How To Make A Chainsaw Trimmer

Initially, the main task of the saw is sawing wood. If you try, you can give the device more functionality. Homemade chainsaws are amazing variety. In addition to the fact that various establishments are available in trade establishments, such as an angle grinder, a coroder or a pump, many use improvised tools and create new devices. So, mopeds, snowmobiles, electric generators and other devices suitable for everyday life are made from chainsaws.

How To Make A Chainsaw Trimmer

Chainsaw is an indispensable tool due to its versatility

What can you make homemade from the Druzhba chainsaw and other devices

Even without the use of additional parts, a chainsaw is capable of performing a wide range of tasks. If you purchase additional nozzles for the classic design, it will be possible to expand the possibilities of using the device in the household and obtain such devices:

For chainsaws, you can purchase special nozzles or make the right tool with it

  • Snow blower;
  • Brush cutter;
  • Pump for pumping water;
  • Gas cutter;
  • Barking agent.

Some craftsmen, armed with basic knowledge of mechanics, create additional do-it-yourself fixtures for chainsaws, which can significantly expand the scope of the tool. To remake it, you need to understand the principle of the universal motor drive, which is easy to use for the manufacture of other devices. Thus, taking the motor from a chainsaw, it will be possible to create such devices:

  • Ice drill or storm;
  • Boat engine;
  • A car or a bicycle with a motor;
  • Lawn mower;
  • Generator.

The reason for the popularity of homemade chainsaws from Druzhba-4, Stihl or Ural chains is a large number of advantages:

  • Powerful engine;
  • Light weight and compact size;
  • Possibility of use in extreme conditions.

As a rule, homemade products are made from chainsaws “Ural”, “Friendship”, “Stihl”

The main accessories for chainsaws that have gained popularity

If you purchase special nozzles on the tool, then it will be extremely simple to install them, for this you will not need to redo anything or disassemble the tool body. All ready-made devices are designed specifically for installation on a chainsaw. Another important advantage of acquiring a chainsaw is its autonomy. This is due to the fact that all electrical devices require a 220 V outlet. Using a chainsaw, it will be possible to use homemade products in the field, be it a drill, an ice drill or a coroder.

A do-it-yourself mounted nozzle-angle grinder on a chainsaw allows you to operate the equipment not only as a gas cutter, but also as an angle grinder. The nozzle is connected to the device by means of a special pin, and starts to rotate with the help of a belt from a pulley fixed to the shaft of the drive sprocket. Thus, the device is installed instead of the saw bar. It is important to choose the right diameter of the nozzle circle, for this you need to first study the instructions of the Friendship chainsaw or other equipment used to make a useful device.

Kroder is one of the most popular chainsaw attachments

Another common tool for users is the barker used to cut bark from trees. Also, the nozzle is popular with joiners, because with its help it is easy to clean the unprocessed forest from bark, knots and growths. Some use the nozzle to create longitudinal or transverse grooves on the beam. Basically, there are two types of coroders:

  1. Drum The main area of ​​application is the removal of bark, the second name is the barking agent.
  2. Disk. Used to create all kinds of recesses.

On sale there are several nozzles that differ in width, more often it is 80 and 100 mm. In case of dull knives there is the possibility of secondary sharpening. If the knives are completely out of order, it is better to purchase a new kit from the manufacturer. The nozzle itself is a milling cutter or drum fixed in the bearing assembly. Actuation is carried out by a belt drive, and the speed of rotation is regulated by the force of pressing the accelerator handle. Pulley diameter also affects speed: the larger it is, the higher the speed. Studs for installing the nozzle are included.

How to make a winch and a chainsaw from a chainsaw with your own hands

Homemade products from the Urals often help in construction. So, when erecting buildings from a solid forest, you have to dissolve the logs on the beam. The sawmill from the Ural chainsaw makes it possible to perform this action as quickly as possible, accurately, while maintaining the accuracy of the cut. The main advantage is the lack of the need to perform any complex alterations. The device simply needs to be securely fixed in a makeshift frame, which can be made of metal corners or shaped pipes. The log for processing is then laid on the prepared rails.

DIY sawmill manufacturing scheme

You won’t have to do drawings of your sawmill with your own hands, because a large number of ideas are available on the network that are suitable even for a person without experience.

The safety of using the structure is ensured by the fact that you do not need to move the log yourself. For this purpose, a carriage with a saw is used, which, depending on the thickness of the log, is fixed at the required height. After switching on, the frame moves precisely, and the cut remains neat and turns out smooth. You can operate the device not only for solid timber, but also for sawing boards, in order to prepare firewood.

A home-made winch will also be a good helper in construction, because with its help it will be easy to lift loads to a height, move a sawn tree. In addition, using a winch, it will be possible to pull out a jammed car or to pull a boat out of the water onto the shore. Efficiency will depend on the gear ratio of the gearbox, in some models the indicator can reach 1.5 tons.

A sawmill from a chainsaw will allow you to easily and quickly turn logs into timber

To make the device convenient to use, you will need to perform a solid frame using welding work. The motor, gearbox and drum with braking system should be firmly fixed to the frame. To fix the frame on the housing, holes and eyes should be provided through which it will be possible to install the device on any surface.

How to create a lawn mower using improvised tools

To quickly deal with tall grass or tidy up the lawn, a lawn mower must be present among the owner’s tools. You can purchase an ordinary factory version of the equipment, convenient to use, but keep in mind that the price of a lawn mower will be significant. Do-it-yourself homemade work from the Druzhba chainsaw will cost one and a half times cheaper than the factory device, and the capacity is quite enough for standard domestic use.

Regardless of the type of construction chosen, the trimmer will consist of a drive, a frame, a control system and knives. For ease of operation, the device is additionally equipped with wheels, legs, arms and a protective cover in which the mowed grass is collected. The process of making a lawn mower begins with the creation of a frame of a convenient size, most often composed of metal corners. The optimal size is 25 × 25 cm. In general, the progress of work on the manufacture of equipment looks like this:

  1. Using bolts, iron handles are attached to the finished frame, and wheels are mounted on the side parts.
  2. Having previously studied the characteristics of the Ural chainsaw or any other model, the handle and the tire are removed from the device.
  3. Using studs with nuts, the rest of the technique is attached to the base. This must be done so that the shaft of the gearbox, rotated 90 °, looks down.
  4. At the next stage, it will be necessary to extend the gas cable, and from two tubes to make a sliding shaft connected to the gearbox.

A lawn mower made from a chainsaw will cost much less than a purchased one

As wheels take elements from old prams or cars. If several pipes of different diameters are used for manufacturing, it will turn out to make a device with a telescopic work system capable of changing the length.

This is especially important if the device is often used by people of different physiques. Also, creating a telescopic shaft will help regulate the height of the grass after passing the lawn mower. To ensure that the device lasts longer, does not fail after meeting with hard stones and fights with small bushes qualitatively, it should be equipped with high-quality steel knives. For convenient use, it is advised to additionally equip the mower with a grass catcher so that it does not have to collect the remains of mowed grass.

Self-cultivator, snow blower, ice drill and do-it-yourself storms

A chainsaw motor is also perfect for creating a motor cultivator designed for plowing virgin lands (for light soils). For work with dense and moist soils, the engine’s power and torque are probably not enough, but to loosen the surface layer and remove the roots of the weeds of the cultivator from the chainsaw that are left in the ground will be enough. The main part of the device is a rotating mill, due to which the equipment moves around the site.

Drawing of a self-made snow blower using a chainsaw

If the shaft with the plowshares is replaced with a screw in the cultivator, and the structure is equipped with a fence and a pipe for folding snow, the cultivator turns into a snowplow. A motor from any saw with a capacity of 3-5 horsepower will be more than enough to remove loose snow on the site. It is only important to carry out a convenient screw mechanism. For this, blades made of thick rubber are most often used. As a fence device, parts made of galvanized steel are suitable. Snow is easily ejected by installing a large diameter plastic pipe.

Drilling ice or frozen ground with a hand tool is a rather long and physically difficult task. Creating a motorized drill with your own hands will greatly simplify the task. In this case, in addition to the motor, it is necessary to have a gearbox that regulates the number of revolutions per minute, because the device does not need such a strong rotation as a chainsaw.

To create a motorcycle or ice drill with your own hands, the first thing you need to do is to make a reliable body, which is a truncated pyramid, consisting of two rectangles of various sizes. You will need an angle grinder, a welding machine and metal pipes. It is inside this frame that the gearbox will be installed, respectively, the dimensions of the housing will directly depend on the size of the gearbox.

Chainsaw drill will become an indispensable assistant in the household

For reliability, experts recommend taking a part from a good motor drill made of durable steel as a screw, because low-quality material will not withstand heavy loads. Another important issue is the reliable fastening of the drill, which can be carried out using an ordinary pipe, fixed on both sides with dowels or studs. This method of attachment will allow you to change the drill or use other devices to work.

Homemade chainsaws: outboard engine and other vehicles

Boat chainsaw engines were first used during the Second World War in Southeast Asia, because the saws themselves were several times cheaper than motors. First, bamboo sticks were used to mount the shaft, which were replaced with new ones as they wore. In order to make a homemade product from a Stihl chainsaw, you need to remove the tire from the device, and install either a finished boat screw or a homemade screw in its place. To mount, you will need to purchase a special adapter.

Then, a homemade motor for a boat from a chainsaw is fixed on the rear side of the boat so that the screw is immersed in water at a certain angle. In some cases, a gearbox is used instead of an adapter. By and large, such a home-made design is considered an economical option, which allows to accelerate the movement along the water surface, which is especially important for fishermen or hunters. The motor provides a good ride to a small boat and at the same time is economical.

A homemade outboard motor from a chainsaw can be made even by a beginner

Design features of a snowmobile and snowmobile

A snowmobile from a chainsaw is considered one of the most difficult home-made devices, because for its manufacture a large number of additional parts will be required, including:

  • Frame;
  • Housing;
  • Caterpillars and front skis;
  • Steering wheel;
  • Control consisting of a handle and a clutch.

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There is another difficulty. In order for the snowmobile to move, it needs to be equipped with a suspension and transmission, so it will not be easy for a beginner to do such work.

Do-it-yourself start creating a snowmobile from a chainsaw with a supporting frame, which is a steel profile measuring 20×20 or 20×30 cm. The swinging arm is responsible for the shock absorption of the rear suspension, and the motorcycle-type steering fork for the front.

To make a snowmobile from a chainsaw, you will need to purchase many additional parts

Additionally, a do-it-yourself snowmobile with a motor is complemented by a centrifugal clutch with a V-belt and a chain. To enhance traction, a gear is attached to the caterpillar shaft, the diameter of which exceeds the drive part of the chainsaw shaft. For the normal operation of a homemade device, you need to take a motor having a power of at least ten horsepower.

A simpler option is snowmobiles, which have a similar method of use, but are a propeller-driven aircraft moving in the snow. Due to the simplified design, the sled does not differ in heavy lifting capacity, cross-country ability and stability. The main advantages are simple construction and ease of manufacture. The rotating screw installed behind the driver’s back must be closed with a protective casing made of fine mesh. Management is carried out by turning the skis, the gas lever and the brake. The optimal engine power is considered to be 5-6 horsepower.

How to make a moped from a chainsaw or a bicycle with a motor

A homemade moped from a chainsaw is unlikely to compare with the industrial version of the device, but as a kind of adult toy, it will fit perfectly. By and large, the device is not a moped, but a bicycle with an engine from a chainsaw. This is due to the fact that the old frame from this vehicle is most often used.

A moped using a chainsaw can accelerate to 30 km / h

Before you put the engine from a chainsaw to a bicycle, you should take care of the availability of parts, such as:

  • Frame;
  • Engine with a gas tank;
  • Gearbox with a gear ratio of 18: 1;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • The brakes.

Any engine on a bicycle from a chainsaw should be supplemented with a gearbox to be able to adjust the rotation of the wheels. Sometimes gear pairs are used instead of a gearbox, interconnected by a chain from a bicycle. If we take the mountain version of the bicycle as the basis, then here a gearbox with a gear ratio of 1:15 or 1:20, supplemented by a variator, is more suitable. The main advantage of a mountain bike with a chainsaw motor is that, unlike a conventional device, it will be able to accelerate to 30 km / h.

Another simple-to-use vehicle is considered chainsaw chainsaw, reminiscent of a simplified car model, which is used mainly for circuit racing. The device is deprived of a one-piece housing, it has no shock absorbers. The minimum number of parts allows you to facilitate the design and provide him with a high speed of movement.

For a bicycle, you need not only a chainsaw engine, but also a gearbox

The frame is most often cooked independently from a metal profile, and old trolleys are used as a donor of wheels. A bicycle chain is used as a drive to the rear axle, and a steering trapezoid will also be needed. To assemble the housing, the use of a welding machine is required. Some people consider the do-it-yourself cards a baby car with a gasoline engine, but keep in mind that the vehicle is capable of developing decent speed.

What else can you do homemade chainsaw

The motor from a chainsaw can be used for independent movement of almost any vehicle. So, you can equip a drive with a children’s or adult scooter, which can accelerate to a speed of 10-15 km / h. The main advantages of using a scooter are its high maneuverability and the absence of the need for large storage space. Over, for the manufacture you do not have to disassemble the chainsaw into parts. It will be necessary to remove only the tire and the saw chain, which is replaced by a bicycle and serves as a part that transmits torque to the rear wheel.

In addition to manufacturing vehicles, using some parts of the saw, you can create a small mobile power station, which reaches a power of 5 kW. To create a generator, a chainsaw will require a motor, a steel frame, an electrical junction box with plugged in sockets, and a gearbox with which torque will be supplied to the generator shaft.

Quite often chains from chainsaws in their work use forged

Some home-made chainsaw chains are popular with forged women, for example, some create forged knives. For this, the chain is divided into pieces, from which the base of the blade is then welded by glowing them to 850 ° C. The molten chain is pressed until the voids between the links disappear.

To create homemade chainsaws, you need to know the basics of simple mechanics, because you need to correctly connect all the elements together. You should not buy an expensive tool for the invention, budget models of chainsaws are also suitable for this. When buying, you need to consider that the saw must be easy to understand, and details for it should be available for sale. For the manufacture of devices, it is better to take ready-made drawings, especially if there was no previous experience in creating home-made devices.

If instead of fishing line to use knives, then it is problematic to mow thin grass, although they are overgrown with power. And then the know-how comes to the rescue: replace the trimmer line with a chain from a chainsaw. Such a universal tool will cope with any vegetation that you want to mow on your site.

So that there is no need to constantly change the fishing line of the trimmer to the disk during cleaning in the country or in a personal plot, you can improve the lawn mowing with your own hands.


Materials and tools for work

In order to improve the trimmer, you will need:

  • Chain from a chainsaw;
  • A metal cap, nut and washer used to attach knives to the trimmer (included with the mower);
  • Combination key, which is also included with the trimmer;
  • Electric drill;
  • A set of drills for metal;
  • Core and hammer;
  • Vise;
  • Welding machine and face shield;
  • Ruler and marker.

Step 1. We prepare the components

We get the components of the lawn mower: metal cap, nut, washer and combination wrench.

Step 2. Customize the chain size

We take the old chain from the chainsaw. The chain length must not exceed the dimensions of the trim guard.

Step 3. Do the markup

We take a metal cap and, using a ruler with a marker, mark diametrically opposite points on it.

Step 4. Fix the cap

Clamp the cap in a vise so that one of the marking points is on top.

Step 5. Drill holes

  • With the help of a core and a hammer, we outline the place of the future hole in the cap.
  • We begin to drill a hole, using a small diameter drill bit first and then a drill whose diameter corresponds to the transverse dimension of the chain.

We repeat the same actions at the second point of the cap marked with a marker.

Step 6. We hang the chain

We put a chain from a chainsaw into the drilled holes and stack it so that it does not interfere with the rotation of the cap. For better balancing, the protruding edges of the chain should be the same.

Step 7. Fix the chain

Using a welding machine, we weld the chain firmly to the cap.

Follow safety instructions. Do not work without a face mask.

Step 8. Attach the chain cap

  • We remove the nozzle with fishing line from the lawn mowers and attach the washer, cap with chain and nut.
  • The trimmer is ready to use.

We are testing

The advanced trimmer copes equally well, both with the growth of trees and hard weeds, and with delicate grass.

Video: We conduct an experiment, replacing the fishing line in the trimmer with a chain

We conduct an experiment, replacing the fishing line in the trimmer with a chain

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