How to make a trailer hitch to a power tiller

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A hitch for a power tiller: methods of making, types of fasteners and installation principle

The harrow is designed to mix the top layer of soil (for uniform fertilization, moistening or aeration of the soil) and to bring it to a homogeneous state (removes crust on the ground, breaks clods, removes weeds). There is one official model of the harrow on the official site of the manufacturer of power tillers Neva.

MD 850M harrow (husker)

the harrow breaks up large chunks (blocks) of soil into smaller ones so that the soil can additionally absorb moisture and oxygen. These two factors are a must for growing crops.

The BD 850 is a disc harrow and is recommended for small to medium fields. The working width can be set between 70 and 96 cm.

The harrow is equipped with 8 discs of stainless steel. They are replaceable and can be easily replaced with new ones, if desired. The discs are ground in the factory using a special technique so they do not freeze over a long period of use.

The discs are mounted on an axle. These axles are mounted on heavy-duty Teflon bearings.

The angle of the furrow can be adjusted to suit the conditions:

make, trailer, hitch, power
  • The 10° tilt is used for aggressive furrowing;
  • The 15° tilt is used for standard trenching;
  • 20° tilt used for soft furrowing.

If you are ploughing hard rock and the discs slip, you can use a weighting device to lower them into the ground. For this there is a specially sharpened area on the top of the discs.

To achieve maximum furrowing results two connected furrows in series can be used. In doing so, the first unit discharges the earth inside, while the second unit discharges it outside.

It is also recommended to replace the regular wheels with the grousers.

Installation of the MD 850M harrow on the Neva single-axle tractor

Can I make my own harrow??

If you want, you can assemble the harrow yourself, there is nothing complicated about this construction.

The easiest way to make a toothed harrow. It is a little less effective than a disk harrow, but it is much easier to assemble.

All you need is a square tube, some teeth and bolts.

It is necessary to cut the pipes and connect them to each other at an angle of approximately 30°. At the place where they are joined, insert the tines and fasten them with bolts.

To connect it to the tiller you can use an ordinary chain or make a coupling device with an ordinary metal pipe.

But only this construction will often jump out of the ground, it must be additionally weighted with something. The ideal solution would be cinder blocks or any heavy metal construction. But you should not overdo it, because the connecting elements must be able to support the weight of the entire structure.

Here is a video of the harrow in action and the result of the work done:

What the owners say

And here are some of the opinions of people who have already worked with the harrows on Neva power tillers.

“I decided to make the harrow myself, as its design was intuitive to me. So a little poraskinuv brains, and pobivav information on forums, was able to easily make. All that was needed was the pins and pipes for fixing them. Simplicity is the key to success)”

Hiller for power tiller with my own hands

In order to make this equipment one should follow the clear rules and, if possible, use the drawings. This will quickly and correctly install all the parts, so that later do not redo the work. You can independently make models of the lister (classic) or disk type.

Creation of a lister pick-up

Such an oculator for a power tiller is a traditional non-adjustable device, which is used most often. To create it, you need to draw or use ready-made drawings, according to which it will be very easy to make all the work.

  • We make the base from metal sheet, 3mm or thicker. It will encounter resistance from the ground, so it should be as strong as possible.
  • The arm is made of a steel strip 4 mm wide, and the part should be hardened.
  • The field board is created from 5 mm thick metal, it is hardened in several stages with a gas burner.
  • The stand is made of 8 mm thick metal, as it is the element that bears the entire load.
  • We make the wings of 2 mm thick steel, they must match the size of the chosen scheme, because this is how they can be joined to the base.
  • Then they are slightly bent and welded to the base.

If you need an adjustable perch, you need to attach the wings to the base with hinges, the bars for adjusting the angle are installed in the tail of the base.

You can also make a double-row oscillator, which will double the speed of work. In this case, you need to add traction devices to the finished design, and the mounts should be made movable, which will allow you to adjust the width of the rows.

Making a disc coulter

Creating such a model, special attention is paid to the molding of the discs. They are well suited for them used cutters from a seed drill or circular saws, which are mounted on the bearings with oil seals

make, trailer, hitch, power
  • The discs should be installed at an angle, keeping the distance between their lower points. Also an important condition is their symmetry, otherwise the single-axle tractor can lead slightly in different directions.
  • All the elements should be welded or bolted together and the discs connected with adjustable adapters.
  • Screw turnbuckles, leash, and struts are also attached.
  • Next, you need to use a beam with wings to secure the tool to the power tiller.

Equally important is the correct selection of tilt angles and plunge depths, for which moving elements with bolt fixation are put on the bracket.

Making Propeller Ridder

For the work you will need high-quality thick metal, an angle grinder and a welding machine.

  • First the axles are made and fitted to the power tiller.
  • Then the stand and base must be made and welded by arc welding.
  • You need to choose the distance between the nozzles, the shape of the blades and the angle of installation, which will allow you to loosen the soil as effectively as possible.

For convenience, you can make several sleeves with brackets and different sets of blades, which will allow you to make a variety of types of oculating.

In order to properly make a rocker arm for your power tiller, you should also watch a video that gives you full instructions on how to make a rocker arm.

Choosing the hitch on a single axle tractor

Any attachment or trailed device for the power tiller, be it a harrow, a dipstick, a mower, a cart-trailer or any other equipment, is attached with a hitch. If the basic part is not suitable, the owner has a choice. to buy a suitable one or make a coupling for a power tiller with his own hands. In any case, determining which version of the unit will be able to best fit the tasks that the unit performs, you need to consider a number of points, including:

  • The features of the motoblock or cultivator;
  • The area of application of the unit. the functions it performs;
  • The equipment that must be aggregated with it;
  • loads;
  • the need for versatility.

On this basis, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the most commonly used designs and navigate in the choice, based on the features of the one that is best suited in this case.

Unit: 2/13 | Number of characters: 910

Couplings for power tillers Neva, their types, what for what

For any attachment to work with the Neva motoblock, it is necessary to connect it to the unit. For this purpose there is a special device. a coupler. It comes in several types, let’s look at the features of each.

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Cinch for APM adapter (for work with plough and planter)

Coupling for APM adapter (for Neva, Kaskad, Oka, MB power tillers)

This hitch is designed to attach various attachments to the adapter. Such as ploughs, potato harvesters and ridgers. The design of the hitch allows the equipment to be securely attached to the Neva power tillers with only three bolts.

Universal hitch

This type of coupling allows you to adjust the angle of the attachment with the help of bolt mechanism. This feature allows the Neva single axle tractor to be tilted, and the plow will run perpendicular to the ground.

Since this hitch is mainly designed for the use of plows and dipsticks, it is possible to install a double or triple hitch, so that several working elements can be connected to it at once.

Universal H-coupling

It is a modification of universal coupling for power tiller Neva. Its main difference is that you can not only adjust the height of the plunge, but also to change the angle of inclination in all planes. The maximum angle of inclination in the horizontal plane is ± 20 °, and in the vertical plane ± 27 °.

Linkage MK for work with bucket rotary rake ON-2 and plough KROT

Linkage MK for work with hoe-tiller ON-2 and plow KROT

This coupling is special in itself, because it was produced by the factory LLC “Mobil K” exclusively for coupling with their equipment ON-2 and Krot. The plant has considered a separate type of coupling, which is not supplied with the kit, but is to be purchased separately.

Is it possible to make a hitch for a power tiller with your own hands?

When making a hitch with your own hands the most correct way is to choose the universal version, because 90% of the attachments work with this type of clutch.

High pressure will be applied to the hitch. Therefore, you should choose only strong materials with large sheet metal.

The basis of the universal hitch is a U-shaped attachment. For its manufacture is best suited a square channel, it should be 40×40 mm.

Holes are made in this channel, which will serve to secure the coupling by means of a pin. Therefore, you should first make a pin of stainless steel, and then under the size of the pin drill holes in the fixture.

To further mount the attachment, you must connect the bracket. Its longest part should point down or up so that the connected equipment does not interfere with driving. It should not be made too long to prevent it from touching the ground.

Here’s what people write on the forums about the hitch for the Neva power tiller:

Stepan writes:

“It took a long time to choose which hitch to use. After all, their arrangement is similar. I thought about doing it myself, but I did not bother and bought a universal hitch H. It seemed to me to be the most effective, versatile and compatible with all the equipment I have. Plus it had an official warranty. I haven’t had any problems with it since

Vasily writes:

“I bought a Mole plow to work on. Because it was one of the cheapest options, and did not want to overpay. After all, they are similar and functionally the same. What was my surprise when at home I could not connect it to my hitch. The next day I went to the store to find out what the problem was. The salesman told me that he forgot to mention the special hitch on this plow. I had to buy an extra hitch. So much for the proverb that the thrifty pay twice demonstrably”

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Tips for assembling the adapter

Special equipment for power tillers can be easily made by almost any craftsman. To create an adapter, you need to take a tube that has a straight section, its length should be 1.7 m.

To one of the ends perpendicularly have to be welded a tube, whose length will be 0.5 m. This part will be the basis for holding the racks under the wheels. The height of the struts from the axle to the top will be equal to 0.3 m. In a new step, you need to attach the struts to the center tube and the wheel bushing and fix them. The length of the piece depends on the slope and angle.

The square frame can be any size. In our variant will be disassembled the following dimensions: 0,4 x 0,4 m. If you are going to make such an attachment for a power tiller yourself, then to the rear end of the frame you need to attach a channel, the length of which will be 0,4 m. Assemble the side pipes into one structure using bolts.

In order for you to have the possibility of adjustment, is worth to connect the lever, which should have three knees, their length will be: 20, 30 and 50 centimeters, respectively.

In order to increase the applied force, it is worth supplementing the lever with a 75-centimeter lever. You can buy a fifth wheel coupler or make one yourself.

On the quality of the coupling depends the duration of use of our equipment. On the metal support you need to fix the seat, which is connected to the central tube. After these completed actions, you can consider that you have succeeded in creating a great equipment for the power tiller. Its advantages are the low price and the lightness of construction.

How to make a multi-purpose hitch

If you want to make this equipment with your own hands, then you have to work more with the instructions for making a hitch. The lightest design will be a 15-centimeter pin, which is placed in the towbar hitch hole. The disadvantage is a very fast wear and tear, because under the influence of the rotating trailer, the hitch holes are broken.

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How to make a universal hitch?

Universal hitch design adjusts the attachment to the power tiller without backlash and freewheel. This in turn facilitates the work on the tiller. To make such a coupling with your own hands does not require much time and excessive effort.

Using this attachment can be attached to a power tiller:

To create a quality product on your single-axle tractor, durable metal is used. You can also use channels, they have a sufficient margin of safety, are made according to the factory technology. You need to make a few extra holes, and the homemade hitch is almost ready.

Double universal hitch to a power tiller

The attachment can be made of cast iron or steel. But such materials require special equipment for processing, so it is better to buy industrial blanks.

If there are special workbenches, you can make a steel billet of the desired shape. A good hitch for the trailer of the motor-pilot can be made from a car cardan. to the menu

Tools and materials

The attachment consists of several complex parts. Before starting work, you need drawings that are suitable for creating the assembly. They must be tested and working.

Materials that are needed for the assembly:

  • Bolts and steel studs. these are the main elements of attachment, they create movable and fixed connections;
  • Adjustment element. a lever that will help change the position of the unit;
  • metal billets. channel bars from which the main part will be welded.

To assemble the equipment you will need:

  • a metal drill to make the holes;
  • ruler for measuring;
  • metal welding;
  • A set of wrenches to tighten the screw joints.

How to connect a single-axle tractor to a trailer?

The device is attached to a single-axle tractor using pins. They must be made of strong steel. Studs and pins are put through the holes. The knot for connection is placed either under the steering wheel or behind the main device. If there are any special features of the connection they are specified by the manufacturer of the trailer or power tiller.

Made by our own hands connection can be useful not only to connect the plow, trailer and other similar devices, but also it is used for farm machinery or mini-tractors.

Before proceeding to work, it is necessary to check the reliability of the assembly, to screw all the nuts and screws.

If it is necessary to change the position of the movable joint, to do this, turn the knob of the screw in the desired direction.

After the agricultural work is finished, you need to clean the threaded joints and lubricate them to prevent corrosion and breakage. to the menu

Adapter for power tiller with his hands

Block: 3/3 | characters: 2846

Materials and tools

The tools needed for the work are:

  • Angle grinder for cutting parts;
  • welding machine;
  • welding electrodes;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • An electric screwdriver;
  • Angle gauge for measuring angles.

The following materials and parts will be needed in the manufacture of the trailer construction:

  • Metal profile tubes with a square or rectangular cross-section;
  • wheels and springs;
  • Duralumin sheets with a thickness of 2 mm;
  • steel sheets;
  • channel ;
  • metal corners;
  • metal bar;
  • fasteners.

All parts, especially if they are remnants of old metal products, are carefully inspected for damage, cracks, cleaned of rust, trimmed.

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What to choose a trailer for a power tiller in 2020

In order to accurately answer the question of which adapter is best suited for a power tiller, you should have an idea of what they are in general. Adapters are classified according to several principles, which can be understood from the table:

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Classification Type Description
By location Front Clutch at the front, necessarily present steering wheel for steering
Rear The hitch on the back of a power tiller
By scope of use Shortened Most often used for light power tillers
Extended For industrial heavy machinery
By bodywork Body Suitable for large plots where many tasks have to be performed every day, transporting crops
Bodyless For coupling with a power tiller

Varieties and distinctive features of trailers

Factory-made cart for a power tiller can have a load capacity from 300 kilograms to a ton and have different body dimensions. Everything in this case depends on the performance parameters of the motorcycle. For this reason, trailer manufacturers adapt their own products for light, medium and heavy motorized machinery.

Nowadays, the range of motor blocks is extremely extensive, in connection with this modifications of cargo trailers for them offer enough.

The size line for trimmer bodies of such trailers has several variations.

  • For non heavy motorcycle equipment mainly use carts with a body width of 1 meter and a length of 0.85-1.15 meters. Carrying capacity of such devices does not exceed 300 kg.
  • The size of the body is 1,0×1,5 meter or 1,1×1,4 meter with the carrying capacity from 300 to 500 kilograms for trailers with normal power (4,8-8 hp).
  • For heavy machines with a capacity of more than 10 horsepower, they use single or tandem axle trailers with a body width of 1.2 meters and a length of 2 to 3 meters. They have the ability to move loads weighing from 500 kg to one ton.

The height of the boards on standard bogies is 30-35 centimeters. Carframe-type side guards with a height of 50 to 60 centimeters are used for heavy-weight trailers.

Bogies with a carrying capacity of more than 350 kg are equipped with mechanical brakes. This is required by the TBR regulations. When descending a steep slope, you will not be able to extinguish the force of inertia of a loaded cart solely with the brakes of the power tiller. Therefore, when choosing a trailer for heavy motorcycle equipment, be sure to check the presence of this feature.

The simple tipper trailer for light- and medium-duty vehicles does not have a hydraulic lift cylinder.

The body is mounted in such a way that the center of gravity of the load is on the axles with the steering wheels. This central symmetry greatly optimizes manual tilting.

To improve loading and unloading comfort, some truck models, except for the rear one, have two side boards that can be opened and removed.

Bogie bodies are generally made of painted galvanized sheet metal, painted black sheet metal, or impact resistant plastic. The first method is considered to be particularly high quality and reliable, although it is very expensive.

What you need to know about designing

Homemade cart for power tiller is usually designed for a load of about 0.5 tons, and the weight of the driver himself is not taken into account. With this capacity, it can easily hold up to 10 bags of potatoes.

When making a drawing, you need to mark the locations of the following parts:

In the front part should be located such elements as a driver, a console and a support for attachments.

Mothoblocs and attachments with their own hands, photos and video

A single-axle tractor is indispensable for modern farming. Equipped with a variety of attachments, this equipment can do literally everything, from plowing potatoes to shoveling snow or preparing firewood.

At the same time, motor blocks can be called universal with a great stretch: as a rule, the list of equipment, connected even to the most expensive models, is limited to 2-3 types of attachments. But you don’t have to be satisfied with just what the manufacturer offers.

After all, almost any of the motobloc units that may be required for home or gardening, you can make your own.

Homemade attachments for power tillers

The list of attachments for power tillers is very diverse. It includes:

  • plows;
  • harrows;
  • rakes;
  • potato weeders, planters and potato planters;
  • mowers;
  • planters; rakes; planter-soilers;
  • tillers;
  • seeders; sweeping brushes and snow blowers;
  • woodchoppers;
  • blades;
  • water pumps;
  • spraying pumps, etc.д.

Obviously, such a rich arsenal of attachments does not go to any one set. We can only imagine how much it will cost in addition to the motor-block to buy all the necessary equipment for the economy.

Do not forget that in the market a truly universal motor blocks can be counted on the fingers. That is, equipment that fits into one particular model can seldom be connected to another.

Fortunately, manufacturers still provide for the possibility of modifying the produced power tillers, mainly due to additional attachments. These can include:

  • auxiliary axles (hubs);
  • trolleys;
  • weights (weights);
  • grousers;
  • seat-adapters;
  • transport carts and trailers;
  • coulters (thrust arms);
  • couplings, etc.

Any of these can be homemade or adapted from other models. But first make sure that they are compatible with each other. Engine power, dimensions and weight, method of connection, working loads, etc.д All of these things must be taken into account during the design phase, otherwise you risk wasting effort and money.

Making a homemade trailer adapter

The adapter allows you to turn a single-axle tractor into a mini-tractor and maximize the automation of gardening work.

Its design includes:

  • metal frame;
  • hitch;
  • transverse boom;
  • struts;
  • wheel stands, axle and wheels;
  • controls;
  • operator’s seat;
  • cart or trailer.

A simple frame for the adapter is made of metal pipe of round or rectangular cross-section with a length of 1.5-1.7 m.

At one end, a drawbar (hitch) is welded to it. the element by means of which the construction will be attached to the towbar of the power tiller, and at the other end. a cross bar, the width of which is chosen according to the width of the wheelbase of the latter.

Wheel stands and struts are welded to the rod, their function is to provide rigidity to the structure and cushioning when moving around the site. As for the wheels, they can be taken from an ordinary garden cart or a car trailer.

As a rule, the connection between the adapter of the power tiller and the attachment is made by means of a single hitch.

The functional units are controlled by a lever with 2 or 3 knobs. by switching them you can adjust the position of the attached unit.

It is also possible to use an additional lever to control the applied force. Finally, in the center of the cross bar weld a metal “leg” on which the operator’s seat will be placed.

Disc mower for the power tiller

The most user-friendly variant is the disc trowel.

It requires a minimum of physical effort, and as the speed is reduced, so is the power, which has a positive impact on efficiency.

In addition, the disc design of the hiller is notable for its versatility. with such a tool you can perform agricultural work immediately after planting crops, as well as in the period of their intensive growth.

The disc coulter is designed as follows

Talpers are designed to adjust the angle of the discs. The depth of the latter depends on the latter, as well as the force required to perform the work. For easing the operator’s work, the toolbar is equipped with plain bearings, which ensure its reliability and comfort in use.

The discs are made of 1,5-2 mm alloyed steel. Their outer edges are bent, and in the center there is a hole for adapters, with which they will be attached to the frame of the potato-plough. If it is not possible to make the discs yourself, you can borrow them from a used planter or other similar equipment.

This type of attachment greatly facilitates the process of harvesting potatoes, and other tuber crops.

The main structural elements of the potato harrow are:

Hoe. the moving part of the potato harvester. is made of steel bars and one or more pointed steel plates. Sharp edges and ends of blade components are blunted to prevent damage to potato tubers.

For making a welded frame you need a metal angle of about 60×40 mm, a shaped tube and a piece of channel bars. The frame size and weight, which depends on the weight of used materials and features of the structural solution adopted, should match the dimensions and power of the power tiller.

Homemade adapters for power tillers with their own hands

Almost all owners of homestead plots need specialized equipment to carry out their work. For a plot of land it is necessary to constantly carry out care: to loosen, plow, dip the beds. If one does it all by hand, one will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Not everyone can handle it, especially elderly people. That’s why power tillers were created, with the help of which it is quite easy to work the ground. But there is one nuance. the adapter, which is a special attachment equipment and helps to cultivate the land.

Such equipment would be very expensive, so many people make an adapter to a power tiller with their own hands.

What is an adapter for power tillers

The adapter looks like a two-wheel trailer. Which is additionally equipped with a seat. When it’s installed on a single-axle tractor, all gardening work becomes much easier, because it automates.

Homemade adapter several times increases productivity and reduces the labor intensity of agricultural work. This accessory is able to turn a single-axle tractor into a mini-tractor and make it functional and irreplaceable.

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Some models have a special lever for lifting, which makes controlling the mechanisms more comfortable. If necessary, a single-axle tractor is used to transport small loads.

Depending on the purpose of using the equipment, drawbars can be:

To connect the adapter to the tiller the single enlarged coupling is used, which consists of two parts. The first acts as a connecting link, and the second is a regulator. If there is a need to equip several implements at the same time, a double universal coupling is used.

How to assemble an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands

It is possible to make a simpler and more complicated design. Below will be given both of these options.

Assembling a simple version of the adapter for power tillers with your own hands

To make it you will need:

  • pipes of rectangular section;
  • wheels;
  • Channel 0 with a length of 40 cm;
  • coupling unit;
  • Welding machine;
  • bearings;
  • fixing bolts;
  • seat.

Before you start the work, you need to create a drawing. You can use ready-made schemes or make them yourself.

After that, proceed to the work. First cut the tube into 1.7 m and 0.5 m pieces. The end of the short pipe is welded to the long one, strictly perpendicularly. This will be the base for fixing the wheel posts. Immediately make 30 cm marks, marking the height of the struts from the axle.

Then the wheels are attached to the sleeves, which can be used from an old garden cart. The bearings are first attached to the bushings, then the struts are welded to the center tube of the bushing by.

make, trailer, hitch, power

Frames are made in the size of 40×40 cm. but if necessary, these dimensions are reduced or increased. To the rear end of the frame a channel is attached by welding, and the side tubes are connected to one another with bolts. Also a lever is installed on the frame. To increase the adjusting force, install an additional lever with a length of 75 cm.

Quite often the coupling units are purchased in stores. But it should be noted that this element must necessarily be of high quality. Therefore, if you plan to make it with your own hands, you need to pay special attention to quality.

The seat is attached to the metal support, which is welded to the frame base in advance, t. е. the central tube.

Assembling a more complicated version of the adapter for the power tiller with your own hands

To make such an adapter to a motor-block, you will need:

Such an adapter for a power tiller will be more functional. Assembled technique can not only cultivate the land, but also to use for the transportation of goods. In addition, harrow, ploughs, ridgers, etc. are used. д. And in winter, the single-axle tractor can be equipped with a snow scraper.

Such a design consists of the following elements:

Before starting work, create a kinematic diagram. This is necessary in order to correctly calculate all loads. It is also possible to use ready-made drawings.

when making the frame, do not forget about the installation of a fork with a bushing, which are necessary for the free turn of the trailer. Steel plate is needed for the body.

make, trailer, hitch, power

The hitch looks like this: A 15 cm iron pin is inserted in the “U” shape of the drawbar.

However, it should be noted that this option quickly wears out, since due to the regular rotation of the trailer, the hitching holes very quickly deteriorate. In this case it is necessary to lengthen the U-shaped chain.

Fixing the seat is made at a distance of 80 cm from the front end of the frame. This process is carried out with the help of bolts.

So, to make a homemade adapter for a power tiller is not so difficult. So there is no need to buy expensive equipment, when you can make it with your own hands. All the elements can be bought in a store or found in the shed on your garden plot. Correctly created design will allow the dacha owners to greatly facilitate themselves heavy physical work.

Ready-made” options

If you start to compare factory carts for power tillers, their will seem exorbitant, given that such a product will be used in a limited area and on a simple route.

Although their quality still attracts the attention of many owners of power tillers, who, for one reason or another, do not make them at home. Although there’s plenty to see. galvanized sides and bottoms, brakes for every taste and padded seats with footrests. practically every kind of comfort.

You can even get a warranty. But as all of them are made in accordance with certain standards, their sizes, load-carrying capacity and general convenience of design often don’t meet the requirements of buyers. So, it is a serious matter of choice. buy or build it yourself?

    Trailer is a cart, which, in spite of its name, can be used not only with power tillers of this company, but also with their analogues. And there are plenty of them, because, like power tillers, it is made in China.

This country’s products are known for using the same components in different models and even companies, which makes it possible to make repairs by replacing parts in similar models.

The same concerns attachments, or rather mountings for them.

The frame manufacturing

The trailer frame is assembled from a square tube by welding. Cross members are made of 25 mm tubing, members are made of 60 mm tubing. To begin with, parts are prepared according to the sketches, and then they are assembled into a single frame and welded together. Clamps and clamps are used for temporary fixation of assembly elements. Alignment and correct geometry of the motor-block trailer assembly is checked with a tape measure and an angle piece. Then the anti-corrosion treatment of the metal is made.

Trailer with their own hands.drawings and dimensions

About the node

Its main task is to make sure that the hitch and the tractor unit have a good contact. There are several types of couplings. Nevertheless, the most popular type is the U-shaped. You can make such a universal coupling for your power tiller or buy it ready-made. If higher loads are planned, then it is better to make the node with your hands. This will allow for this aspect in the design.

As noted above, there are enough manufacturers of power tillers, but it should be noted that the design of these devices, by and large, is identical: there are only small deviations in one direction or another. That’s why you need a universal hitch which can be used on different models when the need arises.

Varieties and distinctive features of trailers

Factory made carts for power tillers can have a carrying capacity of 300 kilograms to a ton and have different size body. In this case everything depends on the operating parameters of the motor equipment. For this reason, trailer manufacturers adapt their own products for light, medium and heavy motor vehicles.

Currently, the range of motor blocks is extremely extensive, in connection with the modifications of cargo trailers for them offer enough.

The size line for trimmer bodies of such trailers has several variations.

  • For light motorcycles are mainly used carts with a body width of 1 meter and a length of 0.85-1.15 meters. The carrying capacity of such devices does not exceed 300 kilograms.
  • The trailers designed to work with motor vehicles of normal power (4.8-8 horsepower), the size of the body is 1.0 × 1.5 meter or 1.1 × 1.4 meters with a carrying capacity of 300 to 500 kg.
  • For the heavy machines with more than 10 horsepower they use single or tandem axle trailers with the body width of 1,2 meters and the length of 2 to 3 meters. They have the ability to move loads weighing from 500 kilograms to one ton.

The height of sides on standard bogies is 30-35 centimeters. For heavy trailers use frame-type side guards 50-60 centimeters high.

Carts with a load capacity over 350 kg are equipped with mechanical brakes. This is required by the safety regulations. When going down a steep slope you cannot extinguish the force of inertia of a loaded cart solely with the help of your power harvester’s brakes. Therefore, when choosing a trailer for heavy motor vehicles, be sure to check the presence of this function.

The simple tipping trailer for light and medium-duty vehicles is not equipped with a hydraulic lifting cylinder.

The body in it is mounted so that the center of gravity of the load is on the axles with steerable wheels. This central symmetry greatly optimizes manual tilting.

To improve loading and unloading comfort, several cart versions, except for the rear cart, have two side boards that can be opened laterally and removed.

Bogie truck bodies are mostly made of zinc plated sheet metal, painted black metal sheet metal or impact resistant plastic. The first method is considered to be particularly high quality and reliable, although very expensive.