How to put a generator on a single axle tractor. Lighting for power tillers with belt drive

Light on a power tiller: how to install a headlight, if it is not provided by the manufacturer

A single-axle tractor is a versatile agricultural machine, which is used to perform various tasks in homestead plots, dachas and vegetable gardens. The versatility of the machine allows you to use it for both land work and for the transportation of crops and other goods. Unfortunately, many models of the mini-tractor are not equipped with lighting elements. Therefore, the question of how to make a light on a power tiller is relevant for most owners of this compact and practical machine.

Manufacturers of special equipment offer spare parts for power tillers and ready to connect sets of lights, consisting of a headlight, toggle switch and wiring. However, many owners of units to avoid additional costs prefer independent preparation and installation of light equipment. Installing lighting on the mini-tractor with their own hands does not require special skills, the purchase of expensive materials and the use of special equipment. As a lighting device for agricultural machines often use headlights from various cars of Soviet assembly.

Please note! The brightness of the old lamp may not be enough to enter the special equipment on the track or perform a large amount of work. In addition, the service life of such a device does not exceed 2-3 months.

How to put an alternator on a single axle tractor with their own hands: wiring diagram, installation of lights for 220 V

Many farmers are interested in how to put a generator on a single axle tractor. The generator is installed for powering the headlights of the cultivator and charging the battery device. Installing an alternator for a power tiller, it is necessary to take into account that the power of the mechanism should be greater than the applied load. This is done so that there will be no power surges in the alternator when the machine is running.

How to make a headlamp on a single axle tractor with their own hands

Not all power tillers Neva, Zubr, Kentavr and others come with a headlamp. Therefore, owners who want to make light on them, decide for themselves how to do: buy a factory set with a ready-made lighting system, use a flashlight from a faulty equipment, such as a moped, a non-heavy motorcycle, or make a budget version with their own hands.

If you decided that your machine will have a headlight that you made yourself, then the housing from a burned out “econo” will do for this purpose. You also need to stock a small piece of electrical wire, tumbler (switch) or a simple switch.

Headlamp is connected to the agricultural tractor is very simple:

  • First you fix the toggle switch. It is placed in the most convenient and sufficiently reliable place, for example, on the tiller arm of the power tiller next to the gear lever.
  • Then the headlamp is fixed. You can do it in a special place provided by the manufacturer (usually, such a “place” is in front of the engine) or on the steering column. When a stationary headlight is placed in front of the engine, it gets dirty quickly, and the light from it extends only downward. For this variant it is better to use the lamp moving in several planes, then it is possible to direct the light in the necessary direction.
  • Then the wire is pulled through. It is more convenient to do it from the nearest power source, for example, a 12-volt oil pressure check lamp located on the steering column of the power tiller.
  • The wire from the power source is connected to the switch, and from it a cord is pulled to the place where the headlight is located. All wires are carefully taped to the steering rod with insulating tape or secured with special clamps.

You could use halogen lights to illuminate your machine, but they quickly become hot and fail. It is better to use 5 W LED light sources with a small angle of dispersion, which will consume electricity economically, shine brightly and far away.

As you can see, it is absolutely not difficult to make a headlight with your own hands on a single-axle tractor. And it will work no worse than “avtobazarnaya” and light your way when you’re on the dark road back home.

How to properly put a generator on a single-axle tractor with your own hands. understand in detail

Multifunctional units, which are widely used for various tasks, include motor blocks from different manufacturers. If desired, the user can independently install a generator on a single-axle tractor, which will be responsible for powering the electrical elements of its design.

How to choose the right generator for your power tiller?

The standard and most versatile variant is considered to be for 12 volts, and you can pick up both specially released by the manufacturer as an additional accessory for a particular model of power tiller, and any other, including those used with another tractor or car.

The main thing is that its power should be greater than the total installed load, since it will need to work without power surges, even if absolutely all electrical appliances of the equipment are involved at the same time.

In the rest, the desired characteristics are calculated on the basis of the planned amount of work, affordability and convenience of maintenance, as well as repair of the device.

What is it?

Before you buy, let alone install and connect a generator for a power tiller, it is very important to know what it is.

The alternator consists of several components.

  • Stator. Is the “heart” of the electric generator and is a winding with steel sheets. Looks like a tightly packed bag.
  • The rotor. Represents two sleeves of metal, between which is located the excitation winding, in the form of a steel shaft. Simply put, the rotor is a steel shaft with a pair of bushings. The winding wires can be soldered to the slip-ring.
  • Pulley. It is a belt that helps to transfer the mechanical energy generated from the motor to the shaft of the generator.
  • Brush assembly. A plastic piece that helps connect the rotor circuit to other circuits.
  • Housing. This is a protective box. Most often made of metal. Looks like a metal block. Can have one or two (back and front) covers.
  • Another important element. the voltage regulator attachment. It stabilizes the voltage of the current if the load on the generator becomes too much.

It is worth noting that generators for the motor-block have little difference from generators for other vehicles or large devices, the only difference is the power.


When choosing an electric generator, the main thing, as noted above, is its power. It is easy to calculate your power requirements yourself.

To do this, it will be enough to summarize the power of all the devices of the power tiller and buy an alternator that has a higher value than this number.

It is in this case, you can be sure that the single-axle tractor will be able to provide power to all appliances without surges and interruptions. The standard value of current voltage for generators and are the same 220 volts.

Buying a car generator is worth thinking about only if there is regular, almost daily use of a power tiller.

In some cases, it is recommended to purchase such an electric generator on models of heavy-duty power tillers. But it is better not to buy such models because of the exorbitant price of some copies in order to avoid equally expensive subsequent repair of the product.

How to install an alternator on a single axle tractor

It should be noted that the installation of the generator on a single axle tractor seems to be quite an easy procedure, because for the successful installation of this part, you only need to place it in a special niche, securing it with the appropriate elements. Connecting equipment to the generator requires careful attention, because mistakes can lead to a breakdown of the devices. Planning to connect such a unit, it is advisable to adhere to the simplest instructions:

  • Connect the element to the power tiller, using 2 identical wires. On the side of the power tiller connect 2 blue wires.
  • Connect the black wire to the engine ground of the power tiller.
  • The red wire is mounted to the built-in starter or battery, depending on the specific model of the device.

Connection methods for different alternators may vary considerably, so it is strongly recommended that you read the instructions supplied with the product before you start.

Connection diagram

To avoid any mistakes when connecting an alternator to your power tool you should refer to the connection diagram showing all the possible connections. This will allow you to quickly install this important element, avoiding the cost of repairing the power grid of your power harvester.

Mounting the device on a single axle tractor

Many people ask themselves the same question, how to install an alternator on a single-axle tractor without a battery? To put the machine with your own hands, it is desirable to follow some rules and know what the machine consists of.

  • Case. it’s a steel container.
  • Pulley. is the conductor of mechanical energy.
  • Voltage regulator.
  • The rotor. made of steel shaft and two bushes, between which is the winding.
  • Brush assembly. is made of plastic and plays an important role in the proper functioning of the generator.
  • The stator is a classic rewind, inside it generates power.

To put a car generator on a single axle tractor, not a lot of effort and time is required, but it should be treated responsibly.

Because the performance of the equipment as a whole will depend on it. The generator is mounted to the motor vehicle by means of a special scheme, where all the connections are indicated. If connected incorrectly, the winding can catch fire.

Installation of the generator on a single-axle tractor with their own hands is carried out thanks to the two wires. In total, there are 4 wires in the block, including 2 blue. It is through the two blue wires that the converter is connected.

Then the red wire that feeds the headlights and charges. The following drawing will help to create.

How you can put the headlights on a single axle tractor

On large motoblocks put headlights. The power of the generator is enough for the installation of equipment and the functioning of devices. To install the headlights, you can buy a lighting device in an auto parts store or make it yourself.

To do this, you need to buy a headlight element. If you have a moped, a car that has spare headlights, you can use them to install them on a power tiller. Then you need to prepare the wire and the switch.

generator, single, axle, tractor

The first step is to install the switch. Then mount the headlamp on the steering column or on the front of the motor and mount the wiring. If the unit has holes to connect the headlamp, you must connect to it. Then the cord is connected to the switch, and from it lead to the headlamp. After that, the wiring is connected to the steering column with insulating tape and a prepared clamp.

FUELLESS GENERATORS. How to make your own hands (Diagrams, Instructions)

Original taken from geogen_mir at fuel-free generators. How to make their own hands (Schemes, Instructions)HOW TO MAKE OIL-FREE GENERATOR WITH HANDS

Many owners sooner or later begin to think about alternative sources of energy. We propose to consider what is an autonomous fuelless generator Tesla, Hendershot, Romanov, Tariel Kanapadze, Smith, Bedini, the principle of the unit, its scheme and how to make the device with your own hands.GENERATOR OVERVIEWWhen using a fuelless generator, an internal combustion engine is not required because the device does not have to convert the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical energy to generate electricity. This electromagnetic device works in such a way that the electricity generated by the generator is recirculated back into the system by the coil.

Photo. Kapanadze generatorElectric generators come in two types. Internal combustion engine, with piston and rings, connecting rod, spark plugs, fuel tank, carburetor, and a machine using amateur motors, coils, diodes, AVR, capacitors, etc.д.The internal combustion engine in fuelless generators is replaced by an electromechanical device that takes power from the generator and uses the same, converts it into mechanical energy with an efficiency of over 98%. The cycle repeats over and over again. So the concept here is to replace the internal combustion engine, which depends on fuel with an electromechanical device.

Photo. Diagram of the generatorMechanical energy will be used to drive the generator and generate the current created by the generator to power the electromechanical device. The fuelless generator, which is used to replace the internal combustion engine, is designed to use less energy at the output of the generator power. homemade fuel-free generator GENERATOR TESLA linear electric generator is the basic prototype of the working device. A patent for it was registered back in the 19th century. The main advantage of the device is that it can be built even at home using solar energy. The iron or steel plate is insulated with external conductors, then it is placed as high in the air as possible. The second plate is placed in the sand, earth or other grounded surface. The wire is started from a metal plate, the attachment is made with a capacitor on one side of the plate and a second cable goes from the base of the plate to the other side of the capacitor.

Photo. Tesla self-made fuel-free mechanical generator of free energy of electricity in theory is fully operational, but for the real implementation of the plan it is better to use more common models, for example the inventors Adams, Sobolev, Alekseenko, Gromov, Donald, Kondrashov, Motovilov, Melnichenko and others. To assemble a working device can be even in the redevelopment of any of the above devices, it will come out cheaper than all by himself to connect.In addition to solar energy, you can use turbine generators, which run without fuel on water power. Magnets completely cover the rotating metal discs, and a flange and self-powered wire is also added to the unit, which greatly reduces losses, so this heat generator works more efficiently than a solar. Because of the high asynchronous oscillations, this wattless fuelless generator suffers from vortex electricity, so it cannot be used in a car or to power a home, t.к. On impulse can burn out the engines.

Photo. Adams’s fuelless generatorBut Faraday’s hydrodynamic law also suggests using a simple perpetual motion generator. Its magnetic disk is divided into spiral curves that radiate energy from the center to the outer edge, reducing resonance.In this high-voltage electrical system, if there are two coils next to each other, the electric current travels along the wire, the current passing through the loop will create a magnetic field that will radiate against the current passing through the second loop, creating resistance.HOW TO MAKE A GENERATOR There are two ways of doing this job. HERE

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Choosing a generator

A single axle tractor or power tiller may be equipped with an electric alternator. Such a device makes it possible to power an electric light bulb or headlights to work unobstructed at night, or to charge the battery. The battery in the unit is installed in order to be able to quickly start the device with the starter and then power the electrical parts.

Car alternator on a power tiller engine

When buying a power generator for your power tiller, you should pay attention to the power. The power of the unit must be greater than the installed load when operating. And this means that if all the electrical equipment on the unit works, there should be no voltage fluctuations in the generator

The power of the generator does not have to be 220 volts, the main thing is that the power is greater than the necessary load. A single-axle tractor (motocultivator) may be equipped with a tractor or automobile alternator

And this means that if all the electrical equipment on the unit works, the generator should not have voltage fluctuations. The power of the generator does not have to be 220 volts, the main thing is that the power is greater than the required load. A tractor or a car alternator can be installed on a single axle tractor (motocultivator).

1.1 Installation of an alternator on a single axle tractor with your own hands

For self-installation of the device, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main parts of the design:

  • The pulley, which transmits the mechanical energy that comes from the motor, to the shaft of the instrument by means of a belt.
  • Metal body, consisting of front and rear covers.
  • The rotor. a steel shaft with two bushings of steel, between which is the excitation winding. The winding wires are connected to the slip-ring.
  • Stator. a rewind consisting of a set of sheets of steel assembled together. This part is made in the form of a tube and this is where the power of the device is produced. The part can be made with your own hands.
  • Voltage regulator maintains the voltage at the same level, under varying load conditions.
  • The brush assembly is a plastic mechanism that helps the device to work properly.

It does not take much time to install an alternator on a single axle tractor, but it is a very important detail for the proper operation of the device. The construction is connected to the power tiller with el. A diagram that shows all the necessary connections.

1.2 Electrical circuit

If you connect the wiring diagram wrong, the alternator winding can break down. Such a device can be connected with two wires. The electronic unit has four wires, two of which are blue, these are the wires that connect the power converter. The other two wires are red and black. The red wire is the voltage output, it powers the headlights, the signal and other electrical devices. It’s also used to charge the battery. The black wire leads to the ground of the power unit. The unit can be wired with your own hands.

generator, single, axle, tractor

Wiring diagram for checking the alternator

The alternator produces electrical. Energy that goes to the rectifier in the electrical box. The block has a voltage equalizer and a current regulator. These devices are needed to ensure that the voltage does not change, regardless of the performance of the device.

A current regulator controls the amount of current that goes into the battery. The motor turns on and transmits the torque to the rotor through the belt. The part starts to generate voltage into the electrical block. Starting the motor has reduced the capacity of the battery, so all the electrical parts will receive power from the electrical unit.

The generator on a single-axle tractor: with their own hands, to put, install, 220 volts. Special equipment Info

A powerful single axle tractor must be equipped with an electric generator. The generator for a single axle tractor is one of the most important elements. it supplies power to the headlights and recharges the battery.

Battery. source of autonomous power, it is needed, above all, to single axle tractor started without much difficulty thanks to the starter, and to feed the electrical appliances in the future. The main function of a 220 volt generator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Car alternator on a power tiller

Hello! I decided to attach the generator on a tractor. Took a worn-out one from a Zhigul or Moskvich. Made a bracket. I built a bigger pulley. The belt from 2108. I found a spring in the driveway. It’s interesting. I’m planning to install a headlight, too. Maybe with xenon. I’ve got everything ready. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m still working on the trailer. I need a working brake system.

What’s the point?? To plow at night? I doubt it. Use it for lighting at the cottage? It will be expensive, motor life will be useful for its intended purpose. Yes, and if I’m not mistaken, for the excitation of the battery somewhere else will need to be attached, another hassle. And t.д. Unless, of course, there’s a constant need to drive with a trailer. But in the summer is somehow irrelevant. it gets dark late, in winter. not really need. IMHO.

The thing is, there’s no electricity at the cottage yet. But the battery 10 pieces. Amps will be 500. Water is now in the well is not enough for obvious reasons. On the trailer, I’ll install a 200 liter barrel tomorrow. I’ll put the battery and the inverter. The pond is 350 meters away (no hoses are not enough). I don’t want to buy a pump, though. Of course, for the sake of interest, I will set up a headlamp. Engine life at idle speed is not soon depleted. It costs 6.5 grand (200cc). It’s not a problem to change it.

And the point is that “FAV1976”. is exactly the “man with hands” whom you are going to respect! By the way, a normal and full headlamp in any case will not hurt! Even if I need it once a season, but I will know that the light will turn on without surprises. Dear “FAV1976”! I support you. Well done !

FAV1976 wrote: Engine life at idle rpm is not soon depleted

It’s pretty fast The idle speed is not good

2FAV1976 what progress? How does the alternator work?

Using a car alternator with a bike to power my home? How much energy can I produce?!

The work of the generator is not much different from the conditions in the car. Except it’s more fun to look at. I shortened the trailer a little and turned the wheels the other way. The design is more stable. And most importantly the barrel is now across (planned lengthwise). I want to make a dump body with a backboard like a KAMAZ. Since MB has electricity, you can make a real SAMOSVAL. With a device like a screw jack. The motor and gearbox must be chosen experimentally. All attachments will be quick-release. The box and toggle switches for the control have already been prepared. Here are some pictures so far.

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