How to mow potato foliage with a trimmer. Large tubers

Terms and rules of harvesting potato haulm

Looking at the lush, sprawling tops of potatoes, one cannot help but daydream about how nice it would be if all this beauty went to the roots and not to the tops: The potato leaf weights as much as several perfectly good tubers. Do potatoes need any haulm at all?? Maybe without it the bushes will start to please us with gigantic harvests? It’s time to get to the bottom of these questions.

Why potatoes need the haulm. Delicious, crumbly potatoes on our table. the result of complex biochemical processes. Tubers receive useful substances necessary for growth, not only directly from the soil (with the help of the root system), but also from the tops, in the leaves of which photosynthesis occurs continuously. If the shoots are thick and strong, the potatoes will be large. Under a bush with stunted, weak sprouts, the tubers will be small. This is why the Colorado potato beetle devours the leaves and causes irreparable damage to the potato crop.

However, there is one exception to this rule. If too much nitrogen fertilizer is put into the soil, all the strength of the plants will really go to the tops, and the tubers will remain small. In this case the current year’s crop cannot be saved, even if you cut down the shoots. But next season potatoes should be fertilized with potash fertilizer.

The subtleties of working with a trimmer on a flat terrain

If you mow on flat terrain, you should be especially careful about the direction of rotation of the coil. First, it is important both for your personal safety and for the safety of others. Secondly, taking this nuance into account allows you to make the work easier.

Basically, the first point is clear. Knowing, in which direction different small objects (e.g. stones) fly away, you can always prevent and avoid possible unpleasantness. And the second point might need some explanation.

Explain. If you do not take the direction of the coil into account when mowing, the grass cuttings can end up on a part of the field which is still uncut. The result is that you and your machine will have to work harder to cut the grass beneath the blade of grass. over, mowing quality in such conditions is much lower.

That is, the direction of mowing should be chosen taking into account the direction of rotation of the reel. So that the cuttings fly back to the previously mowed area.

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Pros and cons of weeding potatoes with a trimmer

The advantages of using a technical device are:

  • easy weeding that does not require much physical effort, which makes it possible to do the work of the elderly, teenagers, women;
  • low amount of time required;
  • multifunctionality of the device: simultaneously with weeding is carried out loosening, oxygenation of the soil, mixing the soil with fertilizers;
  • with some attachments, weeds grow very slowly afterwards: for example, after processing with a rounded line in the trimmer head, the vegetation does not sprout for a long time;
  • the work is facilitated by the fact that the cuttings do not need to be taken away from the potato bed. they become an additional fertilizer and an excellent mulching agent.
  • the impossibility of its implementation on heavy, clay soils;
  • the need to apply only to small, not yet rooted weeds;
  • Weeding the potatoes can be carried out only after the emergence of sprouts, however, the grass may already be rooted by this time;
  • You won’t be able to dip your potatoes without a hoe and the usual manual method.

Top 5 best weeding attachments on a gasoline weed trimmer

Before ordering an attachment on the grass trimmer, read the description and characteristics of the top designs. Explore their advantages and disadvantages, value for money. Popular brands: Bosch, Echo, Elitech, Husqvarna, Patriot, Oleo-Mac, STIHL, etc. The best grass trimmer attachments for gasoline trimmers are:

  • KAAZ Kat-MC250P for VSP255S;
  • Echo PAS-Tiller Cultivator for PAS-265ES;
  • KR400MP Makita 195710-3;
  • Oleo-Mac CULT;
  • For TAC petrol tillers.

KAAZ Kat-MC250P for VSP255S (244G03) chainsaw

KAAZ Kat-MC250P grass trimmer attachment for VSP255S

Cultivator attachment for grass trimmer VSP255S has a soil conditioner, thanks to which you can change the depth of plowing. Suitable for small vegetable gardens. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is suitable for tilling soil around flowers in flowerbeds, loosening soil around trees and in hard-to-reach places. It is an efficient weed killer. Read more

  • price: 9990 р.;
  • Features: suitable for Caiman VSP255S, high-strength steel blade material, 240 mm working width, 360 mm depth, made by Kaaz (Japan)
  • Advantages: wide range of action, possibility to adjust the depth of plowing, durability;
  • Disadvantages: is only put on one model of grass trimmer.

Echo PAS-Tiller Cultivator for brushcutters PAS-265ES

Echo PAS-Tiller Cultivator for brushcutters PAS-265ES

This attachment was designed specifically for the PAS-265ES brushcutter to treat small areas, flowerbeds and lawns. It is compact, but not effective for weeding large areas. The design is characterised by good robustness and durability. It replaces a number of garden tools. Weeding will be fast and effective. Parameters:

  • price: 17800 p.
  • Specifications: Manufacturer. Echo (Japan), compatibility. with PAS-265ES, gross weight. 3,36 kg;
  • pluses: compact, maneuverable, high quality workmanship, easy installation;
  • disadvantages: expensive, suitable for a single weeder.

KR400MP Makita 195710-3

Grass trimmer attachment from the Japanese manufacturer will greatly simplify the care of a garden plot, small vegetable garden or garden. Good for landscaping the lawn, flower beds. Weighs a little less than other weeders. The design is generally reliable, made of metal. Cutting element are burrs. Parameters:

  • price: 17160 p.
  • Specifications: tool model. EX2650LH, DUX60Z, width. 16 cm, cutter diameter. 23,2 cm, manufacturer. Makita (Japan);
  • pluses: good efficiency, high reliability, ideal for weeding small areas;
  • disadvantages: high cost.

Oleo-Mac CULT

Cultivator addition to the grass trimmer, designed for processing small vegetable gardens, beds, flowerbeds and even greenhouses. The tool has the ability to adjust the depth of plowing, t.к. it is equipped with a weeder. The blades are made of high-strength steel, which can speak of their reliability and durability. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 12990 р.
  • Specifications: brand. Oleo-Mac (Italy), blade material. steel, cutter width. 200 mm, weight. 6 kg, suitable for Oleo-Mac models 740T, 746T, 753T, 755 Master;
  • Pluses: adjustable plowing depth, robust blades, good efficiency in small areas, wide wing blades;
  • disadvantages: heavy, a little bit more oversized than counterparts.

Nozzle for TAC chain saws (shaft. 7 slits, shaft 26 mm)

This is a grass trimmer attachment for weeding, which thoroughly digs the soil, facilitating the penetration of moisture and nutrients and saturating it with oxygen. The device is firmly attached to the trimmer. In order to quickly and easily loosen soil in a small area, the cultivator has rotating blades. The deflector, like on other models, helps prevent the operator from getting hit by debris. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 7900 p.;
  • Specifications: Manufacturer. Taiwan, power. gasoline engine, the cutting element. knife, blade diameter. 200 mm, width of the passage. 120-240 mm, speed. up to 180 rpm./min., Internal shaft. 7 slots, rod outside diameter. 28 mm, weight. 5 kg;
  • Advantages: reasonable price, robust construction, effective, wide aisle, quickly and easily loosens the soil;
  • disadvantages: heavier than their counterparts.

How to weed potatoes with a brushcutter?

Weeding the garden trimmer should be carried out in accordance with certain rules.

  • Before you start weeding with the trimmer you need to take care of your personal safety. The operator must wear protective goggles, gloves and a respirator;
  • weeding is necessary when the height of weeds is low. Procedure with the use of brushcutter takes less effort and time, so it can be performed once every 1-2 weeks. As soon as the potato tops close in the rows, periodical weeding can be stopped;
  • It is best to work with the trimmer on the site in the morning. It should be sunny outside. then the grass clippings will quickly wither and turn into mulch;
  • During work, you should not lower the tillers deeper than 1.5 cm. In this case, the operator will be able to quickly break up the hard top crust, as a result of which the soil is crushed and evenly saturated with nitrogen and oxygen. It speeds up bush growth and increases yield. In addition, too much deepening of the tillers will lead to increased loads on the engine and its accelerated wear and tear;
  • if a grass trimmer with a low power motor is used for weeding potatoes, it should be given time to cool down every 10 minutes of operation.

Why do we need to remove the haulm??

As already mentioned, the haulm helps the tuber to develop and nourishes it with useful substances. Why get rid of such a useful accessory?? The fact that the tops promote tuber growth only up to a certain period. After flowering, they fulfill their main function and become a kind of parasite for the tuber, now acting as a consumer of important resources.

Because the longer you ignore the haulm at the end of its flowering, the more juices it will take away from the ripening tubers. Although many gardeners ignore the haulm trimming stage, this action will allow for a better harvest and improve the quality of the crop.

The timely removal of haulm foliage helps tubers to gain some extra mass and ripen more quickly

In addition to the competition between the tuber and the haulm for nutrients, there are other reasons why you should cut the haulm. Botva:

  • Causes fungus development;
  • Prevents the formation of the skin of the tuber;
  • Slows tuber ripening;
  • Interferes with harvesting.

Causing fungus

The haulm can be a vector for dangerous infectious diseases that quickly spread to the tuber. The difficulty in recognizing such diseases is that they are not always obvious. For example, phytophthora, affecting both foliage and tubers, causes the most damage to fruit, while remaining almost invisible to the grower on the green shoots. Even using pesticides does not always help against fungal infections. Getting rid of the culprit in advance will help keep your fruit safe;

The haulm is subject to various fungal infections, which are quickly transferred to the tubers

Preventing the formation of skin on the tuber

The hairloom prevents the formation of a rough skin on the surface of the tuber, which plays a protective function. The normal coarsening of the fruit comes right after the haulm dies down, giving a sign of the beginning of ripening. If the haulm continues to grow further, the potatoes continue to turn green without taking care to build a protective layer.

Mature tubers should have a well-developed protective skin for better preservation in the cellar

Meanwhile, the rind performs several important tasks:

  • Ensures long storage of the vegetable and makes it less sensitive to temperature fluctuations, changes in air humidity, etc.д.;
  • Protects tubers from various mechanical damages;
  • It prevents fungi and other infectious diseases from penetrating the tuber.

In addition to increasing the shelf life, the skin prevents the penetration of bacteria into the tuber

So, if the tuber does not have time to surround itself with a strong skin it will be unprotected against any possible difficulties during storage.

Slowing down tuber growth

The haulm slows down tuber ripening by taking away some of their juices. As mentioned above, the haulm provides invaluable assistance to the fruit over a period of time. As soon as it expires, the sprouts must be removed, so that they do not harm the subsequent crop. Potatoes obtained without the preliminary removal of the haulm will be stored for a very limited amount of time, and their taste qualities will significantly deteriorate.

The bigger and stronger the haulm, the more juice it takes away from the tuber

Making harvesting more difficult

Potato harvesting itself is quite a difficult operation (especially for those gardeners whose soil is not characterized by looseness and softness). Highly grown haulms will be an added difficulty in harvesting, as it’s very easy to get tangled up in.

Mow, the grass scythe!

The usefulness of mowing the potato haulm is not an empty fantasy for those itching to do something original on their garden. Here are the reasons why taking up mowing is worthwhile for every vegetable grower :

Most importantly, what I’ve learned from my personal experience is that digging potatoes without a green dowry is much easier

Stiff stems don’t get caught under the shovel or tangled in the forks.

The stumps of the tops will tell you exactly where the center is

the tuber families, and it is much easier to spot the trajectory. I remove the haulm with a rake right after I mow, so there’s much less work after the already grueling digging. That for such a lazy gardener, like me, can not but be a big plus. And leaving crop residues in the potato mini-field. for me,is not good for me.

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Pruning potato haulm is not just a recommendation, but an insistent prescription for plantings infected with Phytophthora

One delay and the tubers will be spoiled, unfit for productive storage. Not all gardeners know and notice the first signs of phytophthora.So it’s better to be early than early ☝ Our “second loaf” is a crop with a definite cycle of development. The formation of tubers due to the functioning of the green part goes only in the next month after flowering. That’s why the stems/leaves are so useful

now, already at the end of summer, there is no.

potato, foliage, trimmer, large, tubers

The potato system is designed in such a way that it maintains a certain balance between aboveground parts and belowground parts. The more green leaves the thicker the skin of the root crop.

Everyone knows that young potatoes are practically unsuitable for long storage. If you remove the haulm in advance the potato skin will be thicker and the crop will be better preserved.

Probably, many have noticed that without the intervention of the hand vegetable experimenter on the same random potato field the tops dry unevenly. Over there, by the barn, half of the strip is almost dried out. And at the barbecue area the bushes stand as vigorous as in July! This is a clear sign that the tubers are ripening unevenly. Why is it so, I tried to explain clearly above. By mowing the haulm beforehand, the dacha owner deliberately provokes the ripening of tardigrades

Enough? And now about how to do it right and not to screw up

Weeding potatoes with a trimmer in organic farming

While chemists are developing more and more poisonous herbicides, and weeds are happily adapting to them, supporters of organic agriculture argue that the soil should be loosened as little as possible, and the traditional weeding is a useless exercise in general.

Weeds assimilate nutrients that gardeners use to fertilize their beds. If weeded weeds are taken away from the plot. the soil will be deprived of some micronutrients. And if you cut weed stems by the root (but only to the formation of seeds) and leave them to dry on seedbeds and in between the rows they will play the role of mulch, attract worms and insects, hold moisture. Of course, after some time new shoots will sprout from the roots. But only one weed will grow in place of the cut one, and if the root is cut during weeding (and it is difficult to completely remove the roots from the ground), then from each piece a new plant will sprout.

potato, foliage, trimmer, large, tubers

If you periodically mow the shoots of weeds, their roots will be exhausted and die, and the new weeds will have nowhere to come, except the wind will bring the seeds. The only exception is old wheatgrass, whose roots must be weeded out carefully, as they can pierce through the potato tubers.

Another method of organic farming. sowing green manure. Rye, barley, oats, phacelia significantly improve soil structure (and at the same time silencing weeds), but they must be mowed when potato sprouts reach 15-20 cm in height.

Cut stems of green manure mulch beds, and the roots die off and decompose during the season. It is more convenient and faster to mow weeds or weeders with a trimmer: this way there is less chance of damaging cultivated plants.

Weeding with a brushcutter: Determine the basics

If you do not forget about these points, then the weeding will be prompt, productive and without problems. Hold the device as usual and take care not to hit the tubers and the haulm.