock drill for a long time. This is a really cool tool, because in addition to the functions of a conventional drill, you can still stop the concrete walls under the dowels and hang a shelf. And everything would be fine until I was presented with a high.quality German Bosch for a day of birth.

Only when I tried a new tool in the case, only then did I understand what a peorator is and how it differs from a shock drill.

In both tools, in addition to rotation of the drill, its longitudinal-axle movement is ensured. T. e., When you drill a concrete wall, the drill not only rotates in the wall, but also quickly hollows it. But in the case of a shock drill, the effectiveness of the shock function is much lower. When the walls are presented with a shock drill, it is necessary to apply significant efforts of your own hands, and fatigue from prolonged work comes much faster, not to mention wear resistance.

But it’s not only that. Most concrete works are not limited only to drilling small openings for dowels, for which the shock drill itself is intended. When you make serious repairs, you begin to understand that you need to stop the grooves in the walls to hide the pipes in them, and drill holes under the sockets, and drill through the thick walls to throw the wires into them. And here the shock drill is simply powerless!

What is a pedorator and how it looks like

Today there are countless peorators in the modern market. And to make it better for you to navigate, I even have a whole section in which only the tools of excellent quality are selected. I studied various brands for a long time and took it as follows: Hilti, Metabo, Bosch, Makita, Dewalt.

Well, I will tell you about my power tool Bosch:

Here is the Bosch GBH 2400 brand, with a capacity of 720 watts.

When you decide to purchase a similar tool for yourself, I recommend that you only contact professional stores. And when choosing a specific brand, look at the tags knocked out on the case or mounted in it.

Always give preference to the instrument on which the phrases are clearly indicated: “Made in japan” or “Made in Germany”:

Such inscriptions will already meet infrequently, but in case of good luck, there is a chance that you will acquire your native tools. If the instrument is simply knocked out “Japan” or “Germany”, then this tool is exactly made in China, although their quality has become much better recently.

drilling, insert, pull, drill

The main rules of use

This tool is very often used in construction and repair, since it managed to replace monotonous and ineffective manual labor. However, while working with him there are certain nuances that every user should know.

It is allowed to use only a working peorator precisely in the mode that is declared by the manufacturer. It is forbidden to work with a device, the cable of which is damaged, or its cross section does not comply with the stated power standards.

If the transplantation of the pedorator to the desired object was carried out in the cold season, after getting into the warm room, 30 minutes should be waited. In the reverse situation, lubricants in the mechanism will not have time to soften, and there will be a risk of breakdown. The device user can only work in good health and healthy condition. He should also carefully study the safety rules in advance.

How to insert a drill?

Peorators are produced with one of the three types of cartridge (cam, fast.packed, SDS system).

Most devices use the last type, so you should consider installing a drill on its example.

To change and fix the drill in the device with the SDS system, act as follows:

The SDS system is considered the most reliable, it allows the drill to be fixed tightly in the penetrator and will significantly save time when replacing nozzles. Its use is allowed on devices with small or medium power.

To use a drill with an ordinary cylindrical shank you will have to purchase a special adapter for the SDS system. When applying it, the peorator is able to work as an electric drill with conventional cores.

The nozzles used

The list of works performed by the peorater is great:

To perform these tasks, various nozzles are used, made of durable materials.

For drilling holes in concrete or brick, there are drilling stamps with high.strength steel with winning tips. For their fixation in the cartridge there are several varieties of shanks:

  • SDS Plus. This variety is the most common. It is used for drills with a diameter of 4-26 mm.
  • SDS Max. The tailings of this type have a longer groove. They are used in heavy tools of high power. The diameter of these drills is over 26 mm. The length of such drills. from 25 cm to 1.2 m.
  • SDS Quick. This is a rare variety of shanks. They are used in “Bosch” peorators. How to insert a drill with a similar shank into a regular tool? To do this, you need to change the cartridge.

On the tail of the tail, all the nozzles are identical. The working part differs depending on the function:

  • Boers are used to drill holes. The difference in the tips will depend on the hardness of the material, which is supposed to be drilled.
  • Crowns are used to cut a large diameter. For example, under an outlet or for a factory in a water pipe room.

Cartridges used by the tool

How to insert a drill into a peorator? To quickly install the nozzle and its change, the SDS cartridge was invented. This mechanism was developed in the 30s of the last century. To fix the drill in the device, just insert it, slightly turning it to feel the grooves and snap. The SDS mechanism combines balls with the grooves of the shank and securely fixes it. In order to remove the nozzle back, you need to press on the cartridge towards the case of the penetrator and pull out the boat. To make the shank easily enters the cartridge, you need to lubricate it with graphite lubricant. It will also improve gliding balls included in the grooves. As the lubricant dries, you need to repeat the procedure.

The drill drill differs. There are no grooves, no recesses, no hooks on his shank. However, to drill metal, you need exactly a simple. How to insert a drill into a peorator in this case?

To do this, a removable cartridge is used, which has a shank, like an ordinary nozzle, and is inserted into SDS-mechanism. These cartridges come in two varieties:


    Cam type. It is a canging clamp, which is driven by the key. There are teeth along the perimeter of this cartridge that form a gear. The key is included in the engagement with these teeth, and torque through the gearbox is transmitted to the zangia mechanism, clamping or freeing the drill.

Drilling and drilling by a pedorator

First of all, it is necessary to put the required equipment on the shaft of the penetrator, a quick.sitting clamping cartridge or a lock for the drill. Then install the switch on the case in the desired position.

drilling, insert, pull, drill

Pre.marking the hole can be started to work. The drilling itself must begin to smoothly, it should be borne in mind that the pressure on the descent of the penetrator regulates the speed of rotation. For this reason, you need to start drilling at small speeds, orienting the drill or drill as accurately as possible in place.

With a deep hole, sometimes weaken the pressure on the handle of the tool and take the drill a little back, this will remove the dust from the channel of the hole and cool the working surfaces.

The depth of drilling can be adjusted with a removable probe or strip of tape or insulating tape wrapped around the drill at the required depth of the hole.

The main modes of the penetrator

Peorators operate in several main modes switched by the operator, depending on the work carried out.

Peorater operating modes: drilling, drilling, blow


It is performed after switching the regulator to the appropriate mode (drill icon). The overwhelming number of pedarators models are equipped with a function of gradual set of revolutions of the working shaft. The speed of speed is controlled using the start button. With a weak press, the speed from zero smoothly rise above. When the button is pressed, the turnover becomes maximum.

Depending on which material should be drilled, it is recommended to adjust the speed of drill or drill speed. So, wooden products are best drunk at high speeds, metal at low, and concrete or stone on medium.

Most often, the peorator is used to drill stone or concrete. This is due to the fact that the device of the cartridge for attaching the drill has a backlash in the longitudinal axis, designed for a shock-brown function. Therefore, when drilling holes in a tree or metal, it is not always possible to achieve the desired accuracy. The tip of the drill can slightly “wag”.

For accurate drilling holes, it is recommended to use a cam cartridge with an SDS-hvostowik. A drill without a backlash is fixed in a fist cartridge, which is inserted into a peorator. The cam cartridge is included in the kit or is purchased separately. With the help of a shift cartridge, you can drill any holes and materials.

In the drilling mode, you can use the peorator as a mixer to knead various building mixtures. from paint to light plaster and gypsum compositions. The great convenience is that the speed and direction of rotation are conveniently regulated.


The drilling mode is included in the transfer of the switch register to the middle position (you need to select the icon of the drill and hammer). Usually indicated by a sign of a drill and hammer at the same time. Drilling for fuckers for concrete and stone materials is used. You can not only make holes, but also lay channels for wiring electric and other cables in plaster or brick walls.

Since drilling has many different forms, engineers have developed numerous nozzles for work in various conditions. All of them are united by the presence of a special shank, which is combined with the SDS cartridge.

The shock mode is used for installation and dismantling work. On the mode switch indicated by the icon icon. When working in this mode, there is no rotation of the working shaft. Only the progressive movement of the tool occurs.


The reverse function allows you to switch the direction of rotation of the cartridge in different directions.

The reverse switch is at hand

Often, when drilling reinforced concrete structures, the drill rests against the reinforcement and enters with it in the clinch. In order to free it, a reverse switch is provided, which makes it possible to crank the drill in the opposite direction and continue the drilling, bypassing the reinforcement. Typically, the reverse button is located directly near the start button of the unit.

The reverse mode turns the peorator into a screwdriver, which can be tightened and unscrewed by bolts, nuts and screws of any size and configuration.

Additional capabilities of the tool

In addition to the above, the standard set of options in the modern pedorator includes:

  • line for determining the depth of the hole;
  • lever of fixing the working position of the start button;
  • SURCOMENT COUFT. stops the operation of the motor when jamming the drill.

And also in the design of each device, systems are laid:

  • dusting. impeller on an engine with a system of dust removal of channels;
  • Vibration repayment. special springs between the case and the power unit;
  • electronic regulation of the work and control of the states of the brushes on the electromotor manifold.

An important rule, the non.compliance of which can lead to the failure of the penetrator. Switching modes should be carried out only when the tool is completely stopped.

What are the recommendations for security when working with such a tool

Before working as a peorator, make sure that the electric cord does not get into the working area. It is recommended from the very beginning to lengthen the network cord to 5-7 meters, this will use the tool more freely and safely. This is better than connecting through the extension cord, as the tool fork can pop up from the extension cord during operation, which will be distracted. If during operation the sound made by the engine becomes intermittent, suspicious smells or smoke appear, the peorator must be disconnected immediately.

When working, it is necessary to use protective equipment. These include protective glasses, gloves, bears. You need to work in fastened overalls, removing everything that can accidentally wrap up while working on a boat.

How to work as a pedorator in drilling mode?

It is recommended to start the process of drilling with small revolutions without strong pressure to the power tool. After turning on the electric motor, you need to let it work in idle mode. This will allow you, if vibrations occur, any extraneous noise and smoke to immediately identify the malfunction before the start of work, which will protect you from injuries, and the tool from the breakdown.

Work technologies directly depend on the type of material. Often there are difficulties with metal drilling. To do this, use drill designed for these works. In addition, it is necessary to first prepare the surface of the material. It is important to remove foreign objects and garbage from it.


How to work as a peorater in drilling mode? In the process, you need to ensure that the spoon does not overcome and it does not bite. Also, you do not need to crush much on the peorator. You need to understand that this will not increase the power of the electric motor and will not accelerate the performance of work. So that the peoporator does not check, you need to rest it on the body so that it does not turn after biting the drill. If the rogue jammed in the hole, then you need to turn on the reverse mode and unscrew the drill back. Of course, this mode is not in all peorators. Therefore, you have to twist manually, independently rotating the tool counterclockwise.

If the hole is clogged with dust and crumbs, you need to drive the drill into the hole several times (you can use the construction vacuum cleaner). In no case do not try to remove the crumbs with your hands, because the mittens can wound on a drill and you will get a serious injury.

How to work as a pea.

From this article “How to work as a peorator”, we will learn how to drill, drill, rub, in general, correctly carry out any work with a peorator. And so, welcome to the article “How to work as a pea”, which is perfectly useful to all beginner builders and finishes, and of course, experienced, and experienced!

Before I begin to disclose all the nuances of the proper operation by the as a pen, I want to remind you that you need to be able to handle a corner grinder with a corner grinder. In this matter, you can fuel in the topic. how to work properly a corner grinder. Safety precautions when working with corner grinders.

No less interesting topic. we drill Burim without dust, here the issue of work by the ceiling with the ceiling was discussed here. How to work so that dust, crumbs do not fall on their heads or in the face.

Well, whatever you work correctly by various tools for a long time, I advise you to get acquainted with the article under the name neighbors, in this material you will find out from what time and day of the week you can work with the peorator, and other tools and other tools.

To AK to work correctly as a peorator.

The first rule when working with any tool, in our case, is a as a pen, it is worth remembering that the tool, and even more so as the as a pedorator, should be drilled, drilling without force on the peorator itself, giving the pedorator to do the task of doing the set task. Just if you press on a peorator when working with a concrete surface, the drill can bite and a couple of times it will get away with you, but then having such a bit of bite of the pedorator drill will lead to licking the internal rotation mechanism, which is sometimes impossible to replace. About how to drill different surfaces, concrete, tiles, etc.D can read here. Of course we do not forget to initially disperse the drill before drilling or drilling.

The first rule of drilling with a coorator of the hole in concrete is the fact that when the concrete coating passes, every one and a half centimeters, you must definitely pull out a slightly turning off by turning off the peorator. Like giving the opportunity to go out the accumulated concrete crumb in the hole. This will also give you the opportunity to carefully approach the reinforcement, which will prevent injuries and breakdown of the drill.

At the further moments of work by the penetrator on the functions of the shock revolution, I think you should not pay attention, but about the function of the blow in the ashorator, let’s talk a little.

How to work as a penetrator on the blow correctly.

So, the function of the blow is designed to scrap and dismantle concrete, plaster not dense basics, using a tooth. The technology for working on it by a with a pen, it seems, it is painful. The button crossed to the stroke position, most often you need to turn the steeple in the left until it stops and crush the button poking in the dismantled surface. But there is one nuance when working, if not really pressed on the peorator when dismantling concrete, plaster, etc.D, giving the to the to the to the pedorator to walk freely in his hands, then the dismantling work of the concrete, under the same entrance doors, slightly expand the opening, will pass a little faster than if you stupidly bite a teeth into a concrete base.

How to work as a peorater, finally.

These tips are given for home and personal equipment, and are aimed at reducing the breakdowns of the tool, based on personal experience. If there is a conversation about large.scale construction, where people do not have their own tools, buy expensive peorators or chipsters, then you will not need these tips.

Well, if you buy for home, personal use, the company’s real peorator in the likeness of Makita or Bosch, another popular company, in most cases, these tips will not be useful to you.

Well, lastly an interesting video in which they conduct a test of peorators, completely different companies and models. Such a test drive will undoubtedly like those who already know how to work as a peorator and those who have recently acquired it for themselves. This video for users of the site construction from A to Z. Enakievo. Donetsk.

How to work as a peorater in different modes correctly?

Now we move on to the operation of equipment.

A small instruction will help to do it quickly and safely:

  • Drilling. The peorator is included in the drilling mode without impact. The lever is installed opposite the tags with the designation of the drill. After that, the working body is installed in the right place and the tool is launched. In the process of drilling, it is not necessary to make great physical efforts. To exclude the failure of the cartridge, the tool is equipped with a lock function that must be used when working with a wooden or metal surface. Before the start of operation, the peorator should be inspected, launched and held for several minutes at idle. At this time, no extraneous sounds and smell, strong vibration or smoke should arise. Such signs may indicate malfunctions.
  • Drilling. This mode is also called drilling with a blow. The unit is installed in the desired mode, at the mark with the designation of the drill and hammer. A working element is installed at the planned point and launch is made. In the process of drilling, it is necessary to hold the power tool tightly so that it does not shift from the desired point. The drill must be periodically removed to clean the cavity of dust and developed material to facilitate and accelerate the process. It is necessary to first find out if there is a reinforcement in concrete and how it can be located there.
  • Shock mode. It is used when it is necessary to make a strob under electrical wiring, or hire a certain cavity. The mode switch is installed near the image of the hammer. The unit should be kept tight, but without excessive pressure, since this will not improve the result.

Features of drilling different surface

As already mentioned, the peorator is a universal tool that can easily cope with any material.

But at the same time there are a number of features that must be taken into account:

  • Metal. To work with metal surfaces, the hardest drill will be needed. When drilling a thin sheet, the rubber substrate should be used, and the sheet itself should be fixed firmly.
  • Wood. Despite the relatively soft structure, when processing a tree, it is necessary to fix the blanks and not much press on the unit.
  • Concrete. In this case, a winning working element will be required. To begin with, a drilling point is noted, a small recess is made in it using a standard drill, a winning tip is installed and the necessary opening is created. During the process, it is necessary to cool the working body with water.
  • Ceramics. For processing fragile finishing materials, it is recommended to use special tips with attacks from hard alloys. Thanks to these elements, the load on the material is minimized and it is easy to process. If the finish is already made, then for processing it, it is necessary to use tips designed for glass surfaces.

And general recommendations. In the process of performing work, you should use personal protective equipment, glasses, a headdress, gloves, follow the instructions of professional builders and strictly observe safety regulations. When using professional models, it is recommended to take a break for ten minutes every half hour.

Rules for the operation of the penetrator

Carefully studying the instructions, you will always find there the rules by which you can determine the sequence of actions when operating the tool. Therefore, I will dwell on the main points:

Drilling mode in concrete. When drilling holes and grooves in concrete walls, it is better to use a powerful professional peorator, for example, such as the De Walt D25143K model, with which you can drill a hole in concrete with a diameter of up to 28 mm. The presence of a safety coupling will protect you when jamming the drill.

By the way, jamming can occur when it enters a metal reinforcement located in concrete. It is better to avoid this, because due to an unexpected sharp reverse blow, you cannot control the tool. When it is known that the reinforcement is in concrete, it is better to use special drills for reinforced concrete.

Classes drilling in concrete

For conventional concrete, drills are used to perform small and medium holes, as well as crowns for openings under the outlet. Every ten seconds, the nozzle is extracted from the hole so that there is no overheating.

Drilling mode using. In drilling mode with a blow in materials such as concrete or brick, it is necessary to hold the peorator tight so that it does not escape from the hands. Equipment for such cases is drill with hard alloy tips. Strongly pressure on the tool in the process of work should not be, lightly pressing on the peorater handles.

Chardalfish drilling drilling with a blow

If during drilling the hole is strongly clogged with particles of concrete and dust, then you can clean it, taking out the boat several times. For such work, professional pedarators such as TTAL 116 386 SDS-MAX are usually suitable, which are equipped with a powerful drilling mechanism with a blow.

Shock mode for chipping. Carrying out the preparation of material, exfoliation or repulsion requires the use of specialized equipment. this is a chisel, chisel, peak. You need to start work in the following sequence: the choice of nozzle, fixing in the cartridge, a bastard with the end of the equipment of the working point, and only then, the inclusion of the perch mode of the penetrator.

Peoporator in chipping mode

Idle stress in shock mode is undesirable. Also, switching operating modes during detergence can also lead to breakdown. For the tool to serve for a long time, take a break in work for 15 minutes, at the same time you will rest yourself. the operation of the peorator is always a significant load on the body.

For the function of deterrence, professionals are used by peorators with a pneumatic shock mechanism, which, in conjunction with the system of extinguishing vibration, facilitates the work and increases the performance. Such equipment refers to the model of the SKIL 179 ma peorator with the displacement function.

If you are going to work with other materials, for example, with wood or metal, then for this you should buy drill and crowns designed specifically for such functions. They begin to drill from low speeds, gradually increasing speed so that the drill does not jump off the desired point. Even sometimes it is better to make a deepening at this point with another tool. In order for the drill to serve for a long time, you do not need to press it over excessively, the force should be equal to a load of not more than 5 kg.

General rules and care

Famous manufacturers of peorators, such as Bosch, Makita, Interskol, De Walt, Metabo, Hitachi, DWT and others, annually improve their tools, turning them into safer, more reliable and convenient. We, in turn, remains to comply with all the operating rules and recommendations of manufacturers in order to maximize the resources of the penetrator, increase its performance, and at the same time, be protected. There are rules that must be carried out after work:

  • service the peorators only after turning off the electric motor, put in the storage site after a complete stop of the drill;
  • The wear of the coal brushes, which are part of the electrocope, need to be controlled and changed in time. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid loss of the capacity of the penetrator and the malfunction in the motor;
  • Wipe the ventilation holes and the body with a soft rag without using any solvents, including alcohol, gasoline.

11 DRILLING TIPS AND TRICKS (And Mistakes To Avoid!)

And I would like to say, take care of your faithful assistant at home and at work, do not use without an additional handle, with signs of a malfunction and damage to any details, especially if unusual noises and vibrations have appeared. It is also necessary to exclude the use of the penetrator in explosive rooms and with the presence of chemical vapors, on the street in rainy and snowy weather, then your work will be effective and safe.