How to make a mower from a chainsaw. Homemade lawn mower

Homemade potato mower from a chainsaw

For the manufacture of homemade motokultivator of gasoline saws you need a saw engine, some pieces of pipe and a welding machine. It is simply difficult to think of a simpler design of a frame of a homemade motocultivator, as well as of its entire layout. It is true that on such a power tiller you can only cultivate the soil, but this work is the most periodic and labor-intensive, and takes a lot of time and effort. Cultivate the soil in spring and autumn before and after planting the most labor-intensive procedures, and to make such a simple motokultivator with their own hands is not difficult and almost nothing costs. To do this, you need to insert a forked frame: a handle holder made of metal pipe and a frame welded to it from an angle or pipe. The lower part of the frame is a drive shaft on two bearings with the cultivator cutters mounted on it and the drive sprocket in the middle. From the upper part of the handle of the holder of the homemade motocultivator of the saw, weld brackets for mounting the engine from the saw, fuel tank and step-down reducer with a belt tensioning mechanism, and from the bottom you install a hinged parking footstep. Torque is transmitted from the engine of the power tiller to the reduction gearbox by a V-belt transmission. and from it a chain transmission to the drive shaft of the rotary cultivator. So that’s how you build a simple power tiller out of a chainsaw engine

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“How to make a power tiller from a chainsaw

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Modern technology has long since transformed even such a traditional field as agriculture. It’s time for gardeners to fundamentally change their attitude towards the use of machinery on the back garden. And hardly the most valuable attachment can be a homemade oculator.

How to Make a Barrow from a Chainsaw

Wood saws are traditionally used for sawing. However, in times of complete scarcity, craftsmen have adapted to use it as an excuse for other machines and mechanisms. Anyone who understands mechanics and knows how to hold a tool knows how to make homemade chainsaws. In this way, you can create an interesting and useful device in everyday life.

Useful items of a chainsaw

It all depends on the imagination of the master. Chainsaws can be made:

  • Aerial sled
  • Engine towing;
  • Motorcycle (moped);
  • Motor tiller;
  • Lawn mower;
  • Power drill;
  • An outboard motor;
  • Snowplow.

Snowmobiles are very easy to make on the basis of a small bicycle. Skis mounted on the front, a pair of low-pressure wheels mounted on the rear axle. Such a home pollen product “Druzhba” or “Ural” will run quite vigorously on ice or heavy snow.

For deeper snow, this model of snowmobile is not suitable, the power of the saw engine is not enough. versatile is a snowmobile that uses a track as a propulsor. The simplest track is assembled from an assembly line. The role of hooks is played by flat wooden rails attached to the belt. Because of this, such snowmobiles are traditionally called “sticks”.

The same principle applies to the design of motorized tow cars (motorized dogs). This option is even better than a conventional snowmobile, because this homemade Ural chainsaw allows you to move even in loose snow. In addition to the engine, the gearbox or snowmobile must be equipped with a gearbox to reduce the number of revolutions while increasing torque.

A self-propelled bicycle with a chainsaw. The easiest way to do it. Any frame bike is suitable for this. The throttle cable is shown on the handlebars. Chainsaws and bicycles have the same links, so special gears are not needed. Torque can be immediately transmitted to the rear wheel of the bicycle. All you have to do is put a sprocket on the rear wheel to increase the gear ratio and increase the power. This would reduce the speed. That’s good, because a normal motorcycle is not designed for speeds in excess of 20 kilometers per hour.

A cultivator can also be made using a chainsaw as a drive. However, the power of a chainsaw with a chainsaw is low, and it is not widely used in agriculture. Plowing virgin soil with this machine is unrealistic, but it is quite possible to sow furrows for planting potatoes.

The lawnmower is also easy to assemble. The basis is a normal four-wheel handcart. Chainsaw motor mounted on top. The torque is transmitted to a rigid shaft, the other end of which is brought under the bottom of the cart. A metal blade or grass trimmer unit is attached to it.

To make a motor drill, you will need a small worm gear and a fishing auger. With this device you can easily drill a large number of holes in winter on the river. If the drill will be used to drill holes in the ground, the screw and nozzle must be reinforced.

You don’t need a gearbox to build an outboard with a chainsaw. All you have to do is weld the frame with two clamps to attach it to the boat transom and mount a propeller on the shaft. Those who have made home grass trimmers with their own hands will easily make a chainsaw from a chainsaw.

You can also design a simple chainsaw snowmobile. To do this, mount the duster stick on the skids and add a homemade propeller assembly. A snow blower can be made from an ordinary sewer pipe.

The power unit from the saw can even be mounted on a scooter.

Great idea from chainsaw! It turned out a cool thing!

Our hands are not without boredom

The Friendship chainsaw is optimally used as a motor and drive for the following devices:

A simple belt drive from a chainsaw to a car alternator can provide electrical lighting for your country house or cottage. Similarly, you can connect it to a centrifugal pump to pump water out of your basement.

Add a worm gear to your chainsaw and you can easily construct a simple winch.

A table saw similarity is easy to build from a chainsaw, where instead of a belt, the wagon would move with the saw attached to it. This design allows you to dissolve the trunk of a tree on the bar. Theoretically it is possible to cut the boards, but because of the wide cut there will be high losses.

The technology is on the verge of science fiction

The Soviet Union has a long history of a prisoner who was able to fly a homemade helicopter out of a chainsaw. In fact, it’s just a wonderful legend, although there are some real science behind it.

In 1971, a group of students from the Moscow Aviation Institute presented a new unusual design to the scientific council. It was a flying single platform with eight friendly chain saws, synchronized in one unit. Prototypes of these developments have been repeatedly demonstrated at various exhibitions. Despite this, such models have never been commercially available.

Make a Gokart with Lawn Mower. DIY Toys

The dream of paradise for lovers to build something with a chainsaw is still a dream. However, attempts to make a single helicopter in the morning using the engines of the Ural or Druzhba do not stop.

Mower from a chainsaw

A planter is a highly specialized piece of equipment that is used to to tuck potatoes . At the same time weeds are being removed between the rows.

It is not difficult to assemble an edger from a chainsaw. Its design is shown in the diagram below.

The numerical designation on the diagram corresponds to the following elements of the construction:

  • 1. motor control stick;
  • 2. The tether;
  • 3,4, 7, 10. gear sprockets;
  • 5. chain;
  • 6. wheel;
  • 8. handle;
  • 9. fuel tank;
  • 11. motor mount;
  • 12. platform under the engine;
  • 13. ENGINE
  • 14. frame;
  • 15. plow (tip of rear tip).

In addition to the options discussed, taking as the basis of drive from a gasoline saw, your own hands can make quadcopter, mini helicopter, winch, hole-drilling machine or ice drilling machine. For most homemade machines, a motor with a capacity of 2-3 kW (approximately 2.7-4.1 L.с.), for example, from chain saws “STIHL”, “Druzhba”, “Ural. But for a helicopter, you will need an engine with a larger parameter. In order to find out the exact amount of power required, you will need to perform precise engineering calculations in this case.

For remaking, it is recommended to use an old inexpensive tool, so that in the case of a quick breakdown of the created mechanism, not to incur special financial losses. It is better to use models that are easily disassembled, and it is not difficult to find parts on them if they need to be replaced. During assembly, it is necessary to carefully connect the parts, making sure that they are docked without problems. Pre-made drawings will facilitate and accelerate the process. In any case, the homemade machine must be safe.

The versatility of gasoline chain saws is proved not only by their multitasking and functionality, but also by the abundance of useful self-made saws, which folk craftsmen have learned to make with their own hands. They save money on buying expensive factory-made devices, for which most people simply have no money. But, as they say, the bitter end of the imagination. Therefore, speaking of chainsaws, many imagine not only logging or pruning an orchard, but also winches, ice drills, boat motors, angle grinders, sawmills, which technically competent craftsmen have learned to adapt from all the favorite gasoline tools.

Deserve no less attention means of transportation. bicycles, mopeds, go-carts, quad bikes and many other things that can be assembled using chain saw with gasoline motor. On how and what to recreate them and surprise people around an incredible motorized design, we will talk in this article.

A single-axle tractor with a motor from a chainsaw

So, we have a gasoline saw, which is used not very often or does not work at all. In this situation, by making certain calculations and selecting the necessary materials, our chainsaw becomes an excellent power tiller. The concept of creating homemade farm machinery, depending on the brand of the manufacturer, may vary, but the basic rules consist of the following steps.

  • The most important step is to develop a drawing, acting on which you will make the necessary device. Drawing documentation and schematics of a motor block from a gasoline saw can be made by yourself, or by downloading ready-made calculations from the Internet. To find them will not present the slightest difficulty, it is enough to score a search query in the browser and choose the most suitable assembly project.
  • When the drawings are available, it is time to assemble the frame for the future power tiller.
  • Once the frame is ready, the saw’s engine and fuel tank are attached to it.
  • The last to be installed are the system’s auxiliary components, which are responsible for steering and other functions.

Keep in mind that not only the engine from a gasoline saw, but also a motor taken from a moped or motorcycle will work as an engine for motorized machinery.

To implement the idea, prepare the following list of devices and materials.

  • Engine from an existing gasoline saw. The best suit for this will be a chainsaw “Druzhba” or “Ural”.
  • A handlebar, dismounted from a motorcycle or moped.
  • Welding machine.
  • Sheets of iron and pipes in quantity necessary for construction of the frame.
  • Wheels from old equipment.
  • Power train (transmission).

Having prepared all the components of the design and assembled them according to the drawing, you will acquire a unit with not bad features.

  • Powerful. Individual home-made devices have a capacity of 9 horsepower.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact.
  • The engines used in gasoline-powered saws have a large margin of safety, which makes it possible to work on a homemade unit for a long time.
  • Low-cost.

As a sample for the assembly, let’s talk about the engine taken from a chainsaw “Druzhba”. It is more suitable for our idea.

For the assembly it is desirable to use a modification of this model of the fourth generation.

Step-by-step instructions for making a power block from “Druzhba

The manufacturing process depends on the chosen variant of design, drawing. Step-by-step disassembly of one of the modifications:

  • Two bases (spar) are made of steel pipe or profile with a diameter not less than 20 mm. The bend is made so that the ends are bent upwards.
  • On the long part is welded rudder, welded at random or taken from motor vehicles. Bases are connected and reinforced with crossbars. Also to the bend in the base are welded or bolted platforms for the battery and the gas tank.
  • To fix the engine, a skid-shaped structure is made of pipes or profiles. The motor is attached to it, and then to the base.
  • Then mounting of the collar flange RU-32 from the car VAZ. The shaft that transmits the force from the motor is fixed to it. It is also recommended to use the VAZ reducer shaft as a shaft. To fix the shaft in the flange are used bearings with diameter of 30 mm.
  • Gear link is made of sprockets from any old car or moped. One is attached to the gearbox shaft, the other to the shaft on which the cutters or wheels are located. Connect the chain from an old motorcycle.
  • Then all parts are assembled and connected.
  • Wheels and cutters can also be made by yourself, using as a basis old rims from a car or from agricultural machinery. The resulting parts are mounted on a steel tube or a circle of the required diameter.

It is also necessary to think about an effective cooling system of the forced type. Several options are available. The simplest option is to install a fan. complex designs suggest the use of water cooling.

For more comfortable work, it is worth paying attention to the exhaust pipe so that the exhaust gases are vented to the side. It can be bent from a pipe with a diameter of 70 mm or more.

Product benefit

The benefit of a homemade power tiller from “Druzhba” is that it is quite expensive to buy a factory version of the device. Having a small plot or using a single axle tractor infrequently, it is not always advisable to purchase it. And to assemble a generally productive homemade device you can use what you have at home.

make, mower, chainsaw, homemade, lawn

Parts can be assembled absolutely free of charge if you wish. And they will not be spoiled in case of unfortunate circumstances. The engine itself from a chainsaw is quite economical and not fussy. You can use inexpensive fuel and lubricants, which also affects the overall benefit.

A single-axle tractor is not the only thing that can be made from the Druzhba chain saw, using this tool you can make many other useful devices, about how and what is needed for this, read the article on this link.

How to make an oggar?

For okuchnik lister variant on the cultivator will need a metal thickness of 2 mm, which will be cut out of the working material. half-wings. After the parts have been cut out, they must be bent to the desired radius. Subsequently, the parts are welded at the fixing points. The edges are finished with an angle grinder.

The distance between the two half-wings is fixed with a steel crossbar. On the inside of the device, a metal tube with several holes is welded, which allow you to set the necessary deepening in the soil. One more tube is bolted to the stand, which goes to the power tiller.

To make a homemade disk mower you will need to buy two concave discs (suitable discs from an old planter). You can cut the plates yourself from metal 2 mm wide. The diameter of the disc coulter discs should be at least 40 cm. You also need two stands and turnbuckles, and a “T” shaped leash.

At the desired distance, the discs are fixed at an angle on the stand by adjustable adapters by welding or bolting. The turnbuckles make it possible to adjust the discs vertically. When making the tool yourself, you must make sure that the discs are set symmetrically. Otherwise the single-axle tractor will skid to the side.

A disc coulter made with your own hands has many advantages. Anyone can make it, just find available drawings and diagrams (you can find them in special magazines about the garden, vegetable garden or on the Internet). Potato weeders for your own hands will require little cost, and the efficiency is no different from an off-the-shelf machine.

Hand-mounted planter makes it possible to plow soil without the use of machinery. Allows to cultivate small areas. To make a homemade planter you will need:

  • Disks or metal sheets as blades. 2 pcs;
  • Mechanism of the cam type. 2 pcs;
  • Fixing brackets. 2 pcs;
  • Metal stands. 2 pcs;
  • Bridge beam;
  • Potato ridging handle.
make, mower, chainsaw, homemade, lawn

It is important to remember! Not only is the cutting tool different from the lister, but also the frame design. When making the plough, it is necessary to find the practical way of setting the working width of the blades. For the discs, the width should be about 25 cm, for the lister about 30 cm

This is due to the nature of blade cutting. The discs plow the ground in a straight line, while the metal plates perch at an angle

For discs, the width should be about 25 cm, for a lister. about 30 cm. This is due to the nature of the cutting blades. The discs plow the ground in a straight line, while the metal plates plow at an angle.

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The metal bushes are welded between the discs or blades. They ensure that the cutting edge is firmly fixed during ploughing. The working width depends on the length of the bushings.

After welding the blades, move on to constructing the frame. The length of the design should not exceed 120 cm. Otherwise the tiller arm will vibrate while working. The frame for the planter is made taking into account the attachment to the tiller. The lower part is a reinforced structure that fixes the tool. When making a hand-held tool, instead of mounting it to a single-axle tractor, a guide rod is welded on.

Turf hitter drawings

The drawing below shows a drawing of the front of the tiller, which is welded from two identical halves. You need to make a template for this drawing, and then the two halves obtained bend to match the radii and weld in 2-3 passes. Download the drawing of the planter in PDF format

Below is the drawing of the wing on the rocker, you can cut it out of metal 2mm thick.

Below are all the basic dimensions of the base of the rocker, the thickness of the elements that make up my homemade rocker.

Features of making a power tiller from the Druzhba chainsaw

Homemade cultivator from Druzhba chainsaw allows to cultivate small areas. Its parameters are enough for various jobs: soil is milled, potatoes tubers are dipped and dug out.

Features of a power tiller from a chainsaw:

  • The main shaft is connected to the collar flange RU-32 of metal;
  • An axle gear sprocket is screwed on;
  • Perform the connection of the axle reducer shaft with a diameter of 3 centimeters;
  • The distance between the gear and the ground can be increased with a double-row chain and two sprockets from VAZ. So the clearance can be in the range of 15 cm;
  • The body bearing with a diameter of 3 centimeters is mounted and fastened on the main axle;
  • To install plungers and wheels will need a steel tube, the length of which is 32 centimeters.
  • Cultivator from a hand chainsaw is unpretentious to the liquids used;
  • The unit is autonomous, because it can be used regardless of time and place;
  • The internal construction of the device is sealed, so the cultivator works in the rain and in strong heat;
  • Ready-made technique can be used on plots with the area of 10-20 hectares.

If there is no possibility or time to be engaged in an independent cultivator making, one should pay attention to Forza motocultivator, which can cope with tasks of different complexity