How to Light a Bosch Gas Stove

2016-10-28 Evgeny Fomenko

How to Light a Bosch Gas Stove

We will consider how to light a bosch geyser using the example of Bosch gas flow water heaters WR10.B, WR13.B, WR15.B made in Germany, for the market, Ukraine, Belarus. These models differ in the amount of heated water.

Bosch WR10.B, WR13.B, WR15.B

Before starting, check whether the gas and water valves are open, whether two batteries of type R with a capacity of 1.5 V are inserted. These models of heaters are equipped with electric ignition, as indicated by index B at the end of the name. Electric ignition occurs with the help of batteries.

To turn on the device, you need to press the power button on the front panel of the device, the column is ready for use, is in standby mode. In order for the heated water to go, you just need to open the tap. At this moment, the ignition flame lights up and after four seconds the main flame ignites, so the ignition flame goes out after about twenty seconds.

These devices do not have a constantly burning wick, which is economical since there is no constant gas flow. During a long break in operation in the gas system, air may accumulate, which will interfere with the correct operation of the igniter and, as a result, the main burner will not be able to ignite.

To fix this problem, open and close the hot water tap several times. Water heating is regulated by reducing its flow, by turning the valve clockwise it decreases, counterclockwise, on the contrary, the flow increases and the temperature decreases. At low water temperatures, gas costs are reduced and less scale is formed in the heat exchanger.

In the, in addition to the startup procedure, you can also find out about setting up the column:

How to ignite a Bosch Therm 4000 O WR 10/13 / 15.2 P.

The difference between these models is the amount of heated water per minute. A device equipped with piezo ignition is indicated by the letter P at the end of the name. Has the ability to adjust two parameters, water and combustion power. To turn on the column, you need to move the slider to the ignition position, drown it.

Press the piezo ignition button several times until a flame appears on the ignition burner. Wait ten seconds, release the slider and move it to the desired power position. When the slider moves to the right, the power increases, and to the left it decreases. The column is in standby mode all the time, if you need to get hot water, you just need to open the hot water valve.

When you need to turn it off, slide the slider all the way to the left. After a couple of seconds, the ignition flame will go out. Turn off the gas tap and water taps.

In the below, see the inclusion instructions:

Therm 4000 S WTD 12/15/18 AM E23 / 31.

Before starting, you must make sure that, on the plate installed by the manufacturer on the device, the gas marking corresponds to the gas connected to the device. It is possible to connect a remote control to the device, which completely duplicates the display on the column.

Open the gas valve and water valves. Connect the device to the power supply.

The set temperature of the water by the manufacturer is 42 degrees, this is the optimum temperature.

To turn on the device, you just need to press the power button and open the tap with hot water. To regulate the temperature, press the “” or “-” button and select the temperature you need. Until the temperature you have selected is reached, the display will flash.

If it does not reach this value within thirty seconds, the icon of the water tap is displayed on the monitor, which indicates the need to increase or decrease the water flow. If you press the P button, a programmed constant temperature of 42 degrees will appear. Setting the minimum temperature reduces energy consumption, and makes it possible to reduce the formation of limescale in the heat exchanger.

But if you know how to turn on the column, but have encountered malfunctions (the flame goes out, it does not light up), then read this article, which describes the causes and methods for eliminating them.