How to Properly Winding a Fishing Line In a Trimmer

Any self-respecting summer resident is obliged to have at his disposal a summer trimmer, or as they also call the lawn mowing. However, in order to maintain the trimmer in working condition, you must be able to replace the fishing line in the trimmer correctly to maintain healthy.

In this manual, we will consider removing the trimmer coil and replacing the fishing line in it. Terms used in the manual:

  1. A trimmer or lawn mower is an electrical device for mowing grass on a lawn. Can work on electricity or gasoline
  2. Mowing head trimmer. An element that is mounted on the stick of your lawn mowers
  3. Reel. A device on which a fishing line is wound
  4. Trimmer fishing line. Small-diameter wiring used to cut grass (mowing)

How to Properly Winding a Fishing Line In a Trimmer

guide to replace the fishing line at the trimmer at the end of the article

How to remove the trimmer coil; Trimmer mowing head

Before starting to replace the fishing line, you should separate the mowing head of the lawn mowers in which the fishing reel is located. This element is attached to the end of the stick of your trimmer and removed by unscrewing it in the direction where the arrow on the coil points.

After to remove the mowing head with a coil, you must open it. First of all, you need to find a latch mechanism on the coil. It is part of the reel and is like 2 clamps, clicking on which you can open the reel and get to the place where you want to wind the line.

Open the mowing head and take out the reel for winding fishing line

You can open the coil with your hands or with a screwdriver or other tools with which you can pry the snap elements.

Winding fishing line on the trimmer reel; How to replace the trimmer’s fishing line?

Before starting to replace the trimmer fishing line, it is worth measuring a few meters of fishing line; What kind of fishing line to use is written in the documentation of the trimmer or directly on the lawnmow itself.

    What kind of fishing line to use for trimmer?

Mostly used fishing line with a diameter of 2-3 mm; The diameter of the fishing line depends on how large the stems are in your grass. If it is necessary to mow the mugs, then in this case it is better to choose a fishing line with a diameter of 3 mm or more, if your trimmer provides for this.

After we measure out the necessary piece of fishing line, fold it in half and hold it with your fingers even stronger from the side of the scrap. In the same way as when inserting threads into a needle.

How to wrap fishing line on a trimmer reel?

Then you should find on the reel slots for attaching fishing line; place the fold into the fishing line.

Slot in reel for attaching fishing line

Winding a line of lawn mowing reels

We wash the fishing line until there are two ends of the sizes of 10-15 centimeters. Winding the fishing line of the trimmer occurs with little effort and uniformity.

These ends must be inserted into the holes of the mowing head. Then we insert the coil into the mowing head, fix it and screw it onto the trimmer stick. Also, the excess part of the fishing line should be cut off if it is larger than the diameter of the protective casing.

The ends of the fishing line should be cut off with scissors or bite off with teeth.

We advise you to watch the youtube on how to properly replace the fishing line of the trimmer, by wrapping it on a lawn mowing coil.

My fishing line doesn’t want to leave, I constantly have to disassemble and pull out the antennae, whether it’s such a braid, or I’m “like that”

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