How To Make A 220v Network Out Of A Cordless Screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver 18V from a 220V network, based on ballast from an energy-saving lamp (2016) WEBRip
In this I will show you how to make an inexpensive, simple AC adapter for a cordless screwdriver In this I will show you how to make an inexpensive, simple AC adapter for

Cordless screwdriver 18V from a 220V network, based on ballast from an energy-saving lamp (2016) WEBRip

In this I will tell you how to make an inexpensive, simple AC power supply for a cordless screwdriver, from available, improvised parts.

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    • how to make a 220v network out of a cordless screwdriver
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    How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network: 3 basic methods

    It is not surprising that almost every house or apartment has a screwdriver. Unfortunately, devices based on a wireless network source often run out of power and break down. Since it is expensive to buy a new battery, most owners convert their cordless screwdrivers to cordless ones. In this article we will tell you how to remake the device using the parts at hand. We will also touch on the topic of why this type of equipment breaks down most often. Read carefully!

    Method number 2 (reconstruction based on a network unit from a computer)

    For this type of reconstruction, only an AT class network unit is suitable. Such devices have a ventilation compartment, as well as buttons on. And off. The network block is used on many models of computers, so it will not be difficult for anyone to find an unnecessary part. Then check the output current, it should be at least 16 volts, and the power should be 300.30 watts.

    1. Disassemble the device and find the plate on which the wiring is fixed (board).
    2. Disable the protection: locate the green electronic component on the board and attach to any other black wire.
    3. Find a design with two black, yellow and red wires (MOLEX contacts). Attach or solder the extension cord to the yellow and black wires, and attach the other part to the screwdriver terminals. Now twist the mechanism.

    Method number 1: reconstruction based on the laptop power supply

    As already mentioned, this method of reconstruction is considered simple and does not require much time. Check first what output voltage the device is designed for. The best option would be 12-19 watts. In the next step, remove the unusable batteries from the device with a screwdriver and disassemble the device.

    1. Disconnect the entry (sized for a laptop connector) and strip the wires.
    2. Take the contacts and simply solder them to the device.
    3. Select a location on the device for the wire and drill it. At the end of the action, fold the structure and check for operability.

    How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network: 5 options for solving the issue

    Convenient screwdriver from the network: features of use

    The cordless cordless screwdriver is a great companion in your home. Almost everyone who he has never let down can agree with this. Those who stopped working halfway have a completely different opinion. This tool will help you always and everywhere, but exactly until the time the battery is discharged. Over, the quantity in it is limited. In moments of idleness, the battery can also deteriorate. Batteries usually last no more than three years. When this time expires, it has to be changed or sent to the museum of obsolete things. The situation is possible if you convert the screwdriver into a network one. There are enough ways to do this.

    Mains transformers of these brands are of high quality and reliable in operation. In addition, they are quite compact, lightweight, and do not complicate the work with the tool. Their load characteristics are close to those required for a standard screwdriver. In their design there are 2 input and output wires, which allows supplying power to halogen lamps and other types of electricity consumers with a voltage of 12V. However, to use the converted device, you must adhere to some rules.

    Here they are:

    • Let the appliance rest for 5 minutes every 20;
    • Fix the cable at the elbow with your hand so that it does not interfere with the work;
    • Clean the power supply from dust;
    • Do not use too many extension cords;
    • Do not use the device without grounding;
    • Do not use a converted device for work at height.

    Before each start of work with the converted device, make sure it is working properly.

    Why do you need to remodel a mains-powered screwdriver

    In order for you to be able to use a screwdriver even in the most inaccessible places without unnecessary wires, at any time, the mobile screwdriver is being converted to a network one.

    Methods for converting a cordless screwdriver into a network vary in complexity. One of them is that powering the charging from a laptop requires practically no knowledge and skills. To mount a computer power supply, you need to know how to handle a soldering iron, and to repurpose a Chinese adapter, you need to know how to handle a measuring device. In addition, there are several other methods for converting a cordless screwdriver directly into a network one.


    • Using a power supply device from a personal computer instead of a battery;
    • Giving new life to the car battery;
    • Using, as source, a power supply from halogen lamps;
    • By connecting the Chinese 24V power supply board.

    For brainy craftsmen, it is not difficult to perform such manipulations. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better not to risk it and seek the help of a knowledgeable specialist.

    Using a power supply from a personal computer

    On the radio market, you can purchase an old power supply from a personal computer for a small cost. We need a variant of the AT format, which had to be turned off by pressing the key after exiting the operating system.

    Experienced users remember such system blocks. The advantage of such a power supply is also that it indicates an honest power. If it says 300W, it means you can safely remove 15-16 amperes from the 12-volt output (again referring to Ohm’s law). This is enough to power an average screwdriver.

    Such blocks have a power button in the kit. Another advantage is the presence of a cooling fan and an advanced overload protection system.

    If you are hiding the power supply in a beautiful case, do not forget to leave a hole for ventilation.

    The connection is very simple. Black wire (-), yellow wire (12V).

    Limitations. A screwdriver with a supply voltage higher than 14 volts will not work.

    Battery Disadvantages

    1. Needs regular recharging. Sooner or later, batteries will use up their cycle life.
    2. The cheaper the tool, the faster the rework time will come.

    There is nothing wrong with that, but you should be aware that the manufacturer saves as much as you do. Consequently, the most expensive unit (namely the battery) will be the cheapest when bundled.

    As a result, we get an excellent tool with a serviceable motor and not a worn gearbox, which does not work due to a poor-quality battery.

    There is an option to purchase a new set of batteries, or replace faulty batteries in the unit. However, this is a budget event. The cost is comparable to buying a new screwdriver.

    The second option is to use a spare or old battery from the car (if you have one). But the starter battery is heavy, and using such a tandem is not very comfortable.

    We build in a ready-made power supply

    To do this, you need to purchase a ready-made block with suitable characteristics and dimensions. There is enough of such stuff on the radio markets.

    Take the body with you and go to the fitting. When the required power source is purchased, we carefully separate it from the case.

    We place the screwdriver in the battery box. All components must be securely fastened.

    If necessary, extend the wires between the control board and the transformer. If the circuit touches the metal parts of the transformer during operation, a short circuit will occur.

    Since the space in the case allows. Separate the board and the transformer for better cooling. Whichever quality power supply you choose, the load will be high and overheating is possible.

    It will not be superfluous to fix additional radiators on the power control microcircuits. Operate the screwdriver for a long time, disconnect it from the mains and touch the radio components on the control board.

    You yourself will understand which elements need heat dissipation. Holes for air circulation can be made in the housing.

    Redesigning the power supply unit with your own hands will not take much time, and the cost of the purchased module is incomparable with restoring the battery’s performance.